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Skin Tight!

Shown here is a unique Warbird "skin" for use in the extremely popular role-playing game, The Sims! This "skin" can be downloaded to your computer and you can use it to customize your Sims character to look just like Warbird! Combine this with the other skins available online and you can turn your entire Sims world into the Marvel Universe!

The Warbird skin shown to the right was created by DkPhoenix, site owner of The Skin Factory.
Visit his site to download this Warbird skin and check out his other cool Sims skin creations!

The latest super-hero role-playing sensation is called Freedom Force! This great new video game is available for PC and Macintosh computers and allows users to play out the adventures of a new team of Kirby-esque heroes called Freedom Force. You can also create your own custom heroes who you encounter along the way! It didn't take comic fans long to create custom skins of all their favorite comic characters for use with this hot new game! Shown to the right is the skin for Warbird, available at The Skindex and created by DarkJared.

For a closer look at these cool "skins", click either of the thumbnails to the right !

In 1983, Marvel Comics and Whitman Toys released the Marvel Super Heroes Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle. This 300-piece puzzle featured a group shot of Marvel's family of heroes and included everyone from the Abomination to Zabu! Over 130 characters were featured on the 22 1/2" by 33" monster puzzle. Standing alongside the X-Men & Starjammers was none other than Carol Danvers in her Binary persona!

Click the puzzle image on the left for a larger version.
Click the Binary image for a closer look at the X-Men & Starjammers!

Recently, I found another Ms. Marvel puzzle on eBay! Not much is known about this simple child's puzzle. It appears to be made of plastic and is the type of puzzle where all of the pieces are fitted into a plastic frame and can be scrambled up and re-arranged by sliding the pieces. The image on the puzzle shows a joyous Carol in her second Ms. Marvel costume flying over the city. If anyone has more information about this rare gem, please let me know!

Click the image to the right for a closer look!

Role-Playing Warbird

In 1999, Marvel & TSR have joined forces again to release a brand new Marvel Role Playing Game called "The Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game." This new gaming system utilizes TSR's SAGA Game Rules and a special deck of "Fate Cards." Thus far, a basic game set with the aforementioned Fate Deck has been released along with roster books for the X-Men, Fantastic Four and the Avengers!

Carol has been featured in this gaming collection in a number of places. She is among the handful of characters spotlighted in the Fate Deck. Click the image on the right for an enlarged view of this card. This card falls under the Strength Suit and is labelled "Remembrance of Home", which ties into her recent return to Earth after her time with the Starjammers. It also reads "Vestige of Humanity" which may refer to her Kree/human genetic structure or to the emotional connections to her past which were stolen by Rogue. Warbird's game stats are included in the Avengers Roster Book and can be viewed in full by clicking the cover image on the left.

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