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1) The Indian Penal Code, Act XV of 1860

2) The Code of Civil Procedure, CPC,

3) The Code of Criminal Procedure, CrPC

4) The Indian Evidence Act 1872 india e-text bareact download site

5) The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 india e-text bareact downlaod site

6) The Special Marriage Act 1954 india marriages e-text bareact download site

7) Delhi High Court Rules

8) The Income Tax Act ( old version 1999, obsolete )

9) The General Clauses Act ( contains various legal definitions )

10) The Guardians and Wards Act

11) The Hindu Minors and Guardianship Act 1956 india guardians e-text bareact download site

12) The Hindu Succession Act 1956 india e-text bareact download site

13) The Removal of Caste Disabilities Act

14) The Kamasutra of Vatsayana ( description of  sexual acts )

15) The Information Technology Act 2000 india e-text bareact download site

16) The Prevention of Terrorism Act ( POTA )

17) The Arms Act 1959 india e-text bareact download site

18) The Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 india e-text bareact download site

19) The Motor Vehicle Act 1988 vehicles india e-text bareact download site

20) The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act 1956 india e-text bareact download site

21) The Indian Divorce Act 1869 india e-text bareact download site

22) The Transfer of property act 1882 india e-text bareact download site

23) The Societies registration act 1860 india e-text bareact download site

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