Art Gallery
Crafts Mall

After reading the results of an informal poll
on the Basenji email list, it was concluded that
basenji owners are a very talented group!

It's also well known that people who love basenjis, love to shop for items with a basenji theme.
This website is an attempt to make finding that perfect gift
(for a friend, or yes, even yourself) easier.

The mall is divided into 4 shops, each with
links to the artists' personal sites:

Brindle Shop
this shop features items lovingly crafted by basenji owners.


Tri Shop

 items here are sold by
basenji clubs and rescue groups


Red/White Shop
some basenji owners do not craft
items with their hands,
but have other wonderful talents


(We need tenants in this shop. Do you sing? Dance?
Do Elvis impersonations? This is the place to
share it with other basenji folk. Don't be shy!)

Black/White Shop

 links to commercial sites
that offer basenji items


Do you know of someone with talent who would
like to join our mall? Rent is free!


The webmaster assumes no responsibility
for any artist listed or item sold. Each artist
is working independentlly of the
webmaster or any other artist.