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Most of this site is dedicated to my journey into the convenience store subculture, from the point of view of a regular type guy consumer. The whole "generation X" (and post-gen X, I'm not sure when it goes from one to the next exactly) involves growing up with the convenience store mentality -- that is, we like things that are convenient, open 24 hours, and just slightly sleazy. In the spirit of originality, I hope to keep from linking to things you can find everywhere else. That's not to say that everything here is completely obscure, of course, but if you like "South Park," "The X Files," and porno-links, hopefully you have the wherewithal to find these things yourself.
I keep promising to do a major revamp, but it's hard to get started on something like that. I don't think I know enough webmastering to make super-duper improvements. I don't have the same kind of free time that I did when I started.

I don't update very often. It's a shame since I've done traveling and seen 7-Elevens in new places and whatnot since this started. 1996. It's 2006 now. That's a bit crazy to think I've had this up for 10 years. So as for updates, I have been officially divorced for over 5 years now, so any references to a "wife" in there somewhere are outdated of course. Who knows. Big difference between then and now, though. I guess that's not necessarily a bad thing, to go through changes over 10 years. Kids go through lots of changes from age 1 to age 11, for instance.
Otherwise, 7-Elevens haven't changed that much over the years. Sure they occasionally try new things, like deli sandwiches or various finger foods, but the basic idea is the same. Open 24 hours a day, large fountain beverages, expensively priced groceries, and basically all the legal vices you can think of, from cigarettes to chocolate to alcohol. 7-Eleven even has its own line of wines now, which is interesting. I wonder with Slim Jim, should I have a pinot noir or a chardonnay? If I put chili and nacho cheese on my Big Bite, is it proper to wash it down with a blush? I think they have a chart of which wines go with which finger food.

My other websites on geocities (which is now yahoo) are also not very well-updated. I have the page with some writing stuff, which doesn't have anything new. I have the page with travel stuff which has some updated stuff since I was divorced, and with the girlfriend I had after that, but not since the girlfriend I have now (which is now the girlfriend I had, to be replaced by the current one.. I know, why keep track?). For the girlfriend I have most previous to the current one, I suppose I could have put a page on here about Wawa, which is a convenience store in the northeast US. I don't know if it's any better than 7-Eleven, but it seems to have better feng shui. That is, it's easier to get around in. Some 7-Elevens aren't ergonomic, so to speak. And there's the update for 2005. If I had really big news, like selling a novel or having a kid, I would probably put up a whole new website for that. As I have no links for those new websites, I'll let you figure that one out.
I'll leave that there, but it's 2006.. like, late September. I'm updating to make sure there's activity here so it won't be deleted. I'm bad about updating, though I haven't seen any 7-Elevens lately taht are worth noting. Oh! Except a new one in Clairemont, I think it's on Clairmont Mesa Blvd, near Ruffin Road. It's new and has some new-fangled fountainry, like flavor shots built into the fountain and stuff. Funky. Speaking of which, they seem to keep adding flavor shots (bottles with flavorings that you can squirt into your Big Gulp cup). It started with vanilla, lemon, and cherry. Now they have lime, chocolate, and banana. Banana! What's up with that? Nothing is quite as lovely as artificial banana flavoring, you know. Anyway, I guess that'll do for now. I might get around to more updates some day, you never know.
You could always visit the Happy(dead) page! (It's been what.. 15 years since Happy the Dog died.. and we still talk about him.. occasionally, but he's still in our collective consciousness)

If you want to hear my lovely voice, then c'mon in! (wav- 100K)

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The much-revered 7-Eleven page, with news and notes from convenience stores I have known and loved.

Come check out a pretty picture of the wife and me when we were kids--in artistic black and white, no less.
Read (and see!) all about my trip to Alaska.
See all you wanted to know about my trip to Europe and then some with pictures at my travel website, as well as a 7-Eleven themed diary that goes with this website. The page gets better as I learn new tricks.
They're not fun or hot, they're just links.
Check out Elwood and don't forget Gunther, I mean Joerg , and Gina , too.
Elwood's page is more developed, since he's a dog and all. Gina and Joerg are just crazy kids. (I think Joerg's page got sabotaged by someone so it may not be his anymore.)
Speaking of dogs, if you like luxury, you'll love Mindy the Pooh
I've got a new page that has to do with writing and stuff. It's in the Athens community, which is actually appropriate (unlike all these other Geocities pages listed above).
We're supposed to have a page with our Netcom accounts. It's sort of my wife's web space, but she isn't as interested in wasting time with this stuff as I am. But there's some cool artwork there you might enjoy on the page.
This is new, sort of. It's about my extended familywith travel and other stuff, though it's very slow in progress.
Oops.. What the hell is this ?

A personal note from Jon to you

Not that anyone asked, but I thought I'd explain myself a little better than I have before. I have four websites in the GeoCities area (all you need is an e-mail account to get the free space, and I have a few e-mail accounts). There's this one which showcases 7-Elevenism (you'll have to look into it to figure out what that is), there's the one which has pictures of my dog, there's one that goes into my creative writing side (complete with bad poetry ), and then there's one that has travel photos and other things related to the extended family. In the beginning, GeoCities gave us 1 MB of space to work with. Had I known that they would push it up to 11 MB, I could have put all I needed on one page. I think 3 of the 4 are under 1 MB still. This page (BourbonStreet/1489) was my first one, and I just started it because I didn't want my sister to be the only one who could write web pages. But as time went on and I had lots of free time, it just sort of ballooned into this crazy mess you see before you. Hopefully it's all not so confusing. (2/28/99)
Howdy to all the kids from my alma mater, if you're watching.
Speaking of which, the Mira Mesa High School alumni page is a good way to find old classmates, at least if they have email and know about the alumni page and went to MMHS. It works, though, I guarantee. And it keeps getting bigger, too.

Speaking of Mira Mesa, has anyone seen Arlino? I need someone who knows some Cure songs.
He could be hanging out at the mall, man.

At first glance, you may wonder why I'm sitting in the 'BourbonStreet' section of the GeoCities community. Sure, it doesn't really look like I've got the Southern-Hospitality/Cajun-Food/Jazz-Music motif going, but I've composed a little rationalization, if you care to see it. You can hear a cool song there, too. If anything, it fits that the initials are 'B.S.'

Hey! Check out all the new stuff on the 7-Eleven page! We moved, so I thought I'd get off my ass.. rather, back on my ass in front of the computer.. and change some stuff. It's cool, man.

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Hope you enjoyed it, or something. Since March 29, 1996, I had a bunch of people come visit.. But they changed counters..
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I've been here for over 5 years. Can you imagine? Sheesh.
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