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Dear Counter Fans!

I'm sorry but I have no regrets....yes sorry fans for a whole month of literally no updates on my website. I have been going through a lot these months. Workload has been taxing physically and personal life has been taxing me mentally. Fell sick a couple of times and I am still recouping.

The main pointers for this August month. Happy 43th Birthday to Belinda Carlisle this coming 17 August! May she stay healthy and beautiful always and continue making music for all the fans around the world. Recently Belinda appeared in August Playboy issue is to serve a positive reminder that " women didn't have to be 20 years old or a size zero to be sexually viable... ". Go buy those playboy issues and check out her interview and sexy nude photos now!

Listen to this bonus Go-Go's track King Of Confusion which can only be found in the Japan release version of Go-Go's new album God Blessed The Go-Go's. Belinda herself did mention that this was one of her favourite tracks together with Daisy Chain and Throw Me A Curve. Order the Japanese album version at

The following are taken from the official ( of the Go-Go's. Apology is the second single out from the new album and is on radio now in the US, so fans in the USA please request for it. Apology has been released to virtually all formats of pop radio (AAA, Top 40, Modern Adult, Hot A/C & Alternative). Currently The Zone in Phoenix, WINK in Florida, and STAR in San Diego are playing APOLOGY daily. Please support the Go-Go's and call your local radio stations!

Repeats of Rosie O'Donnell, Aug 20th, and VH1's Central Park show, Aug 22nd. Sundance Channel's "Urgh, A Music War. So if you miss the first time, this is your second chance. Get your VCR ready! Those fans who always read magazine, look out for these full-page spreads to feature the Go-Go's in October issues of: Self, Vanity Fair, GQ, Conde Nast Traveler, The New Yorker, Bon Appetit, Wired. God Bless the Go-Go's will be released in Europe in early October on the Sony International label. This will coincide with a 12 day European tour, and media coverage. Cities/countries listed so far are: London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Germany. Read the latest Lifetime interview transcript here where Belinda talks about weight problems, family and her career

Check out this new Belinda Carlisle/The Go-Go's talk board. I want to create this chat board to be the next big thing in the net just like my belinda carlisle mailing list and the yahoo club. Both are the biggest online in terms of fan memberships. This will be a good place for fans who just love to chit chat with other fans and has all the time to surf the net! Trading and anything under the sun topics are welcome. All ages and races and sex preferences are welcome too!

1) visit this official ( website of the Go-Go's for all the latest news of their new released album " God Bless The Go-Go's " and the new single " Unforgiven "

2) for all the latest articles and reviews of the Go-Go's new albums and related news, head to this great section

3) listen to the latest single " Unforgiven ". To view the cool video of the single " Unforgiven " then view it here.

4) too see some real great photos view here.

5) if you think you will not have the time to view my website so often or if you like to get daily news.... then the mailing list is for you! With 900 over fans in there from all over the world and the biggest online mailing list, you can't go wrong!

6) the biggest cyber yahoo club with about 700 fans in there, great community to get information too, view Belinda photos taken by fans and many others official photos

7)check out the latest look of Belinda with the Go-Go's, plus a super rare photo of Belinda with the late Inxs band's late lead singer Michael Hutchence.

Lastly I really would appreciate for some comments, critics and feedbacks in my guestbook, thanks.

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Audio Interview!

Listen to Belinda Carlisle in this 1999 interview that consist of like 40 questions in crystal clear audio files.

You must have the latest RealPlayer to listen to it. interview

Famous Director's Exclusive Interview

Dan Rucks is the guy who first has a big start with his career by directing an producing the video Little Black Book for Belinda. He is now working big with Cher and Madonna.

Read about this truely inspiration, choke with fond memories email interview that I had with him in 1999.

He is in my mailing list too! Read on.