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Play Ms. Marvel on

Finally!!! After all these years, fans of Carol Danvers can play their favorite heroine in a video game! ULTIMATE ALLIANCE is Marvel's latest video game offering. Developed by the creative team at Raven Software and Activision, this game allows players to choose from a wide range of Marvel Superheroes... including Ms. Marvel! Carol is one of 19 characters that are playable on all platforms. Each character comes with four costumes which allow variations in their powers and special features. You can choose from her original Kree uniform, her classic black costume or her Binary form! You can even play as the woman who took up the Ms. Marvel name while Carol was off-planet... Sharon Ventura! Reviews for the game have been very positive and Carol is a favorite team member due to her versatility and powerful energy attacks. Each playable character has their own special battle sequence against a classic foe. Ms. Marvel faces off against the Super-Skrull! ULTIMATE ALLIANCE is available for PC, XBox, Wii, Playstation 2 & 3 and Game Boy Advance

***Click the images below and you can see the Ms. Marvel costumes and an exclusive VIP wallpaper.***

For more information about MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE, check out the detailed entry on Wikipedia HERE
or the official MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE website HERE .

A Figure Befitting a Legend!

At long last, Carol has been given a decent action figure! The Marvel Legends line of action figures from Toy Biz (and now Hasbro) has produced a wide range of Marvel characters in super-articulated and highly detailed figures. Marketed under the name WARBIRD, Carol Danvers was included in an exclusive wave of figures available only at Wal*Mart. This wave of toys was called the Giant-Man series as each smaller figure included a piece of a larger figure of Hank Pym in his classic Giant-Man persona. The Warbird figure include Giant-Man's pelvis/crotch piece. She features 33 points of articulation allowing you to place her in innumerabvle poses. The figure re-uses a previously sculpted body but features all-new face, hair and sash sculpts. She didn't have any accessories but came with an exclusive comic book that reprinted much of AVENGERS ANNUAL #10 and featured re-used cover art from a variant HOUSE OF M issue.

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For a more detailed review of the figure, click HERE.

HeroClix: Play with Carol!

In the last several years, Marvel has partnered with a variety of companies to license their characters. One popular result is the Marvel Heroclix game by WizKids! This popular "collectible miniatures game" consists of miniature figurines mounted atop a "combat dial". Using teams of characters, players compete against each other using the stats detailed on the combat dial. Carol Danvers first received a figure in her Warbird persona as part of the "Critical Mass" set released in December 2003. A game piece of Carol as Binary was included in the Supernova set which debuted in November 2006.

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Visit the Marvel Heroclix Homepage!

For more information on the Warbird figure and a super-cool rotating view of her, click HERE.

For more information about the Binary game piece, click HERE.

Wow...Nice Bust!

For years, I've longed for a Ms. Marvel bust from the talented folks at Bowen Designs. Alas, Diamond Select has beaten them to the punch with the release of this Ms. Marvel bust as part of their Marvel Universe line of premium statues and sculptures. The Ms. Marvel bust is six inches high, fully painted and sculpted by Steve Kiwus. Limited to only 2,500 pieces, this bust retails for $50.00. With Carol wrapped in an American flag, this unique piece was inspired by the cover to MS. MARVEL #1 by artist Frank Cho.

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Visit the Diamond Select isting HEREfor more information.

Valentine...You're Marvel-ous!

Just in time for Valentine's Day comes these vintage Marvel Superheroes Valentine Cards from 1979! This package of Valentines includes The Thing, Captain America, Iron Man, and Ms. Marvel, among others. This set includes 36 cards with 6 different designs. The front of the package shows the menacing Hulk coming at ya!! The original purchase price was $1.55 as stated on this package. This sealed package of older valentines is a must-have for the Marvel or Super Hero collector!

***Click the image above and you can see the Ms. Marvel valentine through the tiny plastic window!***

Warbird...Captured in Clay!!

Over the years, I've found a lot of Warbird/Ms. Marvel items on eBay, from cards to artwork to custom figures. Of them all, this is the one I just *had* to have!!! For years, I dreamed of a Bowen mini-bust of Warbird to complete my team of Avengers. Alas, Bowen Designs has to craft a Ms. Marvel mini-bust!!! Then I found this item!!!

Here's some info taken from the auction listing: "This is a fantastic 11 (13 with base) resin statue of Warbird! Depicted in her new black & yellow uniform, the finish and painting are great and the attention to detail is incredible !!! Originally made for a group of Brazilian collectors by a small Brazilian company called SCULPTix, this piece is one of only 20 numbered pieces for this character! These statues are nearly impossible to find, as the majority of them rest locked in private cabinets. Warbird is one in a series of garage products that fill a gap left by the big companies such as BOWEN DESIGNS, DC DIRECT and DIAMOND SELECT, which released statues of such characters as Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Daredevil, Hellboy, Wolverine, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, Justice League, Fantastic Four, both from Marvel and DC lines, but missed many important characters in the comics superhero universe"....like Warbird!!

Winning bids for this item have exceeded $275! I managed to snag one for myself a couple of years ago at a steal (relatively speaking) and it's the prize piece in my collection of Ms. Marvel memorabilia!

***For a closer look at this wonderful piece, click the images above.***

Fits Her to a Tee!

The recent surge in popularity of the Avengers has seen a marked increase in Avengers-related merchandise! Among these recent offerings is the Avengers t-shirt pictured on the left. This is an officially licensed Marvel Comics tee shirt emblazoned with artwork by Avengers legend, George Perez! This image features the line-up revealed in Avengers Volume #3 issue #4 and includes Captain America, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Justice, Firestar, Thor, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Wonder Man and of course, Warbird!

Shown to the right is a unique custom t-shirt created by the one man who rivals me as Carol's #1 Fan, the talented Rit Lon! Rit has been a regular contibutor to this site since the very beginning adding both his fan art and his custom figures. Here you see his own one-of-kind, super-retro Ms. Marvel t-shirt! This shirt features artwork taken from the cover of Ms. Marvel #20, which introduced Carol's iconic costume designed by Dave Cockrum.

Bottled Ms. Marvel!

Sometime in the '70s when Marvel was heavily marketing their characters, they struck a deal that put their top heroes onto the tops of soda bottles! From the little I know about this strange eBay find, Tapita bottling in Mexico (I think) featured various Marvel characters under their bottle caps for a short time! Naturally, Ms. Marvel was included! I have to admit, this is one of the funkier items I've discovered featuring our esteemed Ms. Danvers!

Click the image to the right for a closer peek!

Give Carol a KISS!

Have you ever wanted to play dress-up with Warbird? Maybe give Binary a cosmic make-over? Can't draw but would love to tweak Carol's costume? Well look no further! Shown here are samples from the Rogue/Carol KISS Set!!! While not technically a piece of merchandise, this little doo dad is must have for any Carol fan! Read on for details and samples created by yours truly!

What is KISS? At its most simple, KiSS (Kisekae Set System) is a program that creates and manipulates computer-rendered paper dolls. You download a viewing program and files made to work with that program most of which are like paper dolls. Each character set comes with a base model and allows you to dress and undress the character by moving items around. You can dress Carol in her various costumes and even change her hairstyle! Of course, she has to share closet space with that power-stealing Southerner, Rogue!

KISS started as a Japanese program, and many of the KISS download sets are of anime characters, although there's a larger number of non-anime KISSES from non-Japanese artists appearing every day. Comic characters are a natural for the KISS program! Many of the X-Women can be found in KISS form, from the Rogue/Carol set featured here to sets starring Jubille, Jean Grey, Storm and Psylocke!

To download this set and more, visit Tasha's Realm of the Dark KISS!
To download a KISS Viewing Program, click HERE!
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Calendar Girl!

In 1981, Marvel released a 20th Anniversary Calendar! The calendar featured original artwork from the Mighty Marvel Bullpen and historic events from Marvel Comics during each month. August was Avengers month and featured artwork of the entire Avengers roster by Avengers' mainstays, George Perez and Gene Day! Ms. Marvel had just left the team but can be seen on the viewscreen in the background.

Click the thumbnail on the left for a closer look at the calendar cover by John Byrne.
Click the thumbnail on the right for a closer look at the image of the Avengers!

Electric Company Sizzles with Ms. Marvel!

Who could forget those classic Electric Company segments featuring everyone's favorite Wallcrawler??? In one of Marvel's earliest & most memorable forays into television, Spidey himself served as an educational speaker on this popular children's program. Along with the TV spots, Marvel teamed up with the Electric Company to create "Spidey Super Stories". The comic adaptation was geared toward younger readers and featured elementary school level storytelling to help kids learn to read. These issues featured Spidey and TONS of guest stars, including Ms. Marvel. Carol appeared in issue #22 and fought the Beetle alongside Spider-Man.

Shown here are the front & back covers.
Clicking the images shown here will take you to a larger version.

Postcards from the Edge?!?!

In 1978, Marvel released a booklet featuring 32 super-hero postcards. This collection featured Marvel's gallery of heroes and villains, including Ms. Marvel. The cards feature pin-up style art that was previously published as well as "battle scenes" with original art by Dick Giordano. Carol's postcards are pictured below.

I've made some interesting observations about the postcards in this book that I think say a lot about the prevailing attitude towards female heroes in that day and age. The only heroine who is featured on more than one action scene postcard is Ms. Marvel. Other females featured include Spider-Woman, Shanna the She-Devil, and the Black Widow. All of the cards featuring female super-heroes in action depict the women in some state of submission or imminent defeat. Shanna and Spider-Woman are both tied up and being attacked by male characters. Spider-Woman is caught in a web and under attack by a giant spider. In both of her postcards, Ms. Marvel is in the process of being accosted by a male villain. In contrast, none of the male characters are restrained or being bested by their opponents. In fact, they are all either in a posed stalemate with their foe or clearly winning their battle. With imagery like this, it's no wonder that girls didn't relate to comics and comics starring female characters never lasted very long....who wants to read about a hero who is always being beaten or tied up!?!? This is also a powerful statement about violence against women in our society. Where's Betty Friedan when you need her?

Click either postcard for a closer look.

Carol Needs to Work on Her Figure!!!

No Carol doesn't need the help of Weight Watchers...but she should sure have a talk with her agent about this wretched ToyBiz atrocity! At the height of the Marvel Comics action figure craze, Toy Biz released a Ms. Marvel figure as part of their Marvel Hall of Fame: She-Force assortment. The Marvel Hall of Fame figures were all repaints and were sold in limited quantities.

This figure of Carol was originally a Fantastic Four Medusa figure and was packed with a catapult device that originally came with the X-Men Phoenix figure. This figure left much to be desired, primarily due to a terrible choice of base figure and an inaccurate paint job. Toy Biz should have used the Phoenix figure as the base for Carol, but chose instead to use that figure for the Sharon Ventura Ms. Marvel figure. Both figures were released in the same assortment and Carol was renamed "Ms. Marvel Universe" to distinguish between the two. UGH!

If you're as displeased with this figure as I was,
click HERE to see some great custom Carol figures!

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