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Sivut teki Bella...
Ikä: 27
Asuinpaikka: Raccoon Cityn rauniot
Olomuoto: Zombie
Paras RE-peli: Resident Evil 2
Pelaa tällä hetkellä: Sims2
Katselee tällä hetkellä: Sinkkuelämää, Simpsonit, Ilman johtolankaa, Todistettavasti syyllinen, CSI Miami
Kuuntelee tällä hetkellä: White flag/Dido, Everything burns/Ben Moody feat. Anastacia, Sick and tired/Anastacia, Forever/Dee Dee, Rise/Safri Duo, I'm alive/Celine Dion, Twist and shout/Beatles

Muita suomenkielisiä sivustojani: Sunset Beach, F1, PassionsJuonet, Teho-osasto, Big Brother Finland, Janne Ahonen, Bellan logi, KonsoliSims

Yahoo! ID: bella_fallen_angel

Tämä sivu on viimeksi päivitetty: 21/8/2005


You're Rebecca Chambers. You're a whiney little
bitch who depends on others to keep her alive.
You cant protect yourself very well. You care
about people and will help them...Only because
you're a medic though.

Which Resident Evil Character Are You?
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Claire Redfield
Claire Redfield

Which Resident Evil girl are you most like?
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Your a hard chicka, you dont mind having things
hard in life. You take one step at a time , in
life, and you dont let people screw you over.
If dirt got on your clothes, no big deal. Yes,
you r a tom boy and you ride a motorcycle

Which Resident Evil HOTTIE are you?!?!?!?
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You Are Claire Redfield-Chris's Sister,a very young
and curious girl she is always concerned in
umbrella's doings

What Resident Evil Character Are you?
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Steve Burnside - You're a hopeless romantic and a
dreamer. You're looking for a white knight in
shining armour who'll steal the moon and the
stars from the sky for you. Sure, they are hard
to come by these days, but as long as you get
the impression that he's trying to give you all
that, you're happy. Your (almost) perfect match
is Steve Burnside. He would kill for you and he
would die for you, as a matter of fact he would
do anything to keep his promise to protect you
and it doesn't matter to you whether he
succeeds or fails as long as he says "I
love you". However sometimes he runs head
first into trouble without thinking and then
it's your job to save him. That's not how it's
supposed to be, but your imagination allows you
to look past his imperfection and see the man
he could be once he grows out of that teenage
rebel phase. You'll work on that and with your
incredible optimism you might just turn him
into the man of your dreams. Until then the two
of you are king and queen of fantasy island.

Who is your perfect Resident Evil match? (For girls)
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You are a Zombie. Slow and dim-witted, you exist
only to feast on the flesh of the living.

What Resident Evil Monster are you?
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Sorry, you're dead. Man, you're so dead, you're
probably walking around trying to bite the
survivors. Dumb sonuvabitch. I only hope the
people with you weren't as stupid as you and
blew your brains out the second you died.

Would You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
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Leon Kennedy

Which Resident Evil Character are you?
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You are Alice, a survivor
Alice. You're a survivor and determined to get out.
You have a good heart, and hate to let anyone

Which Resident Evil Character Are You?
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evil quiet
Ah, the quiet zombie. You like to be alone. No one
will suspect you since you stay hidden in cars,
or 'play' dead in the streets. When the right
time comes, you'll strike, and you'll strike

What type of Resident Evil zombie are you?
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Jill Valentine

Resident Evil Female Quiz
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You will stop at nothing until you defeat evil,
such as Umbrella corp. Although it will take a
lot to stop Umbrella, your always doing your
best to keep everyone safe. Everytime they try
to dominate everything in sight, your right
there ready to kick zombie and freaky creature

Which Resident Evil character are you?
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Your tough and skilled. You fight for what you
believe and are damn good at what you do. Your
smart and will do what you can to keep yourself
and others you care for safe. Your are Jill

Which main Resident Evil Character are you like and why?
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Which Resident Evil movie character are you?
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Your ass is grass, my friend. Maybe you're not the brightest bulb on the tree, or you just have too carefree of an attitude... either way, the zombies would be be having you for breakfast.
Would YOU Survive Resident Evil?

  • My #1 result for the selector, Resident Evil Character Selector, is Lilly Klein

    Barry Burton
    Barry - a conflicted soul, you still know deep down
    what's right and wrong and cannot let harm come
    to those you love.

    Which S.T.A.R.S. member in Resident Evil are you most like?
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    I believe in...

    Adoptoin zombien!