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(23 - 29 Feb)

Welcome to Week 5 Message

These are some of the interesting topics that have been discussed in Week 5.

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Upcoming events! 

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Michael Krauss' presentation

Dear Michael,

What a great page you prepared for us! Lots of ideas and exploring to do!
Thank you so much for being available for the BaW group, Michael! It'll be my 'special' pleasure to have you with us tomorrow and to introduce you.
BaWers, I'd like to second Michael's suggestion that those of you taking part in tomorrow's presentation take a look in advance at his fabulous resource page - especially prepared for us!  :-)

I'd also like to make a final request, since Michael's presentation is about 30 hours away:
-- please register in our Yahoo Group Database (menu on the left) if you're planning on taking part in this event tomorrow, Feb 23, at 20.00 GMT, at Tapped In.
We like to have an idea of the number of participants and I'm sure Michael will too.
Thank you all. And do register. It'll be well worth your time, you'll see.  :-)
Teresa (22Feb04)

. . . Week 5 starts out with a very experienced online colleague and friend, Michael Krauss, who will be talking to us about 'developing online materials', yet another way of building an online presence. He has prepared a great page for us ( Please join Michael at Tapped In on Monday, Feb. 23, at 20:00 GMT!
For the first time we will be joined by members of another EVO 2004 session, Real English Online (REO), at Elizabeth Hanson- Smith's request. Since the Webhead philosophy is one of sharing and distributing knowledge, both the moderators and Michael himself gladly opened our virtual doors to them!
Before proceeding with the second guest speaker this week, let me share with you two exercises I created during Michael's online course in October 2001:
-- Visiting Kenya ( a Subject Sampler
-- New York City ( a Scenario (my server has been down today, so you'll probably only be able to access it tomorrow). . .


Where in Tapped In was the session?  I couldn't find it. (Elaine Avery)


Hi, Elaine!

It was in the ASO. I'm sorry we didn't announce it earlier, but it was decided at the last minute. Mea culpa. Hope you forgive me!
Were you late? Because Sus was at the Reception for some time.
We'll put up the transcript in a while, ok? Lots of great resources to look at and think about.

Hi, All!

The chatlog for Michel's Krauss' presentation is at
I hope that those of you not present, such as poor Elaine (I feel guilty!), will read it carefully and take a good look at all the great links.
Those of us present will need to start doing our homework, right?
Thank you again, Michael, this time on behalf of the Baw participants! It was a great session with lots of practical ideas and resources.

Qui pro quos between moderators solved by understanding and friendship

Hi Tere,

I was going to send the chatlog in a few moments but definetly yous came first and is seems great!
Thank you in advance, and thanks you too Daf for you great chat! and if those of you who came tried one of the tool sent them here for us to test!


I'm very sorry! I'm so used to preparing these chatlogs at TI that I didn't remember you were in charge today. Why don't you send yours to Daf to put your in the GeoCities page, Maria?
Hope you'll forgive me!

Hi Tere,

Don't worry! I had just finished having dinner and I was going to do it.... But I was going to start to do when I received your message.
Thanks to you!

Weekly threads

A well-deserved compliment and 'thank you'!

Dear BaW friends,

Before week 5 starts officially for me at least (0:00 GMT), I'd like to send a very special 'thank you' to Daf for a fantastic job these two past weeks during which she had the task of answering much of the mail and gathering the threads pages. Believe me, it's very hard work, though she makes it seem like a piece of cake.
. . .
Have a great week, everyone!

A nice challenge for Michael Coghlan

Thanks Tere for your nice message :-)
Yes, these two last weeks have been non-stop, with BaW, other professional engagements, technological problems, and personal issues to solve. However, after more than 30 years of multitasking, I think I have got used to be running against the clock ;-)
I am looking forward to reading the English version of your ppt!
I wonder if Michael has a tune for the following lyrics:

         "I won't be collecting
          I won't be sorting
          messages next week,
          la la la
          reading will be a joy
          answering, my choice
          of messages next week
          la la la"

See you all at Tapped In tomorrow!

Hello all,

Sorry to admit my slowness, but I am far behind my dear co-moderators in terms of organization talent and overview. I was responsible for our week 2, moderated it and was trying hard to keep up with the huge amount of messages.
Week 2 had about 220 messages. To me, this is not easy. But I promise to do my best to get over the hurdle.
Believe it or not, I am still messing with a good way to sort out the discussion threads and create pages with the most interesting and useful messages has become an overwhealming burden, so I am not yet done with this task, so unlike our hard working Dafne  "and her fantastic efficiency and organization, the 'weekly threads page' with  the major topics discussed - there were many!"
(slowly cheing through heaps)

Hi Tere and all,

Thank you to you too, Daf, because although you are always  multitasking, like the rest.... our page has been updated   these last days thanks to your job.
I wish you all the best in your dissertation reading!

Hi Dafne, Maria, Teresa and Sus,

All the effort you're putting in to collecting and organizing all this information for us is spectacular! Though it feels exciting to check the daily digest and message board as it's in progress, there's nothing quite as relaxing as finding your weekly threads page to sit back and enjoy. It helps put me in a more reflective frame of mind, to try to digest all the teaching and learning concepts, the technology, as well as the social energy being generated. There's a warmth to seeing all the participants' photos in the left margin. It's all in one place, so that we can go into any of the URL's posted, then back to the main page, again. It feels like we're all part of a live, weekly magazine.
By the way, the weekly readings are excellent as background for learning new concepts. Is there any particular place you'd like to have us post reflections on those (in the group weblog? in this daily posting?) to make life easier for you? It might be nice to respond somewhere to those, collectively, before the last week is finished.
Take care...and take it easy, a bit!
I'll see you all early in the morning (5 am in Japan) for the Michael Krauss event. Got to catch up on his webpage beforehand.

Dear Leah,

You've made my day!
Reading your message right after getting up, has made all the work and hours spent on the threading task worth the effort. I think threads are vital, as you say, to create the sense of community, to give faces to the ideas, create bonds, and to record all the ideas, comments, reflections, artifacts, etc, that at the end are the steps that help us go up the ladder we are all constructing together. I love the imagery of a live weekly magazine :-)
Re: readings and comments on them, good point! We would love to hear yours and others' reflections about them. You can post them here, or in the blog:  (I will make an entry for that purpose), or in the discussion board: 
(you can select the one means that fits your style)
Leah, remember that the 6 weeks are just a matter of formalism for the EVOnline sessions, the same way BaW started before the date assigned, we will not vanish in cyberspace after week 6, we will invite you all to join Webheads in Action, or you can stay here in this group, or both :-) and we will keep "blogging" our lives away" !

Dear Leah,

I couldn't have said better than Daf did what I felt while reading your message. I think the weekly threads page is a very convenient way of bringing together the main ideas that 'you' all brought up together in one page without all the clicking back and forth that Yahoo Groups messages involves. BTW, I also love your "live weekly magazine" analogy. :-)
I will just add one thing to what Daf said: "BaW's response, dynamic attitude, commitment and enthusiasm has made it 'all' worth while!" And by this I mean several weeks of planning, having meetings online and creating the materials. It's been a fantastic experience so far and we have learned a lot with you all. Thank you all for making this such a gratifying 'learning in a fun way' (expression I used in my early Webheads days) experience for everyone!
Regarding the readings, Leah, try to go through all of them and then make any comments you consider appropriate either in the BaW blog or in Daf's discussion board, as hse has suggested.
Thank you for your kind and warm words. They always feel very sweet!

Hiya, Just to say that its so wonderful to have this brilliant thread to try to catch up and remain 'part of BAW' even though I've not been able to be acyive for nearly a week. No, I  haven't been away from home, but my partner has and, with three kids, a full-time job, no home help and just having become an assistant examiner for the TOK component of the B Diploma, suddenly I was in the fast lane! BAW activities suffered severely...Taxi-driving for various kids activities and parties was the star activity of the weekend! Anyway, my nearest and dearest is back so sharing is reinstated and NOTHING will prevent me from being at Micheal Krauss's workshop. By the way, i tried to sign up last night but the yahoo page wouldn't work and I couldn't find the facility to sign up in Geocities...possibly its a Yahoo groups feature.
I'm very behind with learning about blogging and web-page-making, but have discussed it with my small group of IB students who are keen. I'll try to start a simple blog later this week.
  See ya in tapped-In :-)
  best wishes to all,

Hi, Antonia!

The threads page is certainly a great idea, even more so for people who fall behind for some very natural reason. Priorities are a must!
You have such a great description of your hectic week that I could feel your hustle and bustle while reading your message! However, I'm glad that life has gone back to normal in your household and that you can make it to Michael Krauss's presentation this evening. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Behind in BaW tasks? No problem, Antonia. What's important is that you do get a chance to try things out, even if at a later date. We'll be here and. . . glad to help, if necessary.  :-)
FYI, Yahoo has been acting up strangely for some of us in these last few days. And, yes, the database for registring is an exclusive part of our YG.
See you later,


Hi All,

Just for the fun of it, I have figured out the number of messages
sent from the pression to week 4. Here they are:

Presession: Jan. 3  to Jan. 25 = 355 messages
Week 1:     Jan. 26 to Feb. 1  = 217 messages
Week 2:     Feb. 2  to Feb. 8  = 189 messages
Week 3:     Feb. 9  to Feb. 15 = 186 messages
Week 4:     Feb. 16 to Feb. 22 = 233 messages

For a total of 1180 messages :-) Quite a number, eh?
Thanks a lot for your great participation!!!!
Numbers make me sleepy, so, time to go to bed ;-)


Dear Daf,

Once again other priorities got in the way, that's why I'm commenting on your data (Feb23) only 4 days later.
Wow! This group has really been active. Such an intense message flow is amazing. And it has been quite regular too, with a tendency to increase as we advance.
Another interesting piece of info would be to see the percentage of 'active' participants, as well as who they are, merely for our 'internal home-made' statistics, so to say.
Research says that only 10-20%% / 15-20% (I'm sorry, but I don't remember the exact percentage) of members ina community participate actively. It would be interesting to see if that has also been the case in BaW. I guess this info could be collected more easily in the weekly threads pages, just to give us an approximation. But we can do that after we have finished. There are still other priorities to take care of in the official tome that remains.
Thanks, Daf!

Answers to the week's questions

Dear all!

Dafne wrote:
I have noticed that the questions for week 4 have not been answered yet. I would like to hear some voices answering these questions :-)
How about a little quiz instead?
Have a look at:

WOW Agata, this interactive quiz is great. Ijust bookmarked it, and tested my HTML knowledge ;-)
Thanks a lot!!!!!  I love it :-)


Web page creation

Michael Ivy's Metro page

Hello Michael,
I've just been at The Metro Pages site you posted on the links page. It's so easy to get around, and easy to read. The overlay of 'tourist map' on the clustered activities you offer really invites us to take the journey.
Just a few questions:
-The writing is very carefully edited. Is that done by instructors or peer-editing among students?
-May outsiders send in entries to your pages? I think one of my adult continuing education classes in Japan - a small class or 6-8 learners) might want to contribute to your page "How to your country. Though I haven't got a classroom computer, I could print out the pages, have them work on it in class, then send in the post myself (for them
to later read on their home computers).
-How did your make the page? Was it all done digitally? There is a handmade feeling to your artwork, and I've never seen clipart with such texture. How did you get the pastel photo images in the background?
You can tell I'm a complete beginner by these questions!
Thanks for your help.
Leah Sullivan in Nagoya

Agata's Web page

Just had to write to say your Webpage was great! What dedication to make your personal life a springboard for learning language.  Keep up the good work! (and hope your husband is very tolerant, too) B-)
PS:  Where did you get the falling hearts--is it Flash
or Java?

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your kind words about my web page. Oh, yes, my husband is very tolerant :-D

The falling hearts are actually the falling snow flakes (I used the same script, different picture). And it is javascript. I got it from the administrator of my university website :-) but there are thousands of them in the cyberspace.
If anyone wants it just let me know and I'll post the script and instructions.

* * * * * *

Me again ;-)

You can see the falling hearts here:
and the falling snow flakes here:


Dear Agata,

Though I loved your wedding pages and the idea of making a private family-friends event public to your students, colleagues et al. - brilliant! -, I'm especially enthusiastic about your English Interactive Exercises. I've already bookmarked some of those that fit like a glove to what we've been learning.
Can you imagine my students' excitement when they find out that they're doing exercises created by Tommy's mother and Wojtek's aunt? I can't wait to see! Thanks for making all these pages available to us.

Dear Agata,

I was finally able to get to your pages :-) and yes, I second everything that has been said about them. I like to include culture capsules in any of my courses, and I love how you have developed material from your own wedding ceremony and the one about Christmas
is really wonderful.
I was frustrated not being able to see your pages. It seems this is going to be a great day. All the messages I have read since I woke up are lighting up my day. Thank you :-)

Renata's first Web page

Hi Renata,
You did it! I just had a look at the "One Green Leaf" page on your new website. The detailed, quirky song lyrics have lot of appeal, and are very adaptable to different genres. I'll print them out -on recycled paper, as you advized :) -
to use in my kindergarten classes, and share with the kids' English department at my language school. by the way, I found the site easy to manuever. Without the Java and flash, I would imagine it's accessible to web users without the latest technology.
The ESloop link's also fascinating -lots to explore there.

Gary's first 'company' Web page

Hi all:

I just finished my first web page. It's simple and needs more work. But, it's a beginning. Take a look. I'd love some feedback (bearing in mind I have to work within the parameters of the site builder).
I used tripod. It's at I'll post my blog tomorrow. Still working on that and another web site tonight!
Gary Carkin

Dear Gary,

Congratulations on your web page! I love your recording :-) It is a very professional page, and you followed the KISS parameters. I like the layout, it is easy to navigate, and the iformation needed is easy to locate. Great job! I am really happy with your work, and I am looking forward to seeing your other pages and your blog. WoW!!
As of September I will be teaching in the Applied Linguistics Masters Program at my university in Caracas and one of the courses I think I will be teaching is Methods, would you agree to be an online guest speaker about using drama in language teaching?

Another great example of the Webhead spirit: collaboration between colleagues!

Hi Dafne:

I would be delighted to be an online guest speaker for your Methods course to talk about drama in English language of my FAVORITE subjects! Just let me know when and where when we are closer to the date.
Gary Carkin

Hi Gary
Congratulations on your webpage!
I'd just like to add a few remarks on your images. Your picture takes some time to load, and I noticed it is located here:

Well, this image is huge! and though the image we see in your webpage is small, it loads the huge one...and so it takes a long time...
You should never resize an image in your html editor... on the one hand, it takes more time to be loaded, if the original image is larger...on the other hand, images get distorted...
compare your images of cdroms in:
and the original image:

Sorry if I'm too technical, but I think we should also pay some attention to the aesthetic side of web design

Hi Fernanda:
Thanks for your feedback about the image. Ismail also remarked about the size. Since this is an area I know very little about, I'm just now beginning to check it out. Hopefully, with some editor I have on my computer, I can change the size. Right? I also suppose, since the picture came from my scanner that I must take it from where I have stored it (my shared pictures), put it in an editor, resize it, and put it back into the storage at shared pictures. Is that the process?

Dear Gary,

Do you mean to tell me this is your first professional page and your second page ever?! The first was a personal one at GeoCities, right? Well, Gary, you truly astound me! It's a beautiful and simply laid-out page, definitely my type of page.
Navigation is fast and everything is visible and user-friendly!
Congratulations! I just wonder, if this is the beginning, what will you be doing in 3-6 months' time?!
BTW, congrats on the invitation from Daf. What a great idea!
Best of luck in all your endeavors!

Hi Teresa!

Thanks for your response! Yes. This is my first for the company. It does need work though. Both Fernanda and Ismail have remarked that the size of the picture is too large and takes too long to download. My project (one of them) for today is to try to reduce the size. I guess I will have to play with my photo editors.
And yes, I am looking forward to chatting with Dafne's class.
Trust you are enjoying Carnival!

Dear Gary,

Congratulations for your new website. It sounds cool. I am happy to know that one of your hobbies or talents is being an actor. This is a new addition to the BIA. Of course we have many authors here in webheads, but only one actor, Gary ;-)
The photo you used is (1440*2160) which is a big size, may be you want to reduce the file size using a photo editor, this will help in the download of the page.
Best regards,

Hi Ismail:
Thanks for the feedback. I'll try reducing the size of the photo with photo editor. By the way, when I scan some photos, they come out "max" I would like them jpeg. Is there a way I can change the file designation?

I think it depends on the scanning software you use. Most programs use jpeg as default file extension, but in all cases, it will give you the highest resolution. In order to reduce the resolution you need to be careful with the file size and file quality. In some programs, like photoshop 6 or 7, it will prompt about the file quality giving you options from (1 to 12) to choose from. According to the number you choose, you will reduce the size but will loose
more quality, so you decide accordingly. If it is for web-based files, try to low quality but if you are using it for other purposes, like powerpoint presentation or media/ video files, it is better to keep the highest quality of course. (.Gif) files are common too for online purposes, especially for animated images..
BTW, you can check my new phot album in the following page. It has a lot of photos that I had earlier and I tried hard to reduce them in order to post them online. Check it at:
<> I included them in a new sub-page
since I was about to loose my free web space in my original site.

You have the idea, Gary. You say you scanned it; you probably have an editor as part of your scan package, such as Photoshop Elements. Before you resize the image, try to figure out how big you actually want the image to be. A starting point would be figuring how wide your page is, for example 800 pixels. (In the past we planned for 640 or so but with new monitors, 800 might be okay). So if your page is 800 wide and you want the picture to take up 1/4 of the page, you are going to make it 200 pixels wide. Make sure you"constrain" the proportions (usually a choice in the resizing window) so you
don't get distortion
Bruce Moon

Thank you, thank,you, thank you Bruce.
You have articulated what I wanted to know so well, i.e. some FORMULA for sizing and setting the resolution. And, I have today had a chance to explore how to manage the size and resolution. Now, in fact, today's pictures have come out a little too low I think for resolution, but maybe that will balance my enormous pixel count on the others. Any way, I will have to go back and redo some of what I have done, but that is all part of the learning process. I look at the whole project as a "first draft". Once I get to know what I'm doing a little more, I can control and edit more efficiently.  Thanks for your clear explanation. What may seem obvious to some brought up with computers, all seems obtuse for those of us who never have had a computer class and have to pick and hunt as we go. Thank goodness there is the LIGHT of webheadness!
Susan Esnawy's first Web page

Hi Leah,
thanks for your comments. very nice of you. actually, i like the sunflowers, but was going to replace them with a photo except that i kept getting error messages, so i finally gave up
on it!!
as re time to make the webpage, it didn't take long , if we don't count my attempts to upload my photo. with the geocities wizard, just filling in the bio. and the links, and choosing the background, let's say around half an hour--for i had to cut and paste my links.  this is for a basic page like mine. actually, i feel it would take less than that if you are not going to compose on the spot!! try it and invite me to see your webpage!
best of luck,
Susan in Cairo, Egypt

Kyi's first Web page

Hi Sus and everyone,
Here is my web page address. It is at
Please give me your links to mention in my page. Before I joined this session, I used Tripod.
I would like to compare these two sites. At Tripod we have to use the given
templates or HTML.
I have chosen Template. When I have to change something, I  have  to start
from scratch  going block after block and upload the whole thing. There may be other way, but I didn't find it. I put Chat and Forum in my page and found that these services are  no longer available. When we use thesebuttons to put in our page, it is not quite flexible. Place and wording are pre-designed by the template to put chat and forum servises.
Therefore, I like Bravenet more. Even when we do not choose Template in Bravenet, we have visual editor to design our page freely. We have text editor for HTML. We have a stock of free services in Bravenet. Once registered, we can use them as we like with web embed tool. Even when we use Template we can edit the page with partial changes. Unlike Tripod, we don't need to start block after block. These are my findings. But I have some difficulty with uploading my image to my page, not to photo album. How can I
do it?  Since I found no way to do that, I gave a link of my image which is stored at  Yahoo Briefcase. I worked temporarily. But when I browsed from another cybercafe, my image was not shown.
Kyi Shwin

Hi Kyi,

thank you so much for your thorough comparison of Tripod and Bravenet free homepages. Right not I'm unable to open your new page at   - I will try again later to see if it is just a temporary problem, and ask others to report back if they have a better result.  Your problems with Tripod are annoying!  I can understand that life may be hard for developers who may not be funded by research or corporations,  but  they should not lure just plain folks into using a free service and then spoil all the careful work by closing down services; that is a discouraging and unfair business.
On your question for linking to an image stored somewhere else   - I think that your Yahoo Briefcase is a personal storage that others could not access.  you will need to find a better solution for us to have access to your illustrations. We discussed where to find free server space for images in yesterdays Tapped In chat that I will forward to you, as you were not able to join us.
In an earlier posting from Saturday or Sunday, Dafne explained in detail some aspects of images in homepages that may also be helpful for your endeavors. I'm looking very much forward to see your page once it allows me to have a look :-)
Yours, Sus
PS You're welcome to link to my blog  at  and a very new one started yesterday at  it is free and has capacity for 50 images and  many well designed features.

* * * * * *

Hi Kyi,

your new homepage opens well for me now  - and I think it looks very neat and useful as a structure to fill in with content; I posted a message to your blog page.
Congratulations, you're Becoming another Webhead with an online presence :-)
yours, Sus
(who is going to cook another chicken, the fear of bird's flu has not reached us yet here in Denmark)

Dear Kyi,

What a pleasant surprise to find your message with the link to your first Web page this afternoon! Congratulations! Great work! I'm sure it took some planning.
I enjoyed reading my piece of advice about starting small and all I can say so far is that you're the exception that confirms the rule.  :-)
I love the blue on black background and the white font in your home page. The KISS principle is certainly working!
I navigated very easily and smoothly from page to page. It was very interesting to read your background - how old is your son now? - and very nice to know of the enormous success of the Gobal English Course you coordinate and teach. Way to go, Kyi!
My Web page is titled Teresa Almeida d'Eca at
Thank you for comparing Tripod and Bravenet. It'll be part of a page we will set up.
Congrats again, Kyi. You've been doing a fabulous job considering the restrictions you have.
Best of luck to you!

Dear Teresa,
Thank you for your congradulation. But I have a lot to expand my site.
My son is now 14 and he is  an eight grader. He will come and stay with me in June of this year to continue his schooling.
Kyi Shwin

Hi Kyi,

Congratulations on such a great page. I think it is super!  I like the design and even though I have not had the time to check all your pages, I like the structure of the ones I have seen. You do not have to give apologies for not starting small, everybody is different, and you are showing us that you can do it :-)
What was the problem with Tripod? I have one of my pages there. Sus, where is the comparison between Bravenet and Tripod?
Re: Yahoo briefcase, you can share the images stored there, if you select to do so, just need to make the page public and send the link.
Congratulations again,
Kate's Tanzanian Life Web page

Hi all!
Yahoo!!!  This is so @#%#@$@^  exciting!!  I got side-tracked trying to learn how to load my pictures up to the internet to get them into my blog, and ended up creating a webpage on Geocities.  Check it out...
Now, my question is... can I do this for every country I have been to and link them all together? 
Cheers Webheads - a virtual round of drinks for everyone!

Hi, Kate!

What a lovely page! Beautiful pictures! They make me want to travel to Africa.
Thanks, Kate! And congrats! Keep up the great work!
BTW, don't you think we can call this page of yours a good example of serendipity?


Great page! The pics are clear and the layout is simple and easy to
navigate. Good selection of photos, BTW. And Yes, you could make a
page for every country that you've visited. Make sure that you use
the same lay-out (spiral notebook) so it gives the viewers
the 'album-like' feel. Remember, to put all the the links to your
pages on your index page and should be placed here at this
If you don't have this index page it will appear that you still have
not started creating your page. How do you create an index page?
Save your page as 'index' and upload it on the 'katedodge2002'
I hope this helps.
Hi Kate,
very nice pictures! wow!  i hope you are enjoying the natural scenery.
now, that must have taken you quite some time to do , right??
great job.

Hi Aiden!

Thanks!  I will try it out and let you know how it goes!!!

Gary's ESL/EFL drama log Web page

Hi all:

I have put up a new site: [there's a typo corrected below]
and, I am challenged! What is there is a beginning, an introduction
and I want to continue posting some text and pictures to the site
and after I finish talking about Poland and England and possibly
other places, I will continue with an inserted blog. I mean, I would
like the first part of the site to operate as a normal website, then
have an interactive blog where I can contribute further in true blog
and have others log in with comments BUT, I would like the
intro (long as it is because it's a kind of research notebook) to
remain stable and not revert to blog style with the latest posting
first. So, the blog mechanism needs be inserted. But how? Does
anybody know using tripod?
Thanks! (I know the Webheads always have an answer!!)


There must be a typo error on the url. Can you please resend?
. . .

Hi Aiden:
This should be my url:

There's an auto send that I tried also, but it didn't send I guess
for some reason.

Hi Gary,

Buth is the expert with Tripod and she even has a tripod blog. I know that in Bravenet, they give you a code that you insert using an HTML editor, or if you are using a Bravenet template they give you spaces to insert the code, but I do not know how it works with Tripod. Will try to find out :-)
Congrats on your mass web page production ;-)

Hi Gary!
Congratulations on your webpage and I know what if feels to deliver your baby online. You will get hooked, like I did, and will never want to stop adding and re-designing it.
Every day a new challenge :-) 
I love the pictures and the idea of drama in the EFL classroom. I know Poland has a strong tradition in acting and am sure there is a lot of creativity in the air.  Some years ago I followed a clown workshop here in Brazil...not directed at language...but I have taken advantage of many sketches and techniques to improve my classroom management. I would love one of these days to go into this area again...
As for your specific problem, I have a site on Tripod, but have never used the blog so I am presently inside it, trying to find an answer to your question.  I know Blogger, which I use, gives you the possibility to host the blog on your server and gives you to code to do so, like Bravenet according to Daf. I will be back as soon as I discover something.
Warm regards from Brazil and see you later at Tapped In.

Wow! All that in one page! Great start! You might want to break future pages up to make them easier for machines to access; even my broadband cable comes up with "page not found" on your page sometimes and then I have to reload.
As far as the blog goes, I hadn't done anything with the Tripod site I made last year since I have my own site, but just checked and found that I was offered the choice to add a blog to it, with a separate directory ( I don't know what you do at this point, but it looks like if you set up regular site with a "static" home page, you can set up the blog as a subdirectory.
Bruce Moon

Hi Bruce:
Thanks for that tip about tripod. I shall look further (tomorrow. It is 2:50 AM and time to go to bed.) I've added two more pages tonight and I'm just at the point where I want to put the blog device in. I tried to lessen the load on these two. Once all this is done, I'll go back and redo some of the pixel count on the first pictures to lighten the load there, too.
Thanks again for your help.


* * * * * *

Thanks, Bee for your help and interest.
I will be experimenting later in the day


* * * * * *

Hi Dafne:
Thanks. I will be looking into it too later today. Will let you know what I find.


Susan Burg's first Web page

okay, this is my first try and geocities kept flipping around (and off) on me and I had to keep trying and starting all over again!!  Even tried Bravenet but had some problems there as well!!!  So I can eventually work on this...  what do you think??
see you later!!!

Dear Susan,

I am really happy that you have given birth to your first web page :-)  I am looking forward to the links to the digital stories, let me know when they are active.  I have posted the thumbnail of your pages on the page I created yesterday for participants' first pages, take a look:
Regarding Web page servers, it takes a while to get used to the logic behind each of them, but reading around, with some trial and error, you usually get to find out how each one works ;-)
Congrats on your first page :-)

Congratulations Susan; it's very nice.

* * * * * *

sorry , i meant Susan Burg!!
Susan E.

Hi, Susan!

I like the simplicity of your first Web page and love the background color. It's one of my favorites.
Like Daf, I'm also looking forward to the CALL exercises and Digital stories.
Work on it, Susan! Definitely!
To wrap-up, what first attempt is a true first attempt without trials and tribulations?! Nothing comes easy!  ;-)

Hi, Susan,

Try with this if you have problems with the free servers you have been trying... It is very good and  they give you a lot os space to upload diffferent kind of stuff....
If everything goes well with the one you have now is ok! :)
Ah! Congratulations for your new website, because it seems cool...

Hi all--
Violating Web protocol, I have three topics:

(1) Inspired by all your efforts, I updated my main Webpage last night, and would be honored if Daf would add it to the list:
Please check out the slide show of my garden and our vacation spot in the Florida Keys.
. . .

Karen's first Web page

Here it is... my webpage
I attempt to integrate some of the skills I've gained in the seminar and send a friendly greeting to everyone.
Also, I must confess... I haven't fully understood blogs and I remain behind with most of the readings.  Nevertheless the experiential nature of the workshop has been superb!
Best regards,
Karen García

Hi Karen,
I like your ants page ;-) Yes, we are like ants: hard workers and moving and moving all over :-)) and you used and adapted Agata's Java script!!
Thanks for sharing your great tutorial on converting "favorites" into a web page collection of links, very handy ;-)
I have included your web page here:
Way to go, next step: blogs!!!
Cheers, see you later at TI

Dear Karen,

First of all, what I remarked when I opened your homepage was the title: Karen becomes a Webhead - I like that sentence because it reflects your urge to become "one of us!".
The first page is fun because of those lively creeping ants all over, symbolising the bust Webheads working together -  and the next page is useful because of your manual explaing how to get more out of your Bookmarked preferences, with your BaW workshop collection of URLs as a showcase on the third page.
And besides, it is a very personal page because we get to meet your best friend, the beautiful black dog Foxy. What race is that?
yours, Sus
(formerly friend and walking partner with a Flatcoated retriever called Frido, and another called Strömer, a curious mix of a Labrador and a dachshound!)

Hi, Karen!

As I said yesterday at TI right before Isabel's presentation, I love your page with all the very active ants crawling their way around!
And the wizard for grouping our Favorites, Bookmarks, whatever. . ., is
Great lessons learned through peer collaboration and shared with us all in such a nice way. That's the Webhead spirit!
Thanks! Congrats! Keep at it!  :-)

Hi Karen,
congratulations on your webpage. very nice and the ants are something!

WOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!! Karen!
What a tremendous resource! Your webpage is a Godsend! First, your information about how to move favorites to a website and then your library of bookmarks related to this workshop. Many kudos indeed!
Gary Carkin
Karen, what a wonderful job you did!!  A really useful and easy place to
follow.  I like it's simplicity and your dog, of course.  Good job!!

Susan B.

Hi Karen,

As everyone says, your webpage is wonderful.
All the bookmarks bring to mind something I've been thinking of over these past few years of doing academic research:
there's a fine line between a research librarian and a teacher.(At least in the materials design and preparation
stage). I imagine you'll enjoy using some of the new technology we're learning, such as the  Webquests and searches on
Isabel's page. (Did you get a chance to read the Tom March readings or week 5?).
Love your personal touch with photos! You really capture western Massachusetts with rushing brooks and woods, insects
returning after a long winter. :)
One question: how did you get the frosty effect on the ants to make them show up dark background?
Leah in rainy Nagoya
Fiona's first Dreamweaver Web page!


I have just finished my first webpage made on dreamweaver,
but am looking for a full time hosting service, I registered with Bravenet but now I am not sure if I can upload my site made on dreamweaver to Bravenet, does anyone know about this? or know of any good hosting sites where I can easily upload pages made on dreamweaver.....I am finding uploading frustrating because of my connection to the remote server keeps falling...
If you do visit my site, click on the flags, roll over first one's and my first animations made on fireworks...The site was just for practicing the only pedagogical item is my fictional needs analysis that I threw together to see how the concept would work on-line...

Hello Fiona,

Congratulations! You have worked hard and I see you have started playing with all the flash and roll overs.
I cannot answer about Bravenet but I do not see why you shouldn't  be able to upload the pages  using your dreamweaver. Have you configured it correctly? Sometimes this may be the problem or sometimes it is just the connection that day.
I have been uploading my material directly from Dreamweaver to Tripod  for quite a long time. I do not recommend the free hosting option though. You must put up with the horrible ads and hot potato exercises do not open. Result: I had to switch to a paid service.
Some people have told me Dot Easy provides you with good full hosting service and no ads.
Warm regards from Brazil,
Hi Fiona,
very nice website,and a lot of work!
the pictures are really nice. did you take these pictures?
it was really enjoyable to go through your lovely pictures of
wedding, traveling, pets...
hope i can do so soon, but seems to me i missed the dreamweaver

Hi Fiona,

Congratulations on your first page made on DW. Wow you really took advantage of your course and learned to use many of the features of the application, you even worked with Fireworks!! Now we now who to ask about DW ;-)
I do not think there is any problem uploading your pages to Bravenet. When I joined Bravenet they did not have their own server, but offer other free services, which I am still using, and I can upload pages using a simple one by one file upload, or a ftp where I can upload complete folders.
I have added a thumbnail of  your web page to:
Cheers :-)


I don't know because I have never used Bravenet to uploading wbesites, but try to find out if you have your own ftp site...After that, you could upload every change you make directly from Dreamweaver.
Kind regards,

Hi, Fiona!

If this site was just for practicing, wow wee! I hope I can be doing something similar after our DW course with Bob et al.
I like the roll over gifs and the doggy animations, not to mention all the photos: wedding, pets and travel. BTW, I dream of going to Egypt one day, because many years ago I translated a book on the Tutankamon (?) burial site and all the curses around it. Besides, the "Death on the Nile" movie also roused my curiosity, as well as several documentaries on TV.
Keep up the great work!  :-)

Raymond's first Web page

Hello Webheads

Sorry I haven't been able to contribute much to this group, but I've been lurking at the back of the class trying to keep up with what's  going on. At last I have managed to start a Webpage, which links to blogs, though I don't know whether I'm really using these properly. I had no success with Bravenet, but am gradually getting to understand
Blogger and Geocities.
I haven't managed to attend the synchronous sessions, apart from an early one at Tapped In, as they are mainly in the middle of the night here in Australia, but I have been reading the posts with great
interest. Thanks to all those who are giving so much of themselves to share their skills with the rest of us.
My webpage is -
Not much there yet - I've been working more on the travel blogs - but any comments would be appreciated.
Thanks again for the rather overwhelming feast of information.

Hello Raymond,

Nice to hear from you again, and even happier to see your brand-new
web page :-) I have already added it to our page for participants'
first pages:
I love to travel, and it shows that you and your wife have been to
quite a lot of places. I will go back to your travel and travel tales
jjournals. I am looking forward to the addition of images and songs,

Hi, Raymond!
I love it when a quiet student at the back raises his/her hand! And that's exactly what you've done. Being silent or lurking (virtual lingo) doesn't mean there's no input, but it's always nice to have some confirmation now and then so that we feel others are a part of the bandwagon.  :-)
 So many Web pages started in this group. It's just fantastic. Congrats on yours, Raymond! And all about travelling, something I also love, but don't get to do as much as I'd like to, unfortunately. Lucky for us that this virtual world allows us to travel in a different way by contacting friends in so many and far away places.
I'm glad to have heard from you! Get back to us now and then even if just to say 'Hello, I'm still here!'. I'll try to get back to your travel journals a.s.a.p. Right now I'm totally swamped in work. Is this just a problem of mine?!!!  ;-)
 I'm sorry about the synchronous sessions. Such diverse time zones make it very hard to get everybody together. However, it's something we'll probably have to look into better next time (if there is one! I hope so). But, as I've said before, the recordings and chat logs are the next best thing.

Hello Raymond,

what a great storyteller and travel reporter you are! I was totally immersed in your adventures with the Indian guide Ali, and the Street Opera event in Paris. Your homepage looks fine and neat, and you have used the instant power of Blogger to post longer stories.  Is this a link to your son's own homepage? That sounds like another story! (I had to instert the3 www in the URL
from your page :-)
So nice to know we still have active observers in the back of our workshop
laboratory :-)
hope to hear more from you,

Daf's first Dreamweaver page

Dear All,

I have been a couple of hours struggling to get my first (trial and error) page done with Dreamweaver. It is a practice page where I have tried to explore some of the features of DW, I have also added a diary entry where I explain what I have learned, it is linked to the home page. After Sus took a look at the page I edited the background image of the diary entry page because it was too colorful and the text could not be easily read.
So, this is my first DW page:

Dear Daf,

I've been imposing myself to be AFK [away from keyboard - esp. for you, Karen  ;-) ] as much as possible today - I'm even working in another room -, because my school work needs attending to. However, I just can't keep myself away for very long! And every time I've come back, there's something new. Earlier it was Raymond's first Web page and now your first DW page. Congrats, Daf. It looks very nice. And I like the links. I also like the picture of the market in Valencia. It reminds me of one in Lisbon.
I just wonder when I'm going to find the time to get so many things done, such as a DW page, with all the ongoing commitments. I need a longer day! Don't you all?
Back to my school work! What will I find next when I come back in about an hour and a half? Can I resist that loooong? I wonder!!!  :-)

Participants' Web pages

Dear All,

In order to have all the first pages created by you all, I have made tis web page where I will be saving them:
Hope you like it,

Dear Daf,

What a brilliant idea! I love the page.  :-)
Will put it up in the mirror site tomorrow for Kyi to see. He'll love it, I'm sure.
I'm going to call it a day. It's about time.

Tere is right, Daf, brilliant idea! It would be better if you could have all (those who created pages) have a link to (or screenshots) of the before and after pages (like Gary's). The first page that they've created and the improved ones. You'd be surprised to see thedifference! Now that's learning.



Hi Daf, Elizabeth!

I've uploaded the scripts and pictures into  the Links-->Javascripts folder.
And here are the instructions:
1. Download the javascript (snow.js or hearts.js) and the corresponding  picture (snow.gif or heart.gif) to your computer
2. Open the html source of the page you want to add the script to and copy and paste the code below into the <body> section:

for snow:
<script language="javascript" src="snow.js"></script>

for hearts:
<script language="javascript" src="hearts.js"></script>

3. Upload all three files: your page .html file, javascript .js file and picture .gif file into the same folder on your web server

   That's all!
Hope this wasn't too detailed for you, I'm sure you've got all the knowledge needed!
Enjoy the results!

Dear Agata,

I agree with you about the wonders you can make with java script. It
is very easy and user-friendly for anyone who can uses HTML. It also
creates a lot interactivity in no time. The more important is that
you don't need to set up an internal server in your PC to have it
I would recommend this tutorial website for javascript and other
HTML coding programs. <> It
is a formal website for that purpose.
In addition, I used what they call (Dynamic HTML) or DTHML, it is
similar to javascripts or could be more developed javascripts. I
used it a lot in my website and can recommend you this site where
you can find a lot of free tricks, scripts, and even full games:
Hope you like them,

Composing Picture Albums

. . .

BTW, you can check my new phot album in the following page. It has a
lot of photos that I had earlier and I tried hard to reduce them in
order to post them online. Check it at:
<> I included them in a new sub-page
since I was about to loose my free web space in my original site.

Hi Ismail:

Thanks for letting me see your picture albums. I enjoyed looking at them to see the activities and also how you organized them. Wow. You are certainly active! So many conferences! Your pictures cover so many activities and are so nicely organized and presented. I am learning from the way you've done things. I am working on my sabbatical project where I will have many pictures, so this is an important area that I really need to understand and get under control I don't want to be burning up file space with unnecessary pixels! Thanks so much for your help thus far!

Hi Ismail,

I checked out your photo album.  It is great.  How'd you do it? 

Hi Kate,

Thanks for your comment about my new photo album. In fact, I found this amazing easy-to-use software "Web Album Generator":
<>. It is designed to allow you to use your saved photos and organize them in a photo Album, write some titles and comments about each, and then save them in a web template. You can customerize the way it is going to be and the number of photos per page. At the end, it will save your photos again (should be a new blank folder for each album). The outcome of this process are four components:
- a new photo folder with the same size
- a new photo folder as sumbnails
- an index page
- a template page

All you have to do is to save each album in a new folder. After you finish, create a new main page as the one I did and make links to each separate album. I would not recommend that you try to change the name of the page, just organize them into folders and keep them.
You will have many (index) pages in this case, but it is ok, the browser will differenciate among them acoording to each link.
BTW, are you in Tanzania? I was in Botswana and partially in South Africa last year, they are pretty natural places. I am sure it's fun out there, it's clear from the safari tour you made in your website ;-)

Hi, Ismail!

I second Gary's and Kate's words. Very nice photo album!
I wish I had the time to do this to so many of my photos.

Blogs (cont.)
Hey Teresa,
. . .
I did try to set up a blog with my kids today.  They were so patient, but the internet connection was not good enough for the process to work.  We filled out the blogger forms several times, only to get the 'Page cannot be displayed' message.  It was really funny though when one of my five year olds read it! 

Dear Kate,

Way to go! If it didn't work this time, try again! Just don't give up.
It's really amazing how patient kids can be when they are really motivated and interested in something. And they don't even need fabulously fast conections or fancy this, that. Yours were a great example of this today. Mine have also been on several occasions when the connection is slower than usual or when some get the slower computers. The great thing is that they never give up!

Anna's Friendly Class 4E blogs

Hi Everybody,
I've started a weblog, actually two. After reading all the useful articles and discussions about different weblogs, I chose tabulas, as it doesn't have ads and allows for posting pictures.
When I told my new class about blogging, they became quite interested. I asked them to find a name for the blog, and in no time they agreed on a Friendly Class 4E (4E is the class name).
In this blog I post weekly resources for my students, such as homework, links to grammar exercises and to other sites that we use.
The Gallery features (at the moment) my photos of our college. 
Then we decided to create another blog, just for students' writing.
Last week they were asked to write a bit about Australian animals (based on the video we watched). They liked the idea very much and did their first postings in terrible sweaty conditions of nearly 40degrees (Sydney had very high temperatures last week). 

Great blog site, Anna! Congratulations!
(Aiden offers Anna a glass of champagne for a job well done :-)

Dear Anna

Welcome among Blogging Webheads :-)
I really like the name of your Friendly class blog, as well as the setup. Yes, I also like the  free blog because it had no ads and can host images. I enojyed the view of your beautifully  changing Jacaranda tree  - this is a tree I only read about but never saw in full bloom!! But the ubiquitous fern grow in my garden summer after summer.
Hoping to learn more about how your class will use the blog in your daily work.
bye for now,

Hi, Anna!

By now, and considering my latest comments, you all know I'm a fan of the KISS principle. So. . . Anna, my warmest congrats (40 degrees? wow! unbearable, I'msure) to you and your Friendly Class 4E on a great start with two blogs! I love the name they chose! I'm sure it says a lot about them and the environment-relationship there is between students and teacher. Great!
I love the photos, Anna. It looks like a very nice college.
In my 7th grade blog last year I also used to post the homework. They liked it!  I'm not doing it this year, because so few students have Internet at home, so the majority would probably feel left out.
Keep up the great work, Anna!
Cheers from a beautifully sunny Lisbon area,

Hi there!

I have updated our BaW Weblog, creating links to Anne's two new blogs and Renata's. There is also a new entry which was inspired by some comments made by Leah here in the list.
Check it out!

Hello all bloggers,

I've also added a Comment on  Daf's Comment on Comments in the growing
workshop blog at
Please comment on this :-)
Blog index?

Is there somewhere that indexes blogs? I can't seem to find them by looking in Google.

What kind of blogs are you looking for?
You may want to give a try at:
Warm regards from Brazil,

You ask a very interesting question, since Google now owns Blogger, one of
the prime blog sites. I found that Google has a directory you can search (
:// ) for
blogs.  Something like Blogwise * HYPERLINK
"" ) might be on the list at HYPERLINK ""
( ) and give a better

Bruce Moon

Bee's updated e-Book on Blogs

I have added to some pages and updated the links in the e-book.
(This is the beauty and dynamism of online publishing).

Now that you have had some time to flip the pages, open your own blogs and
have a taste of what blogging can be like ...see if there are any more
questions you would like to discuss.  I will try to answer and include them
in there as well.
Warm regards from Brazil,

* * * * * *

Some friends are super sweet and go out of their way to be helpful. . .

For all of you who had difficulty in opening keeboo, I have uploaded simple html pages to the web.
The address is:

Warm regards from Brazil,

Dear Bee,

Thanks for your HTML version of the e-book. It still looks like an e-
book :-) It is a great idea to have different supports for materials.
I love keeboo and it is easy to create but it is so cumbersome to get
on the web, and I think it still has many bugs which should be taken
care of by its creators. There is a new version, but I have not
updated mine yet, so I do not know if it is better than the one I
have. I might update when I have some spare time..hmmmm (I wonder
when that will be).
Hugs from cold and humid Valencia

Better late than never. . .

Dear Sara,

I finally posted a short comment! Congrats on the great work!
Have a nice weekend,

Antonia's new personal blog! In the midst of her excitement, I believe, she sent this message to the Webheads in Action. . . and later that day sent it to us, BaW!

Here's my new weblog!!! This is the personal one, only a little starter at the mo., but it's such fun, so satisfying and so easy to start!

I'm also working with Dave, who is school webmaster to develop a couple of weblogs for working with students. We're using for those and shall host them on the school website. 
a big hug,
Antonia :-)

Dear Antonia,
I've been trying to post a comment to your lovely blog for about half an hour, but it doesn't seem to be posted.  :-(  I have Refreshed the page but it isn't there. Can you check and see, please?
 BTW, it seems that you sent this message to Webheads in Action when you should have sent it to the Becoming a Webhead Yahoo email address. Can you resend it?
 The Webheads in Action community is only for later!

Teresa, hallo, thank you for your kind and encouraging 'postcomment' for my new blog. I'm sorry that your valuable time was used up trying to post. I had chosen the wrong setting, not really realising the implications. Anyway, eventually i've managed to change the settings to 'open post' so anyone can do so.
As to sending my mail to WIA instead of BAW I got confused because I've had WIA in my address book since you introduced me last summer! Anyway, I'll re-send to BAW, although I'm having problems with netcabo at present. maybe I'll try using Yahoo.
bom fim de semana,

I'm so glad my comment was there and not lost!  :-)
Do you mind if I post these messages in our Week 5 Threads page? Nice weekend!,

Hola, estás bõa?! - Absolutely fine if you post the messages!  Sorry this is short but I'm trying to clean the house :((
luv antonia


Dear Antonia,

I really enjoyed reading your new blog entry. You have a great
descriptive-narrative style. Your images are so vivid that I could
picture your surroundings. It seems your a born blogger ;-)
Thanks for sharing that piece of literature with us. I will be adding
a link to your blog from our BaW Weblog today. I am looking forward
to the blogs with students.
Working in team with a techie is the best an e-teacher can dream of.
I am sure he will make your pegagogical dreams come true ;-)
Keep on blogging!!

Dear Antonia,

"A little flame in the forest" is such a poetic piece of prose! I love it! What a beautiful way to start a personal reflective blog!  :-)
I've posted a comment.
Keep up the great work.


Another blog site! Looks interesting. . .

Hi all,

just in case you don't know this site

as it says "you can create Web pages, publish a blog, and host
online discussions, right in your browser, with no additional
software required. "
it's very user friendly and has few ads.
I opened my site just to see how it works, though I won't have
time to do anything else. Time is also my problem!!! You are not
alone, Teresa,


Thank you so much for the link, Isabel . This looks extremely interesting and offers a number of possibilities for teaching. Time is also a big problem on this side of the world :-)
Warm regards from Brazil,

Hi, Isabel!

Great company I'm in regarding lack of time! It feels nice to know I'm not alone.  ;-)
I'm looking at the Bloki site and it looks great. Interesting features all in one tool. I may just try it! Thank you for another greta resource, Isabel.  :-)

Another interesting Blog Resource

For those of you who are working on Blogs and are curious about who else inyour physical area, might be doing the same thing, here is a real cool site.

This site is based on the old network of ICBM addresses  These "missile addresses" were used originally to register a site with the Usenet mapping project, back before the day of pervasive Internet, included a blank for longitude and latitude, preferably to seconds-of-arc accuracy. This was actually used for generating geographically-correct maps of Usenet links on a plotter; however, it became traditional to refer to this as one's ICBM address or missile address, and some people include it in their
<> sig block with that name. (A real missile address would include target elevation.)
You can use the front page in two different ways.  If you click on the interactive map near where you live, it will provide you will a detailed list of all other bloggers near to you.  You can also click on the linkunderneath this map that says "higher resolution maps" for a little more finely produced map. 
It's really kind of neat to find out who else is doing what you are doing in your immediate vicinity.

Hi, Bob!
Interesting resource! Thanks for sharing it. I had no idea there was such a tool!
I've done a couple of searches and went to a few blogs that were nice. And in English, though from Portuguese people!  :-)


Isabel Perez's presentation

Hi all,

Here you have the database ready for you to register at Isabel Perezsession.
I am sure all of you will know her, but if not, have a look at her website! It is great! (Do not forget her "Happy Verby Hang"! I love them! 
See you there and have a nice surfing!
Kind regards,

Hi Maria,

I have some experience with Yahoogroups, in fact I am a member of many groups of thousands of people, but this exclusive database part is completely new to me. You mentioned something about registering at Isabel session. Will you explain it more, how to register, what are the steps of registering, how can you/we make benifit of this service as a moderator or member of the group??
Thanks in advance,

Hi Ismail,

We have been using the database to know in advance how many people will attend our live sessions. Earlier in the workshop I posted the instructions, which can be found on our "hints" page. I am copying them below for you: [they were moved to the "how to" page]
- Click on "Database" (menu on the left of our YG)
- Click on the link (e.g "Session with Michael Coghlan at YM")
- Click on "Add Record" (top left corner)
- Add the required information
- Click on "Save Record" (Daf, 30Jan04).
I have used the database with different purposes in the courses I have delivered using YG as the main platform, for instance, having students select the readings they want to work with for which I write the name of the readings and participants write their names next to
the reading they select. I have also used it to form groups where everybody selects the group they want to be in,another use I have given to the database is having each participant to keep track of the activities they have completed. As you can see there are many thingsyou can do with the database feature.

Guidelines for Isabel's presentation

Dear All,

Isabel would like to have some structure in her presentation so she does not miss any of your questions and can answer them all. This is what she would like you to keep in mind:
While she is presenting, if you have a question to ask, before asking the question, write a couple of ???? or the work "question" so she is aware and she will give the person the floor by saying "go ahead, Daf" for instance.
Hope this is clear ;-)
See you later,

Dear friends,

You can now access the chatlog for Isabel's great presentation this evening at Tapped In.
There is a wealth of resources and exercises produced by Isabel that those of you who couldn't make it shouldn't miss.
There's also a very well organized and beautifully laid-out presentation.
What else can I say to whet your appetite? :-)
And don't forget to get those exercises coming in! We would all love to see practical results from both these great presentations this week, Isabel and Michael.
Isabel, thank you again so much for the doors you opened to many of us. And. . . welcome to the Webhead family!

Hi all,
The presentation this morning was great.
It's exciting to see yet another use of the possibilities for presentations on line. A power point presentation, website tour, and live tutorial, all integrated so well today. I've been studying on line for three years and am used to the style of tutorial used this morning (with ????for questions, etc.). I think it can be efficient, especially in a multimedia situation. Maria's role as a moderator was very helpful, too. It was like watching a panel discussion on stage, with a moderator tipping off the guest speaker when someone in the audience raised their hand with a question, then also uploading the URL at regular intervals so that we could get into the link without scrolling back. It was very thoughtful. Did you have a lot of rehearsals, or have you done this before?
The websites and learning activities which were shared with us are invaluable. I'm especially happy to see something I can begin to use immediately without having computers in my classrooms. The new school year begins in April in Japan, and I'll be sure to share this resource with the other teachers in my language school, and be report back to you all on what's being done.
I did the week 5 readings beforehand, and it was nice to be able to have chance to have the author live in Tapped In to clear up some questions! For example, the use of a host site, which enables us to work without our own website.
And, some ways to use html in printed form, online and offline.
I'm sure I'll have some follow-up questions. Just wanted to send in thanks right away.
Have a nice day,
Leah in Japan

Dear All,

Yesterday, after Isabel's well organized and full of resources presentation I felt like starting preparing exercises. Unfortunately, I will have to wait to do that, but it is refreshing when you leave a presentation or a class with energy to start working, and that's how
I felt. Thanks, Isabel, you are really a hardworking person, and as I said last night, I am sure your students love you :-)
I have uploaded Isabel's chatlog to our Bawebhead page:

Michael Coghlan has sent us a link to a page where he has summarized his session with us. Do not miss it, some of you are on it :-)
Of course, you can find all these links on our chatlogs and events page:

As if Isabel hadn't already done enough for us. . .! Thank you again, Isabel!

Hi all,

I'm happy you find my presentation and selection of tools useful. I've just added a selection of resources to help you find pictures, sounds, etc. for exercises.


Ten Plays by Gray Carkin

. . .
BTW, will you be going to TESOL in Long Beach? I'd like to order one copy of your book, Ten Plays. If you're going to TESOL then perhaps you could bring the copy and I'll pay you when I see you there. If not, then perhaps you could mail it to my sister's address in LA?
Let me know, ok? I see a lot of potential in-class activities in your book:-)

Hi Aiden:
Sure! I'll be happy to bring a copy with me. Glad you're interested in it. I'll probably bring a few copies actually. It's good for play reading and discussion if you don't have the time to work on a full production.
. . .

A book from Athabasca University - accessible online - Some chapters can be interesting to complement what we are discussing in BaW. Each chapter can be accessed on .PDF format:
Jean Michel Chaupart

Thanks, JM! sounds like a great resource. I have bookmarked the page to have a look later. It is good to know that they will also offer an html version by April this year :-)
 Saludos desde España,

Great Jean Michael!

and you could also dounload the whole book on pdf....I will try to have a look to comment something.

Dear Jean Michel,

What a fabulously comprehensive resource! This needs time for digesting, so I've bookmarked it as a VIP reference.
Thank you. I really like Athabasca resources.

FTP - help needed

How do you FTP files to bravenet free webhost account using other FTP services (for e.g. WS_FTP)? Is this possible?


Dear All,

Earlier this week Aiden asked a question that I believe is still unanswered.

"How do you FTP files to bravenet free webhost account using other FTP services (for e.g. WS_FTP)? Is this possible?

Please correct me if I'm wrong and let me know when it was answered. If there has been no answer, does anyone have a suggestion?

I'm afraid uploading files with a  free bravenet  webhost account using an FTP client is not possible.
Check it here:

Bravenet has its own FPT application, so you can upload files from your hard disk, just as if you were using the WS_FTP.

This is probably why you have not been able to upload the keeboo Daf...

Elderbob's presentation about Moodle


just wanted to remind you of  the upcoming free session in LearningTimes
Toolsday today - in less than two hours from now ! That is, at 17 GMT
We're going to meet with our workshop participant mr. Elderbob Brannan who
is going to present Moodle  - the Open Source collaborative courseware -  he
has  an interview with the devloper Martin Dougiamas and will walk us
through the basic features .
The aseeion will take place in the LearningTimes ToolsDay room
You need to be a member of LearningTimes I think (not sure how to get
asccess with out).
Join the, click on Webcasts and Events, and find your
way from there! (Susanne)

Hi, Bob!

A round of applause from the Lisbon area for a very well-prepared and interesting presentation this afternoon. You got me real interested in Moodle. It seems like a fabulous and very comprehensive tool.
And if this was your first presentation of its kind, I wonder how the others will be. As I said at LT, you performed like a pro and extremely at ease.
I haven't seen the movie, but I'll get back to you when I do.
Congrats, Bob, on a great job! I'm very happy you joined BaW and have shared your expertise so generously. I hope you will choose to become an official member of the wider Webheads family when this session draws to a close by joining WiA.
Best of luck always,

dear Bob,

your presentation of Moodle for ToolsDay was  remarkable for several reasons; first of all because I know how much you had prepared for this  session, and then because you managed to give us a tour, improvise and answer all relevant questions from participants, as well as giving enough space for an unexpected  and experienced Moodle contributor, Bryan who was able to show us his own Moodle course  site  ( remote-learner) . This was a great example on how Application sharing from a remote desktop can be very useful!!!
I think that it was a good last minute decision to save your 30 minutes video presentation at  Mediashare for individual viewing  - and  let us follow up with more questions and discussion as we work through a deeper knowledge of Moodle advantages and features. After this  introduction, I will definitely look forward to the coming  session in LT where Martin Dougiamas , the father of Moodle will present his newest version that has some new interesting features.
A lot of BaW folks had found their way to join us, and for the rest of you, I'm sure  Jonathan managed to save  a recording.
Last but not least I wish to say thank you so much Bob, because you have shared your pre-session experiments with me as a backstage assistant  - I was more than happy to open my virtual office in LearningTimes and have another occasion to train the moderator functions and other details in there with you.
yours, Sus

Bob (and Webheads),

I'd like to echo Sus and Teresa's comments: you did a great job today introducing us to a learning collaboration tool (LCT) during today's LearningTimes "Toolsday" session.  I'm pleased that so many Webheads were able to join -- and indeed truly participate -- in the session.
Thanks also to Sus for her great support of the process.
In case you missed the session, or attended but just wanted to go back and hear Bob start the session off with his musical abilities -- the complete recording is posted at:

If you are already a LearningTimes member, simply login in at the above link and click "enter now".  If you are not yet a member, click the "join" button at the above link, then follow Option A to set up your free account.
Incidentally, we have also started a discussion thread on Bob's presentation within LearningTimes at:

If you have follow-up questions or comments after seeing the Moodle presentation (live or recorded), please feel free to post them in that forum.
Finally, if any of you would like to follow Bob's lead and lead a "Toolsday" session of your own, here's the official description of a Toolsday:
"A 'Toolsday' is a LearningTimes member-led, live online "show and tell" session in which a collaborative tool or activity is showcased. The spotlight may be turned on a new collaborative use for an existing or readily available tool; the concatenation of a series of tools in an engaging manner; or on a specific tool that enables effective collaboration in the learning process."
Write me directly if you have an idea for a Toolsday that you'd like to lead, and we'll get you on the calendar!
Again, thanks Elderbob!
-- Jonathan

There are so many of you Webheads in Waiting that have provided me a wealth of support for this project.  I will not ever be able to thank you enough for all the pats on the back and helpful links and "attaboys" that I have received.  I don't look at today as "my project", instead I like to think of
it as more of a collaborative product.  Skills I learned from many of you, combined with things I have got to experiment with at TappedIn and Alado and Learning Times, were the spine of this presentation.  Even the video and audio portions were things that I collaborated with others on.  It is truly a thing of beauty to see so many minds working in tandem toward a common goal or solution.  So I want to turn all of these thank you around and send them to everyone one of you who participated in my efforts...WE had a really awe inspiring day, today.
And I for one, am not yet through.  I still have to the Moodle to master and the DreamWeaver group to collaborate with.  I also still have the Webheads...the dynamic, edge of the envelope Webheads, who probably don't even realize the impact that they will eventually have on this big blue marble we call earth.    This has been an amazing few weeks in my life, and it will change me forever.   I salute you all....

PS.  Language folks that you all are, here is a new link for you.  Language on a Moodle. ...

Dear Jonathan,
Is it all right if we make a link to Bob's presentation
Thanks for all the great work you're making available to all of us, WiAs and BaWers!
Cheers from rainy Lisbon,

By all means, Teresa.  Feel free to link to the Toolsday session!


Thank you, Jonathan, on behalf of the BaW group!  :-)

* * * * * *

Dear All,

Thanks to Jonathan who has granted our request to link to Bob's presentation at LT yesterday, you can now access it from our chatlog and events page. You will also find the link to the video prepared by Bob for the event:
Thanks Jonathan :-)

I was disappointed to miss Bob's event. I had checked the files for Week 5
in the BAW site but it wasn't included. I can see Micheal Krauss's Monday
23rd event and tonights with Isabel Perez, but not Bob's yesterday. Anyway,
I'll go to the recording available in LT so its lovely that that's
Just to let you know that I rather rely on those weekly files to know what's
going on. maybe I'm missing another source of info...trouble is I'm very
short of time with all the exam marking and don't have time to read all the
messages in the thread.
See you all later for Isabel's workshop,

Dear Antonia,

Sorry about that, my apologies to you, Bob, and other participants for not having properly announced Bob's presentation at the Tools Day. Shame on us :-( his great presentation really deserved it. Bob has shown us his dedication and his skills at moderating and designing visual material, way to go, Webhead Bob!!!
We only have on our weekly activities pages those events which were planned before the session started, but we should have indeed placed Bob's events on our chat sessions page. If Jonathan grants our request, we will link his presentation to our chatlogs page.
Hope to see many of you at Isabel's presentation this evening :-)
Hugs to all,

Hi Bob and Jonathan,

I tried to get the recording and the video, but I haven't been successful for either one. 
When I tried to get to the recording, it asked me to download a file.  I did.  Then asked how to open the file, and I chose 'from the web' option.  After that, I was taken to a page and I didn't quite know what to do from there.  Can you help me?
With the video, I got to the screen fine.  It just stayed black no matter what I did. 
Are these just my problems? 

Kate --

It sounds like you may not have the required Java Web Start installed. You can download it by clicking the yellow "Get it Now" button at the top right of:
Please let know if you have any further questions.
Thanks, Kate!
-- Jonathan

Next time you are on line, please contact me via Yahoo messenger and we can see if I can walk you through the process.  I am wondering if you are on a dial up connection.  You may not be giving things enough time to load.  I have viewed both sections since yesterday and didn't have any problems...Hasanyone else out there had any problems accessing either area.

Dear Karen,

Bob's video takes a while to download, that is why you have the black screen (you need to click on the button -square I think) and let it download (it took a lot in my case) and then it will start playing, you can see a line getting longer as it download.
Hope this helps, Karen :-)

Sorry to respond to this twice, but I think I may see what happened.  In both cases, you may have to manually start the program...
On the Learningtimes screen, up in the upper left hand corner there is an arrow pointing to the right.  Click that arrow once, and the screen should load and the presentation should play.
On the video, the on button us just below the black screen of the video.  It is also an arrow pointing to the right. Click it once and it should begin to play. 
If this doesn't work (esp. on the video) then I suspect you may have a connection problem.  Again, if it doesn't work contact me via Yahoo and I will help you work through it. I should be around here for most of the day today and tomorrow.  Or if you will email me with a specific time, I will make arrangements to be online at a given time.

Hi all--
Violating Web protocol, I have three topics:
. . .
(2) Sorry I missed the Moodle, which I used extensively last year. One of the things I like is the ability to form working sub-groups easily and link them from the frontpage.  Also, the built-in chat function works pretty well.
. . .

Thanks for the link Jonathan...I've already listened and watched the whole presentation and shall watch the movie too(had to dwnld Wind media 9). It was just like being there!! very much appreciated...
See some of you at tapped in for Isabel's workshop at 21.00 GMT tonight.

* * * * * *

Elderbob, thank you so much for your fascinating and informative
presentation which i missed but have now accessed through jonathan's
generous link.  Moodle interests me so much that I'm now working with our
school webmaster (who happens to be my partner...tee hee..) to pilot this
wonderful virtual learning facility on our school website.
I think that moodle is just what we need, particularly for our older
students who need to be able to be able to work in a more participative,
creative and collaborative manner, however I think that younger students
will find this form of working great fun too...
I suspect that myself and colleagues have quite a steep learning curve ahead
so if you don't mind, we may be in touch for advice. Meanwhile I might drop
in on the dreamweaver although time is not my freind at present!
All the best,

* * * * * *

Elderbob, thank you so much for your fascinating and informative presentation which i missed but have now accessed through jonathan's generous link.  Moodle interests me so much that I'm now working with our school webmaster (who happens to be my partner ...tee hee..) to pilot this wonderful virtual learning facility on our school website.
I think that moodle is just what we need, particularly for our older students who need to be able to be able to work in a more participative, creative and collaborative manner, however I think that younger students will find this form of working great fun too...
I suspect that myself and colleagues have quite a steep learning curve ahead so if you don't mind, we may be in touch for advice. Meanwhile I might drop in on the dreamweaver although time is not my freind at present!
All the best,


To lead a 'ToolsDay' session

Bob (and Webheads),
. . .
Finally, if any of you would like to follow Bob's lead and lead a "Toolsday" session of your own, here's the official description of a Toolsday: "A 'Toolsday' is a LearningTimes member-led, live online "show and tell" session in which a collaborative tool or activity is showcased. The spotlight may be turned on a new collaborative use for an existing or
readily available tool; the concatenation of a series of tools in an engaging manner; or on a specific tool that enables effective collaboration in the learning process."
Write me directly if you have an idea for a Toolsday that you'd like to lead, and we'll get you on the calendar!
-- Jonathan

To a REO (Real Engish Online) Video Webheads chat

Hi all--
. . .
(3) Would also like to invite you to a Real Engish Online Video Webheads chat following (by 2 hrs), the Webheads weekly session.  We will meet in TI as our backup, and use the Webheads room at Alado from 16:00-17:15 GMT, Sunday, Feb 15.  You are welcome to join us!

Hiya Elizabeth, I'd love to accept your invitation but surely you must mean another date - rather than feb it March 15? or maybe something different altogether?
Let us know, thanks and very best wishes,

The date of the REO video Webheads voice chat is Feb 29, not Feb 15, unless we all can squeeze into a time machine somewhere.
 We will meet in TI as our backup, and use the Webheads room at Alado from 16:00-17:15 GMT, Sunday, Feb 15.  You are welcome to join us!


* * * * * *

Third correction--typing too fast! So sorry! [Happens to the best, Elizabeth! .-) ]
The date of the REO video Webheads voice chat is Feb 29, not Feb 15, unless we all can squeeze into a time machine somewhere.
We will meet in TI as our backup, and use the Webheads room at Alado from 16:00-17:15 GMT, Sunday, Feb 29.  You are welcome to join us!


To the Dreamweaver warm-up session!  :-)

Dear Webhead Dreamweavers,

Bob is inviting us to have a first warm-up meeting in his office at
Tapped In, on Sunday, Feb. 29 around 13:00, 13:30 GMT. That is, we go
to our regular Webheads Sunday meeting at noon GMT, and when we are
ready we will move to his office.

Hi all,

I would love to be there, but I will go to Cadiz this weekend (I need some rest... ) and I don't know If i will have internet there... Enjoy!
Kind Regards,

Weekends are a real problem for me because I work the whole week and I have a family who demands and insists on my presence - we are usually in the countryside then, where I have not even a dial-up connection. You can count on my presence from Monday night to Thursday night.

I will make an effort to be with you for the first warm-up because I would like to know how all is going to develop and share with you what I know.
Warm regards from Brazil,

Daf and Bob,

I'll be there!
Thanks for the invitation, Bob!

Weekends are usually devoted to family stuffs but I will try to be there.
Changing subject... is Dreamweaver a paid software? I've never used it but I am very much interested in having a try.

Excellent question Van!

Dreamweaver is  paid software and quite expensive. There is an educational version (which includes Flash and Fireworks)  and costs  far less (here in Brazil I bought it through Senac in SP).
Some people have found a Brazilian "jeitinho" [and so typically Portuguese. . .] to get it for almost nothing or for free...You can download the trial version for 30 days if I am not mistaken.
And a question to all Dreamweaver participants? Which version are we going to work with and learn about? Who's got what?
Warm regards from Brazil,

Hi Bob,
thanks for the invitation - I'll try to be in the DreamW club on Sunday - but eventual family demands may have a first priority.
I'm planning to download the trial version, but when I see the price for this useful tool, I have my doubts because my actual financial situation is not good. However, it is always good to learn new stuff - and I also wish to learn how to use Moodle dusing this collaborative course!
yours, Sus

And a question to all Dreamweaver participants? Which version are
we going to work with and learn about?
Who's got what?

Mine is MX [Anna Koorey]
Dreamweaver versions

Anna Koorey, Daf, Fernanda, Jacira, Maria Jordano: Dreamweaver MX

Bee, Buth: DW4

Karen García: DW3

Sus: will download the trial version

Hi all,
unfortunately the times that you mention for the warmup session is in the middle of the night here (new Zealand) so I can't make it :( Will it be recorded?
I am using DW MX

Hi Jacira,

Sorry you cannot attend our warm up meeting, but since it will take place at Bob's TI office, we will have a chatlog of the session, and I am sure Bob will place it on our Moodle Dreamweaver site.
Btw, Bob has created a diagnostic quiz at the Moodle site. Please, complete it so we have an idea of everybody's level and expectations.
Thanks Daf for your reply. I have already finished Bob's diagnostic quiz.

Greetings from a flooded New Zealand - what happened to summer?

Just a heads up for folks to let you know there will be a get acquainted and share your thoughts meeting in my office at TI, Elderbob's Back Room, tomorrow after the general Sunday morning get together. 

By no means do you have to be there, it is simply meant as a chance to voice your thoughts about directions to go in.  I will be passing some information about who has been asked to be a guide or facilitator to the group but the same information will also be posted to the Moodle in case you cannot make the meeting at TI.

I would ask for all participants to go to the front page of the Dreamweaver class, and at the bottom of the Weekly outline #section marked "25 Feb-Mar 2 - Welcome" click on and complete the short questionnaire on "Dreamweaver and Web building familiarity" (It is an icon that looks like a piece of paper with a red check in it.)  This information will be used to produce the SyllabUS for the class which will be posted by Wednesday of next week.  Once the SyllabUS is posted, you will all have an opportunity to share your
thoughts and then I will have a final draft for the SyllabUS on the following Sunday morning.  At that point we will be in full swing.

Note also, that you may see some changes this coming week.  My web host will be working to upgrade my Moodle to newest version.  I do not expect this to be a problem, but just in case I am downloading a backup archive of the site, and the site may be momentarily off line.  Don't get too worried, I am still here, it is just a matter of going in and making some changes in the PHP before we have all the new tools.  I am really pumped-up about some of the new modules and think that they will be super helpful in our quest to produce Dreamweaver web pages.  For you really creative types, if I
understand this all correctly, we should be able to ad things like real audio instruction, power point and other types of audio and video presentation.  I challenge you all to use the things we have learned in the last few weeks of Becoming a Webhead to produce this course.  I truly believe that we learn best by doing, so having this opportunity to "do" so
soon after the original learning, should give you an extra opportunity re-enforce all the learning we have done.

I want to remind you again, that the intent here is a collaborative project. I am trying real hard to maintain only a miniscule control over what happens.  I have picked the guides simply based on their qualifications either in moodle, dreamweaver or class planning.  As soon as the guide/facilitators are on-line then they will handle the bulk of instructional planning and exercises. 

I am still not sure which version of Dreamweaver that we will be using but I think that, to make a simple websited, virtually any version can be used, including the free downloadable 30 day sample.

So many little time...

See you all tomorrow.

PS.  There will be cyber toast and muffins in the morning.


The BaW Dreamweaver session was officially launched at Tapped In today!

Dear friends,

I've just uploaded today's Tapped In log. It has great feedback on Moodle and on the Dreamweaver session.

Hope those of you not there enjoy it!


To Bronwyn Stuckey's presentation on Research on Internet-Mediated Communities of Practice

Hello all of you,

Do you have an interest in research about Internet-mediated Communities of Practice? This last Friday Bronwyn Stuckey from CPsquare was presenting her research methods and framework for a case study of ten IMCOPs . The session was part of a research forum in CPsquare but a handful of  invited Webheads researchers were also present - and  I was helping with moderating her session as a host in my virtual office in LearningTimes. A recording from the session can be found somewhere in LearningTimes.
A few days ago, Bronwyn decided to make a second presentation on this coming Tuesday March 2, at noon 12 GMT; for this event a broader audience is invited; this is not a BaW session exclusively, but another opportunity to learn more about relevant issues concerning our way of collaboration  - and I know that Bronwyn is eager to learn more about Webheads in Action.
Please let me know as soon as possible if you're interested so we can know how many seats to set up!
Yours, Sus

You will get access to the session by logging in to, find a link to Member offices on the left side green menu, click and move down to Nyrop, Susanne's office  - and click Enter now to join the vClass meeting room. If this is your first visit, this will automatically start a download of Elluminate Java Web Start - check that you have read the instructions and run the quick manual about how to make sure your microphone works, and join us about fifteen minutes early.

(Simple) Problems ?

Hi all,

An embarrasingly simple problem, probably. Antonia has got fed up with being known as antoniamelvin142 (too long), so we have created a new profile (tona142) and set is as default. Err.. what now? the member directory still shows antoniamelvin142 - or have I got confused between the yahoo ID and the profile. Yahoo is very good, but being a
bear of very little brain I do find all these ID's, profiles etc. confusing.
Any help, advice, insight or offers of comforting chocolate welcome. [David Cousens]

Hi, David!

I've been going to YG Members for the past couple of days on several occasions and still cannot find Antonia's new profile/ID (?) tona142.
Yahoo has been acting strange lately in different respects, so, after exchanging ideas with Daf, here are two options (probably too simple - the first - or very unorthodox - the second) that may solve the problem:
-- leave things as they are (the original ID, I mean) for the time being;
-- get a new ID, if you haven't got it yet (though it seems like Antonia does) and join BaW with the new ID;
-- then unsubscribe with the old ID.
However, and since we are only a little over a week away from the official end of BaW, I suggest that Antonia keep the antoniamelvin142 ID in BaW, because we will not close our doors after Mar 6, and join Webheads in Action with her new ID. How's that for Portuguese-style improvising?!  ;-)
Hope this helps and doesn't mix you up more.


Obrigada, Tere, I shall follow your advice and do exactly as you say!
kisses all,


I'm so sorry to bother you with this again, but I just can't open your ebook. It takes ages to dowload the page and it doesn't even dowload it fully. Any ideas what the problem could bee? :-)
I have ADSL connection, so it can't be connection problems. :-(

HI Babi,
I am sorry to hear that...I will forward your mail to the ebook company and ask them to tell me what the problem may be....
I will upload the original webpages I used to make it so that you  and others with a similar problem can read them.
Warm regards from Brazil,

* * * * * *

Babi ,Leah and all of you who did not manage to open the e-book!

I must have a lot of information about your operating system and see why it is not perhaps it would be better if you could directly fill in the form at :
My version of the software is Education...It would be interesting to check how good  their technical support is and how fast they answer you :-)  Do you think you could you follow it up report back on that? If we do not get the support quickly, this will be bad press for them. I will try to contact them directly through e-mail but would be interested in seeing what happens from the website end.
Avanti,  webheads in action!
Warm regards from Brazil,

Incorporating slides into tutorials (question asked on Feb 15)

Hi Sus, thank you for your welcoming me and giving me feedback on the slide presentation available at
I learned to attach the slide show created in power point by mere sweat and tears (since I didn't have technical support).... and it is still a little bit rough.  I need to find out how to make the presentation to stop before the last window which, if clicked, closes the web browser all together.
Any one can help with this?
. . . 
If anyone can help me with incorporating slides into
, I could advance a couple of projects I have pending.
Karen García

Elizabeth has a practical solution!  :-) (reply given on Feb 26)

Hi Karen--
  If your ppt is just for presenting and not interactive, you can cheat by making screen shots of each slide, and pasting them into html files.
   I had so much trouble with freezing, clicks not working, browser closing--as you report--that I now do the html version instead.  Just add your own title at the top and BACK and NEXT buttons at the top and bottom of the pages.  To fancy it, center the image on the page and choose a nice background color.
   The user doesn't have to download the ppt, and the presentation doesn't take over the user's computer--it's easy to stop and get out of a Webpage.
It's a great relief to know the presentation will work exactly the same way everytime on any platform.

Dear Elizabeth, and everyone...

So THAT'S the trick!  I just learned to copy the screen (by pressing control and print screen) and then paste it in an image editor.... but the quality is still not the best.....  how can we make the copy sharp and legible .... ?
Thanks for the tip.  I am debating between staying with the simplicity of html or jumping over to FLASH which is the new thing for me... (after all we have a dream weaving venue openning up....)
And after withnessing the presentations in TappedIn and Alado I would enjoy some talk about what it takes behind the scenes to get the presentations ready.
I thank you for your tip here and would welcome more discussion about tips.....
Best regards,
Karen Garcia
Upcoming events!

Vance Stevens' presentation

Dear All,

You are all invited to attend our next online event, with Vance Stevens, Webheads Coordinator, on Monday, March 1, Noon (12:00)  GMT, at Tapped In. Vance will explain what it means to be a member of Webheads and what binds its members together. - I am sure you have some ideas about that :-)

I have created another table in the database section where you can indicate your willingness to join this session.

This is not the last live event of our session. On Saturday, March 6, from 18:00 to 19:30 GMT., we will have a guided tour to Van's FatecMOO, but he will tell us more about this experience.


Hi everybody,

Vance Stevens, our Webheads coordinator and mentor will be presenting live for us tomorrow at Tapped In (noon GMT) and I would like to suggest the reading of a plenary speech he delivered recently at a conference in Cairo:   
You can ask Vance all the questions you have about Webheads, how we have been working and what is it that has kept Webheads in Action together.
Please get your name in the database if you are planning to attend the session.
Hope to see you later at our Sunday session at Tapped In,

Van's presentation on FatecMOO

Hello all--

I am Van and I invite you to get prepared for BaW last live event at FatecMOO. I have built a simple webpage giving you some directions on how to get ready for the meeting.
More instructions will be posted next week. Please, let me know if you face any sort of
Sir Van

Hi Van and All,

Thanks Van for posting your page with instructions. I went there today and it was very easy. I happen to find Van there, and he helped me, because I had forgotten that I already had a character and a password since I attended a workshop prepared by students a couple of months ago. Today,I added an icon to my name and learned how to do many things with commands. I will tell you more about this soon ;-)
Remember to get your character before the session (at least three days before as Van suggests)


I really had a great time this morning with you at FatecMOO!! You're a very fast learner.
Now you have your own character and home in FatecMOO don't hesitate getting around
whenever you want to.
By the way you managed to create and operate your webprojector pretty well! Congratulations!
Despite the fact that people connected to FatecMOO are Portuguese speakers, most of them are able to communicate in a basic English, so if you're in trouble there ask them for help.


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Updated on 29Feb04

Created on 23 February 2004

Teresa Almeida d'Eça

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