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Hi!  My name is BellDandy(well,it's actually Chelsea.)  This is a totally cool anime web site!  This is for pokemon, oh my goddess, Sailor moon, DBZ, and more!  Come join the fun!
But first, I must tell you the rules.  DON"T MESS UP MY SITE!!  OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!! OK, that's it!  Have fun:)
Also, I'd like to give credit to Anime Genesis for letting me link to your pics!!
Thanx to Dragonteenager for the award!
This is my Growlithe, Flame.  I suggest you don't tick him off.
This is my Level 100 Pikachu, Small Lady.  Isn't that a cool name?
I DO NOT own any of these animes or mangas.  They belong to their rightful owners.
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