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After the peaceful demonstration in 1990, the government introduced a draconian rule requiring all Lhotshampa citizens to produce a No Objection Certificates (NOCs) or Police Clearance Certificates PCC from the police stating that none of their kith and kin has been involved in the peaceful pro-human rights and pro-democratic movement of September-October, 1990. Every Lhotshampa is required to produce NOCs for getting admission of their children into schools, for processing promotion in civil service, for issuing passport, for seeking scholarship, for sitting in the civil service examinations and applying for jobs in the government service etc. The NOCs were also required 'for the release of cheques to farmers for the sale of their cash crops' which was controlled by the government. In fact this certificate is denied to any person whose even a distant relative was suspected of being represented in the peaceful procession in September-October 1990. NOCs were virtually impossible for Lhotshampas to obtain. The government declared all sympathisers of pro-human rights movement and who opposed its racist and discriminatory policies ant-national and not eligible for NOCs. Other family members of those taking part in the peaceful protest rallies, who had not participated in them were also declared anti-national and evicted. NOCs were not issued to the Lhotshampas.

Through the introduction of this draconian rule. The government effectively deprived several thousands Lhotshampa children, the right to education by denying them admission to schools. Consequently, these children have landed in refugee camps in Nepal. No civilised society can bear the accusation of a six year child denied the right to education, a penalty the child is made to pay for the convictions, right or wrong, of older relatives.

The sole intention of the Royal Government of Bhutan was to depopulate southern Bhutan by evicting the Lhotshampa citizens. It is the most powerful equipment in the possession of the government of Bhutan which paved the way for the exodus of Lhotshampa citizens of Bhutan as refugees. The rule is still in force. Other ethnic groups are not required to produce the NOCs.

Continued: Please click on Forced Eviction  for continuity of the events leading to exodus of Lhotshampas

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