I first visited New Orleans in Sept. 2001. We were supposed to fly there on the 13th. Obviously, we didn't due to the terrorist attacks. Being in a job I hated and needing a vacation, as well as needing a break from the constant depressing news, I was not about to give up my vacation.

We drove 15 hours from Chicago to New Orleans and stayed in one of the most beautiful hotels in the city. NOLA became a place of joy for me, and we returned 2 more times - for our honeymoon in 2003, and last year for our anniversary in 2004.

We always went during hurricane season. We had no money or time to go this year - and if we did, we would have been there during Katrina. I love New Orleans, the city, the atmosphere, and the people. I am deeply saddened that the city is in so much distress.

This page remains as a testament to the city, as a reminder of what it was and will be again someday. I will be adding more recent photos, sites, and my unfinished blog entry from last year's visit. Please visit often and enjoy.

About the French Quarter

Everyone knows Bourbon Street and that all the bars are there, but there is lots of the French Quarter to explore beyond that one street. Royal Street is lined with shops that carry gorgeous antiques as well as artwork. The creator of the Blue Dog paintings has a shop here. Chartres is the street St Louis Cathedral is on, as well as other shops and eateries. Decatur was a street we frequented as many of the shops, restaurants and the club we went to was on this street. You also don't want to miss the French Market, next to the river. These are just some places to hit. You could spend a week there and still not see everything. In Jackson Square you can find local artists and tarot card readers lining the streets til late at night.

New Orleans and the hurricane Katrina survivors need your help. Please give whatever you are able to - time, money, blood, food, clothing, your prayers and emotional support.

The Gothic Toybox and its affiliates offer their sincere condolences to those affected by the storm, and offers its support to help rebuild all that has been lost.