Hello from NE Georgia! Although I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland--the last 14 years have found our family in the South. I have three children--two (a daughter and a son) graduated from homeschool. My daughter graduated from college and is in her second year of teaching in a Christian School in South Carolina. My son completed some college as well. I have one daughter left at home--now a tenth grader. Because my last child is in high school, I balance homeschooling with a part-time job at a nearby grocery store. This is working out well for us but I do not recommend it if you have children in younger grades...remember, you have to be concerned about your local Social Services laws about leaving children home alone! But it IS possible, though difficult, to balance homeschooling with a part-time job if it is a necessity, and for us, it is.

Before the children started coming, I taught for three years in Maryland Public Schools. Recently, I taught two years in a Christian School but I am now back homeschooling. This year makes my thirteenth year of homeschooling.

After 14 years, homeschooling is an important part of my life and is as natural as breathing. We have our days, for sure! But let me assure you that public and Christian School teachers have those days too. Since as I have said, I have been both a public and Christian School teacher, I know this from experience. So, be assured that those days come to all of us who deal with children.

Primarily, I began to homeschool when my husband and I became dissatisfied with the public school system and we were finally in a situation where I could stay home with the children. We also very strongly believed that God gives the responsibility of educating children to the parents, not the state. We believed, and still do, that an education without Christ at the center is not a whole education.

I think it is important to state here that I believe that homeschooling is not for everyone. It involves a long-range commitment before God towards your children. Those people who homeschool to "see if it works" will usually be disappointed and frustrated in their very first year. What has kept me going over the years is the belief that God wanted me to homeschool our children. Obeying His directive is my motivation to overcome all obstacles.

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