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The Pack is Back!

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The B!

I'm Ford Prefect. I'll be the one running the web page and since it's my first please give me feedback or money, I'm not pickey.

The E!

And here's Merlin. He's my partner in life and misadventure! He'll be helping me here so if you have any complaints, I mean advice you can mail him too.

Bad day at the office!

Here is a list of some of our favorite places, and some that are just plain neat (yes, we're only three and words like neat are just soooooo cool!)
L'Hotel chat. Our home on the web!
L'Hotel Backdoor Just another way to get in.
Spatula City Nothing can really describe this place!
Green Bay Packers Everything you ever needed to know and more!
The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy Now in a convient home page form!
Virtual Flowers Send that someone special a cybergift!!!!!
AuctionWeb Looking for something, check for it here!
Happy Puppy's Can't figure out a game or need a boost check here!
Comedy Central's Web Page! When you need your comedy all in one place!
Shocksites Some of these shockwaved sites are beyond explanation....
Westwood- The makers of Command & Conquer
Mcafee Anit-Virus Hey in this day and age ya gotta protect yourself.
Norton Anti-Virus Updates and info.
Trojan Condoms Hey, ya gotta protect yourself in more than one way today!
94.5 WKTI Our favorite local raido station.
...and more to come soon!!!!!!

Our Friends!

Kitchee's Home Page Sorry Kitchee. Another good friend from the hotel.
Here's Kitsune, a good friend from the hotel.
Here's another very good friend of ours from the Hotel, her name is DragonPurr, giggle-purr!
ANIMAL Another good friend of ours. Be careful, he's, well... an ANIMAL!
Lady Cyan Compliment her, she'll *blush*


Yahoo Search Engine
Infoseek Guide another search engine
Excite Yep, another search
Lycos Need I say it?????
Magellan That's it for these!

Just for Fun!?!?!?

Dilbert online, what next?

The weather online, now why would you want to look out the window!

One to may days on the computer will do this to you!


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Last updated by Ford on Oct 18, 1996

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