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"I can't say enough about a fellow discographer, Christopher Smith, who proofread the discography and provided me with quite a few additional listings......
Without Chris's help (at his own expense, I might add), the discography would be incomplete."
---Louis G. Bourgois III, co-author of The Musical World of J.J. Johnson

"...I listened to a CD of "The Bird of Paradise Orchestra", featuring among others, our Christo on trombone.
...Chris Smith plays his butt off on 3 cuts. He really sounds terrific, and impressive. Sure footed trombone solos.
Chris and I will someday discuss how he got up the nerve and audacity to begin one solo on an effortless High "F" that is *for real*.
Who do you think you are Mr. Christopher Smith ? Christian Lindberg ? Ray Anderson ? Robin Eubanks ?
Living on the edge, of course, is the answer. As we all know, the edge is where it's at.
Plunger work by Chris is also outstanding. Very."
---J.J. Johnson, in reviewer mode, September, 1998

Welcome to the home page of
Christopher Smith, jazz trombonist,
tubist, arranger and composer.

This page has not been updated in a long time (I am very busy with life as a musician/father of 2 young girls)- and I have considered scrapping it, but a few people have asked me to keep it on-line, so I will.

Remembering J.J. Johnson, it is comforting to know that he enjoyed a long life, accomplished so much, and touched the lives of so many people.

One can spend a lifetime exploring his music, and it will take years for researchers/fans/musicians like myself to catch up with all of it! I will continue to work to bring more of J.J. Johnson's work and music into sharper focus for his devoted fans.

Want to listen to an excerpt of a new tune I wrote for our hero? Click here to listen to "One For Jay". Or right click to save it to your hard drive and play it from there.

I have arranged this music for jazz sextet (tpt, tbn, t. sax, rhythm section), so please email me if you are interested in playing it with your own group.


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