Will of Terence Lanigan
*Thanks to Gloria George for sharing this.*

In the name of God Amen.
                     I Terence Lanigan of Sturgeon Bay Lot 61 in sound mind and perfect rational judgement do make this my last Will and Testament.
          And bequeath and will unto my beloved son James Lanigan the farm which I now possess situate and being at Sturgeon Bay Lot 61 with all the Buildings thereunto attached containing thirty three acres his mother to have perfect control of said farm until the said James Lanigan becomes of age.             
         And I will and bequeath unto my brother Michael Lanigan one half the Southern half of one hundred acres of land situate and being on Mink River Road Lot 63 together with one cow and three sheep with a bed and bedding when he leaves this farm and should he wish to remain on this farm until there is a foal ready for him to have that also I also bequeath unto him the threshing ? my beloved wife to have the use of it when required.
        I further bequeath unto my beloved son William the remaining half of the one hundred acres of land on Mink River Road Lot 63 with seventy pounds cash when he becomes of age.
        I also bequeath unto my beloved daughter Theresa two Buildings Lots in George Town according to the deeds and descriptions in my possession.
        I bequeath unto my brother Daniel my tool chest with the tools which it contains.
       I also will that my share of a muddigger which I and Henry O'Connor hold in partnership remain in place.
      So witness this last will and testament made and subscribed in the presence of the undersigned witnesses being the eighth day of March in the year of our Lord One thousand and eight hundred and seventy three.

signed                                                                                                                                                 his
    FJ Morrison                                                                                                         signed Terence XLanigan
      Daniel Lanigan                                                                                                                           mark  


                   I further will that when my son James Lanigan becomes of age and takes possession of this place aforesaid names and bequeath unto him that he maintain and support his mother in a descent and proper manner until it pleaseth God to call her away.
signed FJ Morrison                                                                                            signed           his              
         Daniel Lannigan                                                                                             Terence  X Lanigan

The foregoing Will and Codicil were proved on the 19th March 1873, on the oath of Daniel Lannigan a subscribing witness Hereto respectively and was filed and registered on the 8th April 1873.                                                                                                            
                                                                                               Charles Young. Judge of Probate