compiled by
Ivan Anthony S. Henares
Center for Kapampangan Studies
Holy Angel University
Abad Santos, Jose Basco
[19 February 1886 - 7 May 1942]   
Born in San Fernando to Vicente Abad Santos and Toribia Basco.  Pensionado of the Philippine Government to the United States.  Finished Pre-Law, Sta. Clara College; Bachelor of Laws, Northwestern University, and Masters of Law, Georgetown University, 1909.  Admitted to the Philippine Bar, 1911.  Appointed first Filipino corporate lawyer of the Philippine National Bank, Manila Railroad Company and other government corporations.  Returned to the Department of Justice where he became Attorney-General and later Secretary of Justice 1922, 1928-1932.  Appointed to the Supreme Court as Associate Justice, 1932-1938, and later Chief Justice.  As representative of the President of the Philippine Commonwealth during the first days of the occupation, was executed by the Japanese Imperial Army at Malabang, Lanao for refusing to take an oath of allegiance to the Japanese Empire.
Abad Santos, Pedro Basco
[1876 - 15 January 1945] 
Born in San Fernando to Vicente Abad Santos and Toribia Basco.  Juez de Paz of San Fernando from 1907-1908.  Founder of the Frente Popular, later the Socialist Party of the Philippines.  Elected to the Philippine Assembly, 1916.  Re-elected in 1919.  Died in Minalin during WWII.

Abad Santos, Quirino Basco, Sr. 
Born in San Fernando
Abad Santos, Quirino Dayrit, Jr. - [San Fernando] Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals
Abad Santos, Salvador Basco -
[San Fernando] Associate Justice oof the Court of Appeals
Abad Santos, Vicente
- [San Fernando] Secretary of Justice and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Acosta, Sally
- Twice elected to the California Senior Legislature.  First Filipino-American to hold that distinction.
Aguas, Juan S.
- Mentor of most Kapampangans who became proficient in English literature.  After graduation from the University of the Philippines, he taught English literature and composition at the Pampanga High School.  Before transferring to Cebu City School of Arts and Trades, he alson taught at the Pampanga National Agricultural School in Magalang.  He was caught by World War II in Cebu City, where he joined the Philippines Army.  For a number of years, he was a member of the Philippine Military Academy faculty. Colonel Aguas has a most penetrating and incisive mind.  Even his letters to his friends are lierary gems, and his conversations are memories to be treasured for their wit and language.
Aguas, Alejo
- [Samal]  
Hero against the Dutch invasion of Samal in 1647.  After successfully raidng Cavite towns along Manila Bay, the Dutch under the command of Admiral Martin Gertzen, decided to sack the town of Abucay and Samal.  Abucay was burned and pilaged.  Having heard of this, the natives of Samal, mostly Kapampangans led by Alejo Aguas, did not wait for the enemy to land.  In the dead of the night, they rowed in their bancas to the Dutch ships and gave battle, which lasted for three hours, killing many of the invaders who were caught by surprise.

Agustin, Marcos
- Former boxer and bus driver who led the guerrilla group popularly known as Marking's Guerrillas
Alejandrino, Jose
- [Arayat] 
     He was born in 1870.  He first studied at the Ateneo, then transferred to the University of Santo Tomas where he finished his Bachelor of Arts in 1889.  In the same year, e went to Spain to continue his studies.  In Barcelona, he was initiated into the Masons "Revolucion" Lodge of which almost all the radical Catalans were members.  In Madrid, he joined the "Solidaridad" Lodge.  Here he cooperated with the other patriotic Filipinos, led by Jose Rizal and Marcelo del Pilar, working for Philippine recognition.   
     Upon Rizal's advice, Alejandrino transferred to Belgium, enrolling in the College of Engineering in the University of Ghent, where he graduated as a chemical engineer in 1895.  He returned to the Philippines the same year.
     In 1896, he offered his services to Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo in Kawit.  He and Feliciano Jocson were ordered by Gen. Aguinaldo to buy arms in Hong Kong, which they were uable to ship to the Philippines because of strict vigilance of the English authorities in Hong Kong.  Here, Alejandrino was a member of the "Junta Revolucionario de Hong Kong" where, after the Pact of Biak-na-Bato, some Revolutionary leaders sought refuge in 1897.
     Representative of Batanes to the Malolos Congress  

Alejandrino, Jose M.
- Former Ambassador to Spain
Alonso, Nicolas
- One of the first "indio" colejiales on 23 December 1640 at the newly opened Colegio Real de San Felipe de Austria. See also Dueñas, Andres. 
Angeles David, Pablo
- Governor of Pampanga 1931-1937, 1945-1947
Aquino, Agapito Aquino
Aquino, Benigno, Sr.
- [Concepcion, 9 September 1894 - 20 December 1947]  Member of the Philippine Assembly, 1919 and Senator, 1928.
Aquino, Benigno Simeon Aquino, Jr.
- [Concepcion]
Aquino, Servillano
- [Concepcion] Representative of Isla de Negros Oriental to the Malolos Congress
Arnedo, Macario Sioco
- [Apalit] Governor of Pampanga 1904-1911
Arroyo, Gloria Macapagal
- [Manila, 5 April 1947 - ] Senator, Vice-President and 14th President of the Republic of the Philippines
Arroyo, Juan Miguel Macapagal
- [Manila, 26 April 1969 - ] Incumbent Vice-Governor of Pampanga
Arroyo, Tranquilino - [Candaba] Representative of Bohol to the Malolos Congress.
Avecilla, Alejandro - Representative of Siassi to the Maloloos Congress
Avecilla, Luis
- Representative of Tutaan to the Malolos Congress

Bacani, Mariano
- Representative of Samar to the Malolos Congress
Bacani, Senen
- Secretary of Agriculture
Baluyut, Francisco
- [Guagua] First Filipino secular priest in 1698
Baluyut, Sotero
- [San Fernando] Governor of Pampanga 1925-1931 and 1938-1941, Secretary of Public Works and the Interior and Senator of the Philippines
Barrera, Jesus A.
- Associate Justice
Bergaño, Diego
Bondoc, Emigidio
Bondoc, Juan Pablo Puyat
Buyson, Carmen
- Ambassador

Calma, Gabino
- Representative of Maasin to the Malolos Congress
Cancio, Juan S. - Executive Secretary
Capulong, Dionisio - Datu of Macabebe who joined the revolt of Magat Salamat
Carpio, Julian
- Representative of Tarlac to the Malolos Congress
Carreon, Manuel, Jr.
- [San Fernando, 17 June l899 - 13 Sept l964] Appointed Director of Private Schools in l946.
Castañeda, Constancio
- Speaker Pro-Tempore
Castro, Jose Luna
Cayco, Librada
- Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs
Consunji, Antonio
Cortez, Emilio C.
- Representative
Cruz, Emilio Aguilar
Cruz, Emigidio
Conchu, Agapito
- [Guagua, l8 August l860 - l2 September l896] One of the thirteen martyrs of Cavite. He was a musician, music teacher and photographer.  Played the organ at the Binondo Church. He was suspected as one of the conspirators of the failed Cavite Mutiny.  Executed in Cavite.  
Consunji, Antonio
- Presidente Municipal of San Fernando 1898
Consunji, Jose
- Revolutionary Clergy
Cunanan, Mariano
- propagandista
Cuyugan, Vivencio Baron
[San Fernando, 13 January 1895 - 1971] Born to Saturnino P. Cuyugan and Antonina Y. Baron. Studied in the United States where he supported himself through professional boxing and became known as the "Big Brown Filipino."  Appointed Municipal Vice-President of San Fernando in 1927, and later elected to the same position in 1931.  Later elected the first Municipal Mayor under the Philippine Commonwealth, the first Socialist mayor of the Philippines.  Co-founder of the Socialist Party of the Philippines.

David, Felix
- Representative of Cebu to the Malolos Congress
David, Jose Y.
- Governor of Pampanga 1944
David, Norberto
- Architect
Dayrit, Amando Galang
- [San Fernando, 6 February 1912 - 16 August 1944] Born to Florentino Singian Dayrit and Juana Gatchalian Galang.  Prolific writer and columnist.  Author of the "Tribune column "Good Morning Judge."  During the Japanese Occupation, he contributed to the underground "Free Philippines."  He contracted tuberculosis in his pursuit of freedom and was under house arrest in Manila.  He was later allowed to return to San Fernando where he died shortly after.
Dayrit, Aurelio Limjuco
- Goiter physician and surgeon, director of Dayrit Clinic
Dayrit, Conrado Singian
- [San Fernando] Cardiologist and president of the National Academy of Science and Technology
Dayrit, Fabian Millar
- Chemist, herbal medicine investigator and Dean of the School of Sciece and Engineering of the Ateneo de Manila University
Dayrit, Fernando Galang - [San Fernando] World-renowned concologist, shells Cypraea dayritiana, Conus dayritii and Conus fernandoi named after him
Dayrit, Manuel Millar
- [San Fernando] Secretary of Health
Dayrit, Nicolasa Pamintuan
- [San Fernando, 10 September 1874 - 12 April 1945] Born to Florentino Binoya Dayrit and Antonina Pamintuan.  One of the four women of the Philippine Revolution from Pampanga.  Together with Praxedes Fajardo, she knelt before Gen. Antonio Luna to plead for unity among the ranks of the Philippine Revolutionary Army.  Married to Dr. Vicente Panlilio.  She died in Manila in 1945. 
Dayrit, Tirso David
- [San Fernando] Archtect and board topnotcher
de Jesus, Jose - Secretary of Public Works
de la Rosa, Rogelio
- [Lubao] Movie actor and Senator
de Leon, Jose
- [Bacolor] First president of PASUDECO
de Leon, Leonor Hizon - Revolutionary imprisoned until 1901. Co-founder of "Universal Democratic Filipino Movement," an underground revolutionary independence movement formed after the Filipino-American War. 
de Miranda, Angel Pantaleon
- [San Fernando, 1756 - 21 June 1835] Gobernadorcillo of San Fernando in 1795 and founder of Angeles City
del Rosario, Agapito Jose Abad Santos
- [San Fernando 15 March 1901 - 9 April 1942]  Born to Isabelo del Rosario and Emilia Abad Santos.  Educated at the University of the Philippines, University of Shanghai and Columbia University.  At U.P., he was one of the founders of the Upsilon Sigma Phi, the oldest Greek-letter society in Asia.  He was elected mayor of Angeles in 1940.  During the Japanese Occupation, he was captured together with other socialist leaders.  Refusing to swear allegiance to the Japanese Empire, he was executed together with Crisanto Evangelista at the Bilibid Prison along Azcarraga Street in 1942.
del Rosario, Isabelo
- [San Fernando] Served as Major in the Philippine Revolutionary Army.  He was captured in an encounter in Mexico and executed by the Americans on 12 April 1902.
Dizon, Arsenio P.
- Associate Justice
Dizon, Bienvenido
Dizon, Paciano Santos
- [Porac] First Auditor-General of the Philippines
Dizon, Candido - Revolutionary Clergy
Dizon, Tomas
- Businessman
Dizon, Urbano Dizon
- [San Fernando] Municipal President of San Fernando, Governor of Pampanga 1944
Dizon, Vicente Alvarez
Dizon, Victor
- Former military attache to Rome, Chief of the Air Force and later Chief of Staff of the Philippine Armed Forces.
Dizon del Moral, Victor
- Revolutionary Clergy
Ducut, Zenaida C.
- Incumbent Representative of the Second District of Pampanga
Dueñas, Andres
- Commander of the Tercio de Pampanga, a Kapampangan military unit stationed in Manila.  He was appointed head of the Colegio Real de San Felipe de Austria.  He was in-charge of selecting students for the said college, the first batch of which were twenty Spaniards and six Kapampangans, the first "indio" colejiales

Eusebio, Eugenio

Fajardo, Praxedes Puno
- [Bacolor] One of the four women of the Philippine Revolution from Pampanga and first head of the Philippine Red Cross in Pampanga
Feliciano, Florentino
- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Feliciano, Jose Y.

Galang, Zoilo
Galura, Felix
Gamboa, Pedro
- Retired master-of-camp who defended the country against the Dutch invasion of Abucay and Samal.  See also Aguas, Alejo.
Gonzales, Andrew Arnedo
- [Apalit] President of De la Salle University
Gonzales, Bienvenido
- [Apalit] President of the University of the Philippines
Gonzales, Joaquin
- [Apalit] Representative of Pampanga to the Malolos Congress and University President of the Universidad Central de Filipinas
Guanzon, Olimpio - Governor of Pampanga 1922-1925
Guiao, Bren Z.
- Governor of Pampanga 1986-1995
Gutierrez, Hugo
- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Gutierrez, Nicolas
- One of the first "indio" colejiales on 23 December 1640 at the newly opened Colegio Real de San FElipe de Austria. See also Dueñas, Andres. 
Gutierrez David, Eduardo
- Representative of Batangas to the Malolos Congress
Gutierrez David, Jose - [Bacolor, 29 January 1891 - 27 March 1977] Raised and educated in San Fernando.  One of the first nineteen graduates of Pampanga High School in 1912.  Earned his Bachelor of Laws degree from the Escuela Derecho de Manila in 1915 at the top of his class.  Admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1916.  Appointed Auxiliary Justice of Peace of San Fernando, 1918-1920.  Elected Municipal Councilor of San Fernando, 1920-1930.  Delegate to the 1934 Constitutional Convention.  Appointed District Judge of the Court of First Instance.  Appointed Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals in 1946 and later Presiding Justice in 1956  Appointed Associate Justice of the Supreme Court in 1961.
Gutierrez Ubaldo, Eduardo - Representative of Padre Burgos to the Malolos Congress
Gwekoh, Sol Hilario

Henson, Ramon
- Representative of Pampanga to the Malolos Congress
Hilario, Cecilio Tuason
Hilario, Tiburcio Tuason
- Born in San Juan, San Fernando on 11 August 1853 to Anastacio Hilario and Maria Tuason.  HE received his Bachelor of Philosophy degree in 1869, and Bachelor of Civil Law degree in 1874, both from the University of Sto. Tomas.  Revolutionary Governor of Pampanga, representative of Iloilo to the Malolos Congress
Hilario, Zoilo Jose Sangalang
Hizon, Maximino Hipolito -
[Mexico] Representative of Sorsogon to the Malolos Congress

Ibañez, Melquiades
- Ambassador
Icban, Crispulo, Jr.
Infante, Jose R.
- Representative of Pampanga to the Malolos Congress

Joven, Ceferino
- [Bacolor] Governor of Pampanga 1901-1903


Lacsamana, Francisco
- Governor-General Sabiano Manrique de Lara made him commander of Fort Santiago for twentyfour hours in 1662, the highest military honor received by an indio, for his role in the quelling of various Chinese revolts in the 1600s.
Lagman, Eligio G.
- Governor of Pampanga 1931, 1942-1944
Lapid, Manuel M.
Incumbent Governor of Pampanga 1995-Present
Lazatin, Jesus Singian
- [San Fernando] Businessman
Lazatin, Rafael
- Governor of Pampanga 1952-1959
Layug Villaluz, Pedro
- Representative of Davao to the Malolos Congress
Leon de Arcega, Pedro - [Guagua] First Filipino lay doctor
Liongson, Francsico
- Governor of Pampanga 1912-1916 and Senator
Liongson, Pedro
- Representative of Antique to the Malolos Congress
Lim, Mariano
- Acting Governor of Pampanga 1911
Limlingan, Gerardo
- Governor of Pampanga 1945
Lingad, Jose Bulaon
- [Lubao, 24 November 1914 - 16 December 1980] Secretary of Public Works and Governor of Pampanga 1948-1951
Lomboy, Geronimo
- One of the first "indio" colejiales on 23 December 1640 at the newly opened Colegio Real de San FElipe de Austria. See also Dueñas, Andres. 
Luciano, Augusto
- [Magalang] Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals

Macapagal, Angel Pangan
- Vice-Governor, Representative
Macapagal, Diosdado Pangan
- Representative, Vice-President, President
Macapagal, Juan
Macapagal, Urbano
Macapinlac, Enrique
- Representative of Pampanga to the Malolos Congress
Macapinlac, Gregorio - Representative of Nueva Ecija to the Malolos Congress
- Datu of Baba (Lubao). Together with the datus of Macabebe and Betis, resisted the invading Spaniards.
Makabulos, Francisco Soliman
- [La Paz] Representative of Cebu to the Malolos Congress
Makapagal, Lazaro
- He was the executioner of Andres Bonifacio.
Manalo, Felix
- [10 May 1886 - 12 April 1963] Founded the Iglesia ni Cristo on July 27, 1914 in Sto Niño Viejo, San Fernando, Pampanga.
Mangila, Agustin
- Ambassador
Maniago, Francisco
Manila, Juan de
Mendoza, Basilio
Mendoza, Estelito
- [Bacolor] Secretary of Justice, Solicitor-General, Governor of Pampanga 1980-1986
Mesina, Marcelo
- Representative of Misamis to the Malolos Congress
Molina, Gaspar
- Shipbuilder
Mutuc, Amelito -
Executive Secretary

Natividad, Eusebio
- Representative of Antique to the Malolos Congress
Natividad, Mamerto
- [Bacolor, 12 June 1871 - 11 November 1897] Studied at the Ateneo Municipal and the Colegio de San Juan de Letran.  
Nepomuceno, Francis Lumanlan
Nepomuceno, Francisco G.
- [Angeles] Governor
Nepomuceno, Juan de Dios
- [Angeles] Delegate to 1935 Constitutional Convention
Nepomuceno, Juan Gualberto Henson
- [Angeles, 14 July 1852 - 26 April 1923] Presidente municipal of Angeles under the Philippine Revolutionary Government and represenative of Tarlac to the Malolos Congress.
Nepomuceno, Juanita Lumanlan -
[Porac] Representative, Governor of Pampanga 1976-1980

Ocampo, Ambeth R.
Ocampo, Galo
Olivas, Juan
Oreta, Teresa Aquino

Pabalan, Mariano Proceso Pabalan
Padilla, Carmen Dayrit -
Pagiabatan, Diego
- One of the first "indio" colejiales on 23 December 1640 at the newly opened Colegio Real de San FElipe de Austria. See also Dueñas, Andres. 
Palaot, Francisco
Panday Pira
Pangilinan, Manuel
- President of PLDT
Panlilio, Luis Dayrit
- Former president of PASUDECO and Ambassador to Guatemala
Panlilio, Pablo Dayrit
- Architect
Pardo de Tavera, Trinidad H.
Pinpin, Tomas
- [Abucay] First Filipino printer
Puno, Ricardo, Sr.
- Secretary of Justice and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Puno, Ricardo V., Jr.
- Broadcast journalist and Press Secretary
Puno, Ronaldo V.
- Secretary of the Interior and Local Government
Punsalan, Silvestre
Puyat, Gil Juco [Senate President]
Puyat, Gonzalo [Businessman]

Quiason, Camilo Danganan
- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Quiason, Serafin Danganan
- Director of the Natinal Library and Chairman of the National Historical Institute

Regala, Roberto -
Associate Justice
Rodriguez, Gerardo Hizon
- Businessman
Rodriguez, Oscar Samson
- Incumbent Representative of the Third District of Pampanga
Romero, Felipe
- Revolutionary Clergy, coadjutor of Macabebe
Romero, Flerida Ruth Pineda
- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Ronquillo, Carlos

Salgado, Cielo Macapagal
- [Lubao] Vice-Governor of Pampanga
Salonga, Felipe
- Datu of Polo, he joined the revolt of Magat Salamat.
Salonga, Juan
- One of the first "indio" colejiales on 23 December 1640 at the newly opened Colegio Real de San FElipe de Austria. See also Dueñas, Andres.
Sancho, Martin - He accompanied several Jesuit religious on a voyage to Acapulco at the age of ten.  Later, in 1593, he became the first Filipino to be admitted to the Society of Jesus as a lay brother, while in Rome.  He was assigned to the province of Toledo and spent some time in the College of Murcia.  He returned to Mexico in 1599.  He sailed for the Philippines with a group of Jesuit missionaries headed by Gregorio Lopez in 1601, but died that same year at the age of twenty-five, after setting foot once more on his native land. 
Sandico, Teodoro 
Sangalang, Adriana
Santos, Marcelino
- Representative of Batanes to the Malolos Congress
Santos, Mariano
- Revolutionary Clergy, coadjutor of Concepcion, Tarlac
Santos, Pedro Songco -
[Porac] Archbishop of Nueva Caceres
Santos, Rufino Jiao
- [Guagua] Archbishop of Manila and first Asian Cardinal
Sexton, Carmen Cruz
- Ambassador
Silvestre, Nicolas
- One of the first "indio" colejiales on 23 December 1640 at the newly opened Colegio Real de San FElipe de Austria. See also Dueñas, Andres.
Singian, Gregorio Dayrit
- Well-known surgeon.  Earned the monicker "El Mago del Bisturi" (Wizard of the Scalpel), director of Singian Clinic
Singian, Vicente
- Ambassador
Sioco, Matea Rodriguez
Soliman, Marcos G.
Soriano, Rafaelita Hilario
- Ambassador
Soto, Juan Crisostomo Caballa
- [Bacolor, 27 January 1867 - 12 July 1918]

Talangpaz, Cecilia Rosa
Talangpaz, Dionisia
- The foundresses of the Beaterio de San Sebastian de Calumpang (now the Congregation of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters, in 1719, the sisters Dionisia and Cecilia Rosa Talangpaz settled down near the shrine of the Virgin of Carmel in Manila. Their and devout life attracted the attention of the Recollects who were taking care of the temple and in July 1725, they gave them the habit of tertiaries and gathered them in a beaterium.  Their cases are currently being investigated for possible beatification.
Tan, Bienvenido, Jr.
- Ambassador
Tan, Vidal
- President of the University of the Philippines
Tarik Soliman
- Datu of Macabebe.  Fought against Martin de Goiti in what is now known as the Battle of Bankusay.  He is also know as Bankaw.
Tayag, Claude Suares
Tayag, Renato Dayrit
Tiomico, Vicente
Teopaco, Pedro
- [San Fernando] Representative of Bataan to the Malolos Congress
Toda, Benigno [Ambassador]
Tolentino, Aurelio Valenzuela
- [Guagua, 13 October 1867 - 5 July 19155]

Valdes, Basilio
- General and Chief of Staff of the Philippine Army
Valdes, Benito
Valdes, Carlos
- Ambassador
Valencia, Brigido R.
- Secretary of Public Works and Governor of Pampanga 1972-1976
Viron, Maximo
- Revolutionary Clergy
Ventura, Honorio
[Bacolor] Secretary of the Interior and Governor of Pampanga 1916-1922
Ventura, Valentin -
Another supporter of the Propanganda movement in Spain, he underwrote Rizal's second novel, "El Filibusterismo
Vitug, Jose

Yambao, Lazaro
- Governor of Pampanga 1942
Yap, Macario
- [Arayat] Fiancier of the Philippine Revolution
Yuzon, Amado Magcalas
Zablan, Felimon


Jose Abad Santos

Pedro Abad Santos

Marcelino Aguas

Dr. Miguel Baluyut

Sotero J. Baluyut

Dr. Manuel L. Carreon

Antonio E. Consunji

Vivencio B. Cuyugan

Amando G. Dayrit

Felisa P. Dayrit

Nicolasa P. Dayrit

Agapito A.S. del Rosario

Isabelo T. del Rosario

Jose Ma. Feliciano

Jose Gutierrez David

Zoilo Jose S. Hilario

Felisa S. Hizon

Belarmino P. Navarro

Fernando H. Ocampo

Levi V. Panlilio

Aurelio S. Pineda

Juan M. Sengson

Consolacion T. Singian

Encarnacion T. Singian

Dr. Gregorio T. Singian

Jose M. Valencia


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