Big Bone History

Big Bone Island, Big Bone Lick, Hamilton, Normansville, Landing, and Mud Lick

History and Documents from Big Bone, Kentucky

Big Bone Map of 1831

Typical Early Kentucky Cabin

What was it like to live here?

Building a Cabin

Chronology of Big Bone Lick

Bibliography of Lewis and Clark at Big Bone Lick

Big Bone Area

Document List

Historical Outline of Ohio Valley Settlement
by Reuben Gold Thwaites, 1897

Christopher Gist's Journal
Big Bone in 1750

An Indian Account of Big Bone Lick and Legends Concerning It.
Letter of James Wright to John Bartram,    1762

Daniel Boone at Big Bone Lick, 1770

James Douglass Camps at Big Bone Lick, 1773

The McAfee Brothers at Big Bone Lick, 1773

Thomas Hanson's Journal
Big Bone in 1774

Nicholas Cresswell's Journal
Big Bone in 1775

Petition Concerning Salt Licks in Kentucky, 1777

Thomas Jefferson, On Big Bone Lick and the Mammoth
Notes on the State of Virginia, 1781

John Filson On Big Bone Lick, 1784

John Filson, On Salt in Kentucky History

Zadok Cramer. The Navigator. 1811.

Humphrey Marshall's History of Kentucky. 1812.

Chart of the Ohio, 1825
From Cincinnati to Big Bone Creek
The Western Pilot

Big Bone Map of 1831

A Visit by Sir Charles Lyell, 1841

Deed to Big Bone Baptist Church
from Gen. John Wallace

Big Bone Hotel Company Chartered, 1851

Samuel Haycraft, "Kentucky: The Mammoth Park of the World", 1869

A Visit to Big Bone in 1879

Murder at Big Bone, 1889

A Visit to Big Bone in 1894

On the Proposed Big Bone Rail Road, after 1905
(Don't miss the map if you like such things.)

Big Bone Landing Boat Dock, 1969

Big Bone Lick
Notes from The Navigator

Salt-Making in Kentucky

Article on Big Bone Lick by Dr. Thomas Clark

Big Bone Highway Map

Hamilton - Big Bone Map

County acquiring Big Bone Landing. 2006.

Index to Work by Willard Jillson

New Material

Big Bone Cemeteries

Lewis and Clark and Big Bone Lick

A Paper Presented for History Day
by James Duvall, M. A.

Master Plan for Big Bone Lick State Park. 1972
Summary of Recommendations

Mammoths for the Park?

Big Bone Island History Site

Big Bone Creek Embayment Project

Save Big Bone!
Stop Re-Zoning, 2004

History Day 2005

James Duvall, M. A. presented program on Big Bone Lick

"Excavations at Big Bone Lick in the 1800's"

Big Bone Baptist Church
About 1900

Big Bone Cemeteries

Big Bone Maps

Fishing at Big Bone

Boone Encyclopedia

New Article on Big Bone

The Mayor of Big Bone: Meowi the Cat

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