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Search oriented Bible web sites. Bibles In Your Language brought to you as a service
as a bit of home away from your native soil:

  • collection
  • Islam
  • buddha
  • Bible Gateway: The Bible in several translations and languages
    also www.foreignword.com
  • Another Bible Browser

  • Virtual Christianity: Bibles a large Bible web site with many different languages
  • Online Bible Homepage -- among other things: Arabic, Turkish and Indonesian Bible CDs.
  • Easy-Verse Bible another (commercial) online Bible site.

    Gopher site: Greek and Hebrew Bible

    Specific languages with large or majority Muslim population:

  • Turkish New Testament
  • Hindu
  • Arabic 1 and a different Arabic 2
  • Downloadable Arabic Bible [book by book] and Arabic Articles
  • ... let me know (originator of information) if you know of other languages on the net not listed here ...

    Further languages (even without a Muslim population):

  • Icelandic

    More "special" Bible sites

  • Home of the God's Living Word Translation
  • Biblical Studies Foundation Translation. A great HTML project.
  • mapping at its best:

    mapping at its best

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