Once upon a time. . .





Bajacities was ruled by a King and Queen who treated their subjects fairly and with compassion and love. It was a place where everyone was happy and always held out their hands to assist others.
The story of how the King and Queen came to rule Bajacities is one that will never be forgotten by those who lived here. For those who didn't, let me tell you the story. . .






Bajacities was ruled by a Queen named Desertstar. Her assistant was Honeyimhome, and together they guided their subjects with love.

One day, Honeyimhome met a homesteader named Amamachu who decided to join our city as a volunteer. A few months passed and then we all heard the news that the Queen, Desertstar, had decided to step down leaving Honeyimhome & Amamachu as the new reigning King and Queen.

Honeyimhome and Amamachu became the guiding force behind the volunteers here in Bajacities. . .everyone turned to them for help and all the volunteers began to think of them as a family.

Soon, they began to think of themselves as a family (must have been those close quarters at the castle, huh?) and they began to fall in love such as Kings and Queens often do. The community of Bajacities rejoiced and everyone was happy that their King and Queen had found happiness at last.

The days passed until eventually the King and Queen had to tell all of Bajacities that it was no more. . .it was a day that was sad for some, yet in many ways happy for others. Many left our family but many remained because they knew the King and Queen would be there for them even if everything else had changed.





The volunteers of the kingdom of Bajacities tried to continue on helping all the other members of their happy community. . .until a change in the system of neighborhoods made it nearly impossible for them to find anyone. Although everyone was saddened, they began to stay in their own homes and never say hello to anyone they met in their travels. Communication in our world that was cyberspace came to a sudden halt. We realized that what we'd once had could never be returned again.

The city still remains. . .a quiet little neighborhood nestled in the desert of the southwest. The inhabitants still enjoy adventure and the roads not traveled by others. . .and like with all towns, a few still remain. Oh. . .there is something new. . .the King and Queen have decided to retire and have built a castle in the desert. As always, they welcome visits from their friends and neighbors and will always be willing to lend a helping hand should someone need it.

So, you see. . .Bajacities is still here. It's a place in your heart located somewhere on the pathway to the 3rd Rock from the Sun. Come join us anytime and feel the love! Remember always that the King and Queen are but humble servants to anyone in need. . .and will always remain on the sidelines willing to help others find their way.

So that the memory never fades, if you need us, please click here I need some help!