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NEWS FLASH: February 7, 1997

Reba is to appear on TNN's special "Hello Darlin': A Tribute To Conway Twitty" on Monday at 9pm EST.

NEWS FLASH: December 4, 1996

Reba McEntire injured her knee while skiing, possibly affecting her tour. The same day she had successful "minor repair surgery" at the University of Utah Health Services Center.

NEWS FLASH: November 28, 1996

Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for... including Reba!
Reba is on the cover of the December 3, 1996, edition of Country Weekly magazine. Go out and buy it now!

NEWS FLASH: November 5, 1996

The official release of Reba's new album "What If It's You"
One of her best yet... check out Trevor's Review and Gypsywoman's Review of this beauty. You should love it.

Reba's already gotten a bad review on her new album. While we understand why some people don't like it (glossy pictures and a refined Reba), we do find the review very interesting. If you're interested, check out Microsoft® Music Central Review What If It's You

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