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  Barya Lang Web Page Design specializes in providing low-cost, high-value Internet web pages and groups of web pages known as websites. The web pages we create will load fast, be easy for search engines to index, and will sell your product or service well. We don't try to make artwork for you we make profit for you.

Our primary business is that of Education and not of our own huge profit creation. We don't believe that we should get all of our operating expenses from just one or two accounts. With so many businesses needing our service we can multiply the 300 pesos by millions of clients and succeed while the clients only pay barya barya. We help promote and train businesses and individuals how to design, develop, and create web pages that will download to your PC fast over dial-in-connections. The purpose of this training is to allow Philippine individuals the educational means to start and continue their business of web page design and development.

Our standards require that the pages are easy to update, clean of errors so that major search engines will index them, and that they will run in major browsers without requiring any special browser "plug-ins"

We will not cater to or knowingly provide our service to any individual or organization that produces or displays adult only rated material (porn), methods of encouraging participation in systems or games of chance (gambling) or any type of activity that would cause one individual or organization to cause harm to others (scam's).

There are than 80 million recorded individuals living in the Philippines. Philippines has an estimated 8 million businesses, large, small, some licensed, and many unrecorded. There is no possible way that the current or foreseeable web site designers and developers can provide the number of web sites needed to advertise and promote the businesses in existence today. Philippine population and business is expanding at a rate never seen before. This adds additional wants and desires for memorial and celebration web sites. To those large numbers add the desire for businesses in the USA, Canada, UK, and other developed countries for low cost, wholesale, custom web page design and you can see there is an unlimited market that will expand faster than we can fill the need.

We do not view any business as competition in web site design because there is such an overwhelming amount of work to do and so few of us doing it. All interested people, students, designers, developers, tele-marketers, direct sales people, or anyone may contact us and we will train and help them learn how to do what we do. Our group will become true "World Class" web page and web site designers and developers with great prospects to become the "web page wholesaler" to the world.

Barya Lang Web Page Design is Registered in San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines with Business Registration Number: 6064. We are also registered with the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Philippine Bureau of Internet Revenue (BIR). Barya Lang Web Page Design can be contacted on the Internet through this web site: by visiting and reviewing the information in the "Contact" section. - Entrepreneurs and Business Executives Start Here ...

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