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Frier de Mon Heritage Cajun
For those without the understanding of Cajun French
Proud of my Cajun Heritage
Something I would like to say about our heritage.
Of all of the cultures in the USA how many can say their family still lives and can do the things that their ancestors once did. Our country people still live off of the land as they did upon our arrival. We still cook and eat the same foods, dance the same dances, and enjoy life as they once did.

Click the Cajun Logo, Bob and his wife have some great cajun recipes to offer.
Cajun Yes Blackened NO!
A little about cajun cooking
No one in my family ever blackened anything. If it was, we called it BURNT! If it was burnt, then we started over and it was not put on someone's plate. My Grandparents taught many a good cook in this fine cajun family. My mother is also a good cook. I had to learn fast as my sister told me (after moving out) she did not want to see a frozen meal in my ice box. From there I started cooking. Never getting things just like the family. I started watching and asking how do I make it like yours? The one thing I did learn was, that they used everything from the garden. Give you a good example. If you ever tasted Tabasco sauce you know it is a different hot sauce. Tabasco sauce was started from what they could grow on the land and had under the ground (salt). It was the way of the cajuns, to eat what they could grow on the land or what moved on and off the land. From there make it taste good enough for the family to enjoy. I do not cook from a book, so if you are looking for Cajun recipes click the Cajun Yes logo. You can start there and find a great meal for tonight's dinner.

Before you leave visit some sites with Louisiana information about the people,
food, heritage and just about anything to do with our past and present.
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The New Saint
Haslett, the new coach of the Saints, takes over a franchise that has gone 25-55 over the past five years under three head coaches. "Jim is the best man for the job at this time for the New Orleans Saints," general manager Randy Mueller said. "I have a great relationship with Jim and that is extremely important as we move forward to bring the Saints a winner. We will begin working toward that goal today."
We shall see. Under the umbrella of friendship I see the same old Saints playing the same old game in a different dress. Good Luck guys. The road will be bumpy and very very long. If there is light at the end of this tunnel. It must be turned off.
Go Saints Go to San Antonio and PLEASE Bring LSU with you. Bobby

Our blond headed blue eyed CAJUN (Austin) the second (Ashley) was born 12/17/96 is also blond headed and blue eyed. These are the latest Cajun's added to the Olivier (Cole) Clan. I had to add the mother of these two Cajuns. Though she is a Texan I am doing my best to convert her over. She loves the food so I am on the right path. Love Ya, Babe. New pictures coming soon. Kids are growing faster than I can scan the images.

My Cajun Homeland
A view of where I grew up. Family still lives in the area. Just east of the circle is swamp. This is where I learned to hunt and fish and most important. Clean and eat what I took out the woods. You can find almost anything to hunt in here. From the Budweiser bull frogs to white tail deer (oh and almost forgot. I few of them there MudBugs too). We have it all. Do not forget your boots, for you will get wet. I 10 is just north of Lafayette and the airport is just north of my home. I am back home so please watch out I like to eat what I kill.
Some Cajun (Lafayette) Links from my Home
Louisiana's    best hockey team

I know it is not Cajun, but it is my favorite hockey team.
It is the team that brought me to enjoy the sport.

Dallas Stars Hockey

1997 Central Division Champions
1998 Central Division Champions
1998 President Trophy winners  
Mike, Joe, Brett & gang
Thanks for the
President's & Stanley Cups in 1999.

Weather here in South Louisiana.
Next Hurricane season a short time off.
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