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BazSyslog has been designed to capture traffic syslogs from netscreen devices.
It allows you to Log up to 2GB of Syslog data in a database and then generate reports based on those logs.
The reports allow you to analyse the amount,type,source and destination of traffic flowing through your device.
You can also use it to capture standard syslogs.

I was looking for a free app to do this but couldnt find one so Ive created my own. I thought other admins might find it handy so Ive made it available below.

Please direct questions, suggestions and bugs to bazsyslog1@yahoo.com.au

Version 1.1.10 - Download (5MB)

BazSyslog-1-1-10.zip (Yahoo Geocities Server-Limited)

BazSyslog-1-1-10.zip (Private Server)

This Software is free but if you'd like to make a donation click here

Tested on Windows XP/2003/2000


Main Syslog Capture Config screen

Reporting Options

General Options

Netscreen Syslog Reports