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8.4.08 - The first set of updates have been posted. I can't update this home page because there are new links that aren't up yet. When you click on Show Titles, you will see a preview of how the new site will look once done! Enjoy - there are new original theme songs and more memorabilia being offered.

I am working on this every day now... I won't be taking requests until the site is completely updated.

This page is a guide to almost all of the TV shows that have aired on television from as close to the beginning of TV itself until the near-present.

This site is a work in progress so please be patient as I continue my quest to get all the shows listed!!

My goal with this page is simple: use it for answers to trivia questions that might come up or just look over the dozen's of TV shows here and maybe you'll say "Hey, I remember that show!!!" Hopefully, some good memories will be brought back!  The shows are listed by show name and also by star or hosts' last name. If you're interested in a particular show that's not here - just e-mail me at the address below and I'll do my best to put it on for you.

Also don't forget to look up some of Hollywood's biggest stars! Some got their start in TV shows... Look for Rosie O'Donnell, Wesley Snipes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dudley Moore, Juliette Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kurt Russell, Denzel Washington and Geena Davis, just to name a few.

Last Updated: November 22, 2008

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TV Show Listed By Year It Was Aired

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Everyone has been asking for this - so here it is! You can trade video's, DVD's, etc... with each other and chat about what's happening in TV or with my site. Please feel free to use it completely - that's what it's here for!!!

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Yes, I'm back and updating the site again... I'm premiering the NEW look of the site - please let me know if you like it better or not. If you have any questions that I can answer for you, feel free to send me an e-mail! I answer all of them personally.

Drop a line to: Bruce

** Please NOTE: Most of the information comes from the book: "The Complete Directory To Prime Time Network And Cable TV Shows," written by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh.


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