Gay Osaka

The gay area of Osaka is concentrated in Doyama-cho, east of the Hankyu Umeda train station. The major landmark in Doyama is Banana Hall, a well-known club/concert hall. You can pretty much ask anyone for directions and if you can make your way to Banana Hall, you're there. For a map and directions to Doyama, please click here.


Cruising Spots


Osaka has a lively gay scene, concentrated in the Doyama area (see map and navigating instructions above!). There's lots to see and do in Osaka, so have fun!


Osaka (06) 6312-5003

Osaka's premier gay dance club. Check their website to see what's on. Also, visit their links page to see all the events happening around the country...very handy.

Jack in the Box
Osaka (06) 6361-3271
About two blocks east of Explosion.

Doyama's newest gay club. Please check their website for schedule. Closed Thursdays.

Osaka (06) 6486-3388
Located northeast of Umeda Stn near Umeda LOFT Dept Store

Not technically a gay club, but usually hosts gay events (or, at least, events with go-go boys and drag queens) monthly. Check their schedule.

Osaka (06) 6311-1386
On Hankyu Higashi St (see map)

This is the FIRST gay bar in Japan owned and operated by a non-Japanese. It was recommended by a friend. Drinks are cheap, there is no cover change, and it has a friendly atmosphere (and they speak English). Definitely at the top of my list the next time I'm in Osaka!

Physique Pride

Osaka (06) 6361-2430
Next door to Explosion

Osaka's best-known 'gaijin-friendly' bar. Especially handy if you're planning to dance the night away at Explosion!

Cafe de Jumpin' Jumpin'

Osaka (06) 6363-3367

One of my favourite places in Osaka. A very relaxing atmosphere, friendly and good-looking bartenders...what more could you ask for? Oh, and this is where I first met my ex-boyfriend's ex-boyfriend, and got all the dirt on my ex!


Cruising Spots

I make no comment as to the safety and/or advisability of visiting these spots. I simply provide the information found in most of the gay Japanese literature.

Umeda Rose Theatre (Japanese only)
Osaka (06) 6312-1856
North of Tsutaya on the main road, under the highway.
A relatively dodgy little cinema, showing some gay porn and some regular gay-themed films. Admission is 1700 yen (or 1300, once you become a member). Also hosts the monthly 'Young Homo Show'.
Osaka (06) 6361-2288
One block north and east of Banana Hall.
Word has it that while Hokuokan has a 'Japanese only' sign on the door, 'well-behaved' foreigners are also admitted.


Doyama-cho, Osaka
This map of the Doyama area of Osaka is borrowed from the website of Frenz, one of my number one recommedations for gay Osaka!

Since the Doyama area is a wee bit challenging to find, I offer the following information, taken from the Utopia website:

"Instructions to the Doyama-cho gay nightlife area: from the Hankyu Umeda train platform, take the main exit (head in the same direction that all trains enter the station). Take the escalators down to the bustling street level passageway and turn LEFT and exit the station. You will be facing a 1-story shopping complex called EST1, built under the train tracks. Cross the street and take the alleyway between EST1 and the large HEP Five shopping centre (with the huge red ferris wheel on the roof). Go down this alley 2 blocks and it ends at the main street. Turn right and walk to the traffic light. Turn left and cross the main avenue. When you reach the other side turn right immediately and cross the smaller road. You are now at Doyama-cho, a maze of late night bars and restaurants. Before entering, turn left at this corner and walk to the first alleyway and turn right. Take this alley straight ahead. Pass the first intersection which is the covered arcade lane. At the next intersection you could turn right to go to Explosion and Physique, or keep going straight ahead and on the right is Coco love hotel. Go one more block straight ahead and Hokuoukan sauna is on the next corner on your left. Explore the lanes in this immediate vicnity for many of the bars mentioned below, which advertise their names on rows of small signs that rise vertically on building exteriors."