supports the Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts in New Orleans.

For any of you who have lived, did live, or have visited the Crescent City you are aware of its charm, character and attractiveness ( as well as being a hot spot for Goths) New Orleans is also an important port for commodities such as coffee, oil, seafood, as well as being a major hub for shipping in this country. The city is one of the poorest in the US as well, with many low income families now homeless with nothing but the shirts on their backs as a result of this horrible tragedy.

I am nothing less than heartbroken to know that a city I have come to think of as a sort of home away from home, is suffering. I am not well off by any means, but I will be lending my support to the relief efforts as much as my wallet allows.

I urge you as my readers to please give something - whatever you can spare- whether it be blood, time, food, clothing, money or even prayers and comfort to help the denizens of one of America's oldest cities.

This page was my original site for the Gothic Toybox and as my home site outgrew, it became a small site for my New Orleans vacation findings and photos. I will be updating this page with recent pictures (from my vacation at this time last year) so there are as many pictures of the beauty of the city to counteract the images of devastation.

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