-BURGEE: The distinguishing flag, regardless of its shape, of a recreational boating organization.

-JACK: National flag flown at the bow of a naval vessel.

-ENSIGN: The main flag used to indicate the nationality of a vessel. Flown aft.

There are several types of Ensigns:

-CIVIL ENSIGN: The national flag flown by private citizens of the country it represents. Also known as merchant flag.

-STATE ENSIGN: The national flag flown by the ships of the government of the country.

-NAVAL ENSIGN: The national flag flown by the vessels of the country´s Navy. Also called War Ensign.

-SPECIAL ENSIGN: Any other national ensign to be flown in those cases approved by the appropriate authority. Most usual cases are recreational boats, revenue service, post office, and coast guard vessels.

-RANK FLAG: A flag that indicates the rank of a flag officer.

-PRIVATE SIGNAL: A flag distinctive of a private citizen.