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Jack & Evelyn's Dixieland Jazz & Genealogy.  


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Jack & Evelyn's Dixieland Jazz

Go here for Jack's, "van Wingerden" Genealogy page!

dutchfl.gif Het, in de Nederlandsche taal, "Parenteel van Steven Stevens Wij(n)gaerden". dutchfl.gif

Go here for Evelyn's Davis and Johnson Genealogy site!

Did you come for Dixieland jazz ?

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Since Evelyn and I had no idea what we were doing when we first turned on this computer on August 19 -1996, the basics for this first page were created for us in a few minutes by our son Gary, when he visited us during a short vacation from Oregon.

We have learned and added a lot since then. See for yourself !August/19/96.

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 As we learn how to use this computer and HTML ,we will be providing information on;

Dixieland Jazz, Informative links, Trad Jazz bands and related subjects.


 Well, I (Jack), am learning, and in many cases through trial and error and MUCH help** ! But, I think it is time to clean up a few things I have created trying to master this very confusing stuff!

So, I am making it easier for our visitors to see what they came to see!

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http://members.cox.net/jackvw/new.gifJack's Genealogy?

Thanks to son Gary and daughter Judy for their able assistance and support!
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