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Abner, Adams, Ager, Akers, Alder, Allen, Angel, Arnold, Asbill, Ashcraft, Bailey, Baker, Barker, Barnet, Barret, Begley, Beach, Beatty, Belomy, Bennet, Benton, Blount, Booth, Botner, Bowman, Brandenburg, Brewer, Branson, Burkhart, Bush, Caling, Cable, Callahan, Calmes, Campbell, Cann, Carroll, Caudill, Chambers, Chapman, Charles, Childers, Clay, Clarkston, Cockerham, Cockrum, Cole, Colins, Colwell, Combs, Congleton, Coomer, Cooper, Cornett, Corum, Cotton, Couch, Cox, Crabtree, Crawford, Creech, Crisman, Crizer, Crook, Cundiff, Curry, Damerel, Daniel, Darch, Daugherty, Davis, Day, Deaton, Deeds, Dickerson, Dougherty, Drake, Dunagin, Dunaway, Durbin, Duvall, Eager, Edens, Eve, Elkins, Evans, Eversole, Estes, Farmer, Feathers, Field, Fields, Fike, Fox, Fraley, France, Freeman, French, Friar, Gabbard, Gentry, Gibbs, Gilbert, Gillaspie, Gibson, Gipson, Godfrey, Goforth, Goosey, Gorley, Gray, Green, Griffin, Gross, Gum, Haley, Hall, Hamilton, Hammond, Hampton, Hargis, Hatton, Hayes, Hawkins, Herd, Hieronymus, Hill, Hobbs, Hogan, Holland, Hollon, Horn, Howell, Howerton, Hyden, Huff, Hughes, Hurley, Irvin, Isaacs, Jackson, Jamerson, Jennings, Jet, Jewell, Johnson, Jones, Kash, Kemberlin, Ketcham, Kendrick, Kilburn, Kidd, Kincaid, King, Kelly, Keller, Ketchum, Lady, Lamb, Lane, Lawson, Ledford, Legg, Lewis, Louis, Little, Longworth, Lucas, Lutes, Lynch, Lyons, Mahan, Mahatha, Maloney, Mann, Marcum, Marshall, Martin, Mayes, Mays, Mayse, McClure, McGuire, McIntosh, McLemore, McQueen, McQuine, Metcalf, Miller, Mills, Moore, Moris, Murphy, Napier, Newton, Noble, Noe, Noland, Nolen, Norman, Newman, Newnam, Olinger, Oliver, Palmer, Pennington, Perdue, Phelps, Phillips, Pitman, Plowman, Plummer, Porter, Powell, Price, Proctor, Profit, Pryse, Pucket, Quillen, Raleigh, Ramsey, Reece, Reed, Richardson, Ritchie, Roach, Robbins, Roberts, Rogers, Roland, Rose, Ross, Russell, Saunders, Sebaston, Sewell, Simpson, Sipple, Sizemore, Shackelford, Shearer, Shoemaker, Short, Smallwood, Smith, Smyth, Snowden, Spencer, Sparks, Spicer, Stamper, Steele, Stepp, Strong, Tewart, Thacker, Tharp, Thomas, Thompson, Thorpe, Tincher, Tirey, Townsend, Tolliver, Treadway, Twyman, Tyra, Vanderpool, Wade, Walton, Warner, Watkins, Wells, Whicker, Whisman, White, Wilder, Williams, Wills, Wilson, Winkle, Wright, Wyatt, York, Young
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Arvel, Atho, Bailey, Bald Rock, Banford, Bear Creek, Bear Track, Beattyville, Beech Grove, Bell Point, Big Sinking, Blaine's Branch, Brush Creek, Canyon Falls, Cave Branch, Cave Fork, Certain Creek, Coal Branch, Congleton, Contrary Creek, Cow Hoof, Cressmont, Cross Roads, Delvinta, Duck Fork, Dunnigan Branch, Earnestville, Enoch, Evelyn, Evelyn Lock Road, Fillmore, Fincastle, Fixer, Fraley's Creek, Glen Eden, Greeley, Greys Bend, Brush Creek, Heidelberg, Hell Creek, Hell for Certain Creek, Hopewell, Ida May, Ivy Patch, Leeco, Little Sinking, Lock 13 Road, Lone, Long Shoal, Lower Buffalo, Lower Devil's Creek, Lyman's Creek, Mill Branch, Monica, Mt. Eagle, Mt. Olive, Mt. Param, Oil, Old Landing, Old Orchard, Pawpaw, Pine Grove, Pinnacle, Pleasant Flat, Primrose, Proctor, Rock Springs, Rosses Creek, Shoemaker, Sinking Creek, Spencer Ridge, St. Helens, Standing Rock, Sturgeon Creek, Stuffelbean, Tallega, The Cutoff, Twin Creek, Twin Crest, Upper Devil's Creek, Vada, Walker's Creek, Wentworth, White Ash, Whynot?, Wide Creek, Williba, Willow, Yellow Creek, Yellow Rock, Zachariah, Zoe
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Lee County Historical Society  Box V, Beattyville, KY 41311
1870 Census On-Line
1920 Census On-Line

Lee County Genealogical Internet Mail Group ( - type Subscribe in the body)
Lee County Kentucky GenWeb
Beattyville Public Library

Lee County American Local History Network
Owsley County American Local History Network

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Sources: Much of the information for this page is taken from issues of the Lee County Historical and Genealogical Society, 1870 Census, contributions of readers, and various other sources.

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Updated  December 25, 2002