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These are some of the interesting topics that have been discussed in week 1 

Polish learning and CMC Tools About Webheads


Dealing with Virus and Hoaxes New CMC tools to try


Yahoo groups management Blogs What's the secret?

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Polish learning and CMC Tools

Agata (Everything began with an Intro...)

Hello, all Webheads!
I'm Agata Zieba-Warcholak from Przemysl, Poland (Yahoo ID agata_zieba). I am a chemist and an ESL teacher. I teach mainly adults at beginner and pre-intermediate level. I got fascinated by CALL when I was doing my postgraduate studies in ICT in ELT. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing.


Dzien dobry Agatko!
Witam cie serdecznie z Brazylii.

I do not know whether this is the correct spelling. Although Polish is my mother tongue, I have never had any formal education in it as I went to a school in Portuguese. I speak it and understand it, can sort of decipher what is written (my parents keep writing to me in Polish) but cannot write it yet . I bought a CD for self-instruction but find it hard to learn a language on my own.
Who knows you can try teaching me Polish online after the workshop, Agata? :-) We can also chat on Yahoo in Polish, how about that? Today I had a conversation with Teresa in Portuguese and with Jean Michel in French. All this because of the webheads! I am finding all this very exciting.
Dowidzenia :-)
Warm regards from Brazil,


I saw Agata, Babi and Bee talking about meeting up online to talk in Polish and i decided there was no way I could miss out on that as it would give me the chance not only to practise my Polish but find out what it's like to use the internet as a language learner. I come from New Zealand but spent 5 years teaching English in a private language school in Wroclaw, Poland. I have been back in New Zealand for two years teaching at a language institute run by the University of Waikato. I teach IELTS preparation courses as well as General and Academic English courses to mainly mainland Chinese students.I did a couple of online courses through this forum last year and really enjoyed them and was able to share what i learnt with my colleagues at work as well as run some training seminars for teachers in Auckland. I haven't been brave enough yet to use icq or other online chatting forums so am looking forward to this opportunity as long as I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to take part.
ps umiem dobrze mowic po polsku albo brak okazji ale tez mamy: klopotow z pisania !!


Kochane Bee i Babi!
I am really willing to share and help you with your Polish - just tell me what I can do for you!


I suggest that we could practise with most of the tools that we are going to use during the workshop. I need mostly writing practice (and some reading as well), as I can speak and understand quite well. I do not know what level Babi is in but I believe she will need listening and speaking more than I do. So we can use (private) emailing and sites you recommend for us on the Internet for reading and writing and yahoo voice for communicating. At least at the beginning. What do you think?
Ale tylko jezeli to nie bendzie cie za trudno, jezeli mozecz, bo teraz
wiem ze maz dzieci.
Do jutra


Hello Agata And Bee and all the others,

Now, this is what really fascinates me about computers and the WWW. I have just started learning Polish and have difficulties learning it on my own.
And here I am, reading messages about learning Polish. Do you think I could join that post-workshop online Polish course? ;-)

I am also amazed by all the online possibilities and love playing with them, but what really interests me is what makes it so motivating for teachers?
Why is it that some teachers totally reject it and even refuse to get familiar with all these wonderful tools? And what the use of teachnology so attractive for others (even the so called "elderly teachers" who do not seem to be "old" at all to me)?
I taught at ICT courses for teachers and found that at these courses there are always people who do not have any knowledge about technology, but by the time they finish the course they become so enthusastic that they even set up international projects for themselves and so on. What is the source of their motivation? What is the big secret? Have you ever thought about it?



Dear Agata and all wanna-be Polish learners,

I'm as enthusiastic as Dafne and those of you wanting to learn Polish about setting up a sub-group. That's the way to go both in RL (real life) in the VW (virtual world). However, I have found it much easier and much more productive to work online than f2f.

You may think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. We can use Yahoo Messenger, or any other chat platform, start a one-on-one chat or open a conference (a group chat) and just zip through the 'agenda', if you have one. Setting a time limit works well.

On the other hand, we can be logged in and just chat on and off (whenever necessary) with our work partner, send and receive files that we are working on for relevant and timely feedback, and get on with things. (A chat environment is the simplest tool for this. We can use other environments with mcuh potential, if necessary.)

We can even take our coffee breaks and socialize, have some fun using emoticons for added liveliness and emotion! I often find myself LOLing (laughing out loud) as if I were f2f. Believe me, it works! Ask Dafne. We do this all the time.

That's how we outlined a plan and will create the content and the Web pages for an upcoming online course we will team teach in May. And that's how we've planned a few other things.

Being organized, having an initial plan to follow (after we've brainstormed ideas, right, Bee?) and setting time limits, when necessary, helps get more work done in less time. I insist: this is true of RL, f2f, of course, but this two-year online experience with the Webheads in Action has shown me that I've been much more productive online when it comes to meetings.

So, if you're going to set up a 'learn Polish' subgroup - and I'd love to join, but have too many things going on till the end of May, so I cannot commit myself to another task  :-( -, maybe some of these pointers can help.

Enjoy your subgoup and our main group as well!  :-)


Just a page I found with some audio files in Polish: 

Kyi Shwin

Hi Sus,

Thanks again for DG 60*. I have found that members are going very first.I  seem to be getting slower. And I would like to welcome Polish sub group if there will be one. I'm interested to do comparative study with Burmese.

For the moment, people from Myanmar are staying away from chicken for fear of bird flu. But this will be just temporary.

Dealing with virus and hoax


I received this message in my e-mail box this morning.

During the next several weeks be VERY cautious about opening or launching any e-mails that refer to the World Trade Center or 9/11 in any way, regardless of who sent it. PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL YOUR

BIGGGG TROUBLE !!!! DO NOT OPEN "WTC Survivor" It is a virus that will erase your whole "C" drive.. It will come to you in the form ofan E-Mail from a familiar person. I repeat, a friend sent it to me, but called and warned me before I opened it. He was not so lucky and
now he can't even start his computer!

Forward this to everyone in your address book. I would rather receive this 25 times than not at all. So, if you receive an email called "WTC Survivor", do not open it. Delete it right away! This virus removes all dynamic link libraries (.dll files) from your computer.


...And about the WTC I just wanted to tell you it's a hoax. It's a pity that so many hoaxes are around the internet, because in this case it's about a virus, but sometimes they're connected with more personal situations like ill children etc (famous messages about sending them and companies will donate money for a child's survival to a terrible illness, or lost children.) Most of those hoaxes intend simply to collapse servers (as it is the case I guess about this one)

If you want to have a look I'm sending you a link to a site where it's all explained. As far as I'm concerned, having been cheated by hoaxes a couple of time, whenever I receive an alert about a virus or whatever, I always type the name of it and the word hoax in Google. You'd be surprised to find out how often you get an affirmative result.



I have a couple of concerns about the email entitled "Virus Alert".

My first concern is that it is not signed and the address is not in my data-base. That is not to say that the person who sent the mail is not in this group. I am just being cautious. The best advice ever for a computer user, is to never open an email from someone you don't know or trust. In this case, I don't think I know this person, and I am not sure that I trust them.

I am also concerned because the person who sent this email did not sign it. I make a point to not only sign all of my emails but to put a short electronic "signature" at the end. Part of that is for "brand" recognition (remember, I work in the private sector) and part of it is because if
someone is sending a message out under my name without my permission, they are not likely to send my personal "signature". It's not a great protection, but it does fairly well assure the reader that I am who I say I am.

The address suffix ".edu" indicates that this mail comes from some sort of educational setting. That in itself might be a warning. It is not at all unusual for viruses to start from educational institutions. Just think about the local university near you and how many students have email account there. Although the servers of those accounts are usually top heavy with virus protection devices, the virus programmers intent is to get that virus past those protections and into the general internet world. The university setting also, shields the perpetrator to some degree (although any account is traceable). Just because it has a ".edu" on the end, does not render it safe.

I think that it is always wise to be aware of good preventive virus protection. However, it is not unusual in these days and times for us to get dubious information from who knows where.

Usually when I get a notice that a virus is afoot, I make sure that all of my virus protection programs are up to date and running, then I go to the web-site of my virus protection (I use Norton, but others do an equally adequate job) and see if they have that virus listed or if there are any additional precautions or warnings.

For this particular virus, I found that Symantec lists it as a "Hoax" that has been circulating since 2001. Once a hoax is out of the box, it is not unusual for it to circulate periodically over some period of time. In fact, we really don't know how long such hoaxes are going to last.

I have included a URL for the specific page for the WTC Hoax:
ml <BLOCKED:: or.hoax.html>

Again, I think it is very important to be ever vigilant, but on the other hand, if we freeze up every time someone cries "wolf" then our time on the net will be much less enjoyable.

... I hope in the future that you will sign your emails and any time that you pass a message about a virus, tell us where that information comes from. If you are not of this group and you have malicious intent, then sorry, you aren't welcome here.


PS. I hope my response has not been out of line. There ought to be a page somewhere for Webheads that more thoroughly explains internet security. I also crosses my mind that some nations may have different systems of protection although I really don't know.


Now I am really red-faced. I did not explore this post far enough to find out that it was from one of our members, David Brown.
Mr. Brown, I owe you my humble apology. I hope you will consider forgiving me for being overly cautious about your post. I have now made sure that I have your address and name listed in my database.

I think my message still stands. That is, we should all be vigilant about email and virus. If you don't know where the message came from, then don't open it. I don't know why I did not have David's address in my list of participants, but I have now corrected it.


You're right, Bob.
It is a hoax. It came from one of the professors, Natalie Maldonado, st my university (CSULB), so I trusted it. She received responses from others, forwarded to me, noting that it is a hoax.
I was a bit surprised that you didn't have me in your database. Thanks for adding me.

Yahoo groups management


...Some hints about  getting familiar with YM: NB!  Some of the functions in YM are different on a Mac system. I used to work with Mac but switched to Windows XP last summer  -and already forgot many of the tricks to get around Mac issues :-(

Managing your Friends list in YM:

once the Messenger software is installed  on your PC and you're inside, find the Tools menu, scroll down to the  Manage Friends' list  - or a much simpler shortcut: ctrl +A

My yahoo ID is susannenyrop and I would like to ask you to add me to your Friends list  in case you wish to participate in the online session with Michael Coghlan on Wednesday, Feb.
4, at 22:00 - 23:00 GMT, as I'm the moderator responsible for this chat session.

>Audrey asks:  PS. Is there an easy or quick way to add everyone's Yahoo! ID to my messenger list, or will it have to be done one by one?

Audrey, I would like to know this as well - how do you manage large numbers of Yahoo Ids quickly; I don't think that it could be done otherwise but typing one by one, but did any of you perhaps create an updated list of these to share in the  YG Files section?
I've received a few invitations to "Join Yahoo Messenger" - this is only for invitations to newcomers who have not yet installed the programnme.


Would those of you who have contributed great Websites please add them to our LINKS area? It is so handy not to wade through messages to find a nice site a month from now!
    I'd appreciate seeing the full link, as one can't copy and save tinyurls as a favorite.
...A tip:  If you have your mailer set to make hard returns at the end of every line, you will have much larger files than necessary.

Susan Borg

I am having some problems; when I send in my introduction to the three TESOL courses I'm taking, they don't get posted unless I send 
them through YG directly! Could it be the new user name we set up  recently? ... on opening the computer we see KIDS or DAD. I want to 
participate but hope to use the mailing list and not alway YG.


Im not sure that you can get to this link by clicking on it (Yahoo is crazy with security precautions) but here is an explanation for how to tranfer your other address files into the Yahoo address book.  I hope this helps. Please let me know if you can't get in.

.... The reason I didn't print the instruction in a word file for you is because they are different for every different email program that you might
be using.  So Yahoo has instructions for each individual program.  You will have to find the one that fits your OS>


I'm very interested to learn all you can think of regarding problem solving with the Yahoo sound and voice function. I'm having problems with that myself and need a way to manage it.

First, after you installed the Yahoo Messegner programme (last version is 5.6 I think) , then you need to run the Sound Wizard (from the help menu) , as Antoina & co. did, in five steps.  These  are simple to do, and my computer had no problem. Then I tried to change settings for the firewall, as suggested tin the Yahoo help files -  ports 5000 and 5100 are opened and communication settings are no proxy´.

This helped me, at least to see a missing microphone icon. But still, I canneither hear nor speak. I've been using voice in several other applications
on my newer PC /Windows XP, but earlier, I was using a Macintosh  for which the yahoo Messenger HAS no voice function, so I've been used to be the mute participant.  Yes, my microphone is working and open, and yes, my headset is
chosen as the sound output source. Any idea, anyone?

Online support is sometimes, for myself speaking, the best way, after all, to help each other cope with diffiicult matters when it comes to online commucanition; yesterday we  hd planned a voice session and I was left out, but I had so much helpful  suggestions from others in that meeting, unsing the text chat in Yahoo. I'm working from home and have no techie around; not even my own son (who built my PC) has any real idea about all these communication tools that we're dealing with, and besides he's so busy working as a night guard and the father of tree little kids that I will leave him doing what he has to do. Some good advice: don't panic just because you're confronted with failures and error descriptions, such as thisone. Remember to speak up, make a clear and detailed report and post it ,
maybe someone has got the key to your specific problem.



This afternoon I had a very pleasant one-hour voice chat with Eva and about a quarter of an hour session with Agata.

I started chatting with Eva around four o'clock, as planned, but when she activated voice, I couldn't hear her, though she could hear me. Then Agata popped up in another window when I was telling Eva about the Audio Setup Wizard (main window Help menu). It's important that you run through it to see if everything is set up properly.

I said we could call a conference through the Friend menu, and all of a sudden there I was joining Eva's conference. Quick learner she is! When Agata joined us there were still sound problems on their side, so I told Agata about the Audio Wizard test. In the meantime, Eva decided to reboot and, when Agata or me called her back to the conference, her audio was working.

After Agata had checked the Wizard and said everything seemed in order, I believe she was logged off. Then it was my turn to get an Error message and also decided to reboot. As far as I remember, we didn't get together with Agata again. She just got in touch with me, when she logged back, to say through text that she had to leave.

Eva and I decided to try our luck and continue talking. Everything ran smoothly from then on and we were able to have a long chat. We brainstormed a few pieces of advice to include in our guidelines prior to the Wed. chat and then went on to talk about a couple of features of Yahoo Messenger, some of the activities Webheads have carried out with students using text and voice, additional activities that can be done, problems/glitches that can happen, etc.

Eva came to the conclusion I arrived at ever since we started using voice: it is a very powerful mode and says so much about the person(s) we're interacting with. It's funtastic!

Thank you, Eva, for an interesting and lively chat. For two online colleagues who had never talked to each other in real time, we sure had a lot to say! :-)


I loved your cute Subject line! And it's not a dumb question at all. It's  perfectly natural.

Bee answered it very clearly and seems to have "killed two birds with one stone" for you: the technical "bird" and the categorizing "bird"! See, there's always a Webhead in cyberspace to lend a helping hand.

Leah, remember that we are here to learn with and help one another, so let's not feel shy about asking questions, whatever we may consider them. We all go through this phase when we start working with a new tool. I had my doubts about Yahoo Groups some time ago and, believe me, I still have a couple.

BTW, in the Week 2 activities we give advice related to 'categorizing' Bookmarks or Favorites:

Open a Becoming a Webhead (BaW) folder with any number of subfolders to keep relevant and useful links for quick reference. Well-organized bookmarks are extremely helpful and save a lot of time!


and talking about organizing folders, take into account that you can always save you "messages as
text" (by clicking on a botton-right corner link if you have a Yahoo account) and take them directly to
your hard disk or whatever. 


Hi Susan welcome to our BaW session, nice to have you here, please make  yourself at home :-)
Regarding your problem, if you are getting this message in your e-mail  box you should be able to reply to it from there. Are you sure you are 
using the correct mail addres of the different yahoo groups? Ours is :
 Are you using the e-mail address you registered with to the YG? 
About Webheads in general


We already have something in common: the same name! But there's a second thing: our enthusiasm for Webheads in Action. Not bad for starters!  :-)
Anyway, I'd just like to say 'hello' and also let you know that I wasn't able to download the Webhead file from you cyber office earlier today. I
always got that hateful message "This program has performed an illegal operation"!!! I'll try again tomorrow. I'm also dying to read it. The problem will be finding the time. Whay are teachers such busy people?
Maria Teresa, do people in Italy (as many in Portugal still do!) also think that teachers only work part time? It gets on my nerves!!!
Hope you enjoy the BaW session!


Thank you for your message. I think we will find some more common interest while we work together. I hope you will be able to download my article if you are not tell me and I'll send you a private copy.
As for teachers working part-time in
Italy there are a few people who share thus idea but they're fewer and fewer. At the moment public opinion is very concerned about a school reform the government is trying to launch. They're retrenching in any possible way and both parents teachers and students are really worried. On a short time their destroying what it toke ages to build.


I have just read your article  WEBHEADS IN ACTION  Case study of an online community of practice, and I think it is a MUST READ. You have really captured the essence of Webheads in Action.
Here is the abstract:
"This paper features a case study of a well-established online community of practice, Webheads in Action (WIA), formed by EFL teachers and Communication (CMC). The main object of WIA is to explore and use electronic tools highlighting the value of online CoPs for teachers’ professional development, through the analysis of WIA’s birth and development, the interactions its members are engaged in, as well as the community’s artifacts.

Maria Teresa, why don't you consider putting it up on a web page and sharing it with all the participants? In that way there will be no downloading problems.


I've just heard that we will have a prominent guest next Sunday for our usual session in Tapped IN: dr. Curtis Bonk from University of Indiana, Professor of Educational Psychology as well as Instructional Systems Technology (Great combo)

To have him as our Webheads special guest  is really a scoop! That very special Cyber-cat, dr. Curt Bonk is really a charismatic and inspiring leader of online learning;  I've met him live, on location, face to face, with the Global Educators' Network at the Telelearning conference in Toronto 2000 and was amazed by his dynamic, speed talking but well considered and impressive presentation of his visionary but realistic ideas   - let me cut a quote a passage from his page:

"  teachers are beginning to realize what types of pedagogical activities (e.g., debates, mentoring, role playing, brainstorming, problem-based learning, etc.) foster learner interaction, collaboration, and excitement for learning when using various educational technologies. Unfortunately, these new technological and pedagogical opportunities are appearing at the same time that funding sources are being depleted or erased entirely. As this perfect e-storm surrounds us, we must think carefully about the speed and direction in which we sail our ships, especially when entering uncharted territories. "

New CMC tools to try


I would really love to do so many interactive activities like that with my students, but I am limited to one electronic whiteboard program that the company has chosen called Ravcoms. I'm not sure if you are any of the other moderators or participants are familiar with it. Although I have some limitations with this program, I'm hoping to find some ways to make my sessions more interactive for students of different levels with different language learning goals. I'm looking forward to the next 6 weeks!


In a message to Sus, you mentioned an electronic board called Ravcoms. I have not heard of it before, could you tell us about its features, or send a link where we can get a description?


I did a little investigating about this program, and it seems that Ravcoms is a
service provided by a Korean company called Wooam Multimedia Communication.
Here's a link to their site:

The site doesn't give a lot of information other than to demonstrate some of the features of the program. Basically, it allows me (the teacher) and my student(s) to see each other via webcam and hear each other via a headset. There is also a whiteboard where I can upload documents to use as teaching materials.
Unfortunately, once the document is uploaded, I can't modify it in any way. I can only use features like a pencil, eraser or textbox to write or erase over the document. I've tried using other forms of media like Windows Media Player or Real Player to play sound files or songs during lessons, but the technical people at my company say it's not possible. However, it is possible to navigate the web with students and to do both voice and text chatting with them. Let me know if you have any other questions! :)


I will take a look later today. According to your description it seems Ravcoms has the same features of Netmeeting. Netmeeting is free but I have problems using it due to a firewall.


However, there are so many technologies out there is so much to learn! I've been experimenting with open source programs like Moodle, phpNuke, and Movable Type blogs for the last several months and finally have a class with access to the 'Net.
Here are some of personal sites:<p><a<p><a
I started most of these when I was working in a job that gave me lots of free time and computer access. Now I have neither and I now have no time to keep them updated!


I see that you
have been blogging. We will have a a chat session on Blogs and language teaching given by Barbara Dieu, and a couple of us have started our blogs, so maybe you will tell us something about your blog. Personally, I am still a little shy regarding blogs for personal reflections, but Bee (Barbara is doing a great job in using her new blog for meta-reflecting about blog creation)


I am involved in a project ( with an Italian school from Naples and interested in establishing more contacts so as to have more people collaborating with us. If you know of any teachers and students who would like to join, please let me know.

I worked for a long time for the Cultura Inglesa in Sao Paulo, which is closely related to the British Council and am still in contact with many of the teachers and people I met there. On the virtual side I have been sporadically contributing to ELTecs Latin America (even won the Poem and Nik Peachey's searchenglish forums, where I met Graham Stanley from Barcelona and with whom I had a very fruitful "blogging connection". Through the British Council site in Sao Paulo, I was informed of the Intercultural Project led by Mariza Riva de Almeida from the University of Paraná. As I have some experience in international
collaborative projects online
(, I contacted them and was invited to participate in their 3rd seminar entitled "Designing and Developing Web-Based ELT Materials for Intercultural Education in State Schools". Although I work for a private Franco-Brazilian school in Sao Paulo, I hope I can be of some help in this area and promote
networking of public school teachers , enhancing links between teachers of language and culture throughout Brazil and other countries. I am sure this will prove to be a very interesting and rewarding experience.


Though week 4 is especially devoted to building an online presence, namely Web-page building, there's also another interesting and very 'in' (!) way that will be discussed and tried out: blogging. I~'m sure it can be an exciting activity for your adult students.
So. . . keep an eye out for Barbara Dieu's session! It'll be great for Web publishing and blogs. She has some great Web pages!
What's the secret?


I am also amazed by all the online possibilities and love playing with them, but what really interests me is what makes it so motivating for teachers? Why is it that some teachers totally reject it and even refuse to get familiar with all these wonderful tools? And what the use of teachnology so attractive for others (even the so called "elderly teachers" who do not seem
to be "old" at all to me)?
I taught at ICT courses for teachers and found that at these courses there are always people who do not have any knowledge about technology, but by the time they finish the course they become so enthusastic that they even set up international projects for themselves and so on. What is the source of their motivation? What is the big secret? Have you ever thought about it?


Teachers are weird beings - someone once said that among all existing jobs (with the exception of priests...but this is not a job), teachers are the ones who most analyse their behaviour and attitudes to work and have the heaviest guilt complex of not doing well. I also think they are the ones who most love learning - this is why they have taken up the job, so that they can learn. Teaching is and should be, I believe, a humbling experience, as you are accutely aware of what you do not know. :-)

Now, just like some other beings , there are some who are self-satisfied with what they have achieved, think they have reached the summit so do not think it is worth doing more or do not like to change and are afraid of the disruption this may cause in their lives...

I believe our motivation springs from either grasping better the process of learning as we engage in learning ourselves or seeing the positive results this brings to your students and yourself. I believe online collaboration gives us opportunities to interact, create and progress. It helps reduce isolation and enriches our experience. This is the key to its success.


This is one of the wonders and mysteries Babi was asking about in one of her messages, you see how Jenny who was being overhelmed by the number of messages found her own space in the group. (daily digests can help you overcome that overwhelming feeling, Jenny).
That's one of the characteristics of Webheads, we work in subgroups and then report back our experiences as learners and teachers in our subgroup projects: the tools we have used, how we have used them and the advantages and disadvantages found in the process. This kind of feedback to the group is what helps to build the knowledge of the group.


Dear moderators,
what is this cybersticker stuff?? I thought the course was all friendly and cooperative and the like..Are we being assessed in some way? Is there some kind of performance we are supposed to live up to? I find it threatening and competitive, to be honest...booo hooo i want a cyber sticker too what can i do? waaaaahhhhhhh......

Thank you Teresa for the clear description of how to switch off Java. The Japanese for the Advanced tab is most inscrutable, but having got so far i discovered it. Remains the fancy task of opening extra windows side by side, Charles, would you help?? Having whet my appetite you leave me salivating.....

I also appreciate the tip on deleting unwanted info on reply mail for the digest, my eyes get extra tired as i scroll down the digest scannning for the actual posting, thank you Teresa.

Elderbob's wonderful tip on URLs at the chalkface is great, and bookmarked for use. Terrible me, I forgot to ask my students today if anyone tried the link, I just swept into the listening comprehension oh la la. I will blithely assume the ones who wanted to experimented...


Dear Renata, do not worry, I will give you a cyber candy :-)
Daf gives renata a bag with candies.
He He, no assessment in this session, so you can seat in the front
The Map


During this week 1 of our session, we have been getting to know one each other through introductions and photos which you can see at:

We have a very diverse group from all over the world, why don't you show all of us where you are located? We have created an interactive map for you to get on it. Give it a try at:

It is very simple:once you have the map in front of you, click on post, put the pin where you are and then fill in the information. You can select the icon to represent you and the flag of your country, too.

Eagerly looking forward to seeing you on the map :-)


Help! I'm out there lost and floating in the atlantic...I think hopefully I'm on a little rock, check it out if you want to truly laugh out loud. Yes, I had trouble with posting myself on the map. It was fine until the final bit when it went all wobbly and the mouse was jumping and floating everywhere...and I suppose that is how I got myself shipwrecked...It was the bestest therapy
possible...I've just had quite a stressful week and I laughed until I children also thought it was the best joke of the week....seeing me waving so pathetically from the big blue ocean on the map!


Dear Antonia, You've made my day! I couldn't stop laughing while looking at you in the middle of the Atlantic half way from America. Maybe you want to re-live the route followed by Colombus ;-)
See you around, Antonia!


Susanne quickly enters a virtual helicopter to rescue poor Antonia from her shipwreck.

I think you could eventually edit or delete your pin on the world map, dear Antonia, and come back and make a new mariking if you really care us to know where you are, or why not leave it as it is so we can think of you as our mermaid webhead :-)
BaW Statistics 

Jean M. Chaupart

From the participants' webpage, updated by Dafne, I have extracted some statistics that can be interesting for all of us:Until january 30, there were 55 "registered participants",who are working in 22 different countries. Females double males (37/18) Countries with more registered participants : USA 14 ; Portugal 6 ; Japan 6;

By continents: Africa 2 (including Canary Islands); North America 17; South America 4; Asia 9; Europe 19; Oceania 4

Between 14 and 18 of us are working as foreign language teacher outside of our native land. And do not forget to visit Dafne's map "Where in the world are you?" to place your location on the map. And have a look at Antonia's location, a few miles west of the Azores Islands...perhaps on a small raft.

Regards from Colombia, South America,

Jean Michel Chaupart


Dear Jean Michel,

This is a very interesting wrap-up with some very curious and amazing data. Only one detail: I believe you meant 155 registered participants. At this time there are 147. A few have left us. :-( I wonder why. Aren't we a nice group of people to be working with? I'm referring to participants and moderators, naturally. :-)

Very curious data:

-- 22 different countries - wow!

-- 37 women and 18 men: hurrah for women!

This seems to be closely related to recent findings about the professional rise of women in certain professional roles and also to the higher number of girls inhigher ed., for example, and a better performance on their part compared to boys.

Could it be that women will take over in a few years?! Could it be that we'll soon start saying "This is a woman's world!"?! ;-)

-- Portugal is performing quite well in terms of participants. I'm very happy that some of my friends joined.

-- 5 continents! Not one missing. Hurrah! What an interesting mix this will be!

Jean Michel, thank you for having spared us, moderators, this task (at least for now).

Have a nice day!


Thanks JM for sending the info :-), I told you it would be a great idea to share it with the group.

Tere, what Jm meant by 55 is the number of participants who have sent their introductions which are reported on our participants' web page.


Thanks Jean Michael,

Good job!

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