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Hi...I guess you're somewhat interested in what I have to say. Why? No actually I'm quite flattered. Anyway, my name is Bekki. That's right B-E-K-K-I, that's how you spell it folks. I'm a senior at a school that will remain nameless. Not because I am trying to avoid stalkers or anything.....really I'm trying to avoid embarassment. Let's see what else....oh yes I play waterpolo, there's some links down there about that particular sport as well as for some friends&their pages...BTW Adam, who happens to be my wild sex kitten, kicks my ass 6 times.Fill out my form and get a BIG SURPRISE! Enjoy and thanx for coming:)

I also really want to get a tattoo, just a little one, of my sign, Libra ---->

Links to stuff that's cool

My little polo page
Click on His Tummy!
My baby, Adam's, page. He hasn't updated in awhile, but it's still pretty cool.
Pix of my fave famous person(Dave Navarro, for those who are interested)
My Jello Page!
My friend Riana's "Spooky" Page

And this, like every other page on the web, is UNDER CONSTRUCTION... but don't take my word for it.


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