The Ponies at Big Bone

A True Story


Jami Duvall

19 Oct 2002

One day we were working on our house. We looked out of the door and saw a pony walking along the road.   "Look, a pony! Jami, Kati, come look at the pony!"

The pony was walking along the road like it knew where it was going.    I think it was running away from home.

Jami said, "Daddy, can I have the pony?"

Kati said, "I want one too!"

Daddy said, "I think that pony belongs to someone, and it is running away from home."

We looked out the window and guess what we saw.

The pony was following another pony.   Kati said, "That's my pony!"

I ran out the door and up the road with my camera. I wanted to take a picture.    Guess what I saw.

There were three ponies.    They were all walking along the road.    Jami said, "Good, there's one for Jeni, too."

I got up close to the pony and took a picture.

The the pony looked at me, so I took another picture.

I said, "Somebody will be looking for you.   I will tie you up until some one comes."

"Naaaay," said the pony, "I want to be with my friends.    We are running away from home --"    at least that's what he would have said, if ponies could talk.   Then he started running, and all the ponies started running.   They ran up into the neighbor's yard.

Then I guess they went down to the dock.    They don't belong there.    I hope the ponies found their way home.   If they didn't I guess they are still running away.    When I get a pony of my own I will go and look for the pony I saw walking past my house.


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