I don't know sire, I only knew that you were thirsty

May you all live in the beauty of your own reality

May whispers of grace fill your life with joy

Enough with the bullshit! lets get to the goodies!

underdog of the month

Welcome one and all to the realm of the Fisher King. Feel free to kick off your shoes, lean back and enjoy the ride, for what good is a ride if it cant be enjoyed. anywho, its all good in the moen zone, so feel free to feel free and do as you please, please. Just please dont track any mud on the ceiling and dont let the assholes of this world get you down... We're given the chance to experience something beautiful while were here, so i say you might as well enjoy as much of it as you can... thats my theory in a nutshell.... its all in how you look at it... and right now, i dont know what the hell im talking about, so just sit back, relax, grab a nice cup of tea or coffee and let me tell you the tale of the fisherking...

you can look forward to seeing these people and much more in the future

The official homepage of the earth


The Bahá'í Faith



Vermillion Players, my home town theatre company!

Aunt Betsy! (a great little folky love, peace, and happiness kinda band)


(the f is supposed to be backwards!)
The Greatest Rock Band in the World!!!!!!!!

Tom Robbins!

The Fisher King!

Lon Chaney!

Alfred Hitchcock!

And be sure to keep your eyes out for the henriest manifesto, poetry and much much more!!!!!

The people i love, the pages that kinda make me go "awhat?" and a little bit of me thrown in for posterity

My mommy is on the web! be patient! she just got there!
Who's your big daddy? click here to find out
heeeeeeeeerrreeeeesssss debbie!
Cathy! She will survive!
Melissa! a.k.a. Magenta of Transexual Transylvania
Jeff a.k.a. the walking tree
Amanda's homer!
Jimmie D. Ramsey's page
A catalog of the OMF diaries: rumors, upcoming albums, and much more!!!!
Some wacky shit, the Art Bell homer, cool shtuf
Your friendly guide to polyester and pimpin... i like to call it the bomb azz house of style...
ever wonder about bert? all the answers lie here
I dont know this person, but man does her home page rock, check out Allaina
my poetry!
the henriest manifesto!
The answer to the immortal question: what is the meaning of life? Step right up folks, im giving away serenity here.
this link is for christina... if she ever chooses to view my page...

did you ever wonder...this page is not yet functional...

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