I have written a Beginner's Tutorial for CGI Perl Language. I would recommend it if you were new to the perl language.
A Tutorial for Perl/Tk is also available. Use this only if you know perl.


Javascript Source Compressor - JavaScript Source Compressor is a perl script that can be used to compress the Javascript source file to a much smaller file.
CGI Scripts - Guestbooks, Hit Counter, User Feedback Taker and many more
Misc Perl Scripts - Some very old Perl scripts that I have created. I am not sure that you will have any use for them - but check them out.

Programs - Perl/Tk

RSSPilot V 1.00.A Beta RSSPilot is a software that can be used to create RSS feeds for your web. One can also use it to read offline RSS feeds.
SedGUI V 1.00.A Beta This is a GUI version of the Sed(Stream EDitor) program in Unix. Sed is very powerful but it is very user unfriendly. So this is a GUI version for the Sed progarm.