Carol's varied experiences and numerous career moves have left her with a variety of well-honed and useful skills. Besides numerous fighting skills, Carol is also an accomplished writer and journalist! Below is a summary of Carol's skills and talents.

Combat Skills-

Carol possesses exceptional fighting skills. She is trained and proficient in various forms of martial arts as well as Kree fighting disciplines. She is also skilled in the use of all US and Kree military ordinance. In addition, she is highly adept at aerial combat and able to combine her flight, super-strength and energy powers most effectively in battle. She is among the most talented aerial combatants in the Marvel Universe.


While with the Central Intelligence Agency, Carol became an expert in espionage. She has practical field experience with a variety of situations and foreign agencies including SHIELD and the KGB. She retains her espionage skills which include surveillance techniques, infiltration and extraction protocols, interrogation skills and basic acting and disguise. She is also fluent in various languages including Russian, German, and Japanese.


Carol is a Major in the US Air Force and retains the training of the Kree Captain Mar-vell. From childhood, she was fascinated by planes and aircraft and dreamed of flying. She aspired to space exploration and aggressively pursued a career path that would make this a possibility. She is knowledgeable about all forms of Terran and Kree air and spacecraft. She has served aboard the Starjammer and is familiar with its systems. She also possesses a basic familiarity with other alien crafts such as those used by the Shi'ar. Her love of flying and space extends to her natural flight abilities. She finds her abilities exhilarating and revels in flight and in battle. She uses flight and combat as other avenues for release and escape.


Carol is a skilled writer and editor. She has successfully published a novel and served as editor-in-chief of a major magazine. Recently, she has renewed her interest and contacts in this field and is in negotiations to have a science fiction novel published, based in part on her travels with the Starjammers. She is proficient in all areas of journalistic management.

Alien Cultures-

Carol's own memories have been merged with those of the Kree warrior, Captain Mar-vell. She possesses a comprehensive knowledge of Kree language, culture, religion, politics and customs. She retains a copy of Captain Mar-vell's memories which have merged with her own. She can draw on his comprehensive knowledge and experience with the Kree. This comes through in her language and she often will use Kree exclamations like "Pama!" or "Hala!" Despite her links to the Kree, Carol bears no true emotional ties or investments in the Kree beyond her relationship with Captain Mar-Vell. She is physically half-Kree, but clearly identifies as a Terran. Her loyalty , identity and emotional ties are to Earth and she really has no attachment to the Kree. In fact, she has clashed with the Kree and has been on the receiving end of the nasty side of Kree politics and war-making. In the past, she has aided the Avengers against the Kree Supreme Intelligence and bears no ill feelings towards the team for their involvement in the fall of the Kree empire during Operation: Galactic Storm. In addition, she has spent a great deal of time among alien races while with the Starjammers including the Shi'ar, the Brood, the Sidri, the Technarch, and the Mephisitoids.