Chatter Dictionary

Chatter's Dictionary

Typing in CAPS means you are shouting, so avoid using caps unless totally necessary.

Contents written between asterisks *like this* denotes an action.

A/S  your age and sex

A/S/L  age/sex/location

ASAP as soon as possible

*BG*  big grin

BBL    be back later

BBS    be back soon

*BDG*  big devilish grin

*BEG*   big evil grin

BRB    be right back

BTW   by the way

CL      Community Leader

CM     Chat Monitor

Cul8er see you later

*EG*  evil grin

FAQ    frequently asked questions

FYI     for your information

*G*     grin

ILU     I love you

ILU2   I love you too

IMO   In my opinion

IMHO  in my humble opinion

IRL      in real life

IRT      in real time

J/K      just kidding

*KOTC*  kiss on the cheek

L8er     later

*LOL*  laughs out loud

*LSHMBH*  laughing so hard my belly hurts

M/F     male or female

NE1     anyone

NP      no problem

OIC    oh, I see

PM      private message

*ROTF* rolling on the floor

*ROTFLOL*  rolling on the floor laughing out loud

Stats  age/sex/location

TTFN  ta ta for now

TTYL   talk to you later

*S*     smile

 TY     thank you

*VBG*  very big grin

WB      welcome back

YW     you're welcome

AFK    away from keyboard

*XOXO*   hugs and kisses

 Special thanks to the GeoCities Chat Monitors (CM) for sharing their favorite abbreviations with everyone.



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