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Results of Verification and Categorization of Refugees of Khudunabari  camp

Updated on June  18, 2003


The much  awaited report of verification and categorization of Bhutanese refugees at Khudunabari camp in eastern Nepal  was made public on Wednesday, June 18, 2003. The Nepal and Bhutan Ministerial Joint  Committee ( MJC) agreed to categorize Bhutanese refugees into four categories.


Category1- Bonafide Bhutanese, if they have been evicted forcefully,

Category 2 - Bhutanese who emigrated,

Category 3 - Non-Bhutanese people, and

Category 4 - Bhutanese who have committed criminal acts.


The following are the results:


Total Population at Khudunabari camp: 12, 183.


Category 1-    293 persons of 74 families  -      02.40 percent


Category 2-    8595 persons of  2182 families- 70.55 percent


Category 3-    2948 persons of 817 families-    24.20 percent


Category 4-    347 persons of 85 families -       02.85 percent





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