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Shani Dev

Shani Dev is the fiercest Devtaa among Hindoo gods. He is equal to Yam Raaj. Do you know him well? Whether the answer is yes or no, still you read this, you will not regret after you have read it. This write-up attempts to bring all material about Shani Dev together at one place. Some of its material is based on a book. It is divided in three parts excluding Introduction:--

1. Shani's Kathaa (Story - from the Book)
2. Shani's Remedies (from the Book)
3. Reference Stories - Many references have appeared in Shani Kathaa, they need full stories to fully understand them, those stories are given in this section.
4. Extra Material - This section gives some extra material about Shani which is neither given in the book, nor has appeared as a reference in the book. It has been taken from all odd sources.
5. Index to Shani - This section is special to this write-up. It is the index to this site like a book index. You may look for many terms here to read your interested material about Shani.
6. Miscellaneous - This page lists some miscellaneous information about Shani Dev from other sources.

1. Shani's Kathaa (from the book) (1-19)


1. Soorya Dev (The Sun)
2. Chandra Dev (The Moon)
3. Mangal (Mars)
4. Budh Dev (Mercury)
5. Brihaspati, or Guru (Jupiter)
6. Shukra (Venus)
7. Some Intermediate Thoughts
8. Shani Dev (Saturn)
9. Raahu and Ketu (North and South Nodes)
10. In the beginning of the Universe
11. Vikramaaditya Suffers for His Words
12. Vikramaaditya's Bad Days Begin
13. Vikramaaditya is Under Saadhe Saatee
14. Vikramaaditya's Period of Shani is Over
15. Shani and His Guru
16. Shani and Others
17. Shani and Krishn
18. Vikram Returns to Ujjayinee
19. Post Script

2. Shani's Remedy (from the book) (20-29)

20. What is a Remedy?-1
21. How to Use Remedy?-2
22. A Beautiful Metaphor
23. Vrat and Fasts
24. Table of Planets

25. Vrat Kathaa for Thursday
26. Vrat Kathaa for Wednesday- Nimi's Wife's Story
27. Kathaa About Shani
28. Other Kathaa about Shani and Vikaramaaditya

3. Reference Stories (30-49)

30. Story of Saavitree and Satyavaan
31. Story of Nachiketaa
32. Story of Utathya
33. Story of Hanumaan

34. Yaagyavalkya
35. Karn
36. Sugreev
37. Brihaspati
39. Ahalyaa
40. Vashishth
41. Paraashar
42. Prahlaad
43. Vrat Kathaa
46. Vrat Kathaa-Guru

4. Extra Material (50-79)

50. Vrat Kathaa-Ravi
51. Vrat Kathaa-Som
52. Vrat Kathaa-Mangal

53. Vrat Kathaa-Budh
54. Vrat Kathaa-Brihaspati

55. Vrat Kathaa-Shukra
56. Vrat Kathaa-Shani

60. Remedies-1

69. Shani and Banyan Tree
0. Shani and Hanumaan
71. Shani and Dasharath
72. Shani and Ashwinee Kumaar
73. Shani and Krishn
74. Shani and Raavan

75. Why Shani's Gaze is so Fierce?

79. Why everybody can't accept Shani's Daan?

Index to Shani Dev


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