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If you're in doubt about how to analyze the accuracy of information you find on the internet, here's a good common sense guide from Iowa State University.

Susie and Banshee ski-joring in Manitoba, CAN. Click on the picture to take you to links describing this fun winter dog sport. ACTIVITIES
Border collies are (and should be) bred to herd livestock. When living in a non-herding home, dogs from working lines often happily engage in and excel at these other activities too.


General Information:
WorkingDogWeb© Activities, Sports and Work
Athletic & Working Dogs - Canine sports medicine and performance physiology website.
Athletic and Working Dogs A Guide to Maximizing Athletic Potential
Conditioned Canine
Conditioning Your Canine Athlete
Dog Informant - Great resource describes and rates the best links on the internet.
Dog-Play Having Fun With Your Dog - Great things people do with their dogs and more.
Dogs in Action - Online network for active dogs and active owners.
Help Your Pet Stride Safely Into Exercise Program
Importance of Gait Analysis in Training
Lennie's World of Dogs Exercise Articles
Optimal Perf. - Getting the Most Out of Your Dog
Sirius Dog - For the Performance Dog Enthusiast
Sport Border Collies = Working Border Collies? - How to get BC's involved in non-CKC sanctioned events.
Training and Fitness: Essentials for Sporting Dogs
WorkingDogWeb© Training and Conditioning (all Breed)
Working Dogs Cyberzine

Leap weaves Agility:
See the Equipment link below for information about where to purchase agility obstacles.

Agility Ability - Dog Agility Central - Many links.
Agility and Russian Kinds of Sports
Agility and the Border Collie
Agility Association of Canada
Agility Australia
Agility Basics
Agility Dog Association of Australia
Agility Dog Webring
Agility FAQs - Comprehensive info collected from messages posted to the agility lists.
AgilityNet - News & views from the birthplace of agility.
Agility Obstacle Construction
Agility Tips from Experienced Competitors
BAD Home Page! (Beardie Agility Diehards)
Border Collies in Agility
Canine Activities: Agility J. L. Gauntt
Clean Run Productions - Publishes books and a monthly magazine on the sport of dog agility. In addition, they offer dog training supplies and tools as well as trial gear and unique gifts.
Dog Agility EMail Lists - Wow, there are a lot of people talking about agility!
Dog Agility for Novices Jay & Wanda Jennings
Dog Agility Web Page
Dogpatch Dog Agility Page
Dr. P's Agility Resources and Articles Links
Just For Fun! Dog Agility for the Rest of Us
National Agility Link Association - Home of New Zealand agility.
North American Dog Agility Council
Power Paws Dog Agility Articles
UKC Agility Regulations
United States Dog Agility Association, Inc.

Assistance and Therapy:
Animal Facilitated Therapy - Includes training tips.
Assistance Dog Laws and Legal Resources
Assistance Dogs International
Delta Society
Dog Ears - Certified hearing dogs.
International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP)
Ilene Caroom's Puppy Games - Help to lay the foundation for future training of hearing aid dogs.
Prescription Protocols for Psychiatric Service Animals
Prison Pet Partnership Program
Service Dogs FAQ
Stuff You Might Need to Train a Handler-Trained Service Dog
Super Hearing Dog
The Puppy Place
Working Dogs' Assistance/Service Dog Links - VERY thorough list of links

Many 'thanks' to Leah for her picture of her Border Collie, Greg! Draft Work Including Mushing, Pulling, & Skijoring:
A mix of personal experiences, 'how-to' & technical information and supplier websites devoted to pulling activities.

A Picture of Skijoring Grace I Wasn't
A Skijoring We Will Go
Distance Skijoring
How to In-Line Skate with your Dog
How to Skijor - Tongue-in-cheek tutorial.
International Federation of Sled Dog Sports (IFSS)
International Sled Dog Racing Association (ISDRA)
Mushing, Skijoring, Pulling, Carting and Backpacking - Equipment suppliers.
NESDC Mushing Links - Extensive.
North American Skijoring and Ski Pulk Association
Out and About - Adventures in sledding and skijoring with Piper, the border collie.
Playing With Dogs
Rae's Harness Shop
Rollerjoring Dog powered inline skating.
Skijoring Articles from Carol Kaynor, renowned Skijoring author.
Skijoring (and a bit of Sled Dogging)
Skijoring Articles by Ken Severin - Highly recommended
Skijor Now - the skijorer's source for quality equipment and information.
skijor_talk This list is for skijorers, or people participating in like sports to talk with others about the sport.
Sled Dog Central - On line sled dog advertising and information source.
Sleddog Racing - The Dog-Powered Sport
Snow Motion Winter Dog Sports Club of Manitoba - All-breed winter dog sports club located in Canada.
Stephen Lee's Personal Home Page - Information, and links to other sources for information, on virtually all aspects of the sport of racing sled dogs.
Steve Poulin on Waxing Skis
SWIX Wax Wizard Get recommendations for the best Swix wax for the conditions.
Technique - The Basics Short descriptions of the primary techniques used in XC Skiing.
What's Skijoring?
Working Information - information on sledding, weightpulling, ski-joring and other activities for the working dog enthusiast.
XC Skiing With Your Dog - List of cross country ski resorts that allow dogs.

Canine Disc: Converting Prey to Play
Canine Frisbee FAQ
Dallas Dog and Disc
Skyhoundz - Atlanta-based company which produces a series of books, videos, products and events for disc dog enthusiasts.
Disc Dog List - List is dedicated to discussions concerning all aspects of canine Frisbee and the growth of the sport of canine Frisbee.
Frisbee/Disc Dog FAQ
FRISBEE® Disc Dog WebRing
Frisbee Dogs - Are they prone to injury?
Frisbee Dog Page Links
International Disc Dog Handlers' Association
K9 Athlete
National Capital Air Canines - Canine Frisbee® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Video Training, Newsletters, and Discussion Areas.
US Disc Dog Nationals

British Flyball Association Home Page
Flyball Box Instructions
Flyball.com - they tout themselves as having the 'largest collection of flyball information in the world.'
Flyball E-mail List
Flyball FAQ from Flyballdogs.com
Flyball Home Page Kathryn Hogg
NAFA Flyball Racing Homepage of the North American Flyball Association, Inc.
Flyball Ring
i-Flyball - this portal provides links to other Flyball related information on the Internet.
Flyball Training Tips Improve speed, reliability and correct problems.

Lucky Lucy! Games, Play & Tricks:
Amusing the Bored Border Collie
A Quick Lesson in Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks
Are Rawhides Safe?
Books With Fun and Games for your Dog
Brain Work, Tricks and Exercises to do With Your Dog
Dog Trick Page
Competitive Play: To Tug or Not to Tug? Moe Schober
Dr. P's Play Links
Dr. P's Trick Links
Games Dogs Love
Games With Rules - make your dog use his brain as well as his body and keep you in control.
Good Games & Bad Games Carol A. Byrnes on a fun way to teach leadership and control.
How to Play Games With Your Dog Carol A. Byrnes
Incredible Dog Tricks from Purina Dog Chow Including flying disc tricks.
Intelligent Diversions and Creative Play Carol A. Byrnes
Merja's Dog Training Page
Play and Exercise in Dogs
Play With Your Pet Cat and dog game ideas from FamilyFun.
Rawhide, Cow Hide – Are They Good or Bad for Your Pet? Dr. Debra Primovic
Recovery Games Games you can play with a convalescing dog.
Ring Bell for Service Sharon Savage, M.S.
Stuffing Kongs for Your Dog
Taking the Conflict Out of Tug of War Sharon Savage, M.S.
Teaching Your Dog to do Tricks Cheryl May
Teach Your Dog to Retrieve Sharon Savage, M.S.
The World of Kong
Tricks of the Trade Elizabeth TeSelle
Trick Training - List of tricks.
Trick Training
Trick Training List - Just in case you've run out of things to do with Rover.
Tricks, Tricks, Tricks
Variations on a Theme Called Canine Play Myrna Milani,D.V.M.
Why It's Important for Dogs to Play
Wiggly Giggly Pet Toy May Be A Hazard To Your Dog

Armed Forces Pest Management Board
Border Collie Herds Birds out of Plane's Way
Border Collie Rescue, Inc. Birdstrike Control Program
Border Patrol - From Turf Notes, Southern States Cooperative's magazine for turf professionals.
Control of Bird and Wildlife Populations
Dog’s Goose Herding a Hit With Local Golfers
Effective and Humane Control for Canada Geese
Flyaway Farm
Geese Police Headquarters
Gooseworks Humane Goose Control (South Lyons, MI)
Migratory Bird Treaty Act
Ohio Border Collies Keep Geese Away

ALL-K9 - E-mail discussion list for canine obedience instructors at all levels.
Border Collies in Obedience
Canine Activities: Obedience Trials
Dog Obedience and Training Page
Family Dog Training Center Competitive Obedience Articles
National Association of Dog Obedience Trainers
Obedience Home Page
Obedience Trials
Suzanne Clothier Articles - 5-part series on jumping.

Throw me my stick, please . . . I'll get off your snowshoe if you throw me my stick! Other Activities:
Backpacking With Your Dog
California Canine Hikers
Camping and Backpacking FAQ
Camping With Your Dog
Canine Freestyle Federation, Inc.
Dog Paddling #101 - What water conditions warrant a flotation device?
Dog Park - Interactive guide to dog parks across the US.
Dog Power - Dog Parks -- How to get 'em and how to keep 'em.
Dog Runs and Dog Parks - How to establish a successful dog run in your community.
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages - Tips to help you enjoy outdoor activities with your dog.
Hiking and Backpacking with Your Dog
How Safe is That Doggie in the Water?
Properly Conditioned Dogs Make Great Hiking or Running Companions
Take Your Dog Along on a Bike Ride
The Freestyle Challenge
The Future's Bright, it's Black and White - Border collies in falconry!
Training for the trail with your dog: Walking and Hiking Tips
Wolf Packs® Guide to Dog Packing
World Canine Freestyle Organization

Jude rests after work. S&R/Tracking:
911BC K-9 Search and Recovery Team
Absaroka Search Dogs of Montana - Great site. Includes training articles and links with references specifically to border collies including "What breed dog will work as a search dog?" While you're there, check out "Tor" the border collie.
American Rescue Dog Association
Auburn University Canine & Detection Research Institute
Avalanche Dogs! (and More)
Beartooth Search Dogs
Born to Search and Rescue? - Aptitude quiz.
Dr. P's Dog Training: The Nose Knows Links and more links.
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
Hi, I am "Cody" - Meet this BC trained in article search (locating items with human scent),cadaver recovery, and tracking.
Introduction to Avalanche Rescue Dogs
K9 Caddy: Training your Dog to Find Lost Golf Discs DiscRevolution.com
Moraine Tracking Club Training Tips
National Association for Search and Rescue
Olfactory Function and Nutrition in Canine Athletes
Phoenixville Fire Department Canine Search and Rescue
Police Dog Homepage
Scent Games - exercises & games to teach any dog scent discrimination.
Search Dogs Still Training for Next Disaster - Lucy the border collie was on the job at the World Trade Center.
Search Gear Buy seach and rescue equipment.
STAR 1 Search & Technical Rescue - Multi-discipline volunteer search and rescue group based in Story County, Iowa.
Tightlines Tracking Articles
Tracking, Craig Green's Articles
Tracking Page
Tracking with Border Collies
Utilizing Air-Scenting Search Dogs To Locate Drowning Victims: A Research Report

Looks, variable; behavior, all border collie! BEHAVIOR
Also see genetics links below.


General Information:
Alpo Behavior Specialist Q&A - Answers to commonly asked questions.
Amherst Small Animal Hospital Canine Behavior Articles
Applied Ethology Home Page - Study of animal behavior.
ASPCA Ani-Med® Call-In Index
Association of Pet Behavior Counselors (UK)
Behavior of the Domestic Dog - Handout for vet students.
Behavior: Understanding and Modifying FAQ by Cindy Tittle Moore
Border Collie Behaviors - A Temperament Theory
Canine Behavior Series - Answers to many questions in a Q&A format from VIN.com.
Canine Behavior Solutions
Canines.com - Information about behavior and socialization plus answers to common questions about dog discipline and training.
Can We Help You Keep Your Pet? Solutions to behavior problems.
Diamonds in the Ruff Common Behavior Problems Articles from Carol A. Byrnes
Dog Behavior Problems Michael Richards, D.V.M.
Doggie Door to Canine Behavior Brandy J. Oliver's comprehensive site.
Dog Owner's Guide - articles about behavior and more
DogPsych.com Neat site by James O'Heare
Dog Training, Behavior Problems and Obedience From Drs. Foster & Smith. Site loaded with info.
Drugs for Pets Radio program about the increased acceptance of advanced medical treatment and behavior therapies for animals.
Dumb Friends League Dog Behavior Information
DVM Small Animal Behavior Articles - Dr. Karen Overall, University of Pennsylvania.
Foothills Animal Hospital and Four Paws Pet Place Client Instruction Information Index
Good Dog Articles and Tips From behavior specialist and trainer, Martin Guerra.
greatpets.com Behavior Articles
Hilltop Animal Hospital Wonderful site!
How to Live With a Dog - Three absolutely essential skills and abilities that a person has to have.
How We Help Cause Our Dogs to Misbehave Robin Kovary, American Dog Trainer's Network
'Hug Therapy' for Border Collies
MMilani.com! - Articles and information integrating animal health, behavior and the human-animal bond written by veterinarian, consultant, teacher, and author Myrna Milani.
Lennie's World of Dogs Behavior Articles
Pet Behavior Resources - edited by William E. Campbell, internationally recognized authority on pet dog behavior problems.
Petfinder Library
Preventing Behavior Problems With Your Pet By Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., and Daniel Q. Estep, Ph.D.
Protocol for Relaxation Foundation for all other behavior modification programs. Karen Overall, VMD.
Sharon's Pet Behavior Articles - Intelligent, well written advice covering a variety of topics.
Ten Tips for Dealing With Problem Behavior Suzanne Clothier
VetMedCenter Behavior Articles Dr. Larry Tilley, D.V.M.
Understanding Your Dog MyPetStop.com

Jody's Rip Age-related Health and Behavior Issues:

Developmental Stages of a Dog's Life Jacque Lynn Schultz, ASPCA Director, Special Projects
Who's Older - You or Your Dog? - What to expect from your Border Collie, in terms of energy level and alertness.

Also see puppy nutrition.

  • Adjusting to a New Home Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Benefits of Early Socialization W. Hunthausen, D.V.M.
  • Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Canine Behavior and Development Purdue University
  • Canine Behavior Series: Puppy Training Tips Answers to many questions in a Q&A format.
  • Canine Development and Socialization to People, Animals and Environment The Animal Humane Society
  • Canine Development Chart One week to one year.
  • Canine Emotional Development Diana Scorpio D.V.M. & Mico Nelson
  • Controlling Dog Aggression at Home Guarding and handling problems are easier to prevent than to cure.
  • Counseling Pet Owners on Puppy Socialization and Establishing Leadership Debra F. Horwitz, D.V.M.
  • Critical Periods Joachim Zolhard & Gail Tamases Fischer
  • Developmental Stages of Puppy Behavior Dumb Friends League
  • Giving Puppy a Head-Start! Bob DeFranco
  • If You Could Turn Back Time Learn from others' mistakes. Janine Adams
  • I Wish I had a Dog Like That! Making a "wish list." Randy Scott
  • Making of Friendly Dogs Preventing aggression and maintaining good doggy mental health starts in puppyhood. Stacy Braslau-Schneck, CPDT
  • New Parent Guide Five chapters of common sense info for new pet owners.
  • Parenting Your Puppy Marty Guerra
  • Puberty Pups (16 weeks to one year) Sarah Hodgson
  • Puppy Preparedness Getting your household ready for a new puppy. Jacque Lynn Schultz
  • Puppy 101 Top 10 puppy pointers from Dog Days.
  • Puppy Raising Information Valerie Barrette, CPDT
  • Puppy Socialization and Habituation Dr. Pam Hand
  • Puppy Stuff Raising and training a young pup. Gwen Bohnenkamp
  • Puppy: Training Basics Amherst Small Animal Hospital
  • Puppy Training: Taking Charge Amherst Small Animal Hospital
  • Rebels with Paws Jacque Lynn Schultz on dog adolescence.
  • Rule of Sevens Elizabeth TeSelle talks about puppy socialization.
  • Sensory, Emotional and Social Development of the Young Dog In depth article by Dr. Joël Dehasse, Behaviorist Veterinarian.
  • Socializing Your New Puppy Amherst Small Animal Hospital
  • Stages of Canine Development Ellen Dodge
  • Teaching Your Puppy to be Comfortable in the World My Pet Stop
  • Training Your Puppy My Pet Stop
  • Understanding Your Puppy Bruce Sessions
  • Will Our Pet Out Grow These Annoying Problems? Diana Guerrero
  • Young Puppy Q&A (8 to 16 weeks) Sarah Hodgson
  • Your Puppy, The Early Years People and Dogs Society
  • Senior Dogs
  • A Companion Animal's Golden Years Jacque Lynn Schultz, ASPCA Director, Special Projects
  • Anipryl and Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome
  • Behavioral Disorders in Senior Dogs
  • Behavior Problems in Geriatric Dogs
  • Changes in Behavior Associated with Aging in Dogs
  • Changes in Behavior Associated with Aging in Dogs
  • Changes in Behavior Associated With Aging in Dogs
  • Common Behavior Changes and Problems in Older Dogs Holly R. Frisby, D.V.M., Drs. Foster & Smith
  • Dogs and Cats in Their Dotage
  • Geriatrics - helpful advice from T. J. Dunn, Jr. D.V.M.
  • Is Your Dog's Mind Going to the Dogs?
  • Normal Aging & Expected Changes in Older (Senior, Geriatric) Dogs
  • Recommendations for Geriatric Dogs Dr. Petra Drake
  • Resources to Help One Deal with Pet Incontinence
  • Senior Dogs Project - Site devoted to the health and care of older dogs.
  • Thinking About Your Older Dog

  • Aggression:
    Aggression is a serious problem with potentially serious consequences. Getting or giving advice over the internet is risky. See your vet to rule out physical causes and, if necessary, for referral to a qualified applied animal behaviorist. You may also want to look at information on dog bites or nipping and rough play.


    General Information
    5 Common Types of Uncontrolled Aggression Tanya Sanborn
    Aggression Great Pets provides ways to think about the problem and some positive steps to take to control/redirect/prevent aggressive behavior in dogs.
    Aggression - General overview from Pet Behavior Clinic
    Aggression and Behavior FAQs from Border Collie Rescue
    Aggression: Diagnosing and Treating Aggressive Behaviors in Dogs Amherst Small Animal Hospital
    Aggression Q&A Brandy J. Oliver
    Aggression: What You Need to Know Nice overview of the topic including origin by The SF/SPCA
    Behavioral View on Dog Aggression Barbara Nibling
    Biting Behavior in Dogs Michael Richards, DVM
    Book List for Canine Aggression Dog Owner's Guide
    Border Collie Aggression Dr. Nicholas B. Carter
    Canine Aggression Dog Owner's Guide
    Canine Aggression Answers to Q&A from Michael Richards, DVM.
    Canine Behavior Series: Fears, Anxiety, and Aggression - Q&A format from VIN.com.
    Canines Who Have bitten Humans Rolan Tripp, DVM
    Development and Correction of Canine Aggression Gary L. Clemons, DVM
    Dog's Aggressiveness Towards Man: Diagnostic Methods and Preventive Suggestions Chiara Bertani & Pier Giovanni Bracchi, Medico Veterinario
    Dominance vs. Aggression Dr. Nicholas B. Carter
    Early Recognition and Prevention of Canine Aggression Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
    Faces of Aggression Animal Behavior Center of New York
    Factors Associated with Aggression Taklamakan Chow Welfare
    Furr Angels - Resources for dealing with aggression in dogs and cats.
    Identifying and Treating Canine Aggression or What to do when Sweet Little Fluffy has the Personality of Bruno the Junkyard Dog Dr. John Simon, Woodside Animal Hospital
    Impulsivity in Dogs — Assessment and Treatment Jaume Fatjó
    Making of Friendly Dogs Preventing aggression and maintaining good doggy mental health is a lifelong process. Stacy Braslau-Schneck, CPDT
    Meaningful Temperament Assessment for Aggression in Dogs — Can it be Done? Dr Judith K Blackshaw, Associate Professor in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, The University of Queensland
    Preventing Aggression Dr. Laurie Green
    Problems Versus Behaviour Jenny Peacocke
    Screening for Aggression Problems Joan Froling
    Still the Best Medicine: Prevention, Part I Elizabeth TeSelle
    Ten Myths in Dealing With an Aggressive Dog Karen L. Overall, VMD
    Understanding Aggressive Behavior in Dogs Dumb Friends League
    Use of Positive Reinforcement in Dealing with Aggression Laura Bourhenne
    What to do When Man's Best Friend turns Into His Worst Nightmare? Scott Krick, DVM
    When is a Growl Not a Growl? Myrna Milani, BS, DVM

    Dominance Aggression
    General information about pack order can be found in the social behavior section.

    Aggression Toward Family Members Dominance or Status Related Aggression Amherst Small Animal Hospital
    Attitude Adjustment Program Suzanne Clothier about power issues between dog & owner.
    Behavior Modification Rules for Moderate Aggression Karen L. Overall, VMD, Ph.D., Dipl. ACVB
    Competitive Play: To Tug or Not to Tug? Moe Schober
    Dog Aggression Basic tips for dealing with dominance and fear aggression from Brandy J. Oliver, MA.
    Dog Aggressive Behavior Disorders and Dominance Aggression Dr Joël Dehasse, DVM, Behaviourist
    Dominance Aggression in Dogs: Part 1 / Part 2 by Dr. Karen L. Overall
    Dominance Aggression Revisited Luescher, DVM & Guy, DVM
    Effect of Dietary Protein Content and Tryptophan Supplementation on Dominance Aggression, Territorial Aggression, and Hyperactivity in Dogs. DeNapoli, JS, et al. (2000) J Am Vet Med Assoc.
    Identifying and Correcting Human-Directed Dominance Aggression of Dogs Sharon L. Crowell-Davis, DVM, PhD
    Status-Related Aggression Donna Brander, Animal Behaviourist
    Teaching Your Aggressive Dog Deferential Behavior Karen L. Overall, VMD
    Using Avoidance and Passive Behavior Modification to Treat Dominance Aggression Karen L. Overall, VMD

    Fear Aggression
    Anxious Aggression Pet Behavior Clinic
    Dog Aggression Basic tips for dealing with dominance and fear aggression from Brandy J. Oliver, MA.
    Fear Aggression Dr. Nicholas B. Carter
    Fear Aggression Partnership for Animal Welfare
    Fear Aggression and Shyness Kathy Diamond Davis
    Fear Aggression Directed Toward People Drs. Nicholas Dodman and Alice Moon-Fanelli
    Fear-Based Aggression in Dogs Sarah Wilson
    Fear Aggression Towards People (or Other Animals) Janet A. Smith
    How to Handle a Growling Dog Averill Ring
    Inter-Dog Fear Aggression Dr. Nicholas Dodman and Dr. Alice Moon-Fanelli
    Tips for Fear-Aggressive Dogs Partnership for Animal Welfare

    Food and Resource Guarding
    Canine Possession Aggression ASPCA Companion Animal Services
    Defusing Possessive Aggression Michigan Humane Society
    Food Bowl Handling Gail Alenick
    Food Guarding Animal Behavior Center of New York New York City
    Food Guarding Deb McKean
    Mine I: Canine Food Guarding Jacque Lynn Schultz, Director, ASPCA Special Projects
    Mine II: Canine Object Guarding Jacque Lynn Schultz, Director, ASPCA Special Projects
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Mine I & II PDF version of articles listed above.
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Mine! A Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs Review of new book by Jean Donaldson.
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Object Guarding Santa Cruz SPCA
    Possession Aggression
    Possessiveness Stephanie Huber
    Possessiveness: Teaching Dogs It's Okay to Share Ian Dunbar, Ph.D., MRCVS
    Puppy Food Guarding Carole Beck Schatz
    Resource Guarding Aggression in Dogs Sarah Wilson
    Still the Best Medicine: Prevention, Part II Elizabeth TeSelle
    The "F" Zone - Food Aggression Partnership for Animal Welfare Animal Rescue and Adoption

    Idiopathic Aggression & Physical Causes
    Aggression and Hypothyroid Barbara Bouyet
    Dogs on Drugs Animal Behavior Center of New York explains when to use medications.
    Effects of Spaying and Neutering on Canine Behavior James O'Heare
    Rage Syndrome Lyn Johnson DVM
    Summary of Tufts University Study on the Effect of Dietary Protein on Dog Behavior Nicholas H. Dodman, BVMS et. al
    Thyroid Dysfunction as a Cause of Aggression in Dogs and Cats L.P. Aronson DVM & N.H. Dodman RVMS

    Inter-Dog Aggression
    Links concerning sibling rivalry (aggression among dogs that live together) can be found in pack order section.

    Aggression Basics Suzanne Clothier
    Avoiding Canine Confrontations Marin Humane Society
    Curbing Inter-Dog Aggression Sharon Savage, M.S.
    Dog Aggression (Between Dogs)
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Dog-Dog Aggression San Francisco SPCA Dog Behavior and Training Department
    Dog-to-Dog Aggression Brian Kilcommons
    Fighting Dogs: Battles or Peace-Keeping Missions? Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    Handling On-Leash Aggression Suzanne Clothier
    He Just Wants to Say, "Hi" Suzanne Clothier on distinguishing between aggression and an appropriate response to rudeness
    Interdog Aggression Can Strike with Deadly Consequences Karen L. Overall, VMD, Ph.D., Dipl. ACVB
    Interdog Aggression: What are the Warning Signs? Karen L. Overall, VMD, Ph.D., Dipl. ACVB
    Inter-Dog Territorial Aggression Dr. Nicholas Dodman. See Territorial Aggression Toward People for treatment.
    Living With Multiple Dogs Judith Halliburton, from Raising Rover
    Preventing Dog-to-Dog Aggression The Marin Humane Society
    Social Aggression Pet Behavior Clinic
    Social Aggression to Unfamiliar Dogs Tulsa SPCA
    When Dogs Get Too Aggressive Stephen Sawicki. Dealing with bickering dogs.

    Maternal Aggression
    Maternal Aggression Pet Behavior Clinic
    Maternal Aggression in Dogs Sarah Wilson

    Pain Aggression
    Guidelines on the Recognition of Pain
    Pain-Induced Aggression in Dogs Sarah Wilson

    Predatory Behavior
    Aggression Or Herding Behavior? Kathy Diamond Davis
    Aggressive Border Collie Kathy Diamond Davis
    Killing Livestock and Small Domestic Animals
    Killing Animals Excerpt reproduced on the web from the book Get Rid of the Problem, Not the Dog, by Rod Cassidy.
    Predatory Aggression Pet Behavior Clinic
    Predatory Behavior Pet Behavior Clinic
    Predatory Behavior in Dogs Foothills Animal Hospital
    Predatory Dog Brian Kilcommons

    Protective Aggression & Territorial Aggression
    Doorbell Aggression Marin Humane Society
    Overprotective Dog Sarah Wilson
    Territorial Aggression Pet Behavior Clinic
    Territorial Aggression Toward People Dr. Nicholas Dodman
    The Man Hater Dr. Amy Marder, V.M.D.
    Territorial Aggression in Dogs Brian Kilcommons
    The Territorial Dog Isabelle Vets Ltd.
    Unsociable Dogs - How to Help Them Deal with Visitors Partnership for Animal Welfare
    Your Dog and the Mailman Carol A. Byrnes

    Redirected Aggression
    Displacement Aggression in Dogs Sarah Wilson
    Protocol for Redirected Aggression Protocol is written primarily with cats in mind, but it can be easily adapted to dogs.

    Attachment Disorders in Dogs Progressive Animal Welfare Society
    Bach Flower Remedies Dr. Edward Bach Centre
    Canine Behavior Series: Fears, Anxiety, and Aggression - Q&A format from VIN.com
    Canine Separation Anxiety: The Dog Who Cannot Be Left Alone Leslie Larson Cooper, D.V.M.
    Coping Strategies for Dogs James O'Heare
    Dealing With a Fearful Dog Dr. Ilana Reisner
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Separation Related Disorders Debra F. Horwitz DVM
    Fears, Phobias and Anxieties Jacqueline C. Neilson, D.V.M., DACVB
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Fears, Phobias and Anxieties
    General Client Recommendations For Behavioral Intervention Of Dogs With Separation Anxiety Hilltop Animal Hospital
    Helping Rover Cope With Back to School Bob DeFranco
    Home Alone Make your absences routine, not traumatic. By Pat Renshaw
    Home Alone Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine
    Home Alone - Canine Separation Anxiety Wayne Hunthausen, DVM
    Pharmacologic Treatment of Separation Anxiety Douglas Island Veterinary Service
    Preventing Canine Separation Anxiety College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University
    Preventing Separation Anxiety in Newly-Adopted Dogs Sharon Savage, M.S.
    Protocol for Desensitization and Counter Conditioning using Gradual Departures - Also see Protocol for Relaxation and Protocol for Teaching your Dog to Uncouple Departures and Departure Cues.
    Separation and Other Anxiety Disorders in Dogs
    Separation Anxiety Article Index Donna D'Amico Separation Anxiety Carol A. Byrnes
    Separation Anxiety (Dumb Friends League)
    Separation Anxiety Animal Behavior Center of New York
    Separation Anxiety Progressive Animal Welfare Society
    Separation Anxiety Amherst Small Animal Hospital
    Separation Anxiety Stacy Braslau-Schneck, CPDT
    Separation Anxiety: A New Treatment Jeff Wayman, DVM
    Separation Anxiety, Fears and Phobias: Are They Related? Diane Frank, DVM
    Separation Anxiety in Dogs People and Dogs Society
    Separation Anxiety in Dogs - Includes link to short video clip which shows a dog displaying several behaviors typical of separation anxiety. Joseph M. Stookey and Jon Watts, Department of Herd Medicine and Theriogenology, Western College of Veterinary Medicine
    Separation anxiety in Dogs, the Second Most Common Behavior Problem Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
    When Anxiety Attacks About.com Guide to anxiety disorders in pets.

    Barking: A Common Dog Behavior Problem Holly Frisby, DVM
    Bark, Bark, Bark! Dumb Friends League
    Barking Carol A. Byrnes
    Barking Mad David Appleby
    Barking Q&A
    Citronella Collar Study Soraya V. Juarbe-Diaz, DVM & Katherine A. Houpt, VMD, PhD
    Controlling Barking Stacy Braslau-Schneck, CPDT
    Excessive Barking Champaign County Humane Society
    Hark, the Hairy Angels Bark And Bark And Bark Wayne Hunthausen, DVM
    Motor Mouth - Dogs can be conditioned to ignore noisy household tools. Bardi McLennan.
    Noise and Barking Links at Can We Help You Keep Your Pet
    'Nuisance-barking' Dogs Respond Best to Citronella Spray Collars - Results of Cornell U. study.
    Problem Barking: Causes and Solutions W.C.V.M. Behaviour Laboratory
    Recommending Bark Control Devices Gary M. Landsberg, D.V.M.
    Silencing the Dog that Barks When Left Alone Jacque Schultz
    Stop that Barking! Audrey Pavia
    Surrendered Dogs often Without Veterinary Care Barking a major reason for surrendering dogs.
    References on Barking UC (Davis) Center for Animal Alternatives
    The Management of Barking Mr Garth Jennins
    Training the Non-Biting Dog To Bark at the Door or Protect His Handler In most cases you only need a dog to bark and let strangers know that there is a dog present for protection. Ed Frawley

    Canine Communication:
    Body Language - great quiz shows and tests meaning of different postures/expressions
    Calming Signals Gill Minter
    Calming Signals Carol A. Byrnes
    Canine Conversations Canine University
    Dogspeak - 6 Chapter series by Matthew Hoffman
    Fine Art of Observation Suzanne Clothier
    Foot Sensitive Dogs Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    How a Wolf Communicates through its Tail and Body Posture Karyln Atkinson Berg
    How Dogs Talk to Dogs Basset Buddies Rescue, Inc.
    How Dogs Talk to People
    How Dogs Think, A Non-Verbal Link to Communication William E. Campbell
    How to Interpret Your Dog's Body Language,Facial Expressions and Vocalizations Bashkim Dibra
    How Wolves Communicate Project Dragonfly, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Reading Canine Body Postures Jacque Lynn Schultz, Director, ASPCA Special Projects
    Talking Dog: Body Language Stacy Braslau-Schneck, CPDT
    Talk to the Animals
    The Ins and Outs of Canine Guilt Myrna Milani, BS, DVM on what does it mean when your dog looks guilty?
    The Language of Dogs
    The Musical Canine Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    The Secret of Communicating With Your Dog
    The Smiling Canine Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    When is a Growl Not a Growl? Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    Wild Dog Language Translated - Discovery News brief.

    Canine Compulsive Behavior (OCD):
    Acral Lick Dermatitis Animal Dermatology Specialty Clinic, Inc.
    Canine Compulsive Behavior - An overview and phenotypic description of tail chasing in Bull Terriers. Alice Moon-Fanelli, PhD, Tufts University
    ResearchCanine Compulsive Disorder Studies Purdue University
    Chasing Flashlights for Exercise JRTCA Question and Answer Forum
    Compulsive Behavior in Companion Animals A. Luescher, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Purdue University
    Compulsive Behavior in Dogs A.U. Luescher DVM, PhD, Purdue University
    Compulsive Canine Behaviors: Too Much of a Good Thing Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    Compulsive Disorders Gary M. Landsberg, D.V.M.
    Compulsive Licking- Don't forget to rule out medical causes. Bonnie Wilcox, D.V.M.
    ResearchDrug Could Help Compulsive Dogs
    Efficacy of Clomipramine in the Treatment of Canine Compulsive Disorder Hewson et. al, Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph
    Shadow Chasing in a Sheltie Michael Richards, D.V.M.
    Stereotypic Behavior in Dogs Q&A VetMedCenter
    Tail Chasing, Shadow Chasing and Fly Chasing Stefanie Schwartz, DMV

    I'm sure there's a 'mousesicle' somewhere here, if I dig deep enough. Destructive Behaviors:
    Are Rawhides Safe?
    Chew Training and House Training Your Puppy Angelica Steinker, M.Ed.
    Chewing Gwen Bohnenkamp
    Chewing Dumb Friends League
    Chewing and Digging Wayne L. Hunthausen, DVM, and Gary M. Landsberg, DVM
    Chewing: How to Control and Direct Puppy Marty Smith, DVM
    Controlling Stealing and Teaching the "Give" Command Amherst Small Animal Hospital
    Destructive Behavior Gary M. Landsberg, D.V.M.
    Destructive Chewing Robin Kovary
    Destructive Chewing Dumb Friends League
    Destructive Chewing Wayne Hunthausen, DVM
    Dig This Marty Guerra
    Dig Those Border Collies April Quist
    Digging Solution Brandy J. Oliver, MA
    Does Your Dog Dig In? Carol A. Byrnes
    End Destructive Chewing Scottee Meade
    How Can I Get my Dog to Stop Digging? Dr. Monique Chrétien and Dr. Amy Marder
    How to Put a Stop to Your Canine Archaeologist Dr. Larry Lachman
    How to Solve the Digging Problem Dumb Friends League
    How to Stop Chewing Problems in Puppies Patrick Melese, MA, DVM
    Mouth Training Dog Days Behavior Center
    Preventing Canine Destructive Chewing Behavior Washington State University,
    Rawhide, Cow Hide – Are They Good or Bad for Your Pet? Dr. Debra Primovic
    Why Dogs Chew Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    Your Canine Destroyer

    Getting Help:
    Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Credentials Betty Musetto, BA, MA, RN
    A Guide to Finding Professional Help for Animal Behavior Problems
    American Dog Trainers Network -- Animal Behaviorists and Canine Consultants.- Also see Animal Behavior Society Web Site.
    Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors (ACABC) - International membership and certification organization of companion animal behavioral specialists.
    Association of Pet Behavior Counselors (UK)
    Behavior Medicine - What does it mean to be a board-certified veterinary behaviorist?
    Companion Animal Behaviour Therapy Study Group Affiliate of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association.
    Do I Need a Dog Trainer or an Animal Behaviorist? Canines.com article.
    Guidelines for Finding a Skilled Behavior Counselor Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D. and Daniel Q. Estep, Ph.D., Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists
    Guide to Hiring a Behavior Consultant
    Information Please Jacque Lynn Schultz, Director, ASPCA Special Projects
    List of Behaviorists (by state)
    People and Dogs Society (UK) - Provide practical information and help to anyone with a problem dog - or dog related problems.
    So Long to Bad Dogs - Essay on the infant science of animal behaviorism
    The Beast Within--Treating Canine Behavioral Problems
    Training Your Staff to Handle Behavior Couseling Karen L. Overall, VMD, Ph.D., Dipl. ACVB. Writen for Vets, this article will help owners handle minor behavior problems and, if necessary, choose a qualified behavior specialist.
    What is a Veterinary Behaviorist? Pamela Reid, PhD
    What is the Difference Between a Trainer and a Behaviorist? Diana Guerrero

    "True" hyperactivity is rarely, if ever, found in dogs - these links tell you more..

    A Hyperkinetic Dog William E. Campbell
    Dealing With Hyperactivity
    Excitable and Disobedient Dogs Amherst Small Animal Hospital
    Excerpt from "Dogs Behaving Badly" Nicholas Dodman
    High-energy Canines Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    High Energy Dogs Norma Bennett Woolf
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.How to Have a Calmer Dog
    Hyper Dog vs. Super Dog: Which Do You Have? Mike Herstik
    Is Your Dog Truly Hyper? Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc.
    Living With High Prey Drive Dogs Jeff Finlay
    Summary of Tufts University Study on the Effect of Dietary Protein on Dog Behavior Nicholas H. Dodman, BVMS et. al
    The Hyperhund Rolan Tripp, D.V.M.

    Jumping Up & Other Inappropriate Greeting Behaviors:
    This is a topic where there're a lot of different opinions, so you probably should read several articles before you choose an intervention you feel comfortable with.

    Help, My Dog Jumps On Everyone! Sophie Moyer
    Jumping Up Gwen Bohnenkamp
    Jumping Up David Klein, Canine Behaviourist
    Jumping Up Mary Woodward & Susan Greenholt
    Jumping Up Marty Guerra
    Jumping Up Carol A. Byrnes
    Jumping Up -- 11 Ways to Bring 'Em Down Rodale Press
    Jumping Up on People Race Foster, DVM et. al
    Jumping Up on People Melanie Schlaginhaufen and Judy Allen
    Keep Your Dog from Jumping on Visitors Sharon Savage, M.S.
    Proper Greeting Joel Walton
    Sniffing Brian Kilcommons
    Those Embarrassing Crotch Hounds Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    White (and Black) Dogs Can't Jump Dr. Nicholas B. Carter

    Mounting and Humping:
    Behavior: Mounting and Humping - Q&A format by Michael Richards, DVM.
    Get Off my Back! Dr. Nicholas B. Carter
    Humping Dr. Nicholas Dodman
    Male Mounting Male - Is This Normal?WorldClassDogs
    Mounting - When? Why? What To Do!! Jennifer Adams Kesner
    Why Do Dogs Mount?

    Nipping, Chasing and Rough Play:
    Aggressive Acting, Biting Puppy Rod Cassidy
    Chasing Gwen Bohnenkamp
    Competitive Play: To Tug or Not to Tug? Moe Schober
    Dealing with Normal Puppy Behavior: Nipping and Rough Play Dumb Friends League
    Excessive Mouthing and Biting Carol A. Byrnes
    Games With Rules People and Dogs Society
    How to Stop Chewing Problems in Puppies - Includes section on nipping. Patrick Melese, MA, DVM
    Mouth Training Dog DaysTM Behavior Center
    Nip Mouthing in the Bud Dierdra Ryan Rivas, ASPCA
    Nipping the Hand that Feeds You Pam Young, LVT
    No Bite! Brandy J. Oliver, MA
    Playbiting Dr. Wayne Hunthausen
    Play Biting Melanie Schlaginhaufen and Judy Allen
    Play Biting and Mouthing Marty Guerra
    Puppy Biting - When yelping doesn't work. Dr. Nicholas B. Carter
    Pup Chewing/Bite Inhibition Lyn Richards
    Teaching Bite Inhibition to Puppies Vicki DeGruy
    The Paradox of Play Aggression Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine

    Phobias and Fears:
    If your fearful dog is biting, check out the fear aggression links. Other relevent links may be found in the anxieties section.

    Bright Lights, Big City Conditioning to loud noises. Pamela J. Reid, Ph.D.
    Canine Sensory Perceptions and the Car-Riding Dog Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    Canines in the Car - Steps to prevent or reduce puppy's stress and fear from Robin Kovary, American Dog Trainers Network.
    Car Anxiety Animal Behavior Center of New York
    Car Phobia David Appleby, APBC
    Car Sickness David Klein, Canine Behaviorist
    Car Sickness and Riding Behavior Excerpt from Get Rid of the Problem, Not the Dog by Rod Cassidy.
    Don't Let Phobias Put Your Dog in a Tailspin New Hope Animal Hospital
    Fear of Thunder Gwen Thee
    Fear of People, When Dogs Are Afraid Dr. Nicholas Dodman
    Fear of Thunder and Lightening by Partnership for Animal Welfare, Inc. Includes homeopathic remedies.
    Fear of Thunder, Sounds or Noises by PetPlace Veterinarians
    Fears, Phobias and Anxieties Jacqueline C. Neilson, D.V.M., DACVB
    Four Wheel Phobia David Appleby, APBC
    Handling Your Dog - Prevent your dog from feeling threatened when you need to clip his nails, to look in a painful ear, or to take him to visit the Vet.
    Helping Your Dog Overcome the Fear of Thunder and Other Startling Noises Dumb Friends League
    Help Your Dog Relax at the Vet's Carol A. Byrnes
    How to Overcome Dogs' Phobias - Dogs may be desensitized to things they fear. Bardi McLennan
    Is Your Dog Scared of Loud Noises? Brandy J. Oliver, MA
    Noise Phobias in Canines Dr. Petra Mertens
    Separation Anxiety, Fears and Phobias: Are They Related? Diane Frank, DVM
    Shyness/Fearfulness Towards People New Hope Animal Hospital
    Socialization and Fearfulness Towards Dogs New Hope Animal Hospital
    The Complex World of Canine-Car Relationships Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    Taking the Fear Out of Nail Clipping Sharon Savage, M.S.
    The Fearful Dog Dumb Friends League
    The Storm Sounds of thunder and rain.
    Thunderphobia in Canines Paul Neider, Applied Ethnology Website
    Thunderphobia Remedies Helane Graustark
    Thunderstorm Anxiety and Storm Phobia by Gloria Manucia, PhD. M.C.P.
    Thunderstorm Fear and Phobia Lore I. Haug, DVM, MS, DACVB, Texas A & M University
    Thunderstorm Fears in Dogs Jeff Wayman, DVM
    Thunderstorm Phobia Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc
    Treating Thunderstorm Phobia Marsha Reich, DVM DACVB
    When Fido's Scared of Storms American Animal Hospital Assocation

    Rolling in Smelly Things:
    A Smelly Pet May Need to See a Vet
    Body Odor -- 8 Sweetening Strategies
    Getting Wasted: Dogs Who Eat or Roll in Feces
    How do I Keep my Dog from Rolling in Stinky Things?
    My Smelly Dog
    Rolling in Smelly Things Holly Frisby, DVM, MS
    Why do Dogs Roll in Smelly Things?
    Why Your Dog Rolls in Smelly Stuff by Altheia Donahue, International Wolf Center Intern

    Sensitive Dogs and Submissive Behavior:
    Relevent links can also be found in the fears/phobias and anxieties sections.


    Shy Dogs
    Behavior Modification Techniques Submissive/Shy/Sensitive Dogs Marin Humane Society
    Building Confidence in a Shy or Omega Dog Brandy J. Oliver, MA
    Confidence Building for Dogs... Animals in Mind
    Dealing With a Fearful or Timid Dog Carolyn Clark
    Doggie Door Q & A Archives - Shy, Sensitive, & Scared Dogs
    Help for Your Shy Dog (Deb Wood)- Excerpt
    Overcoming Shyness in Dogs Cheryl May
    Shy Dogs FAQ J. L. Hardin
    Shy Dog Q&A Andy Bunn
    The Shy and Fearful Dog Rod Cassidy
    Timid Border Collie Kathy Diamond Davis, Author and Trainer

    Benefits of Early Socialization W. Hunthausen, DVM
    Canine Development and Socialization to People, Animals and Environment The Animal Humane Society
    Counseling Pet Owners on Puppy Socialization and Establishing Leadership Debra F. Horwitz, DVM
    Importance of Early Socialization Robin Kovary
    Of Hostages & Relationships Suzanne Clothier discusses downside of isolating a dog to improve its performance.
    Phresh Air Phydeaux Jacque Lynn Schultz, Director, ASPCA Special Projects answers the question, "How much outdoor time is too much?"
    Puppy Socialization and Habituation Dr. Pam Hand
    Puppy Socialisation and Habituation (Part 1)- Why is it Necessary? David Appleby
    Puppy Socialisation and Habituation (Part 2)- How to go about it David Appleby
    Puppy Socialization 8 to 21 weeks. Sirius Dog
    Rule of Sevens Elizabeth TeSelle talks about puppy socialization.
    Social Development of Puppies: Early Social Investment Pays Major Dividends Wayne Hunthausen, DVM
    Socialization Dog Days
    The Problem With "Outdoor Dogs" Carol A. Byrnes

    Submissive Urination
    Canine Submissive Urination Laurie Bergman, VMD
    Excitement Urination Gwen Bohnenkamp
    Housebreaking "Special" Dogs Ruth R. Clark
    Peeing Puppies Links Diane Blackman
    Reasons Your Dog Piddles When He Shouldn't
    Submissive and Excitement Urination Dumb Friends League
    Submissive Urination Gwen Bohnenkamp
    Submissive Urination: How to Control It Race Foster, DVM & Marty Smith, DVM
    Submissive Urination Dog Days
    Submissive Urination in Dogs Applied Ethology
    Submissive Urination in Dogs PetPlace Veterinarians
    The Ins and Outs of Canine Guilt Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    TTouch Helps End Submissive Urination Brenda Villa
    Wet Greetings Gary Wilkes
    When Puppies Pee BehavioRx Case of the Month for May 1998

    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Altered Distribution of Cholinergic Cells in the Narcoleptic Dog
    Canine Behavior - Sleep
    Do Dogs Dream? Dr. Nicholas Dodman
    Narcolepsy Douglas Island Veterinary Service
    Pet Pointers - Dog Dreams
    Sleep Behavior of Dogs Virginia Wells
    Where Should Your Dog Sleep? Joan Paylo

    Social Behavior:
    Also see previous Shy Dogs and Submissive Behavior links.


    A Lesson in Becoming Alpha Who's in Charge Here? Vicki DeGruy
    Alpha Roll or Jelly Roll: Establishing Pack Leadership Cheryl Minnier
    Alpha Status, Dominance, and Division of Labor in Wolf Packs Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
    Alpha Schmalpha Gary Wilkes
    Alpha Wolf Roll a Definate 'No, No' Garry Somerville
    An Alpha Primer Carol Benjamin
    Are You a Leader? Leadership is not about intimidation - learn more! Martin Guerra
    Becoming Leader of the Pack WSU College of Veterinary Medicine
    Being the Pack Leader Katie Rourke
    Canine Development Lincoln English Springer Spanial Rescue, Sarah Gleave
    Canine Dominance Revisited Dominance issues are NOT the root of all behavior problems. David Appleby, MSc
    Dealing With Dominance in Dogs Dumb Friends League
    Does Your Dog Think He's a Human and Forget He's a Dog? Brandy J. Oliver, MA
    Dogs Need Leaders Dr. Laurie Green
    Foot Sensitive Dogs Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    From the Dog's Point of View Should you forcibly alpha roll your dog as a correction for infractions? Carol A. Byrnes
    History and Misconceptions of Dominance Theory Melissa Alexander
    Holistic Animal Behavior: Part 1, The Effects of Domestication on Animal Physiology and Behavior / Part 2, Human-Animal Pack Dynamics By Myrna Milani, BS, DVM.
    Is Dominance an Outdated and Useless Paradigm? James O'Heare and Brenda Rushman
    Leadership vs. Dominance: Who Leads Your Human-Canine Pack? What can owners do to put themselves back in charge? Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    Leading the Dance Advice for those experiencing problems. Susan Finlay Ailsby
    Macho Myth Ian Dunbar Ph.D., BVetMed, MRCVS
    On the Alpha Role, 'Alpha Roll,' Dominance & Dog Training Larry Sudduth comments on the ideas contained in the History and Misconceptions of Dominance Theory.
    Pack Dynamics Much ado about nothing or the key to a well-behaved companion dog? Norma Bennett Woolf
    Review and Critique of Pack Theory Models of Domestic Dog Social Behavior James O'Heare
    Should We Dominate Our Dogs, or Lead Them? Stephen C. Rafe
    Social Behavior Gary Patterson
    Social Behavior and Intelligence References Michael Knee, SUNY Albany, part of Wolves A Bibliography and Guide to the Literature 1968 - 1987
    Social Behavior of Wolves: Reproduction and Development in Family Groups Dr. Jane M. Packard, Texas A&M University. Part of a larger, and very interesting Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Ethology Lab website.
    Social Hierarchies Ian Dunbar PhD, BVetMed, MRCVS
    Some Thoughts on Letting go of the Dominance Paradigm in Training Dogs Beth Duman
    Taking the Conflict Out of Tug of War Sharon Savage, M.S.
    Talk to Your Dog Basset Buddies Rescue, Inc.
    Taming the Dominant Dog Robin Kovary
    The Alpha Factor: Who's the Boss Around Here, Anyway? Barbara Jansen
    The Dominant Dog Isabelle Vets Ltd.
    The Dynamics of Canine Pack Behavior Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    Understand Dominance Gill Minter

    Multiple Dogs and Sibling Rivalry
    Canine Aggression: Sibling Rivalry Amherst Small Animal Hospital
    Canine Rivalry Dumb Friends League
    Fatal Pack Order Fighting Kathy Diamond Davis
    Feisty Females Vicki DeGruy
    Fighting Dogs: Battles or Peace-Keeping Missions? Myrna Milani, DVM
    How to Keep Your Dogs From Feuding Aggression Between Dogs in the Home Dr. Nicholas Dodman
    Inter-Dog Dominance Aggression Featuring Sibling Rivalry Dr. Nicholas Dodman & Dr. Alice Moon-Fanelli
    Introducing New Pets New Hope Animal Hospital
    Introducing Your New Dog to Your Resident Dog Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D.
    Living With Two (or More) Dogs People and Dogs Society
    Multiple Dog Households Introducing the new dog. Lawrie Rich
    Sibling Rivalries Through Brace training, teach your dogs learn to behave while in close proximity to each other.
    Sibling Rivalry: Strategies to Reduce Squabbles Jerry Bradshaw
    Teach Those Dogs to Get Along Miriam Fields
    Three or More Dogs Which is your dominant dog? Brandy J. Oliver, MA
    Two Females Fighting Kathy Diamond Davis
    Two or More Dogs Basic pack dynamics. Brandy J. Oliver, MA
    When Another Dog in the Household Dies... Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    Who's Top Dog? Dealing with sibling rivalries. Vanessa Tanzer

    Dogs and Other Pets
    Dogs and Cats Dr. Steve Peterson
    Dogs & Cats in Harmony? Vicki DeGruy
    Dogs and Cats Living Together
    Getting Along With Other Animals Links concerning multiple dog households and dog-cat relationships.
    Introducing a New Cat to a Resident Dog Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D.
    Pet Harmony If you're thinking of introducing a new pet into your home and you already have other pets, this site will give you some basic tips for managing the transition.

    Tag leans against Kevin BORDER COLLIE-THEME PRODUCTS
    I have no connection what-so-ever with any of these companies other than being intrigued by their products. Have fun surfing, but shop at your own risk.

    Animal Den Border Collie Gif Products
    Animal Krackers Border Collie Gifts
    BC Styleyes
    Best of Breed This UK site even carries border collie theme 'panties'!
    Better Barnyard Sheep and Border Collie Gifts
    Border Collie Dog
    Border Collie Trophies and Gifts
    Border Collies in Action
    Border Collies N Stuff
    Border Collie Stamps
    Erwin Pearl Border Collie Pin
    Paw Printz Graphics - Pen & Ink Pet Portraits
    Pet Portraits by Dianne Willmon
    Petstitch Border Collies - Counted Cross Stitch Designs.
    Raintree Rubber Stamps
    Sally Mitchell Fine Arts - Dog art.
    Source Menagerie
    Stained Glass Herding Dogs
    The Dog House
    The Little Dog Laughed
    Wendy's Watercolor Paintings - Printed on top quality paper, signed and numbered.



    Do I Really Want a Dog?:
    Links help you decide if you are willing and able to make the commitment that dog ownership requires.

    3 Rs of Owning a Dog: Reality, Responsibility and Reward - Rate yourself as a dog owner.
    Adding Another Dog to Your Household
    Allergic To Pets? Breathe Easier by Following These Pet Pointers - How much extra work is required if you or a family member is allergic?
    Are You Ready For a Dog in Your Life? Carol A. Byrnes
    Before You Get Your Dog
    Coping With Allergic Reactions to Pets - Why the immune system causes allergy symptoms and what you can do about it.
    Cost of Puppy/Dog Ownership
    Do I Really Want a Dog? - Brittany site, but questions apply to BCs too.
    How Much Does a Dog Cost? - Calculated for an Akita, so food costs are high, but other costs are realistic.
    Hypoallergenic Cats & Dogs - Debunks the myth that there are several breeds of dogs and cats that are hypoallergenic.
    Is This the Best Time to Adopt a Pet?
    Lousy and Pathetic Excuses for Getting Rid of an Animal - Things to think about before you take the big step.
    Problems and Rewards: The Truth about Owning a Dog Sophie Moyer
    Puppy Preparedness Getting your household ready for a new puppy.
    New Parent Guide 5 chapters of common sense info for new pet owners.
    No Christmas Puppies Please
    Preliminaries Before You Start Looking
    Selecting the Right Pet for You
    Should You Have Two (or More) Dogs?
    Tenant's Guide to Keeping Your Pet - How to approach the often delicate landlord/tenant relationship.
    Thinking About Getting a Dog? The first question is not "What Kind of Dog" but whether to get a dog. Diane Blackman
    What a Puppy is Not Progressive Animal Welfare Society
    What Does it Cost to Have a Dog?
    Why Santa Doesn't Give Puppies for Christmas I know, the story is hokum, but the message is important . . .

    Do I Really Want a Border Collie?:
    Learn about characteristics idiosyncratic to BCs. Other good links to browse include "other herding breeds" and "general information about border collies".

    About Border Collies
    APBC (Association of Pet Behavior Counselors) Annual Review of Cases, 2000(UK)
    Border Collie Buyer's Guide - plus tips on looking for a BC puppy.
    Border Collies and Apartments
    Border Collies as Companions
    Choosing the Perfect Dog
    Do I Really Want a Border Collie?
    Dr. Sue's Picking the Right Puppy Sue Pounds, DVM
    High-energy Canines
    High Energy Dogs - hassle or joy?
    Is a Border Collie Really Right For You?
    Is a Border Collie Right for Me?
    Living With High Prey Drive Dogs
    Owning a Dog Calls for Common Sense and Adaptability
    Picking a Puppy - How the genetics of behavior can help you choose the best one for you.
    Pre-Puppy Q&A
    Selecting The Family Dog:How To Find The Dog Of Your Dreams
    Some Considerations in Choosing the Right Dog
    Study of Border Collies at Battersea Dogs Home - A MUST read for anyone considering getting their first border collie.
    Thinking About Getting a Border Collie?
    Understanding Border Collies
    What is a Border Collie Like as a Pet?

    Choosing a Responsible Breeder:
    You've decided a border collie is right for you. Now you need to decide which breeder & which dog? The starred website provides a nice overview of what you should look for in a border collie breeder; read it before you read the more general pages.

    Border Collie Puppies
    Choosing a Border Collie Breeder - A perspective from Border Collie Rescue.
    Choosing the Right Breeder - More tips from rescuers.
    Don't Try to Save That Doggie in the Window
    Health and Genetics of Border Collies - A Breeder and Buyer's Guide 2002
    Hints for Locating a Responsible Breeder - All breed perspective.
    How Do You Score as a Puppy Picker? Gary Wilkes
    How to Choose a Reputable Breeder
    OFA DATA - All Border Collies through 9/97
    Puppy Sales Contracts
    Questions To Ask A Breeder - A Buyers Guide
    Selecting a Working Border Collie
    Tips on Buying a Border Collie
    Tips on Buying a Trained Dog
    What Age is Best? Jenny Peacocke

    Border Collie Breeders:
    Before you purchase a puppy, please look at the Choosing a Responsible Breeder links above. Your local stockdog organizations or handlers at USBCHA herding trials are good resources regarding where to find a good working pup. Also, you may want to check out the list of rescuers below.

  • Aled Owen Sheepdogs (Penyfed, Ty-Nant, Corwen, Denbighshire, North Wales)
  • Astrasheepdogs (Janet Beale, Dunnichen by Letham, Angus UK)
  • Bard Cattle Company (Nancy Bard Duley, Hartshorne, OK)
  • Blue Moon Cattle Company (Todd and Rachel Hecker, AK) - some neat pics of BCs herding cattle
  • Blue Moon Working Border Collies (Deborah Sutton, Gig Harbor, Washington)
  • Bob Brown Border Collies (Stillwater, OK)
  • CBCA Member Breeders and Trainers List
  • DEL'Mar Working Border Collies (B.C., CAN)
  • Ewe-Phoria Agri Theatre and Sheepdog Centre (Aled Owen, Glanrafon, Llangwm, Corwen, Denbighshire, North Wales)
  • Fenrir Border Collies (Justin & Renee Elwell, Salisbury Center, NY)
  • Front Runner Border Collies (Sam Furman, Richmond, Virginia)
  • Hawk Stockdogs - Group of people across the country that have, use and enjoy stockdogs and pool resources to help people find a dog that meets their needs.
  • Highland Farm (John Weikel, Mt.Vernon, IN)
  • Hill Shepherd (Vernon & Sara (Johnson) Bewley, Killbuck, OH)
  • Hubert Bailey's Border Collies (Dawsonville, GA )
  • Kuykendall's Registered Working Border Collies (Franklinville, NC)
  • Lowland's Blacksmith Border Collies (John and Carola Jansen, The Netherlands)
  • McCord Border Collies (Leonard, Texas)
  • Navall Farm (Werner Reitboeck, Winchester, Ontario, CAN) - Additional info.
  • Northern Lights Working Border Collies (Appin, Argyll, Scotland)
  • Possum Hollow Farms (Vicki Hughes, Rutherfordton, NC)
  • Red Creek Farm (Carol Anne Bailey, Townville, SC)
  • Red Top Kennels (Patrick Shannahan, Caldwell, ID)
  • Red Wing Border Collies (Charles O'Reilly, Red Wing, MN)
  • Sandhill Stockdogs (Marty & Susan Galloway, Mt. Croghan, SC)
  • Seclusival Farm & Kennel (Steuart Ligon, DVM and Barbara Ligon, Shipman, Virginia)
  • Sheeps Wood Farm (Beverly Lambert, Andover, CT)
  • Sheepy Hollow Farm (Walt Jagger, Hop Bottom, PA)
  • Simpson's Sheepdogs (Julie Simpson) - Winner of the 1996 Supreme International Championship, Julie is the only woman to have ever achieved this greatest honor in Sheepdog competition.
  • Smokin' J Border Collies (Jaime R. Green) - Breeder of cattle dogs.
  • The Dog House (Francis Raley, Crawford, TX)
  • The Working Border Collie Breeder's Directory

  • Importing a Border Collie:
    Importation of Pets from Areas Affected with Foot and Mouth Disease - Precautions to prevent the introduction of FMD from pets entering the United States.
    Guide to Importing Dogs and Cats into Australia
    Importing a Dog into Australia & Exporting from the US
    US Customs Regulations Pets/Animals
    USDA Information on Bringing Animals from Abroad

    Hard working girl gets some sleep. EMAIL, CHAT, AND WEB RINGS
    A-1herdingdogs Owners of herding dogs of any breed who use their dogs in practical herding work and/or in herding performance events.
    Border Collie Boards - Loosely moderated email boards - can be interesting, helpful, frustrating or maddening depending on the subject and your state of mind . . .
    Border Collie Mailing Lists - eGroups
    BC-L's Web Pages, General Border Collie Discussions
    BC-Rescue-L's Web Pages - closed
    BCs4me Mailing List
    Cowdogs - Discussion group for those interested in working cow dogs.
    Dog Related Email Lists - General listing.
    Dr. P's E-mail Lists, Chat, Forums
    Herders-L Homepage
    Ranch and Trial Stockdog Ring
    Sheepdogfinals - Provide info and solicit input on the 2001 National Sheepdog Finals to be held near Klamath Falls, Oregon on September 23-30, 2001.
    Sheepdog-L - This list gets slow during trial season.
    Stockdogs Enthusiasts Training List
    WorkingBCgeneticshealth (Working Border Collie Health and Genetics) - Discuss health and genetic issues that affect the working bc.


    Agility for Less - Claim top quality dog agility training equipment and supplies at reasonable prices.
    Agility Obstacle Construction
    Agility Obstacle Construction Standards - From Minnesota 4-H.
    Agility Zone - Agility equipment and links.
    Agility of Course - Agility obstacles
    Clean Run Productions - broad spectrum of training accessories as well as fun and unique products for your performance dog.
    Discovering the World - Largest selection of professional and recreational flying disc products manufactured.
    Dog Dreams - More agility products.
    Foot Care for Dogs
    Gear for Dogs
    HOGA Agility Equipment Plans
    Homebuilt Agility Equipment
    J. and J. Dog Supplies - Professional-quality training products for dog obedience, dog agility and flyball.
    Max 200 - Agility and obedience equipment.
    NK Concepts - Dog Supplies - "Hard to find" items for obedience, agility, tracking, flyball, search and rescue and skijoring, and more!
    Nordkyn Mushing, Skijoring, Pulling, Carting and Backpacking - Equipment suppliers.
    Outdoor-Dog - Backpacks and outdoor dog gear for active dogs
    Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots
    Ruff Wear, For Dogs On The Go
    Springer USA
    Stars and Stripes Agility Training Center - Manufacturer/retailer of agility training products.
    The Agility Connection - Dog agility equipment designed and built just for you.
    TuffMutt Agility Equipment - Claim the "best weave poles for home training."
    UKC Specifications for Construction of the Agility Obstacles
    USDAA Marketplace - Agility products.
    Wolf Packs - Manufacturer of dog equipment.
    Wrightlife Dog Discs
    Your Active Pet - Adventure gear for your pet.

    Also see breed information listed in Breeders section above.


    About Border Collies Carolina Border Collie Rescue
    Day in the Life of a Sheep and Cattle-Herding Dog Arden Moore
    Border Collie The PetCARE Information Center
    Border Collie - Brazilian page in English and Portuguese.
    Border Collie Basics First stop for anyone thinking about getting a border collie. United States Border Collie Club, Inc.
    Border Collie Breed Profile - By Rescue Every Dog.
    Border Collie Characteristics United States Border Collie Club, Inc.
    Border Collie FAQ for Canadians Werner Reitboeck, Navall Farm
    Border Collies April M. Quist
    Border Collies - Gotta Love 'Em, Quirks and All Janet Legg
    Border Collies: The Workhorses Of The Canine World Kim D.R. Dearth
    English Shepherd, Border Collie, and Australian Shepherd Comparison Chart National English Shepherd Rescue
    It's All in a Dog's Day For These Working Canines Brad Knickerbocker
    Living With Border Collies
    My Border Collie
    Nice of You to Come Bye Jigal van Hemert and Danielle Boshouwers
    Sara Bewley Talks About Border Collies - on Horseman's Radio Weekly, a nationally syndicated equine radio show. The interview is at 28:15 of the 60 minute show track (use your media player's sliding seek bar to go right to the segment).
    The Working Border Collie Viv Billingham Parkes
    What is a Border Collie Like? North American Border Collie Rescue Network

    Dog-Related Search Engines:
    Chazhound's Doggie Directory
    Dog-O-Mania The biggest dogs related search engine & resource.
    DogSeek The grrreatest search engine on the web! Search over 11,000 Dog Web Sites.
    i Love Dogs The directory of dog websites.
    Open Directory - Dogs
    petfo.com All the pet links you can handle.
    PetPages Central 728 links in 134 categories!
    The Tame Beast Internet directory of pet resources.
    Yellopet Dogs Search Engine More than 1,500,000 Websites about Dogs, Cats and Horses! German and English.

    Rusty is a smooth coated Border Collie GENETICS AND REPRODUCTION

    General Information:
    Border Collie Breeding - extensive list of articles
    Canid Genetics
    Canine Genetic Resources - Studies and reference resources.
    Canine Genetics Links to Other Websites
    Electronic Scholarly Publishing - Site dedicated to the electronic publishing of scientific and other scholarly materials including genetics and genome research.
    Genetics and Development Research James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health
    Genetics Articles from Bearded Collie Foundation for Health
    Genetic Links - Extensive all breed information. Links were not working as of 8/20/01.
    Health and Genetics of Border Collies - A Breeder and Buyer's Guide 2002

    Basic Genetic Concepts:
    Analogy for a Polygenic Trait with a Single Locus of Large Effect
    Animal Genetics - Not limited to canines.
    Bare Bones Introduction to Genetics
    Continuous Variation, Polygenic Inheritance, Penetrance, Expressivity, Imprinting - Lecture notes.
    Gene Almanac
    Genetic Nomenclature and Animal Breeding Terms
    Genetic Primer for Breeders
    Genetics and the Border Collie
    Genetics for Breeders: How to Produce Healthier Dogs
    Genetics Terminology Primer
    Internet Tools for K-12 Teachers: Teaching Genetics Using the Dog Genome Database
    Modification of the Mendelian Ratios Web Resources
    Multiple Gene Traits
    Penetrance and Expressivity
    Principles of Genetics I
    Principles of Genetics II : Crossbreeding and Heterosis
    Risk Assessment
    The Biology Project Mendelian Genetics
    The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin - Full text.
    What Does "Genetic" Mean?

    Breeding and Conception:
    Also see "Genitourinary and Reproductive Health" links below.

    A Well Balanced Approach - Patrick Shannahan discusses what to look for in a breeding animal.
    Breeding Schemes
    Breeding Your Dog - Potential problems encountered when breeding your female (from a pit bull website).
    Breeding Your Dog - all breed discussion
    Breeding Your Dog FAQ
    Canine Diversity Project - Attempt to acquaint breeders of domesticated Canidae with the dangers of inbreeding and the overuse of popular sires.
    Canine Reproduction - Summaries of the presentations given at Penn's 2000 Canine Symposium.
    Canine Reproduction Pamela A. Davol, Wing-N-Wave Labradors
    Canine Reproduction Seminar - Topics include: timing the fertile period of the bitch, selecting a healthy stud dog, and fresh chilled semen breedings.
    Canine Theriogenology Notes (Female) - Normal reproductive function and management.
    Canine Theriogenology Notes (Male)
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Collecting and utilizing Phenotypic Data to Minimize Disease: A Breeder's Practical Guide Rhonda Hovan, good article on the OFA website.
    Demystifying Inbreeding Coefficients
    Getting What You Want From Your Breeding Program
    Hints and Tips on Breeding - This St. Bernard site offers a collection of useful information and is worth checking out.
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Hot Questions About Heat Cycles
    How Can I Tell When Our Female Dog is in Heat?
    In-Breeding and Other Breeding Methods
    Inbreeding and Selection
    Modern Breeding Management
    NEBCA Breeding Policy
    Planned Breeding
    Pre-Breeding Examination for the Stud Dog
    Pre-Breeding Work Up for the Bitch
    Principles of Genetics II : Crossbreeding and Heterosis
    Reality of Breeding Dogs
    Roy Goutté on Breeding and the Border Collie
    Significant Genetic Relationships
    Stress, Infertility and Herpes Infection

    Canid Evolution:
    All in the "Species": The Marriage of Wolves and Dogs
    Canid Genetics
    Dogs and Humans are Seen as Partners in Evolution
    Early Canid Domestication: The Farm Fox Experiment - Behavioral genetics and development may interact in domestication according to this article from American Scientist, March-April 1999.
    Evolution and Domestication: Selection on Developmental Genes?
    Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals (Chapter One)
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Inherited Activation-inactivation of the Star Gene in Foxes Its bearing on the problem of domestication. Journal of Heredity, 1981.
    Man Meets Dog: Surviving and Evolving Together
    Man's Best Friend is a Relative
    Mind of a Dog
    Molecular Evolution of the Dog Family R.K. Wayne, Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London
    Multiple and Ancient Origins of the Domestic Dog
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Observations on Why Mongrels May Make Effective Livestock Guarding Dogs
    Origin and Evolution of the Dog Family
    The Modern Day Domestic Dog and the Molecular Clock
    Stalking the Ancient Dog

    Color and Looks:
    Border collies exhibit a wide variety of looks related to a tradition of breeding almost exclusively for behavioral characteristics. Figuring out what genes your dog might possess is a fun mental exercise.

    Information about why "looks" SHOULD NOT be a criterion for breeding decisions is found in the "Registries" and "Behavior and Performance" links below.

    A Dog of a Different Color - On white border collies.
    Agouti Color
    Border Collie Coat Colours (NL) - Pictures and genetic background of coat colours.
    Border Collie Museum Many good pictures but no genetic explanations.
    Canine Coat Color Not currently up-to-date (1997).
    Canine Coat Color Genetics Info
    Canine Color Genetics Links - Koirien värigenetiikkaa englanniksi Collection of links which might interest a color genetics hobbyist. Links are grouped by breed grouping (and species on another page of this same website).
    Canine Color Genetics
    Coat Color Genetics in Dogs
    Collie Corner - Website with lots of pictures celebrating the diversity of BC looks.
    Elementary Merle Genetics for Newcomers
    Exclusion of EDNRB and KIT as the Basis for White Spotting in Border Collies
    Facts About Albino Dobermans Ione L. Smith, DVM
    Genetics of Agouti
    Genetics of Coat Color in Dogs A review of the genes controlling dog coat colors and patterns (plus additional links) by Sheila M. Schmutz, Ph.D.
    Genetics of Coat Color in the Dog
    Looks--Diversity is the Key Word
    Sheltie Coat Color Genes
    The Merle - Probably the least common of the Border Collie colors or color patterns.
    Where are All These Red Dogs Coming From?
    White and Deafness
    White is White, Right? Jan Wertz, Westcoyne Shelties
    White Linked Deafness in Australian Shepherds

    Genetic Basis for Performance and Behavior:
    Alaskan Husky - Comparison of the Alaskan Husky to other sled dogs demonstrates how performance suffers when breeders select for measurable physical standards.
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Effects of Genetic Selection and Experience on Police Dog Behavior - Selecting for one or a small number of traits can result in behavior that is counterproductive to police work.
    Finding the Genes that Determine Canine Behavior
    Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals (Chapter One)
    Heritability of Herding-related Traits
    Heritability of Herding-Related Traits, Summary of Previous Studies
    Inheritance of Temperament Barbara Nibling
    Link between Gene, Physical Endurance Proven In Research by British Scientists - Findings in Siberian Huskies have implications for border collies.
    Litter Mate Behavioral Variation: A Multi-Ingredient Stew
    Rosettes to Ruin: Making & Breaking Dogs in the Show Ring What the show ring did to one terrier breed in less than 50 years time.
    The Genetics of Behavior - First appeared in USBCC Newsletter, Winter 1994.

    Genetic Diseases and Conditions:
    Achieving Genetic Health for our Dogs - Husky breeder argues that the fanatical pursuit of breed type has led to an unhealthy situation in most breeds.
    A Statistical Comparison of Large Scale vs Small Scale Breeding - Does a breeder with a large scale breeding program discover genetic defects more rapidly than a breeder who has only a litter or two a year?
    Basic Genetics of Heritable Eye Disorders
    Breed Predisposition to Disease and Congenital Conditions Robert L. Linville, D.V.M.
    Breeding Dogs for the Next Millennium
    Candidate Gene Studies in Canine Progressive Retinal Atrophy
    Canine Inherited Disorders Database
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Collecting and utilizing Phenotypic Data to Minimize Disease: A Breeder's Practical Guide Rhonda Hovan, good article on the OFA website.
    Collie Family Breeds--Inherited Disorders Reported
    Control of Genetic Disease
    Dogs in Trouble R.R. Holster Jr./Petstation
    Eliminating Genetic Diseases in Dogs: A Buyer's Perspective
    Genes and Hips
    Genetic Disease of the Canine Reproductive System Frances O. Smith DVM, PhD
    Genetic Selection
    Guide to Congenital and Heritable Diseases in Dogs
    Hereditary Conditions
    Hereditary Fanconi Syndrome Canine Health and Research Committee of the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America
    How Hips are Graded
    How to Select Against Genetic Disease with Knowledge, Not Hope
    Inheritance of Osteochondritis Dessicans and Fragmented Coronoid Process of the Elbow Joint in Labrador Retrievers
    Inherited Epilepsy can be Devastating in Dogs
    Inherited Nervous System Disorders
    Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals (GDC): Open Disease Registry - Also see GDC.
    Ivermectin & Macrocyclic Lactones Salvation or Curse? Dr. Katrina Mealey, Washington State University
    Ivermectin Toxicity in Collies WSU College of Veterinary Medicine has discovered a mutant gene for a key transport protein in the susceptible collies.
    Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA) - From the Australian National Genomic Information Service. Search by species or disorder/trait.
    Orthopedic Soundness in the Field (Working Sporting) Dog The "New" Knowledge about Hip Dysplasia
    Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) and the Border Collie
    PRA Today: Current Research in Progressive Retinal Atrophy
    Price of Popularity: Popular Sires and Population Genetics
    Retinal Disorders in Border Collies
    The Genetic Cul-de-Sac
    The Genetic Tide: Will it Leave Us High and Dry?
    The Nature of Genetic Disease
    The Poodle and the Chocolate Cake - Diversity and the purebred dog.
    Training the Dog With Hip Dysplasia
    Unilateral Hip Dysplasia
    White and Deafness
    White Linked Deafness in Australian Shepherds
    White Paper on Canine Epilepsy - October 31 & November 1, 1997.
    Working Dogs Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Resources

    Genetic Research & Research Programs:
    Dog Genome Project - Collaborative effort by scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of California-Berkeley, the University of Oregon, and Cornell University.
    FHCRC Dog Genome Project
    Genetics and Development Research James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health
    Genetic Research Strategies: The Example of Canine Epilepsy
    Integrated Linkage and Radiation Hybrid Map
    Michigan State University
    PennGen - provides DNA, metabolic, and hematological testing hereditary diseases in dogs and cats.
    The Dog Gene Map - Published in ILAR Journal Vol 39(2-3) -- 1998.
    The Dogs that Go to Work, and Play, All Day -- for Science - Nov. 1996, Smithsonian article.
    Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at School of Veterinary Medicine University of California

    Molecular Genetics:
    An Introduction to Genetics
    Canine Genetics and Genetic Testing Information for Dog Owners
    Canine Genetic Primer - Mini-course in genetics.
    Canine Molecular Genetic Diseases
    Celera - Source of genomic and related medical and agricultural information.
    DNA from the Beginning - An animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes and heredity.
    DNA Profiling
    From Dog to DNA - A beginner's guide to the molecular genetics of the dog.
    Genetic Testing: A Guide for Breeders
    Mapping Disease Genes Using DNA Markers
    Mythunderstanding DNA Tests
    Primer on Molecular Genetics - From Human Genome Management Information System.
    To Know Ourselves
    VetGen - Veterinary genetic disease research and genetic disease detection services for purebred animals.

    Pregnancy and Birth:
    Canine Abortion - Causes, workup, treatment and prevention. Jeanette L. Floss, DVM, MS, and David K. Hardin, DVM College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri-Columbia
    Canine Reproduction Pamela A. Davol, Wing-N-Wave Labradors
    Care of Mother Dogs and Puppies
    False Pregnancy: When Your Dog Acts Pregnant, But Isn't
    Giving Birth to Puppies
    Instructions for Whelping
    Lyme Disease, Pregnancy and Monthly Heartworm
    Managing the Working Female During Pregnancy
    Pregnancy Determination in the Bitch Jeanette L. Floss, DVM, MS
    Taking Care of Your Pregnant Dog


    An Earful of Auditory Advice
    Bathing Dog After Using Biospot
    Bathing Your Dog
    Bathing Your Dog
    Care of the Poodle Ear (or any other drop-eared, hairy dog) - if your dog likes to swim, or has experienced ear infections, you'll want to read this.
    Handling Your Dog - Prevent your dog from feeling threatened when you need to clip his nails, to look in a painful ear, or to take him to visit the Vet.
    How I Dremel Dog Nails Dawn S. Garrett
    Nail Clipping Can be Easier
    Nail Trim Aversion
    Otitis Externa - Contains clear description of how to clean dogs' ears correctly.
    Nail Trimming for Sensitive Dogs - The "clicker" solution.
    Taking the Fear Out of Nail Clipping Sharon Savage, M.S.
    Training Your Pet to Tolerate Nail Trimming Tomball Veterinary Clinic

    PLEASE NOTE: We've outgrown our "britches." The links listed below will take to you to a seperate "health page."

    This section addresses both general and breed-specific health problems. The information presented in the links is NOT a substitute for professional veterinary care. Likewise, the volume of articles listed for a particular disease doesn't necessarily correlate with its prevalence in border collies; rather, a long list of links probably indicates that one of my dogs had this problem or there are a lot of good articles written about the condition.


    Zoe gives her sheep the eye HERDING
    More information can be found in the "organizations" links.


    General Information:
    Herding on the Web
    Herding Style is Not a Fashion Statement
    Herding Trials Put Border Collies to the Test
    How a Border Collie Works
    How To Herd Sheep (A Tongue-In-Cheek Overview)
    Kennel Random - Swedish site of Ylva B Holgersson with lots of trailing information, herding pictures PLUS whistle commands.
    littlehats.net Sheep dogging for newbies!
    Maryland Small Ruminant Page Herding Links
    Stockdog Server
    USBCHA Cattledog Page
    United States Border Collie Handler's Association

    Choosing a Puppy or Dog:
    Puppy Aptitude Test and Obedience Aptitude Test
    Puppy Testing - First appeared in USBCC Newsletter, Fall 1994.
    Time Tracks - discusses two different types of dogs
    An Interview With Selwyn Jones

    Herding Supplies and Training Aides:
    Border Collies In Action
    Border Collies N Stuff - Whistles, training books and videos
    Creative Sports Supply - Aluminum dog crates and trailers
    Diamond Farm Book Publishers - books and training videos
    George Simpson Crooks
    Hill Shepherd - Custom Shepherds Crooks
    Jones Trailer Company - Dog Trailers
    Lessons From A Stock Dog: A Training Guide - Twenty years of stock dog knowledge by the professional trainer Bruce Fogt.
    Rural Route Videos - agricultural and rural interest programs including training videos
    Scottish Walking Sticks, Crooks & Canes - Hand Made Walking Stick & Cane shop located in Scotland. Free, world-wide delivery!
    The Shepherd's Crook - site dedicated to the preservation and glorification of the art of making the Shepherd's Crook.
    Stockdog Specialties - Items help the working farmer and rancher to choose, raise, and train a good stockdog.
    The Dog House - training tapes, crooks and whistles, notecards and novelties
    Wild West Dog Products - Stainless steel whistles and leather products.

    Herding Terms:
    Glossary of Herding Terms I
    Glossary of Herding Terms II
    Glossary of Herding Terms III
    Terms of Endearment

    Moving ewes and lambs back to pasture after shearing. Sheep:
    Some of my favorite sheep resources plus websites addressing events affecting the sheep industry. Information about sheep as herd animals can be found in 'More Advanced Training & Trailing Tips'.

    American Sheep Industry Association - Federation of individual sheep and goat producers and state organizations.
    Animal Agriculture Alliance Supports and promotes animal agriculture practices that provide for farm animal well-being through sound science and public education.
    Anthrax - Signs, diagnosis and treatment in people and animals.
    City Girl Has Lambs! - Border Collie Style Online Magazine article by Donna Carr for the uninitiated.
    Cornell Sheep Program
    Here Come the Sheep! - News and information about PSNH's Grazing Power Project.
    Illini SheepNet The Online Resource for the Sheep Industry
    Jacky Goulder's Light Hearted Look at Sheep Dipping
    Maple Lawn Farm Rural FAQs - Info about lambing, predators, pasture and haying compiled by Ron Florence.
    Manitoba Sheep Page
    Maryland Small Ruminant Page - Comprehensive information & resources for sheep and goat producers and others interested in the industry.
    Message from Mike Canaday, USBCHA President, About Trials and Foot and Mouth
    National Scrapie Education Initiative - Provided by National Institute for Animal Agriculture
    Pipestone Veterinary Supply - A Division of Pipestone Veterinary Clinic, Pipestone, Minnesota.
    Oklahoma State University Sheep Breed Pages
    Scrapie Program - USDA APHIS website.
    Sheep @ Purdue - Dr. Michael Neary's website concerning sheep production.
    Sheep Behavior Dr Clive Dalton
    Sheepdog Handler Emergency Economic Fund - Help our sheepdog handling colleagues who have been impacted by the devastation of FMD.
    Sheep L Support Web
    Spruce Haven Farm - Low-input pasture based sheep farm near Meaford, Ontario, Canada. Web site includes information about flock and pasture management systems.
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.The Sheep Book On Line - entire book by Ron Parker, Ohio University Press (Swallow Press), 2002, available as a group of PDF files for use by individuals.

    Training the Working Stockdog:

  • Canadian Border Collie Association (CBCA) 2002 Trials and Clinics
  • Clendenin Novice Series Sheepdog Handling Clinic with Jack Knox Pictures
  • Georgia Stockdog Association Upcoming Herding Events
  • Herding Clinic With Jerry Rowe (Nova, Ohio, Saturday, September 14, 2002). Sponsored by Buckeye Australian Shepherd Club.
  • Kent Herbel Herding Clinic (Cobden, Illinois, August 9 - 11, 2002)
  • Nation Valley Clinic with David Rees (Township of North Dundas, Ontario, August 2, 2002).
  • NEBCA 2002 Trials
  • Possum Hollow Farms Clinic with Nancy Schreeder (Rutherfordton NC, July 20, 2002). Sheep, Goats & Cattle.
  • Ready, Set, Go!: How to Attend a Clinic
  • Stock Dog Server Trial and Clinic Dates - US and other countries.
  • Utah Stockdog Association Calendar of Events
  • Trainers and Training Facilities
  • SheepdogsOnline.com - A links page to Border Collie Trainer Home pages.
  • CBCA Member Breeders and Trainers List
  • Crystal Rose/Cow Dog College (Merle and Sandi Newton, Whitmore, California)
  • Dodie Green and The Sheep Camp (Buckeye, AZ)
  • Dog Gone Right (Bill Evans, Lopez Island, WA)
  • Downriver Farm & Stock Dog Training Facility (Hope, BC)
  • Drummond Ranch & San Fernando Valley Herding Association (CA)
  • Ewe-Phoria Agri Theatre and Sheepdog Centre (Aled Owen, Glanrafon, Llangwm, Corwen, Denbighshire, North Wales)
  • Front Runner Border Collies (Sam Furman, Richmond, Virginia)
  • Glenn Haven Farm (Fran and Michael Hoffman, Durham County, NC)
  • Hill Shepherd Working Border Collies (Vernon & Sara (Johnson) Bewley, Killbuck, OH)
  • Jeanne's (Weaver) Homepage (Williamston, MI)
  • Kent L. & Gwen Kuykendall (Franklinville, North Carolina)
  • Liberty Farms (Ray & Amy Coapman, Montague, CA) Information on working Border Collies, sheepdog trialing in North America, and hand-carved shepherd's whistles.
  • Mainline Border Collie Centre (Barbara Sykes, UK)
  • Red Creek Farm (Carol Anne Bailey, Townville, SC)
  • Red Top Kennels (Patrick Shannahan, Caldwell, ID)
  • Sand Creek Farm (Joyce Geier, Mendon, NY)
  • Seclusival Farm & Kennel (Barbara Ligon, Shipman, VA)
  • Shoofly Farm (Oxford, North Carolina) Cooperative of Border Collie owners formed for the purpose of owning livestock and training dogs.
  • Simpson's Sheepdogs (Julie Simpson) Julie is winner of the 1996 Supreme International Championship and is the only woman to have ever achieved this greatest honor in Sheepdog competition.
  • Stockdog Trainers Directory
  • Stockdog Trainers in North America Compiled by Lisa Giroux.
  • Tom and Florence Wilson (Gordonsville, VA)
  • Tweedhope Sheepdogs (Viv Billingham Parkes, St Mary's Loch,Borders, Scotland) Author and International team member in both the Singles and the Brace, Viv has judged at home and abroad and now trains dogs and their owners to work sheep.
  • Wolston Farms (Ian Caldicott, Sequim, Washington)
  • Getting Started
  • A Stock Dog Puppy's First Year Michelle Weese, Lock-Eye Border Collies
  • Allowing a Dog to Learn Michelle Weese
  • Balance and Pacing Sorry, not available until Stockdog Server back on-line.
  • Bringing on a Young Border Collie Viv Billingham Parkes
  • Class Action - Candy Kennedy tells what to expect at a herding class.
  • Finding a Trainer Currently unavailable.
  • Finely Ground - Relaxing a dog on his flanks. Candy Kennedy
  • First Exposure for Your Dog Robin French
  • Getting Started in Herding All breed advice by Linda Rorem at Herding on the Web.
  • Getting Started in Herding - Basics from the Bearded Collie Club of Canada.
  • Getting Started in Herding With Your Border Collie Robin French
  • Go Ahead, I Dare You. HIT Me! Dr. Nicholas B. Carter on herding instinct tests for border collies.
  • Great Expectations - Derek Fisher explains how we project our insecurities into our runs.
  • Herding Instinct Tests - The mechanics. You'll also want to read Jim Engel's (1988) article below questioning the validity of these tests.
  • Hints on Handling at Your First Trail
  • Hurray for the Sheep! - good livestock is the key to any successful working team. Patrick Shannahan
  • If I'd Only Known Then... Kathy Knox writing in Border Collie Style magazine.
  • Is My Dog Ready for Its First Trial? Patrick Shannahan
  • Kirk's Q & A - Training tips from Kirk Moses including 'Teaching Come Bye and Away' and 'Teaching Dog to Slow Down.'
  • Libby's Corner - An informative column by Libby Nieder.
  • Michelle Weese Training Articles
  • Nervous? Patrick Shannahan
  • Preparing Your Pup for Training Patrick Shannahan
  • Raising and Starting a Puppy Part 1 Currently unavailable.
  • Raising and Training a Border Collie Part 2 Currently unavailable.
  • Ready, Set, Go!: How to Attend a Clinic Nancy Hebb
  • Right Angle - Using body language to push a dog back off his sheep. Candy Kennedy
  • Step-by-Step Article on How to Start a Working Dog Michelle Weese
  • Stock Dog Server Training Information Currently unavailable.
  • Teaching Herding to Humans is Hard! Michelle Weese
  • Top Ten Things The Pros Know That You Don't Mike Canaday
  • Top Ten Things The Pros Know That You Don't (Part Two) Mike Canaday
  • Starting Pups Angie Pickle
  • "Temperament" and "Instinct" Testing, Panacea or Nonsense? Classic article by Jim Engel.
  • Training and Working a Border Collie Viv Billingham
  • Warning Label - Teaching the dog to come. Candy Kennedy
  • Web-footed Sheep Substitutes - Herding with ducks. Linda Rorem
  • We Have Lift Off! - Novice dogs having trouble with the lift. Candy Kennedy
  • What is Balance? Currently unavailable.
  • More Advanced Training, Trailing & Stock Handling Tips
  • Assessment of (Cattle) Stress During Handling and Transport
  • Communication is the Key
  • Dr. Temple Grandin's Web Page Livestock Behavior, Design of Facilities and Humane Slaughter
  • Getting into the "Flow" at your Sheepdog Trials?
  • How to Blow a Sheepdog Whistle
  • The International Sheep Dog Society Rules for Trials (Revised 1994)
  • Is Acting Like a Predator Low Stress Cattle Handling? - An article by Temple Grandin.
  • Keeping Your Dog Competitive
  • Let's Help the Judge
  • Let's Organize a Trial! - Border Collie Style Online Magazine article by George & Sue MacDonald.
  • Low Stress Methods for Moving Cattle on Pastures, Paddocks, and Large Feedlot Pens - Learn how to move herds of cattle on pastures or to move cattle in large feedlot pens (sans dog) and, in doing so, become a better handler.
  • Problem Gripping
  • Reading Sheep
  • Reducing Handling Stress Improves Both Productivity and Welfare
  • Rulebook of the United States Border Collie Handler's Association
  • Sheep Behavior Dr Clive Dalton
  • Sheep Psych 101
  • Sheep Sense
  • Stage Fright - Stages of training
  • Stock Dog Server Training Information
  • Stock Dog Training Secrets - 3 Part Series
  • Stock Reading Basics
  • Stock Sense - Kathy Knox article from Border Collie Style Magazine Online Magazine.
  • Teaching Handlers to Pen
  • Training and Working a Border Collie
  • Understanding Fear in Sheep Ontario Sheep News
  • United States Border Collie Handler's Association Judging Guidelines for Sheep/Goat Judged Trials - PDF, Word and Plain Text format.
  • Well Seasoned - preparing for trialing

  • Whistle Commands - Includes audio examples!

    Yeats - doing what comes naturally Trial (Dates and Results) Websites:
  • Arizona Sheep Dog Association (ASDA) Events including Desert Classic Sheep Dog Trial of April 19, 20 and 21, 2002.
  • BC Stock Dog Association (BCSDA) Events and Trials
  • Bluegrass Trial 2002 Website (Lexington, KY, May 16-19).
  • Buckeye Australian Shepherd Club ASCA Herding Trial (Nova, Ohio, April 7, 2002) Stock will be ducks and Sheep. The judge will be Bob Blount.
  • Canadian Border Collie Association (CBCA) 2002 Trials and Clinics
  • Canadian Border Collie Championship 2002 (National Equestrian Park, Ottawa, Ontario, September (19), 20, 21, 22, 2002
  • Country Heritage Park Sheepdog Trial 2002 (Country Heritage Park, Milton, ON, CAN, June 22 & 23, 2002)
  • Ewes Welcome Farm Sheepdog Trial (Castleton, Ontario, May 25, 26, 27, 2001)
  • Farmington Sheepdog Trials (Farmington, NC, July 19, 20, 21 AND Sept 20,21, 22, 2002)
  • French Herding Trials
  • 2002 FrontRunner Nursery Trial Series (Richmond, VA, March 16-17 & April 20-21) USBCHA Sanctioned. Nursery only.
  • Genesee SDT (Mumford, NY; May 18 - 19, 2002)
  • Glenn Haven Farm's Upcoming Events including PBCA Herding Trial (Durham, NC; April 13 & 14, 2002) & Cheryl Jagger Williams Herding Seminar
  • Georgia Stockdog Association Upcoming Herding Events
  • Herding Organizations and Programs in the US and Other Countries - All breed.
  • Highland Farm Herding Events home of the Indiana State Championship & OVSDA Highland SDT (TBA).
  • Highlands of Durham Games Sheep Dog Trials (Uxbridge, Ontario, CAN, July 21 & 22, 2001). Entry form.
  • 2002 International Cow Dog Derby Open Class sanctioned by the USBCHA. (Red Bluff, CA, April 14, 2002)
  • International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS) Trials in 2002
  • Kingston Sheep Dog Trials (Aug 9, 10, 11, 2002).
  • Klamath Cow Dog Challenge
  • Lambtown, USA 2001 Sheepdog Trial (Dixon, California, July 28, 2001)
  • Last Chance Nursery Trial (Farmington, NC, July 31, 2002)
  • Leatherstocking Sheep Dog Trials (Cooperstown, New York, August 17, 18 and 19, 2001)
  • 2002 Lennoxville Int'l Sheepdog Trials (Bishop's University Campus, Lennoxville QC, July 27 -28, 2002)
  • 2001 Lone Star Cattle Dog Futurity Results
  • Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair Sheep Dog Trials 2002 (Cummington, MA, May 25 and 26, 2002)
  • Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials (CO, held annually in September) Five days of sheepdog herding competition for the largest purse in the North American trials, totaling $10,000. This event is sanctioned by the USBCHA and is a Purina Points Trial.
  • Mid South Stock Dog Association Stock Dog Trial (Millington, Tn, April 27 & 28, 2002)
  • Midwest Regional Herding Championship 2001 Results (Butler, Missouri)
  • 2001 National Sheepdog Finals Results
  • Nation Valley Sheepdog Trials (Navall Farm, Township of North Dundas, Ontario, August 3, 4, 5, 2002)
  • NEBCA Trials 2002
  • Newark Valley Spring Festival Sheep Dog Trial (Newark Valley, New York, June 7, 8 and 9, 2002)
  • New Jersey State Sheep Dog Trials At Fosterfields (Boonton, NJ, August 31 - September 2, 2002)
  • North American Sheepdog Championship 2001 Results (Tejon Pass, CA, June 7 - 10, 2001)
  • Northern California Working Sheepdog Association, Inc (NCWSA) Sponsored Events including Mar 22-24, 2002 Oak Hill Open Sheep Dog Trial in Paicines, CA
  • Ohio Valley Stock Dog Association Highland Stockdog Trial (Mt.Vernon, Indiana, June 30 & July 1, 2001)
  • Ozark Empire Fair SDT (Springfield,MO, July 28,2002)
  • 4th Annual Reality Canine Center Spring Fling (Cameron, MO, May 25, 26 & 27, 2002) USBCHA Herding.
  • Scissortail Classic 2001 (Stillwater, Oklahoma, May 12 & 13, 2001)
  • Seclusival Farm Sheep Dog Trial (Shipman, Virginia, May 4 - 8, 2001)
  • Sheepdog Association of Zimbabwe - Description of the trailing system in this small African country.
  • Sheep Dog Trials in Britain
  • Sonoma Wine Country Sheepdog Trial (Santa Rosa, CA, March 15,16,&17, 2002) USBCHA & O.S.D.S. Sanctioned.
  • State Fair of Virginia Sheepdog Trails (Richmond, VA, Friday, October 5, 2001)
  • Stock Dog Server Trial and Clinic Dates - US and other countries.
  • Triple T Stock Dog Trial, Fifth Annual (Willisburg, KY, August 3 & 4, 2002)
  • US Border Collie Handlers Association (USBCHA) Calendar of Sanctioned Trials
  • Utah Stockdog Association Calendar of Events
  • Working Dog Advertiser Events
  • Working Sheepdog News National and International Trials 2002
  • USBCHA Leadership Links
  • District One Information and Feedback Page (Amy Coapman, Montague, CA)
  • Officers, Districts and Directors
  • USBCHA District 7 (Joyce Geier, Mendon, NY)

    A Tribute to Katy Cropper's Trim
    Border Collie Ancestors
    Border Collie Museum
    Collies: Back to the Future
    Herding Trial in Philadelphia in 1880 - Reprint of an old brochure.
    Historia Border Collie
    History of the Border Collie
    In Memory of George Conboy 1910-2002
    James MacKenzie A Story of One Man and His Dog
    Memories of Harry Greenslade, 1913 - 1993
    Obituary: Jock Richardson Owner of Wiston Cap - from The (Isle of Man) Daily Telegraph, Saturday, July 29, 2000.
    Old Time Farm Shepherd - predecessor of the modern border collie
    Sheepdogs - The Border Collie
    The Border Collie in America
    The Collies I Was Looking For - old photos of collie-type dogs
    Where Did the Border Collie Come From?

    Homepages dedicated to border collies. Fun, inspiring, interesting -- these are some of the BEST!.

    Adventures in Herding - trials and tribulations of two humans and three dogs as they learn to herd.
    Border Collie Dog Appreciation Club - Fun site, highly recommended.
    Border Collie Buddies - Submit a photo of your dog, look at the free agility clipart or take a chance on winning a collar.
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    Nutz is a Border Collie. . .or this Border collie is Nutz! - Photos and fun stuff about Border Collies.
    South Central Texas Border Collies - Regional links.
    Woody World


    Articles, Stories and Other Print Media:
    A Good Dog Knows What to Do - Oct. 1999, Smithsonian Magazine article
    A Useful Dog - Outside Magazine, May 1993
    Baxter Black - Cowboy poet and former large animal veterinarian
    Baxter Black's Border Collie Soliloquy
    Border Collie Culture - Stories about border collies, border collie people, and experiences related to the breed.
    Border Collie Tales - Delightful.
    Dogs in the News - Search the keyword 'border collie' to get a whole list of stories.
    Footrot Flats - Black Sheep's tribute to this New Zealand cartoon strip by Murray Ball about life on a farm with the border collie "Dog", Wal, Cooch and all the gang.
    Footrot Flats - The 'Unofficial' Site - site for fans of the New Zealand comic strip Footrot Flats. Includes info about the comic and characters. Also home of the Footrot Flats desktop theme and screensaver.
    Poems and Stories - Short stories, tall stories, & yarns from Glencasey BCs.
    Roxy and Meggie go for a Walk - Children's story.
    Sagacity - Excerpt from Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men
    Sheepdog National Championships Held At Tejon Ranch - The Farm News.

    Babe - MovieWeb review of the original Babe film.
    Bailey, a Border Collie - Commentator Baxter Black's tribute to his dog.
    Bring a Ewe! by Baxter Black - Sheep in Fire Control, NPR Audio Essay
    Jet the Wonder Dog - July 29,1999, NPR All Things Considered
    One Man and His Dog - BBC America series.
    Ruth and Deer - Story about the McCaig's guard dog, NPR Audio Essay
    Ruth the Sheep Guard Dog by Don McCaig - NPR Audio Essay
    Thunder in the Valley (1947) - Screen version of the book, "Bob, Son of Battle."
    Year of the Working Sheepdog - Purchase this video that follows a team of working collies through the seasons of the shepherd's year.

    Books and Book Reviews:
    Books Over Franklin Border Collie Books
    Border Collie Library
    Complete List of Border Collie Books (1995)
    Dog Dazes - Source for rare, old and out of print border collie, sheepdog, herding, and sheep Books.
    Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men: Book Review
    Herding Books
    Nop's Hope Review - November 1994, Media Hound, Front and Finish
    Sheepdog Bibliography
    The Versatile Border Collie
    The Working Border Collie
    Whistle While You Work

    American Border Collie Magazine
    Border Collie Style On-line Magazine
    Freedom of Spirit Magazine (UK)
    The Shepherd's Dogge
    The Working Border Collie Magazine
    Working Sheepdog News (UK)

    Kale kisses Jimmy. Watch out for your nose! MISCELLANEOUS

    Dog Bites:
    Approaching a Dog Progressive Animal Welfare Society
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.A Community Approach to Dog Bite Prevention
    Dog Bite Crisis Dr. Manoela Kinney
    Dog Bite Law
    Dog Bite Prevention Dog Scouts of America
    Dog Bite Prevention - Board Certified plastic surgeon provides loads of information.
    Dog's Aggressiveness Towards Man: Diagnostic Methods and Preventive Suggestions
    Dogs That Bite Children. Is There Hope?
    Don't Worry, They Won't Bite - 1998 brochure regarding how to prevent dog bites and what to do if your dog bites someone or you are bitten.
    How to Avoid Being Nipped or Bitten
    Stay Bite Free (HSUS) - Preventing and avoiding dog bites.
    Why Dogs Bite Jacque Lynn Schultz, Director, ASPCA Special Projects
    Why Dogs Bite Holster Jr./Petstation

    Fun Stuff For All Ages:
    Petpouri - An Animal Care Activity Section for Children
    Herding Dog Printouts
    What Breed of Dog Are You?

    Human-Dog Bond and End of Life Issues:
    Also see kids and dogs links below.

    Animal Abuse and interpersonal Violence Dr. Suzanne Conboy-Hill
    Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement - Compassionate non-profit organization dedicated to helping people during this very special kind of bereavement.
    Attachment Disorders in Dogs Progressive Animal Welfare Society asks is your dog a "lone wolf"?
    Center for the Human-Animal Bond
    Companion Animal Related Emotions Pet Loss Helpline
    Euthanasia...What To Expect T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM
    Health Benefits to Humans
    HIV/AIDS and Pet Ownership Progressive Animal Welfare Society
    Human-Animal Bond Articles Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc.
    Humans and Other Animals - web site designed for all those interested in the human-animal relationship.
    Inside or Out? - Making Your Dog Part of the Family
    More Than a Family Member Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    Pet Dog May Help Control Blood Pressure During Stress Alan Mozes
    Pet Hospice
    Pet Loss Grief Counseling Hotlines
    Pet Ownership and Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease Warwick P Anderson, PhD, Christopher M Reid, Msc, & Garry L. Jennings, MD
    Support for People and Pets Program - Pet loss resources. Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital
    When Another Dog in the Household Dies... Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    When Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend — The Health Benefits of Companion Animals in the Modern Society Dr Kathryn Wilks
    When Your Pet Passes Away Paw Print Animal Hospital

    Kids and Dogs:
    ABCs of Safe and Healthy Child Care
    Approaching a Dog Progressive Animal Welfare Society
    Baby Tips for Pregnant Women or New Moms - Dads might want to look at this too.
    Children & Dog Aggression Steve Lindsay
    Children and Dogs: Important Information for Parents
    Dogs and Kids The SF/SPCA
    Explaining Pet Death to Children
    Honesty and Emotion Help Children Deal With a Death
    Kids and Dogs - Avoiding Bite Problems
    Kids And Dogs: Safety First Kid-proof your dogs; dog-proof your kids. Norma Bennett Woolf
    Kids and Dogs Carol A. Byrnes
    Kids and Dogs: A Common Sense Approach Understanding how bites occur and how how to prevent them. This article by Vicki DeGruy was the winner of a 1993 Dog Writer's Association of America Maxwell award for best article in a canine newspaper.
    Kids and Pets
    Kids and Pets: Making the Connection Work
    Kids, Dogs and Safety
    Pets and Children - Contains some good ideas not found in other websites.
    Preparing Your Pet for the Arrival of a New Baby
    Visceral Larva Migrans - Risk to children and prevention.
    Your Dogs and Children

    Legal Information:
    Dog Bite Law
    How Dog Owners Can Avoid Being Bitten by a Lawsuit
    Puppy Lemon Law States
    Laws and Regulations Enforced by the U.S. FDA - Be patient, this link will take you directly to the correct section.
    Veterinary Malpractice
    When a Dog Is a Lemon

    Border Collie Chart - Free knitting pattern for hat with "border collie in herding mode."
    Border Collie Names
    Border Collie Names(CAN)
    Dog Names
    Dog-On-It Lawn Problems - Dealing with 'lawn burn'.
    ISDS Border Collie Database Dog Names - 9629 different names off all 256558 Border Collies from the ISDS Stud Books.
    Names for Working Dogs (NZ)
    Pet Name Search Engine (AU) - Thousands of pet names and meanings.

    Travel and Moving:
    Airline Travel With Your Dog
    Bringing Pets to Britain
    Car Travel With Your Pet
    Dog Friendly
    Great Outdoor Recreation Pages - Guide to outdoor recreation and travel with your dog.
    Guidelines for Traveling With Your Pet in Canada
    Handle With Care - Moving Pets Takes Time and Preparation
    Hawaii Travel Quarantine
    Industry Group Warns Unrestrained Pets Can Cause Serious Auto Accidents bumper sticker offer while supplies last.
    Interpet Explorer
    Ireland's Quarantine Laws
    On the Road With Your Pet T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM
    Passport for Pets - Organization for quarantine reform in the UK.
    Pets Welcome
    Pet Travel Information
    Take Your Pet
    Taking Your Pet on the Plane
    Travelling and Heartworm
    Travel Check List
    Travel Dog
    Traveling With Your Pet - Info from the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.


    General Information:
    A Commonsense Guide to Feeding Your Dog and Cat - Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
    All About Fatty Acids
    Animal Advocate
    Canine Nutrition
    Canine Nutrition: A Practical Approach to Feeding Dogs and Puppies
    Canine Vitamin Advisor
    Clinical Nutrition of Companion Animals - Articles adapted from the quarterly Veterinary Newsletter "Nutrition in Practice."
    Dog Nutrition and Feeding Articles Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc.
    Evaluating Your Dog's Weight Placerville Veterinary Clinic
    Feeding and Nutrition Links from WorkingDogWeb©
    Feeding Methods for your Dog Free-feeding or scheduled feedings/portion control?
    Feeding the Dog - Very basic information.
    Feeding Your Dog
    General Nutritional Information for Dogs - Title is misleading; one of the most comprehensive general articles.
    Give Your Dog the Healthy Hug - assess your dog's body condition using a combination of hands-on and visual evaluations.
    How Dogs Digest Food
    Irradiation of Pet Food - Is it Safe?
    Low Fat Foods
    Nutrient Requirements of Dogs, Revised 1985 - One of over 2,000 books available online free from the National Academy Press.
    Nutrition and Cancer: Frontiers for Cure!
    Nutrition and the Small Animal Cancer Patient
    Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital Nutrition Support Service
    Omega-3 Fatty Acids: What's the right amount?
    Practical Canine Nutrition
    Problems Related to Feeding Tomball Veterinary Clinic
    Skinny Border Collies
    Small Animal Nutrition - Syllabus and class notes.
    Summary of Tufts University Study on the Effect of Dietary Protein on Dog Behavior
    The Facts About Protein
    What You Should Know T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM

    Behavioral Aspects of Feeding:
    Anorexia Can be Distinguished as a Behavioral Disorder in Some Dogs
    The Behavioral Side of Eating - Dogs who won't eat when home alone.
    The Food Covering Canine
    The Human-Companion Animal Bond: The Bond and Behavioral Aspects of Feeding

    Commercial Foods:
    Association of American Feed Control Officials
    Are Pets Being Recycled Into Pet Food?
    Dog Food Comparison Charts
    Buckeye Dog Products Nutrition Topics
    Evaluation of Selected High-starch Flours as Ingredients in Canine Diets Murray, SM, et al. (1999). J Anim Sci.
    How to Buy Dog Food
    Kibble Ingredients
    Pet Food Labels: How to Interpret Them
    Pet Food Labels: What Reading a Label Will and Won’t Tell You About the Food Kathryn Michel
    Pet Food Manufacture Wendy C. Brooks, DVM
    Preservative Free Well Almost - Also contains links to many dogfood manufacturers.
    Purina Products for Dogs
    Understanding Dog Foods and Dog Food Labels
    Understanding Dog Foods and Dog Food Labels - Part II
    Understanding Pet Food Labels (CO Dept. of Agriculture)
    What's Really in Pet Food - Animal Protection Institute report explores the differences between what consumers think they are buying and what they are actually getting.
    Whole Dog Journal's Top Ten Dry Dog Food Recommendations February 2001 Issue
    Wysong Corporation

    Feeding the Working Dog:
    Basic Nutrition Dr. Clive Dalton writing for Pedigree®.
    Fats, Carbohydrates, Protein: Their Effect on Performance of the Sport Dog
    Feeding the Canine Athlete for Optimal Performance
    Nutrition and the Border Collie (1996) - Article by C. Denise Wall originally published in American Border Collie magazine.
    Nutrition for the Working Sheepdog - Part one.
    Nutrition for the Working Sheepdog - Part two of a series by Maggi McClure on Working Sheepdog Nutrition found in the Border Collie Style Online Magazine.
    Feeding the Working Dog
    Olfactory Function and Nutrition in Canine Athletes

    Heidi's Ouzo sitting pretty at 19 weeks old. Feeding Your Growing Puppy:
    Colostrum: The Important First Milk Race Foster, DVM
    Feeding Orphaned Puppies TalkToTheVet
    Feeding the Puppy Mary C. Wakeman, D.V.M
    Feeding: What, When, How Race Foster, DVM & Marty Smith, DVM
    How to feed an Orphaned Two-Week-Old Puppy Jacobi, Colorado State University
    Lactation in Dogs and Cats W L Hurley, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    Large Breed Puppies: What is an Appropriate Diet? Chick Newman, PhD, DVM. Preventing joint disease.
    Milk Composition W L Hurley, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.No Consequences of Restricted and High Dietary Protein on Skeletal Development of Great Dane Dogs Hazewinkel, DVM & Nap, DVM
    Orphaned Puppies Dr. Petra Drake
    Orphan Puppy & Kitten Care Wendy C. Brooks, DVM
    Overnutrition speedyvet
    Puppy Food or Adult Food - When to Change? Golden Retriever Home Page
    Relationship of Nutrition to the Development of Skeletal Disease in Young Dogs Phillip W. Toll, DVM & Daniel C. Richardson, DVM
    Skeletal Diseases of the Growing Dog: Nutritional Influences and the Role of Diet Daniel C. Richardson, DVM
    The Role of Nutrition in Elbow Dysplasia Herman A.W. Hazewinkel, Lars F.H. Theyse & Richard C. Nap
    The Working Dog's Health Gary Cotton, DVM

    Fluids and Electrolytes:
    Dehydration -- 7 Ways to Wet Her Whistle
    Electrolyte Solutions for Dogs
    Enteral Nutrition Calculator
    Excessive Water Consumption Tomball Veterinary Clinic
    Feeding and Watering Sled Dog Care Guidelines
    Giving Oral Fluids to a Dog
    Giving Subcutaneous Fluids to a Dog
    Parvovirus- Layman's Essentials of Fluid and Electrolyte Treatment
    Water Balance and Hydration

    Food Allergies:
    Canine Food Allergies
    Fatty Acids for Allergies and Dry Skin
    Food Allergies
    Food Allergies: The Truth About Lamb and Rice Mixes
    Urticaria (Hives) and Angioedema (Swelling of the Face)

    Homemade Foods and Raw Diets:
    An Overview of Neospora Caninum and Raw Food Diets Larry A. Bernstein, VMD, Natural Holistic Pet Care
    Are There Nutritional Benefits in Raw Bone? T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM
    BARF - Information and Sources on the Bones and Raw Foods Diet
    BARF: Bones And Raw Food The search for a better dog diet marches on. Norma Bennett Woolf
    BCs4BARF Website List is open to all Border Collie owners, crosses included, whether they have been BARFing for awhile or just curious about it. Includes links to websites full of information on BARF.
    Daily Drool Treat Recipes N. Gallagher
    Dr Ian Billinghurst - Author of BARF book, 'Give Your Dog a Bone.'
    Dog Food and Treat Recipes - RecipeSource is the new home of SOAR: The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes.
    Dog Foods and Treats Cynthia Kage
    Doggie Connection's Recipe Page Over 140 Recipes for dog food.
    Dog Treat Recipes From GetRecipe.com
    Dog Treat Recipes Tibetan Spaniel Network
    Dog Treat Recipes Several hundred recipes for dog treats, dog biscuits, dog foods, and other munchies for the pupsters, and a few for cats as well - yours for free for the downloading!
    DragonBear's Dog Treat Recipes Resource Dog-treat and dog-food recipes found on the web, a newsgroup or e-mail list.
    Evaluation of Raw Food Diets for Dogs Freeman, LM & Michel, KE. (2001). Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association
    Fatty Acids for Allergies and Dry Skin Holly R. Frisby, DVM
    Favorite Dog Treat Recipes Kitchen-tested dog treat recipes.
    Feeding Raw Food to Pets - A Good or Bad Idea? Provet Healthcare information.
    Great Recipes for Healthy All Natural Home-Made Dog Treats! - Also sell biscuit cutters in fun shapes and treat canisters.
    Guidance for Industry Manufacture and Labeling of Raw Meat Foods for Companion and Captive Noncompanion Carnivores and Omnivores Draft Guidance document distributed by FDA for comment purposes. Response from Jean Hofve, DVM.
    Healthy Dog Treat Recipes From dogpark.com.
    Newf Goodies Dog Treats
    Preliminary Assessment of the Risk of Salmonella Infection in Dogs Fed Raw Chicken Diets Joffe, DJ & Schlesinger, DP (2002). Can Vet J.
    Raw Diet Links Mindy Fenton Samuels
    Raw Meat and Bones: A Dangerous Fad Diet Comprehensive website.
    Raw Meat Debate – Should You Feed it to Your Dog? Alex Lieber
    Raw Meat Diet in Dogs - Not Recommended Mike Richards, DVM
    Raw Meaty Bones Tom Lonsdale
    Recipes for Homemade Diets Hill's Pet Foods
    Should Your Dog Eat BARF? Jorie Green, Managing Editor of VetCentric.com
    Slow Down If You Feed Your Dog Fast Food
    Some Thoughts on Feeding Raw Diets Beth Duman, BA
    What Not to Feed Your Dog Deborah Burton
    Wolves and Bones T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM

    Canine Weight Management Placerville Veterinary Clinic
    Caring for Overweight Dogs
    Corpulent Canines?
    Evaluating Your Dog's Weight Placerville Veterinary Clinic
    Fat Dogs are Unhealthy Dogs
    Feeding Fido Senior
    Fitness in Your Back Yard
    How to Keep Fido Free of Winter Flab
    Low Fat Foods
    Reba's Recovery Page - Rehabilitation of a severely obese two year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
    Give Your Dog the Healthy Hug - assess your dog's body condition using a combination of hands-on and visual evaluations.
    The Overweight Dog
    The Overweight Pet T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM
    WSU Offers Honorarium for (Obese) Pet Dogs in Hip Dysplasia Studies - The studies will focus on the effects of obesity on hip dysplasia lameness, and the benefits of a specially formulated diet for dogs with hip dysplasia. Participants who complete the study will receive a $300 honorarium. Additionally, all dog food will be provided during the study.
    The Purina Body Condition System

    Unusual Eating Habits:
    Coprophagia About stool eating by Gwen Bohnenkamp, Perfect Paws.
    Coprophagia Hill Top Animal Hospital with a case study by Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Bonnie Beaver.
    Coprophagia Epidemiological information about the incidence of the behavior in the canine population, the age of onset, age of disappearance, and various other pieces of information by Erik Hofmeister; Melinda Cumming, DVM PhD; Cheryl Dhein, DVM, MS, DACVIM.
    Coprophagia in the Canine Erik Hofme
    Coprophagia in the Domestic Dog James O'Heare
    Dirt Eating L. Clarke Cushing, V.M.D.
    Dogs Who Love to Lick Human Feet Myrna Milani, BS, DVM. Originally written for DogWatch, a newsletter for the general public from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.
    Getting Wasted: Dogs Who Eat or Roll in Feces Myrna Milani, BS, DVM.
    Grass Eating in Dogs Mike Richards, DVM
    Grass Heads and Lawn Mowers Dr. Roen's
    Is it OK for my Dog to Eat Grass? American Animal Hospital Association
    Owner Documentation of Coprophagia in the Canine Erik Hofmeister; Melinda Cumming, DVM PhD; Cheryl Dhein, DVM, MS, DACVIM, College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University.
    Pica Behavior in the Adult Dog Part of the Applied Ethology Home Page.
    Poop Eating Carol A. Byrnes, Diamonds in the Ruff.
    Stool Eating (Coprophagy) and How to Prevent It Holly Frisby, DVM, MS, Veterinary Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc.
    Unusual Eating Habits in Cats and Dogs Dumb Friends League


    Alberta Stock Dog Association
    American Herding Breeds Association
    Arizona Stock Dog Association
    Belgian Border Collie Club
    BC Stock Dog Association
    Border Collie Club of Canada
    Buckeye All-Breed Herding Association (Lima, OH)
    Central Illinois Stock Dog Association
    Georgia Stock Dog Association
    Gulf Coast Stockdog Association (Athens, LA)
    Herding/Stockdog Clubs in the U.S., Canada, and Europe
    Land of Lincoln Border Collie Association (Illinois)
    Mid South Stock Dog Association
    Mississippi Stockdog Association
    Mountain & Plains Border Collie Association (Colorado)
    New Mexico Herding Dog Association
    North Carolina Border Collie Association
    North East Border Collie Association (NEBCA)
    Northern California Working Sheepdog Association, Inc
    Northwest Stockdog Association
    Ontario Border Collie Club (CAN)
    Oregon Sheep Dog Society
    Piedmont Border Collie Association (NC)
    Red River Cattle Dog Association (Eakly, OK) - All-breed association organized by a group of cattle ranchers dedicated to the use of dogs in handling their livestock.
    Redwood Empire Sheep Dog Association
    San Diego County Stock Dog Club
    Saskatchewan Stockdog Association (CAN)
    Texas Hill Country Stock Dog Association
    Texas Sheep Dog Association
    United States Border Collie Club
    United States Border Collie Handler's Association, Inc. (USBCHA)
    Upper Canada Stockdog Association, Inc. (UCSA)
    Utah Stockdog Association
    West Australian Working Sheep Dog Association
    Western Cow Dog Association - promotes and celebrates the working stockdog.
    Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association
    Working Sheepdogs Belgium

    I do not and cannot personally check out all the breeders and organizations listed below. A listing, therefore, does not constitute advocacy of a site. By all means, if you are purchasing a working breed, ask for references, watch the parents work, talk to owners of working livestock dogs, do your research!


    General Info:
    A World of Herding Dogs - Links and information about many livestock-working breeds.
    Border Collies as Guard Dogs
    Breed Plays A Role In Sheep Guard Dogs Weld County Cooperative Extension
    Buying a Livestock Guardian Dog - by the Great Pyrenees Club of Puget Sound.
    Dogs Connections: Herding & Stock Dogs- A Celebration of Dogs including links, articles and images.
    Evaluating the Rescue Dog for the Family Farm
    FlockGuard Behavior and Training
    Flock Guardians
    Great Pyrenees Library
    Guard Dogs for Predator Control
    Livestock Guard Dogs - Health, fencing and general information from The Goat Farmer.
    Livestock Guardian Dog List Excerpts
    Livestock Guardian Dogs Links (LGD-L)
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Livestock Guardian Dogs
    Livestock Guarding Dog Fact Sheet (USDA)
    Mixing Dogs With Politics - Croatian Herding Dogs
    Predator Control - Article from The Goat Magazine.
    Predator Control With Guard Dogs Littlefield, University of Wisconson-Madison Chippewa County Extension Service
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Raising and Training a Livestock-guarding Dog
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Observations on Why Mongrels May Make Effective Livestock Guarding Dogs
    Sheep Tending Dogs, Past and Present
    The Right Dog for the Job - Article from The Goat Magazine.
    Training Anatolian Shepherd Dogs for Poultry Guarding Jennifer Floyd
    What is a Reputable Breeder? - Written and published by the Great Pyrenees Club of California.
    Working Dogs

    Herding Breeds:
    Australian Working Dogs - Kelpie, German Coolie, Blue Heeler, or more correctly, the Australian Cattle Dog, and Stumpy-Tail Cattle Dog.

    Australian Cattle Dog
    Australian Cattledogs Message Board
    Australian Cattledog FAQ
    Australian Cattle Dog Herding Website
    Development of the Australian Cattle Dog
    Training the Outrun on the Australian Cattle Dog
    Australian Kelpie
    The Working Kelpie (North American Australian Kelpie Registry, Inc)
    Working Kelpie Council of Australia
    Australian Shepherd Club of America
    Australian Shepherd History
    Awesome Aussies

    Bearded Collie Club of America
    Bearded Collie FAQ
    Herding With Beardies
    Beauceron Club of America
    North American Beuaceron Club
    American Belgian Tervuren Club
    United Belgian Shepherd Dog Association
    Berger de Picard
    International Bergamasco Sheepdog Association
    Bernese and Herding
    Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America
    Bernese Mountain Dog FAQ
    Herding and the Bernese Mountain Dog
    Bouvier Buyer's Guide
    Bouvier Des Flanders
    Briard Club of America Herding Description
    Origin and History of the Briard

    Canaan Dog Club of America
    Catahoula Ezine
    American Working Collie Association
    Collie Herding

    English Shepherd Club Website
    German Shepherd Dogs in Herding
    Herding GSD Web Site
    How to Decipher Ads to Obtain a Quality German Shepherd Puppy
    WorkingDogs Herding Articles Archives - Focus = GSD.

    Icelandic Sheepdog
    (McNab) Collie in Mendocino - by Lulu McNab
    McNab Dog
    McNab Homepage - Clearinghouse of information about McNab dogs.

    New Zealand Huntaway
    The Norwegian Buhund
    American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club, Inc.
    Pons in America
    NaturalPuli - International list for puli devotees.
    Puli World
    Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America

    Old German Shepherd, Altdeutscher Schaeferhund
    Herding Characteristics of the Shetland Sheepdog
    Herding With the Shetland Sheepdog
    Shetland Sheepdog Breed History
    Shetland Sheepdog Home Page
    Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
    Swedish Vallhund
    Swedish Vallhund Club

    Tibetan Terrier
    History of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America
    Welsh Sheepdog

    Livestock Guardian Dogs:

    Akbash dog and Anatolian Shepherd (Turkey)
    Akbash Dog
    Akbash Dog
    Akbash Dog Home Page
    Akbash Dogs: A Breed Apart
    Anatolian Shepherd Dog (Karabash)
    Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International
    Anatolian Shepherd Dog WebRing
    Semavi Anatolian Shepherd Dogs
    United Anatolian Guardians

    Cão de Castro Laboreiro (Portugal)
    Castro Laboreiro Livestock Guardian Web Site
    Castro Laboreiro Livestock Guardian Dog

    Cão da Serra de Aires (Portugal)
    Cão da Serra de Aires (Serra de Aires Mountain dog, Portuguese Shepherd Dog, Portuguese Sheepdog)

    Great Pyrenees (France)
    Great Pyrenees Club of California
    Great Pyrenees Connection
    Great Pyrenees Guardians of the Flock
    Great Pyrenees Library
    Livestock Guardian Dogs - Information About Great Pyrenees as Livestock Guardian Dogs.
    Penn-Dutch Great Pyrenees Club
    Penny Pyrbred's Web Page
    PyrNet Web Site

    Kangal Dog (Turkey)
    Der Kangal
    Kangal Dog World Wide Web Site
    Kangal Dogs!

    Karst Shepherd (Yugoslavia)
    Karst Shepherd or Kraševec

    Komondor (Hungary)
    Komondor Hungarian Sheepdog
    The Komondor and Predator Control

    Kuvasz (Hungary)
    American Kuvasz Association (AKA)
    Kuvasz Club of America
    Kuvasz Fanciers of America Resource Guide
    Kuvasz Information
    Kuvasz the Ancient Watch Dog
    SilvanHold Kuvaszok

    Maremma (Italy)
    Maremma Livestock Guard Dogs
    Northern Maremma Association Home Page

    Caucasian Mountain Dog (Ovcharka)
    Caucasian Mountain Dog Club of America
    Caucasian Ovtcharka (Caucasian Sheepdog, Caucasian Shepherd, Kavkaskaia Ovtcharka, Caucasian Owcharka, Caucasian mountain dog, Sage Ghafghazi)
    Caucasian Ovtcharka Resource Center
    Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Middle Asian Ovtcharka, Mid-Asian Shepherd, Central Asian Sheepdog, Central Asian Ovtcharka, Alabai)
    "Cão da Serra da Estrela" - a.k.a. "Estrela Mountain Dog".
    Esquire Caucasians - Founding kennel in North America for the Caucasian Mountain Dog.
    Ovcharka Dog Breeds Network - Dedicated to historical accuracy, responsible noncommercial preservation and promotion of flockguardian dog breeds native to the Caucasus, Central Asia And Ukraine.
    Ovcharka World
    South Russian Owtcharka

    Owczarek Podhalanski / Polish Tatra Sheepdog (Poland)
    Polish Tatra Sheepdog Club of America

    Romanian Shepherd Dogs
    Carpathian Sheepdog (Rumanian Sheepdog, Carpathian Shepherd Dog, Romanian Shepherd Dog)
    Mioritic Sheepdog (Rumanian Sheepdog, Mioritic Shepherd Dog, Romanian Shepherd Dog)

    Sharplaninec (Yugoslavia)
    Sarplaninac (Sar Planina, Illyrian Sheepdog, Charplaninatz)
    Sharplaninec the King of Cardinae
    Yugoslav Shepherd Dog Sharpalninac

    Slovak Cuvak (Czechoslovakia)

    Tibetan Mastiff
    Tibetan Mastiff (Himalayas) - Providing information about the Tibetan Mastiff on the web since 1994.

    Other Guard Animals:
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Guard Llamas: A Part of Integrated Sheep Protection
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Guard Llamas: An Alternative for Effective Predator Management International Llama Association Educational Brochure
    Guidelines for Using Donkeys as Guard Animals with Sheep
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Livestock Guard Dogs, Llamas and Donkeys
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Livestock Guardians "Choosing a Guard Animal" California Department of Food and Agriculture
    LLama Sheep Guards
    Llamas as Guardians - NOT!
    Llama Web
    Using Donkeys to Guard Sheep and Goats Texas Department of Agriculture

    Coyote Crossing. Predator Control:
    Addressing the Consequences of Predator Damage to Livestock and Poultry
    A Message to Dog Owners - The most common predatory killers of livestock are domestic dogs.
    Cost Analysis of the WV Sheep Industry: Comparing Sheep Herding Locations with Mapped Habitats of Coyotes Doolarie Singh, Division of Resource Management, West Virginia University
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Electric Fences for Reducing Sheep Losses to Predators Nass & Thede (1988), Journal of Range Managment.
    High Tensile Smooth Wire Fence For Pasture Subdivision And Predator Control Umberger (1997), Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech.
    Illegal Predator Control Kills Life-Saving Dogs Careless predator control can have far reaching effects as witnessed by this incident.
    Management Practices Can Influence Predation
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Managing Predator Problems - Practices and procedures for preventing and reducing livestock losses.
    Maryland Small Ruminant Page "Predator and Wildlife Management" Links - Extensive
    More Ranchers Are Declaring A Cease-Fire on the Coyote Christian Science Monitor article (1997).

    Not Without Protection
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Predation on Range Sheep With no Predator Control
    Predator and Guard Animals Manitoba Agriculture and Food.
    Predator Control California Woolgrowers Association
    Predator Control Sheep @ Purdue
    Predator FAQ - Identifying and thwarting livestock predators.
    Predator Friendly "Green" Wool Coalition of sheep producers, environmentalists, scientists, and entrepreneurs attempting to open markets for wool products produced without killing predators.
    Preventing Predation of Your Sheep Flock
    Procedures for Evaluating Predation on Livestock and Wildlife
    Sheep and Predator Loss State and U.S. data on the number of head and value of losses of sheep, lambs and goats from animal predators.
    Sheep and Predator Management American Sheep Industry Association
    Sheep - Predator & Control Ontario Minstry of Agriculture and Food. Includes, "Something's Been Killing My Sheep - But What?"


    AKC vs. the Border Collie
    American Border Collie Association (ABCA)
    American-International Border Collie Registry (A.I.B.C.)
    Border Collie Wars
    Canadian Border Collie Association
    International Sheep Dog Society
    ISDS Border Collie Database - Information from a database of more than ¼ million Border Collies registered by the ISDS.
    Into the Lion's Den - First appeared in the USBCC Newsletter, Spring 1994.
    No Conformation Required
    The ABCA Needs Your Thoughts on ABCA/AKC Dual Registration! Please read, consider and talk to your ABCA Director.

    PeeWee says, 'Please consider rescuing a border collie!'  PW is our pride and joy -- he's come a long way from the frightened boy rescued from a Maine shelter and is a testament to the value of rescuing dogs. RESCUE


    General Information:
    Abandoned Working Sheepdogs: A Drama or a Crisis? - WSN investigates.
    Adding Another Dog to Your Household
    Bringing Your New Dog Home
    Choosing Your Next Dog From the Shelter Sue Sternberg's tips and techniques locate the perfect dog for you at the animal shelter.
    Dog Care Bulletin: The Second Time Around
    Feeding a Previously Starved Dog
    Gift of the Pre-owned Dog The best treasures unrecognized.
    'Gratitude' and 'The Old Dog' - two poignant stories of one woman's experiences rescuing border collies
    Great Gifts for Dogs - the best presents we can give our pets don't cost a cent but they do require that we give of ourselves.
    HIV/AIDS and Pet Ownership Should you surrender your dog or is now the time to adopt? Progressive Animal Welfare Society
    Introducing New Pets New Hope Animal Hospital
    Lousy and Pathetic Excuses for Getting Rid of an Animal - Things to think about before you take the big step. If one of these is your reason, please look at our training and behavior links for help before surrendering.
    Meaningful Temperament Assessment for Aggression in Dogs — Can it be Done? Dr Judith K Blackshaw, Associate Professor in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, The University of Queensland
    Preventing Separation Anxiety in Newly-Adopted Dogs Sharon Savage, M.S.
    Re-Housetraining Your Adult Dog
    Rescue Dogs FAQ
    Screening for Aggression Problems
    So You Want to Find a New Home for Your Pet - from Chow Chow Club, Inc., but good advice for BC owners none-the-less.
    Teeth as a Guide to Your Dog's Age
    Tenant's Guide to Keeping Your Pet - How to approach the often delicate landlord/tenant relationship.
    Thinking About a Rescue Dog
    Top 10 Reasons You Should Consider a Rescue
    Understanding Learned Helplessness Sally Treat. Consequences of abuse.
    What is an Animal Rescue Organization? - Good general article from Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc.
    What to Expect From Breed Rescue
    Who's Older - You or Your Dog? - What to expect from your Border Collie at different ages in terms of energy level and alertness.

    Help for Owners of Lost or Missing Dogs:
    Animal Spot Lost & Found - Also order steel ID tag or modestly priced fully featured "Gold" version.
    Finding Lost and Stolen Pets
    Internet Lost and Found
    Lost and Found Pet Resources
    Lost Dog
    Missing Pet Network (USDA)
    Pet Theft Cover-Up Progressive Animal Welfare Society
    Pet Finder - Plus order pet emergency kit.
    Pet Shelter Network
    Prevent Your Pet From Being Lost or Stolen - and what to do if they're missing.
    Sherlock Bones
    What Do You Do if You Lose Your Dog?
    What to Do if You Lose Your Pet Sue Sternberg

    Graphic courtesy of http://www.petfinder.org/

    Border Collie Rescue Organizations and Rescuers:
    Black Dog Farm strongly supports rescue and salutes the many dedicated rescuers! However, we do not have personal experience with all of the organizations listed nor their rescue and adoption policies. Please ask questions & request references before relinquishing or adopting a dog.

    2nd Chance Border Collie Rescue (WI)
    Alabama Border Collie Rescue
    Animal Rescue Michigan - Border Collie Rescue
    Arizona Border Collie Rescue
    Away to me Border Collie Rescue
    Appalachian Mountain Border Collie Rescue Cooperative (AMBCRC)
    Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue - New group composed of former members from Carolina/Borderline/Mid-Atlantic BCR, located along the WV-S. VA Highway 81 area.
    Bay Area Border Collie Rescue
    Border Collie and Sheepdog Rescue (UK)
    Border Collie Friends Rescue (CAN)
    Border Collie Rescue Australia
    Border Collie Rescue Dogs (Michigan)
    Border Collie Rescue Groups
    Border Collie Rescue Inc. (FL)
    Border Collie Rescue in Washington and Oregon
    Border Collie Rescue - Michigan
    Border Collie Rescue of California
    Border Collie Rescue of Georgia
    Border Collie Rescue of Maryland (Nancy Cox Starkey)
    Border Collie Rescue of Northern California
    Border Collie Rescue of San Antonio / Hill Country (TX)
    Border Collie Rescue of the Ozarks (AR)
    Border Collie Rescue On-line (Border Collie Rescue Society, UK)
    Border Collie Rescue Ontario
    Border Collie Rescue Organization - Appears to be no longer active but you may want to check it out yourself.
    Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc.
    Border Collie Trust (GB)
    Buckeye (Ohio) Border Collie Rescue
    Canadian Rescue Contacts
    Canine Athlete Rescue Effort (NY, NJ, PA) - dogs tested for agility potential.
    Carolina Border Collie Rescue
    Chattanooga Border Collie Rescue
    Colorado Border Collie Rescue
    Country Dog Border Collie Rescue (Germany)
    Directory of Rescuers
    East Tennessee Border Collie Rescue - great resource for border collie and other breed rescue orgs!
    Gauteng Border Collie Rescue (South Africa)
    Glen Highland Farm (Morris, NY)
    Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue - Formerly Michigan Border Collie Rescue.
    Independent Border Collie Rescue (Youngstown, OH)
    Independent Border Collie Rescue for British Columbia (CAN)
    Kyler Laird's Animal Rescue Resources - Animal rescue organizations, facilities and lists that have a Web presence. Continuously changing and actively maintained.
    Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue - Formerly Kent County BCR.
    Minnesota Border Collie Rescue
    Missouri Border Collie Rescue
    Mo-Kan (Missouri and Kansas) Border Collie Rescue
    Nebraska Border Collie Rescue
    New England Border Collie Rescue
    New Mexico Independent Border Collie Rescue (4-Corners Independent Border Collie Rescue)
    North American Border Collie Rescue Network (NABCRN)
    North Bay Rescue and Placement(CA) - primarily herding breeds, although they rescue and place other mixed breeds as well.
    Northwest Owner Surrenders, Mixed Breeds, and other NW BC's (including Idaho and British Columbia)
    Ohio Border Collie Rescue
    Ontario Border Collie Rescue Network
    Palmetto State Border Collie Rescue (SC)
    Southeast Border Collie Rescue League, Inc.
    Southeastern Wisconsin Herding Dog Rescue - Help shelties and selected other herding breeds, including border collies.
    Southern Ontario Border Collie Rescue
    Tavi Border Collie Rescue (NY) - Sadly, no longer active. Will list dogs available from their owners or animal shelters.
    Uisneach Border Collie Rescue Project - Project to re-home unwanted Irish Border Collies abroad to Germany, France, The Netherlands, and Switzerland.
    Victory Pass Border Collies (MN)
    Wisconsin Border Collie Rescue


    Training is by far the most important determinant of whether or not this breed makes a good pet (its importance in making a good working dog is second only to breeding). This section includes a range of information from training philosophies - there are many - to actual "hands on" advice.


    General Information:
    American Dog Trainers Network
    Basic Consistency
    Border Collie Puppies Puppy Care and Training - the first 6 months
    Dog Training, Behavior Problems and Obedience
    Dog Training Basics
    Dr. P's Training Library
    From the Dogs Point of View Carol A. Byrnes
    Great Pets Training Articles
    Great Gifts for Dogs - the best presents we can give our pets don't cost a cent but they do require that we give of ourselves.
    Hard to Train?
    How and Why to Train Gwen Bohnenkamp
    How Dogs Think A Non-Verbal Link to Canine Communication
    "I Don't Have Time To Train" "Oh, Yes You Do!" Shirley Greene
    It Takes a Pack to Raise a Puppy - 10 pointers
    Marin Humane Society - Behavior & Training Notebook
    Never Say it Twice - Twice
    Paws for Fun Dog Training Club Articles
    Perfect Paws - Manners for the Modern Dog brought to you by Gwen Bohnenkamp.
    Science and Dog Training - Relevance of science to an understanding of dog training and behavior is briefly outlined.
    Super Dog - training tools, tips and techniques!
    Slow and Fast Dogs - a proper canine response actually consists of two parts: the dog performing a certain task and the dog performing that task within a certain amount of time.
    Teaching Self Control - the foundation for all other learning
    Temperament and Pet Dog Training Choice of training method must consider the temperament of the dog being trained. Jerry Bradshaw
    Thinking the Way Animals Do
    Training Your Dog
    What is Behavior Modification? - Should obedience be used to correct "behavior problems?"
    Deceiving Appearances - What looks like disobedience might be a health problem.
    Why Not Take Candy from a Baby? - essay on setting clear boundaries and leadership
    Why Won't My Dog Listen to Me?
    Will Our Pet Out Grow These Annoying Problems? Diana Guerrero

    Basic Commands and Manners:
    Basic Training 4-H Crazy Critters Club
    Common Dog Commands in Several Languages Another great page from Dr. P.
    Controlling Stealing and Teaching the "Give" Command Amherst Small Animal Hospital
    Does Your Dog Pull on the Leash? Carol A. Byrnes
    Dog Owner's Guide Manners and Training
    Door Bolting Sherri Regalbuto
    Dr. P's Commands Links
    Fetching an obedient dog from the Web Dog training information on the Web.
    Great Pets Basic Obedience
    Elimination on Command
    How to Get a Dog to do What You Want
    How to Teach Two Dogs to Heel in Brace Miriam Fields
    How to Teach Your Dog Not to Beg
    Just Who's Walking Who Here?
    "Off" Command Dr. Ian Dunbar
    Pulling on Leash Gwen Bohnenkamp
    Sit Happens
    Sit...Lie Down...Good Boy!
    Sweet Rewards: Be Careful What You Reinforce Walking on lead by Elizabeth TeSelle
    Teaching Sit
    Teaching Sit, Down, Stand and Stay Amherst Small Animal Hospital
    Teaching Your Dog a "Long Down-Stay" Brandy J. Oliver, MA
    Teaching Your Dog a Polite Greeting Using a clicker.
    Teaching Your Dog to Settle Brandy J. Oliver, MA
    The Cold Turkey 30-Minute Down-Stay
    Training Puppies: Come, Wait and Follow Amherst Small Animal Hospital
    Training Your Dog - FREE multimedia VidBook course that teaches basic dog obedience exercises.

    Choosing a (Non-herding) Trainer:
    American Dog Trainers Network
    Choosing a Dog Trainer Humane Society of the United States
    Choosing a Group Dog Training Class Diane Blackman, Dog-Play
    Choosing a Trainer Dr. Petra Mertens, University of Minnesota
    Choosing Dog Trainers Who Train People Dog Logic
    Do I Need a Dog Trainer or an Animal Behaviorist? Canines.com article.
    How to Choose a Dog Trainer Robin Kovary
    How to Choose a Trainer - Includes Association of Pet Dog Trainers directory.
    How to Find a Trustworthy Trainer Tips from American Humane Association and Suzanne Hetts, PhD
    How to Pick a Dog Training School Narnia Pet Behavior, Training, & Consulting
    Looking for Mr./Ms. Goodtrainer Shirley Greene and Dan Karas, Working Dogs Special Feature.
    Pet Training: Fast, Cheap or Good Gary Wilkes
    Selecting a Trainer Martin Deeley, International Association of Canine Professionals
    Your Dog Deserves the Best Chance for Life Martin Deeley

    Canine Intelligence Tests
    Cute, But Can he Learn New Tricks? Discovery Channel story
    Dog IQ Test
    How Smart Is Your Dog? Debbye Turner demonstrates a few IQ tests available that indicate whether you have a 'Canine Einstein' at home.
    On Dog Intelligence and Emotion Author Lexiann Grant Interview with a Miami Herald Intern

    Learning, Classical and Operant Conditioning:
    Animal Learning and Cognition
    An Animal Trainer's Introduction to Operant and Classical Conditioning
    Animal Trainer's Introduction To Operant and Classical Conditioning, Part Two
    Clicker Solutions Mailing List Dedicated to helping pet owners improve the relationship with their pets by teaching training and management techniques which are understandable and reinforcing to both human and animal.
    Clicker Training
    Clicker Training: A Fun, Positive Method for the Motivated Dog Trainer
    Clicker Training: What it Isn't
    Comparison of Classical and Operant Conditioning
    Confusing Consequences: A Brief Introduction to Operant Conditioning
    Gary Wilkes Click and Treat Training Home Page
    Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals (Chapter One)
    How to Find the Right Class for Clicker Training
    Instinct and Learning
    Introduction To Operant and Classical Conditioning
    Just How Do Dogs Learn? Dana Perry
    Karen Pryor's Clicker Training
    Learning: How it Works & Why it Works
    Learning Theories: Classical Conditioning
    Shaping, The Training Game - Sharpen your shaping skills and have fun at the same time.
    Shape Your "Target" Cue
    The Well Mannered Dog
    What is Clicker Training?
    Why Clicker Training Fails With Most Dogs

    Sue's new rescue. Crate Training and Housetraining:
    If your puppy pees when greeting or excited, see the submissive urination links. If this is a new problem, you may also want to read about physical causes of incontinence.

    A Practitioner's Guide to Housebreaking Puppies Debra Horwitz, DVM, Dipl. ACVB. An excellent article about housetraining that takes puppy stage of development into account.
    Canine Behavior Series: Housetraining - Kathy Diamond Davis provides answers to many questions in a Q&A format.
    Canine House soiling Aislynne Pistone, Canine Pet Hospital Association.
    Canine Housetraining New Hope Animal Hospital articles.
    Canine Marking versus Peeing: A Medical or a Behavioral Problem? - Peeing on the bed discussed by Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    Canine Territorial Marking Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    Chew Training and House Training Your Puppy Angelica Steinker, M.Ed.
    Common Behavior Changes and Problems in Older Dogs Holly R. Frisby, DVM, Drs. Foster & Smith
    Crate Training Champaign County Humane Society
    Click here to download & install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Crating as a Positive Experience Pet Age article by Ambuja Rosen
    Crate Training and Potty Training Lyn Richards, Dog Logic
    Crate Training Your Dog Dumb Friends League
    Crate Training Your Dog or Puppy Gwen Bohnenkamp
    Crate Training Your Puppy or Adult Dog P. Kalbaugh
    Crating Your Dog FAQ Cindy Tittle Moore
    Creating a Canine Castle Wayne L. Hunthausen, DVM & Gary M. Landsberg, DVM. Published by the American Animal Hospital Association
    Determine the Right Crate Size for Your Dog PETsMART Staff Report
    Dog Crate Q&A Vicki DeGruy & Ozzie Foreman, Dog Owner's Guide
    Dr. P's Crate Training Links
    Dr. P's Housetraining Links
    House-Soiling: Elimination Problems in Dogs Amherst Small Animal Hospital
    Housetraining Marty Guerra
    Housetraining Made Easy Carol A. Byrnes
    Housetraining Diana Scorpio DVM and Mico Nelson
    Housetraining Your Puppy Dumb Friends League
    How to Wean Your Dog From the Crate Brandy J. Oliver, MA
    Is Housetraining That Difficult? - Animal Behavior Center of New York. Teach your dog to eliminate outdoors on command or indoors on paper.
    It's a Den, Not a Jail Marty Guerra
    Mistaken Freedom Bardi McLennan advises: dogs need to be let loose in the house room by room.
    Re-Housetraining Your Adult Dog Dumb Friends League
    Successful Cleaning to Remove Pet Odors and Stains Dumb Friends League. Just in case.
    Territorial Marking Behavior in Dogs and Cats Dumb Friends League
    Territorial Urination Donna Brander
    The Ins and Outs of Canine Guilt Myrna Milani, BS, DVM
    The Key To Successful Housetraining Is Prevention, Not Punishment Robin Kovary
    To Crate or Not to Crate?
    Using a Rolled Newspaper The Well Mannered Dog
    Walking the Dog: Hurry Up, Rover! Wayne Hunthausen, DVM tells how to teach elimination on command.
    What is Crate Training? Leanne Gossett
    Your Dog's Den is His Castle Carol A. Byrnes

    Rewards and Corrections:
    Aversives for Dogs Progressive Animal Welfare Society tell how to discourage a dog from a particular action or place.
    Can Traditional Force Method Training Actually Harm Your Dog?
    Case for Motivational Training
    Event Expectancy and Canine Self-Esteem James O'Heare
    How to Create a Motivating Toy
    How to Get a Dog to Do What You Want - in 4 steps.
    It's easy to teach an old...or young dog new tricks.
    Non-violent Obedience Training for Your Canine Family Member
    Nothing In Life Is Free - Positive Reinforcement Training for Dogs from the Progressive Animal Welfare Society
    Positive About Punishment
    Positive Reinforcement: Training Your Dog Or Cat With Treats And Praise
    Positive Reinforcement: Using Food to Train Your Dog
    Positively Reinforcing! Elizabeth TeSelle
    Punishing a Puppy
    Punishment: Problems & Principles for Effective Use
    Reinforcers -- To Use and Be Aware Of
    Reinforcement--The Key to Successful Dog Training - Learn when (not) and how (not) with examples.
    Rewards are Necessary When Training for Success
    Rewards, Lures and Bribes
    Sending Your Dog the Wrong Message?
    So Many Methods, So Little Time: Canine Training Methods
    Training Through Positive Reinforcement
    Training Using Positive Discipline

    Training & Corrective Collars and Leads:
    Advantages of the Umbilical Cord
    Alternatives to the Choke Chain
    Canine Head Collars
    Canine Collar Confusion
    Collars and Leads: Selection Guide
    Gentle Leader Headcollar
    Gentle Leader Headcollar (UK)
    Halti and GL Collar Fitting and Acclimating Procedure
    How to Use a Head Halter
    Introducing Your Puppy to Collars and Leads
    Problems With Head Halters
    Puppy's First Collar and Leash
    Shock Collars - The Shocking Truth
    Training With the Prong Collar

    Training Your Dog to Come When Called:
    Come When Called Carol A. Byrnes
    Coming When Called Sue Sternberg
    Deposits into the Perfect Recall Account - Steps to shape a reliable recall in your dog (Angelica Steinker). Also see Possible Distractions for Your Recall.
    Dogs That Run Away People and Dogs Society
    Dos and Don'ts of Recall Training Ms. Pat Sullivan
    Help, My Dog Won't Come When I Call Him Vicki DeGruy
    How to Train a Dog: Come Cris Waller
    How to Train Your Dog Not to Come Pam Young, LVT
    Recall 4-H Crazy Critters Club
    Recall Exercises Kathy Pickel
    Recall Training Tip Legacy By Mail
    Rover, Come Here!" Gwen Bohnenkamp
    Teaching Come A PETsMART Staff Report
    The Come Command Jenny Peacocke
    The Recall Game - Scroll down to bottom of the page to find the recall section.
    The Secret of a Happy Recall Jackie Krieger & Cacky Vincent
    Warning Label Candy Kennedy
    When will I be Able to Let my Dog Off-Leash? Gwen Bohnenkamp
    Why Bobbie Won't Come Jacque Lynn Schultz, Director, ASPCA Special Projects
    Why Dogs Don't Come Sherri Regalbuto


    Border Collie Postcards
    Border Valley GIFs
    Danny's Agility Clipart - no dogs, but great pics of equipment
    Dog Mania Web Graphics
    Ellz Place Dog Graphics
    Equestre Dogs - charcoal drawings
    Fins N Fur Dog Clipart
    Fuzzy Faces Free Doggy Graphics
    Graphics by Barbara
    Internet Clipart
    K-9s Rule Free Graphics
    Strawberry's Graphics Pages
    Raven's Clipjoint
    Tails a Waggin'...Border Collie Webpage Sets
    WV Humane Society

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