White House Hotel East Wing, 2004

Dominoes After-Midnight Club Explores the
White House Hotel

Biloxi, Mississippi

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When the old Biloxi Hospital building became increasingly inaccessible as renovation progressed late in 1996, we turned our attention to another abandoned, neglected shrine to Biloxi's history - The White House hotel. This resort started as a well-appointed boarding house at the turn of the century. Named not for the color of the buildings but rather for the owners Walter White and his wife Cora, the resort soon established as one of the finest in Biloxi. Expansion began in the 1910s with the purchase of adjoining properties and addition of a new building. Growth continued with wings being added in 1923 and in 1927 (the 'east wing', pictured above in 2004), both designed by Mobile, AL architect George B. Rogers. The row of old houses that made up the original inn were gone by the 1940s, literally moved up the street and replaced by a modern connecting building. By 1990, the resort's glory days were long past, and what remained were decrepid, abandoned buildings. Roofs collapsed, vandals caused thorough destruction throughout, vagrants made shelter during the cold or rainy months. By 1996 the DAMC was one of the few groups actively interested in the welfare and heritage of the hotel, and began research. Popular interest in this location increased in 1999 when the property's owner, James Love III, began to execute bold plans to restore this historic site to its original beauty. Recent visits to the building during the phases of the reconstruction give us a look at what's in store for the old White House hotel, also scenes from numerous explorations in years past give a glimpse to the hidden treasures of this tarnished jewel.
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DAMC Member cuts loose during the fourth of July lurk, 2003

The DAMC supports Restoration
of the Old White House Hotel on Biloxi's beachfront.
Deep into 2004, restoration of the Hotel remains at a standstill. A nine foot fence approved by the city was put up around the rear perimeter after our 4th of July fireworks lurk in 2003. Additionally, the entire building has been boarded up at the first floor, prohibiting entry save for one basement window curiously left alone along the rear. The White House property otherwise remained virtually unchanged when we returned one year later. Who knows when we'll be back?? (Above:Where's the fire?!? A lurker cuts loose in the White House during the 2003 Fourth of July lurk.)

A really crappy scan salvaged from our first daytime lurk of the White House property, early 1997 - Inside the old West Wing building as it originally appeared, abandoned for decades. In two years, it would be changed forever.

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