Who killed Natasha Singh?
by "Perry Mason"
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the following is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to any person living or dead is pure coincidence. Please do not distribute or otherwise circulate this work under any circumstances, as it is a private document meant for legal professionals only and not for the general public. We had not intended to publish this work except for the unfortunate "suicide" of Natasha's sister-in-law and "very close friend" Ritu...

The following work of deductive fiction is based solely on facts in the public domain from reputed sources.

Natasha Singh was the original prom queen and was my neighbour in Delhi, and I used to see her about the local market along with her cousin(?) Debbi Malik, and also at the gymkhana club where both Peter Malik (Debbi's dad) and her father-in-law Natwar Singh (a pompous ass in my considered opinion) are well known.

Natasha Masri was born in Delhi to a Jordanian (muslim ?) father Samir Masri and a South Indian Christian mother Urmila. Natasha Masri had several live-in affairs / arrangements with various socialite men before finally moving in with Jagat Singh (the boorish son of a very minor demi-demi-princeling called Natwar Singh who at one time was our Minister for External Affairs, Natwar's claim to fame being that his wife Heminder Kumari was a "royal" from the Patiala peg family).  Jagat and Natasha had a six month live-in arrangement (Natasha was a very "pretty woman" even then) before Jagat "Gere" decided to marry the woman he loved in an illegal marriage ceremony conducted in an Arya Samaj mandir in October 1993.

IMPORTANT LEGAL POINT HERE : Natasha Masri not being a Hindu could not get legally married by way of an Arya Samaj ceremony, and even any subsequent registration of this illegal ceremony under the Special Marriages Act 1954 or Hindu Marriage Act 1955 is void ab-initio.  Although this fact has never been made public ( since there was a on-going divorce case with in-camera proceedings), it was speculated that the couple registered their marriage in 1995 after the birth of their elder son Hanut. ( Perry Mason deems a SMA'54 registration of an Arya Samaj ceremony to to be illegal in this instance but it is irrelevant at this point).

Note several points of speculation here:-

1. If indeed there was a legal registration of a marriage under the Special Marriages Act, essential since Natasha was not a Hindu, the date of the Marriage is deemed to be from the date of the registration, ie sometime in 1995. Natasha Singh died on March 17 2002, 7 years from the date of her marriage. 7 years coincidentally is the time when the husband and in-laws of a married woman escape from the ambit of Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code for subjecting a married woman to such cruelty that she commits suicide.

2. Was Natasha a Muslim ? If so she had legal custody of her elder son Hanut born in 1995 till the age of 7 as per the Muslim Personal Law. The Delhi High Court had worked out a neat 50:50 time-sharing arrangement between the estranged parents for the kids, Jagat in the normal course of child custody cases would have been challenged Natasha, once Hanut was 7 years of age, for sole custody (being natural guardian) of Hanut. BUT and here is the BIG BUTT ... imagine that you discovered that your kids.. the sole heirs to your royal line are absolutely out of your reach if you were NEVER LEGALLY MARRIED to their Muslim mother even though you are their natural father, and that after your wife's death the legal custody of the kids must now vest in the MATERNAL Grandfather (who is so close and obliged to your family). It was a legal suicide waiting to happen.

3. Since all allegations and matters in the divorce petition are sealed, we are forced to speculate on several crucial facts which only the respective lawyers, R.K.Anand, Malvika Rajkotia, Sushmita Dev etc. can shed light on. If any public spirited individual with special knowledge wishes to enlighten us please please please e-mail bharat_x_law@yahoo.com.

4. It is speculated that Jagat's team of "Congressi" lawyers may have possibly contacted 2 of Delhi's top child custody experts, the great Ms.Indira Jaisingh of the Lawyer's Collective (see links elsewhere on this site) and  Mrs. Kirti Singh Narula, advocate, (H-47, Jangpura, New Delhi) for advice in this very tricky custody situation.

5. Murder or suicide : you decide !!! officially the case is closed.

DISCLAIMER : this work of deductive fiction is set in an alternate Earth in a parallel dimension and bears no resemblance to any other humans or animals in any other realm.