Why, Color Me Carol!!!

The Avengers popularity continues to grow! Recently, major stores like WalMart and Target have carried Marvel Comics coloring & activity books! Several of these have centered on the Avengers! Well, when one of these featured recent art by Alan Davis and a shot of Carol on the cover...I Had to have it! Much to my dismay, this tome was a MAJOR disappointment!!! The artwork by Ronald & Donald Williams is juvenile and simplistic! It appears that all of their reference material on who the Avengers are came straight out of the mid-80s with characters such as Crystal, Hercules and Black Widow featured prominently! And then there's the random inclusion of Daredevil, Elektra, the Fantastic Four, Nomad, and Diamondback! But is there a single picture of Warbird or even Binary?!?!? NO!!! Spider-Girl got numerous entries and she's not even from the same timeline and has never appeared in an Avengers comic!?!?! Needless to say, this was a HUGE letdown.

To the left is a unique item sent in by regular site contributor, Rit Lon! This is a page taken directly from a Marvel Super-Heroes Coloring Book. This picture features Ms. Marvel battling Deathbird with art by Dave Cockrum. Judging from the artwork, I'd guess that this is another example of Carol's prominence during the Marvel Comics merchandise produced in the late 1970s. Check back soon for more info about this piece.

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Head Games with Ms. Marvel!

To the right is my latest purchase on eBay, "Ms. Marvel's Seventh Sense Pic-A-Word Shapes!" Released in 1978 by Cinnamon House Books, this book of puzzles featured 24 word searches centered around the solo adventures of the Female Fury!! Featuring black and white art from the Ms. Marvel comic, this children's activity book originally retailed for 95 cents!!! This is just one more example of Marvel's surprisingly broad use of Ms. Marvel in their marketing during the 1970s.

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The Superhero Women

Pictured to the left is the cover to "The Superhero Women" by Stan Lee. Published in 1977 by Fireside Books, this served as a companion piece to "The Origin of Marvel Comics" and "Bring on the Bad Guys." This book spotlighted Marvel's dynamic heroines and reprinted each of the featured character's origin story. Included in this volume were the Invisible Girl, the Wasp, the Cat, Medusa, Shanna the She-Devil, the Black Widow, Hela, Red Sonja, Lyra the Femizon, and of course...Ms. Marvel! Carol's section of the book reprinted Ms. Marvel #1.

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