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Get You Back II
By Billy Burrew

Lance dreamt of his bandmate JC, his hard muscular body and long thick cock, and he moaned as he felt a warm body slide into bed with him and begin to kiss his chest and pull his arms up towards the top of the bed. Had he been more awake, he might have recognized what was about to happen to him, not that it would have done him any good at all.

Lance moaned, slowly crawling back into consciousness as he felt his arms and legs pulled taut to the four corners of the bed. Scoop felt a light pressure applied against his forehead, then felt a pair of warm lips kiss his own, and a hot tongue enter his mouth. Lance moaned and bucked upwards at the kiss.

The lips left his and then leaned into his ear and whispered softly, "I told you I'd get you back, you fucking freak!"

Lance's eyes snapped open as he instantaneously realized what was about to happen to him. "Kevin?", Lance croaked groggily, his eyes covered with a blindfold of some kind.

"Goddamn right its me!" Kevin hissed.

Lance heard a whistling sound and tensed up as his chest became engulfed in a world of pain. Lance inhaled sharply as if to scream when another set of hands roughly shoved a gag into his mouth. Kevin smiled at his partner then went back to reddening Lance's chest with the latex cat of nine tails. Lance, being fair skinned, began to redden quickly and Kevin proceeded to make sure that not an inch of his chest or shoulders was left unmarked. Kevin bent down and admired his handiwork as he watched Lance's chest heave with his muffled sobs. Kevin shook his head and reminded himself what the man in front of him had perpetrated on his being not a week ago, and thus steeled his own resolve.

Brian hurried down the hall to Kevin's room, where he found his cousin perched precariously over the toilet dry-heaving. Brian waited until Kevin had finished then soaked two hand towels in some cold water and put one on Kevin's neck and used the other one to wipe off Kevin's face. Kevin stood motionless as his cousin ministered to him.

Moments later, Brian walked Kevin back to his bed and sat down beside him. "What happened cuz?" Brian asked. Kevin burst into tears and fell into Brian's arms, burying his head in Brian's chest. Brian held onto Kevin and let him cry himself out.

"I…I…I was raped!", Kevin said a few moments later, and his body wracked with sobs once more.

"Raped Kevin?", Brian asked. Kevin pulled away from Brian and nodded then removed his robe and turned away from Brian, giving him a full view of his red and bruised buttocks and lower legs. "Oh my GOD!", Brian yelled angrily, "Who the fuck did this to you….I'm gonna find them….and kill them!"

"It was Lance….and…", Kevin said quietly. "LANCE?!?!", Brian said, "Lance Bass…from NSYNC?….THAT Lance?" Kevin nodded, "That little blond albino freak's ass is grass…and I am gonna mow it!", Brian yelled and then stood up.

Kevin grabbed Brian's arm. "There's more…", Kevin said with a sigh, "He had help from the inside here….he had Nick…and Cherie."

Brian's eyes turned to slits and Kevin expected his hair to catch on fire he looked so mad, "Nick helped him?!?" Kevin nodded mutely. "We have to go talk to the guys about Nick….as for Cherie…dump the bitch…she's so not worth it." Brian stated with a shrug.

Kevin nodded, "I sent the bodyguards to bring her and her copy of the videocassette those assholes shot of it to me….then she's history!"

Brian nodded and helped Kevin to his feet, "Let's go talk to the guys!"

Lance's tears were real, but not from fright really, more from the pain aspect of this situation. Inside, Lance was secretly thrilled that Kevin would try something like this with him. Lance had enjoyed his session with Kevin so much and had only dreamed that Kevin would rise to the occasion like this, coming back and getting his revenge. Lance listened as he heard a knock on the door.

Kevin stopped hitting Lance's chest a second later and then Lance heard Kevin walk over to the bedroom door and open it. Kevin spoke softly and Lance had to strain to hear what he was saying.

"JC", Kevin said, "Thank you for helping me out here…you too Justin!"

Lance jolted as he realized that JC and Justin had both helped Kevin get back on him. Despite his arousal over the situation, with both his bandmates there, Lance was beginning to feel a gnawing fear in his stomach…it meant something…something bad. A moment later, Lance's blindfold was taken off and Lance looked up into JC's beautiful, intense eyes…and he noticed something else….JC was not happy.

JC grabbed Lance by the throat with one hand and proceeded to slap him across the face roughly several times. "What in the name of God were you thinking Lance…..You raped Kevin….That ain't right, that's totally fucked up…How can we trust you not to do something as equally fucked up to us. Lance began to panic as he felt JC's hand close ever tighter around his throat.

"JC…PLEASE…..Can't breathe!", Lance wheezed.

"You dumb dick….why should I care…did you care when Kevin was begging? No….I didn't think so!" JC said disgustedly, then slammed his head back down onto the bed.

Justin shook his head as he stood over Lance. "You really fucked up BIG this time bro. You were like THIS close to being tossed outta NSYNC! Kevin talked us out of kicking you out, but we all decided that we would help teach you a lesson in respect."

Lance's sense of humor took an odd time to manifest itself as he looked up to Justin and cocked a grin and shook his head, "So teach me then curly boy….I am sure I'd love to learn a few lessons from a big boy like you! Show me what you got, Justin." Justin snarled and then slugged Lance across the jaw with an open hand, making hard contact with his chin.

Lance gasped in pain and shock as his brain registered Justin's actions. Violence was unexpected from Justin and Lance immediately realized that there was nothing that was gonna lighten his friend's mood or tone. Just then, as Lance looked into Justin's angry eyes, it dawned on Lance how much trouble he really was in.

Brian held onto Kevin's arm, supporting him as they entered Brian's room down the hall where the rest of the guys, minus Nick, waited anxiously for them to explain the purpose of the meeting.

"Kev?", AJ asked as he saw Kevin's puffy red eyes and disheveled appearance, "You aight?"

Kevin shook his head side to side and AJ stood up at Kevin's side and helped Brian deposit him on the bed. "Hey guys, listen up…we have a major problem here.", Brian said after a minute, tearing his eyes away from his cousin. "Kevin here has something to tell you…its deadly serious."

The guys turned and faced Kevin. Kevin shuddered and then looked up from his lap, the last vestiges of a tear fell from his chin.

"I….I was….raped. Lance Bass and Nick came into my room this morning and tied me up while I slept then raped me. Cherie had asked them to because it was her fantasy to see it happen."

AJ and Howie gasped as Kevin stood up and dropped his robe again, turning to show them the damage.

"Jesus H, Christ!", Howie said, getting up and walking over to Kevin, running a cool hand over Kevin's still warm bruises and redness. Kevin pulled his robe back on and tied it, then looked down at this feet and began to weep openly.

"Kev?", AJ said soothingly, "Kev…it's gonna be alright. It wasn't your fault, Kev, we all know that."

"But…", Kevin stammered, "But you all don't understand…I…I ended up getting into it. At the end, when Nick was fuckin' me and I was fucking Lance, I've never been so turned on. But….now…it just feels so….AARGHHHHHHHH!!!" Kevin shook with anger then buried his head in his hands.

"Boo", Brian said quietly, "It's not the point that you enjoyed it or not…they took something intimate from you when you didn't wanna give it. Rape is rape is rape...no matter what color you paint it."

Kevin looked up and scowled, "So what do I do? What about Nick and Lance…How can I ever look at them again?"

AJ snickered for a second and everyone turned to look at him. "I've got an idea, my man, its time you take an eye for an eye…give back what you were given, with interest.", AJ leered evilly.

Kevin's face went blank as the idea began to dawn upon him. "Yeah.", Kevin said after a second, "Do unto others…."

"That's the idea, Train", AJ said, "And I wanna help you get those mother fuckers."

Brian and Howie's eyes widened as the realization of AJ's idea hit them. "I wanna help too!", Brian and Howie said at once.

"Well…Let's have one of you help with Nick and one with Lance.", Kevin said after a minute. "You guys can draw straws or flip a coin."

AJ, Brian and Howie nodded and gathered together, drawing straws and finally deciding who would help Kevin with each of his plans.

JC and Justin began to strip down, taking off their clothes as Kevin began applying some of the toys he had lined up for his revenge. Lance gasped as Kevin roughly shoved a few fingers smeared in lube into his ass, roughly lubing up his ass then walking over to the freezer and pulling out an huge dildo filled with frozen water.

Lance's dick stiffened as he watched Kevin smear some lube on the tip and the sides of the 12 inch ice monster and then begin to insert in into Lance's rectum. Lance's moan turned into a gutteral yelp as Kevin slammed the frosty intruder home. Kevin looked up behind Lance and nodded and Lance felt another pair of hands shove the gag back into his mouth. Lance looked up and saw AJ's eyes through his shades, shining with a weird, almost maniacal glow. Lance inhaled sharply as AJ slid a leather blindfold over his eyes, securing it in the back.

Justin and JC looked at Kevin and then to AJ as AJ walked over to his bag and pulled out a syringe. JC's face turned pale as he watched AJ fill the syringe with the liquid from the bottle and then tap out the bubbles.

"What the HELL is that?", JC asked uncertainly, knowing that as much as he wanted to see Lance punished for his actions, he didn't wanna see him hurt at all.

"This?", AJ smiled, "I got this from a doctor friend of mine. It's called Caverject, it's an injectable form of Viagra. One shot of this and Lance will be ready and raring to go for the next, oh, 4-6 hours."

JC's eyes began to roll into the back of his head as AJ knelt down beside Lance's crotch, quickly and deftly giving Lance the prescribed dosage of the drug. As JC watched the end of the needle disappear into Lance's semi-erect cock then heard his friend's surprised yelp, muffled through his gag, his vision clouded and he began to fall backwards.

Justin smiled as he saw AJ kneel down in front of Lance's dick and inject him. Lance was gonna get it…and he was gonna be hard up for it one way or the other. A movement out of the right corner of his eye caught Justin's attention and he turned in time to watch JC's eyes roll into the back of his head and his legs begin to give out. Justin grabbed JC by the shoulders and dragged him to a chair, then quickly walked out of the room to the kitchen to get JC a glass of cold water and a towel.

Justin heard a quiet knock on the door and smiled as his own end of the plan seemed to have arrived just in time. Justin walked over to the door and opened it up.

"Hi there sexy!", Britney Spears quietly said to Justin as she entered, kissing him lightly on the lips, "Everything going according to plans?"

Justin nodded then whispered the latest development into Britney's ear. Britney smiled and giggled as she heard the news.

"Well…He can't back out or go all soft on her now, now can he?", she said with a snort.

Justin nodded and turned to his other guest, who was just coming in from parking her car. "Hi Danielle", Justin said as he hugged her lightly and gave her a quick peck on the cheek, "Are you sure you are up to this?"

"Oh yeah!", Danielle said with an evil grin, "I made myself look like an ass dating and chasing after a man that it seemed everyone knew was gay but me. I think I definitely need to be a part of this. I am totally ready."

Nick looked up at Kevin who had begun to untie him.

"How are you gonna get Lance back, Kevin?", Brian asked as he untied Nick's feet.

"I talked with one of his bandmates and he and I are gonna do something similar to Lance as what just happened here with Nick in a day or two when they have a day off.", Kevin smiled, "He'll get his."

After Nick had exhausted himself with apologies, handjobs and blowjobs to Brian and Kevin, Kevin left the two of them in bed together as he quickly got dressed and packed up the toys and then went back to his apartment. As he entered his apartment, he placed the toys down on the chair in his bedroom beside his bed and then grabbed himself something to drink from the fridge. Kevin walked back up to his bedroom and stopped as he entered, remembering in flashes what had happened to him here not a week before. With shaking hands, Kevin walked out the door and went to find AJ.

AJ was in the living room and Kevin walked into the room and sat down on the sofa beside him. AJ looked at Kevin for a minute and then watched Kevin's hands shake as he placed his soda down on the coffee table beside the sofa.

"The bedroom freaked you out, huh?", AJ said, knowing exactly what had happened to Kevin.

"Yeah.", Kevin nodded, "I just don't feel safe in that room anymore….I don't wanna go to sleep."

AJ nodded, "Yeah….who could blame you, after what happened to you in there. Don't worry Kev….you're halfway home now, are you ready to finish this off tomorrow?"

Kevin nodded sleepily, "Just need to sleep…"

"Come on…You can sleep with me tonight.", AJ said a moment later, then leaned forward and kissed Kevin lightly on the lips. Kevin's eyes opened widely and he smiled slightly as AJ took Kevin's hand and lead him off to his bedroom.

Hours later, after their physical lovemaking was finished and Kevin and AJ were both breathless and spent, Kevin realized how comfortable and safe he felt in AJ's arms; his smile never left his face that night and he rested peacefully, wrapped in his lover's embrace, for the first time since the rape.

Justin and his guests quietly re-entered the room as Lance's muffled moans echoed through the upstairs story of his house. Kevin stopped and his eyes grew wide as he saw Justin's guests enter the room. Justin walked over to JC, making him drink the glass of cold water and then he placed the damp washcloth on the back of his neck. JC nodded and gave a thumbs up sign to Justin and the rest of the guys as his color returned.

Kevin motioned for JC to get up and to continue fucking Lance with the ice filled dildo as he and Justin and his guests had a quick talk outside the room. JC picked up the pace of the thrusting and had AJ apply the nipple clamps, causing Lance to buck and moan. Kevin walked into the other bedroom on the floor with Justin, Britney and Danielle in tow. "What a party we seem to be having here….I didn't remember having such a LONG guest list", Kevin said with a smirk.

"Kev….", Justin started and then was cut off by Britney, "I can explain. Justin told me what was gonna go down and I know that Danielle here has been feeling quite…uh…abused since Lance dated and dumped her. She feels more than betrayed by him. The fact that she seemed to be the only person he didn't tell he was gay when they were supposedly going out has left her kind of…"

"Angry, betrayed, abused, feelin' stupid….need I go on!!!!!?", Danielle said through clenched teeth. Kevin's eyebrows shot up in surprise at the vehemence in Danielle's words.

"Ok…I am willing to share here…in fact, I was thinking to myself….how do I really get back on someone who gets off on guys raping other guys. He's in there right now and he's not scared or anything, he's getting off to this. But maybe I just found a new way to get him good!"

Justin looked at Kevin as Kevin began to smile at Danielle and Britney. Kevin smiled evilly and then began to tell his plan to the other three, and surprisingly, the girls were all for it, in fact, they seemed to get off on the kinkiness of the whole thing. Justin's eyes popped open wide as this new curve totally caught him by surprise. A second later, he began to grin from ear to ear as the genius of it began to soak into his mind. He smiled as he watched the shapely Danielle and his girlfriend Britney strip down and then Kevin left quickly and brought back in the toys they were to use and the three of them made their way back to Lance's room.

Lance heard the door open and Kevin come back into the room, talking quietly with Justin. The more Lance pondered what was going to happen to him next, the less fun the whole situation began to feel to him. Not that what he felt mattered for much anymore thanks to AJ's little shot. Lance had jumped slightly as he felt the sharp jab in his crotch. A minute later, his dick was hard as steel and it had stayed that way ever since. Lance had heard AJ mention that this would last for quite a few hours, and the idea of being as painfully hard as he was now for an extended period of time made him groan.

Lance moaned softly and two hands slowly took the gag off him and gave him some ice water to sip on.

"Thank you AJ", Lance politely replied.

"It ain't AJ", Justin's voice replied softly in his ear,

"Kev and AJ are taking a break."

Just then Lance jumped as he felt a pair of lips encircle the head of his cock.

"Ohhhh…yeah…JC…..uhhhhh!" Lance's moan spurred on the blowjob and soon Lance was lost in a haze of lust. Moments later, Lance's pleasure increased doubly as two hot mouths began to gnaw on his sensitive nipples. Lance's body squirmed helplessly in his bonds to this overwhelming pleasure….if not for AJ's little shot, he would have totally have dropped his load by now, but the injection kept his orgasm at bay and kept his prick throbbing and hard as steel though he ached to cum. Lance moaned as the ice dildo was slowly removed from the depths of his ass, then gasped as several fingers were inserted roughly to refresh the lube that was there.

Moments later, the mouth that had been teasing his cock pulled off and Lance felt a new sensation settle on his pole. It seemed to him that his shaft was covered in a hot casing of flesh that molded to the contours and length of his dick. Lance bucked upwards and moaned loudly at this new feeling. He felt it begin to slide up and down his shaft, causing him to buck up in sync with the motion.

As he kept pace, Lance felt a the head of a cock begin to push against his ass, slowly making its way thru the muscle and burying itself deep within his bowels. Lance's moans increased in volume and intensity as he penetrated and was penetrated himself. "Oh JC…fuck me…..oh Justin…ride me!!", Lance moaned.

Lance's pace began to pick up as he began to finally reach an orgasm. Just as Lance began to buck upwards for his first thrusts of orgasm, the blindfold was ripped away and Lance looked up into the eyes of Danielle Fishel. Lance's eyes opened wide as his orgasm overtook him and he screamed, "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" as he emptied his seed into Danielle. Danielle smiled and then leaned forward, resting her body on Lance's. Lance looked over Danielle and then realized that the person fucking his ass so hard was not JC, it was none other than Britney Spears.

Lance began to wail hysterically and was immediately silenced with the ball gag. After Danielle recovered from her orgasm, she leaned forward and placed a kiss on Lance's cheek and whispered into his ear, "Thanks Poofu…you really are a great fuck…I am glad I finally got to find out just how great you are in bed. It's hard to imagine that a guy that can fuck a girl like you just did is gay. More the pity I guess!"

Danielle jumped off the bed and walked over to JC and kissed him deeply on the lips. JC moaned and pulled her in tight, kissing her as his hands slowly cupped her bare ass.

As Lance watched Danielle kissing JC, he felt his heart break and an endless stream of tears began to fall down his cheeks. Lance sobbed quietly as he watched JC leave the room with Danielle. Justin walked up behind Britney and put his arms around her, massaging her breasts as he ground his crotch into her ass. Britney moaned softly and pushed back against her lover's hardness, eliciting a moan from him as well. Britney then smiled and turned her head to Justin's ear, whispering her idea to the naked curly haired youth. Justin smiled as Britney pulled off her strap on and squatted over Lance's still rock hard piece. Lance began to whimper pitifully as he realized her intentions.

Britney shook her head and leaned over Lance and whispered into his ear, "Lance babe, This rape for revenge thing is just like being on a rollercoaster, sometimes you just gotta sit back and enjoy the ride, ya know?" As she finished saying this, Britney squatted hard, impaling herself on Lance's hard piece. Lance, helpless, laid still as Britney moaned and turned her head to Justin.

"Ok Justin…I'm ready for you now."

Justin grabbed a little lube and spread it on his dick then placed the head of it at Britney's backdoor, slowly entering and letting her get used to the double penetration. As Justin's curly pubes hit the back of Britney's ass, Justin moaned and grabbed hold of her hips.

"Oh yeah Justin", Britney moaned, "This is so hot….uhhhh!!!"

Justin took that cue and began to slowly thrust in and out of her tight hole as she bounced up and down on Lance's hard cock. Justin moaned as he felt his dick rub against Lance's, separated by a thin layer of flesh. Though still crying, Lance also was beginning to give in to the feeling of lust and pleasure that were rising from his dick. Lance was getting completely turned on as he felt Justin thrust in and out of Britney's ass and rub against his own hard cock inside of her.

Moments later, all three began to pant and moan as they reached their respective climaxes. Lance thrust upwards in time with Justin as both boys blew their wads within Britney. Britney moaned as her own orgasm overtook her and then she leaned back against Justin. Justin pulled Britney off of Lance and set her down on the bed.

"Brit", Justin asked as his face began to redden considerably.

"Yeah Jus?", Brit asked, looking into his eyes.

"I don't know how to say this to you….", Justin began, his face totally scarlet.

"Watching me fuck Lance turned you on and you want me to try it on you?", Brit said with a bawdy grin.

"uh….well….uh…uh-huh.", Justin said looking down at the floor and taking interest in the pattern of the bedspread suddenly.

"OK Justin…I think it'd be fun…Now you can see what it feels like to be getting fucked.", Britney said as she picked up her strap on and got off the bed with Justin and grabbed her clothes.

Lance had begun to sob hard enough that his breathing was shallow behind his gag. The pain he felt in his heart from losing JC to Danielle as well as the humiliation of fucking two women was almost more than he could bear. He hoped that he would hyperventilate soon and then pass out soon and then be in the blissful arms of unconsciousness.

Kevin watched Lance's face the entire time the scene unfold and as JC and Danielle kissed he saw Lance's expression and realized that he truly had meted out enough punishment. What Lance didn't know was that JC and Danielle had staged the kiss to get out of the room and were now downstairs making some food for everyone.

As he watched Britney and Justin walk off towards the other bedroom to experiment with a few new sexual positions, Kevin got up and walked over to the cameras, and switched them off. Kevin nodded to Howie who removed Lance's gag and began to untie him. Kevin watched as Lance curled up into a little ball and began to sob even harder.

Kevin nodded again to AJ and AJ got up and left the room.

"Tit for tat hurts, doesn't it?", Kevin asked quietly as he sat down beside Lance. Lance opened his eyes and nodded slowly.

"You know what you did was wrong, right? You know how I felt now when you did what you did to me.", Kevin said emotionlessly.

Lance nodded again. Kevin picked Lance up in his arms and carried him into the bathroom. Kevin pulled off his own boxers and then started a warm shower and carried Lance into the spray of the shower. Lance leaned against the wall of the shower as Kevin took a washcloth and began to wipe away the traces of lube and cum from all over Lance's body. Lance turned around suddenly and grabbed Kevin in a tight embrace.

"I'm so sorry I did it. I am sorry I forced you…and I am sorry that I let Cherie talk me into this. I was stupid….really stupid.", Lance cried, his grip relentless on Kevin.

Kevin nodded and put his head down on Lance's shoulder. "It's over….we're all even now, I guess. We just know each other a little more intimately now than we did before."

Lance smiled and looked up at Kevin. "Oh yeah! A lot more intimately."

"C'mon…let's get you dried off and then lets eat something. JC and Danielle went down to make us all some food."

Lance looked up suddenly, "I don't know what upsets me more…that I lost JC to Danielle or that they, being the two most incompetent people in a kitchen are now in mine trying to cook food for all of us."

Kevin began to chuckle as he dried off. Just then Kevin was interrupted by a knock at the door.

Kevin wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the door. AJ and JC stood side by side, both smiling lightly.

"Hey Kev", AJ said with a smile as he grabbed his lovers' hand. "Let's leave these two alone for a while, they need to talk a little." Kevin nodded and then walked out past JC, giving him a pat on the back.

Lance watched Kevin and AJ leave then began to stare at the floor, ashamed to look into JC's eyes. "JC….", Lance began, "I hope you and Danielle will be happy together."

JC snorted, "What?!?! Didn't Kevin tell you that the whole kiss was staged to get us out of the room to cook some dinner? You don't think I enjoyed kissing her?!?"

Lance's eyes widened and he looked up into JC's beautiful eyes.

"What you did was dumb, Lance…no..it was really STUPID", JC said a second later, "But you got taught a lesson and I know you'll never do anything like that again! I guess I can forgive you anything. But…I didn't know before tonight that you thought of me that way. I was really surprised when you called out my name….I was also really turned on. I guess if you're still interested…."

Lance nodded eagerly and JC smiled, "Good! Let's go eat….we have all the time in the world for you to make all this up to me."

Lance grinned and then got dressed and the two of them joined the others to eat.

As everyone finished the meal, the doorbell rang. Lance walked over and opened the door, smiling as he saw it was the rest of the guys from both bands. Lance greeted them all and invited them in. Nick came in last and put his arm around Lance, who looked up at him nervously. Nick steered Lance towards Kevin and then coughed and made an announcement.

"Kevin…I know I can't un-do what Lance and I did to you…and I know that you said we were even and all that…but I can't help but feel that we still haven't really evened everything out."

Kevin looked at Nick warily then nodded for him to continue.

"Well…I realized, after our little encounter that there was still an accessory to our crime out there, one that hadn't been punished for the role that was played in this whole thing."

Kevin arched his eyebrow at Nick who held up his hand as if to ask for a little time to explain.

"So I decided that in this case to strike out on my own and get my own revenge for Lance and I and you."

Lance and Kevin stared at Nick as they tried to comprehend what he was saying.

Nick grinned and held up a videotape. He walked over to the television and cued up the movie.

Silence as the video showed the camera camera pan backwards, showing a body laying on a bed, completely mummified in plastic wrap struggling back and forth. A second later, Kevin and Lance's eyes widened in recognition as the camera panned in to view the face of the mummy.

Kevin and Lance began to laugh wildly as the ragged voice of Cherie came blaring through the speakers, as she screamed, "ANYBODY…..HELP ME!!! OH MY GOD!! OH GOD!! KEVIN… NICK…. LANCE!!! PLEASE!!! THIS ISN'T FUNNY! HELP!!"



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