American Fuzzy Lop Grooming and Care Information
At AMR we love the hobby of showing our American Fuzzy Lop Rabbits.
This means we also put in a lot of time grooming which is mandatory on a weekly basis with this breed.  It is necessary to provide the best showing and maintenance
equipment available for traveling with your animals. 
Above are the proper roomy type show cages and cage stands that keep your rabbits up off the floor in a show room so they do not sit in drafts or have people walking about spilling food and/or drinks on them.  Your rabbits or other animals should be in your best interest at all times.
We have added a few items below to show you the equipment you will need
in grooming your fuzzy lops.
All products can be ordered on line from (on our links page) 
or from any store carrying pet grooming supplies.
A grooming table is very helpful for keeping your rabbit comfortable while grooming.
A blower is not mandatory but it does cut the grooming time in half keeping the wool from matting in between grooming sessions.
A small brush with the shortest pins will work well for grooming your fuzzy lop
A small pair of bird or cat nail clippers work best for cutting nails on your rabbits.  Remember to have available "quick stop" if you should cut too close.
A flea comb is helpful for the tiny mats and is a nice way to clean the face of eye matter or bits of dirt.
Background of the American Fuzzy Lop
The American Fuzzy Lop was first presented to the American Rabbit
Breeders Association in 1985.  It quickly gained popularity
with it's docile temperment, round appearing pug like face,
fuzzy wool and lopped ears.
Soon to follow a national organization for the breed was established and the
American Fuzzy Lop acquired national as well as international exposure. 
The American Fuzzy Lop today with it's small size of 3 1/2 to 4 pound weight makes
a desireable family pet and friendly rabbit to show.

The American Fuzzy Lop National club has available a breed"Guidebook"
explaining a complete history of the breed with the following sections to help you
in raising your new fuzzy lop.  The booklet is available from AFLRC.
The book includes the following tips:
Getting Started with your Fuzzy Lop  *  Fuzzy Lop Grooming
Basics in Fuzzy Lop Care  *  Fuzzy Lop in Competition
Breeding and Kindling  *  Fuzzy Lop Health
Order from the AFLRC secretary
If you are new to the breed and acquire an American Fuzzy Lop rabbit
from AMR Fuzzy Lops you will receive a breed "Guidebook" with your rabbit. 

For more information on the Fuzzy Lop breed you can click here to the
National Club  web site.