Rosary Instructions

When one calls upon the Lord and is lead to make wonderous things, question not when but follow his lead to where he might call.

Legend of the Corn Bead

The corn bead plant (also known as Job's tears) is related to corn. It is a very easy plant to grow. The seed has a hole through the center, and it has been called Nature's own bead. During the winter of 1838-1839, the Cherokee people were rounded up by the U.S. government and driven along the Trail of Tears to an unknown land far away. Along the trail the people wept tears of grief. According to legend, wherever a tear fell a plant sprang up.The plant, of course, was the corn bead plant. The beads, which are gray, the color of grief, are still made into jewelry today in memory of the ordeal of the Trail Where They Cried.


I have began to use the Corn beads in the making of rosaries,because it brings together my heritage of being Cherokee and my faith of being Catholic. I love to pray using my corn beads,because it brings me closer to the Great Spirit and to my Lord. I would encourage anyone who has Native American Heritage and is Catholic to get one and use it! It was given to me by our Lady of the Nations,and through this I have come to a better understanding of the rosary.


I sell rosaries on ebay, and would not mind you looking at them there. The picture that is present is the same one that you will get with a few exceptions being the color of the cross (the stones come in different colors and I will pray about the color I use at the time of making each rosary) and the center beads where the wood is (I will use wood or some natural bead). The Rosaries are made for both males and females, and can be given as special gifts to your loved ones. For each rosary I make, I pray the rosary while making it, thus several prayers have already been said for the one who is to receive the rosary.


For those who would like to try and make their own, below is the instructions of how I was told to make the rosary by Our Lady of the Nations. I do not wish to make a profit from anyone, but instead spread her plan to all who wish to have the rosary she has asked me to make.


Supplies that you will need:
3-in-1 tool that you can buy from Walmarts in the beading section
20 gage wire (I have tried both the 24 and the 18, but have been pleased with the 20)
52 jobs tears, Corn beads, or Marys tears
7 wooden beads
A cross or Cruxifix of your desire ( I chose to use the stone because it represents that Jesus is our Cornerstone of our Faith and without him we are nothing)
A Rosary Center piece

Step One:
Using the 3-in-1 tool, cut some of the 20 gage wire. Not too long and not too short. Remember: You need to make the wire easy to handle for the one who is handeling the wire.
Step two:

Starting with the rosary center piece and the wire, make a hook on the wire to attach the center piece with one of the top pieces to the wire. After attaching the center piece , close the end.

Step three:
After closing the end of the wire, start with a jobs tear, attach the jobs tears to the wire, then cut the wire leaving alittle piece to bend the opposite way that you bent the first piece. At this point, you should have one bead attached completly. The wire will look like two question marks attached at the bottoms, yet the top of the question marks will be completly closed.

Step Four:
Attach a new piece of wire to the end of the last piece bent going through the circle that was formed. Bend this like a question mark and close it. Add a new jobs tears. This step will repeat itself all the way around, using 10 jobs tears and then one wood bead for each decade. At the end of the five decades, close the question mark while attaching it to the center piece.
Step Five:
Four the bottom of the center piece, make a question mark, and like the other beads, attach each bead to the bottom. When it comes time for the cruxifix, attach it to the last bead, and close the wire. You should have a complete rosary by following these instructions. If one does not seem to close well, keep trying to close it so their is no space within the circle of the question mark.

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