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Tran To Nu

Praying Mantis Shifu

The information presented in this chart was collected from different sources -see Bibliography-, therefore the romanizations in Pinyin according to the Mandarin pronunciation of the characters sometimes is not available. If you find any mistakes or inaccuracies please contact me.

Also known as:
Chow Jay / Sau Che (sister Thu).
Shifu Tran To Nu was a direct student of shifu Zhao Zhu Xi in Vietnam. Shifu Tran To Nu studied in shifu Zhao Zhu Xi's school located in Cholon, Chinese district of Ho Chi Minh City. Shifu Tran To Nu was one of the few that learned the entire Tai Ji Tang Lang Quan program of the School.
Shifu Tran To Nu early classes were held on the roof of the Kin Ching building occupied by a local Chinese opera group. In 1980 the class was moved to the Yee-On Intermediate School. At first Sifu Chow taught a small group of about ten young men and women, but over the years shifu Tran To Nu's group increased in size.
Shifu Tran To Nu lives and teaches in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.

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