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  • Guidelines below. Read Carefully! To become a member of the Dixieland Ring, you must follow the instructions carefully and fully. Please be sure that you have completely read and understand the guidelines and instructions, BEFORE submitting your site to the Ring Monitors.

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    The "Dixieland Ring" is a Web Ring designed to bring together the many elements that make up the Southern Confederacy. The Dixieland Ring was created specifically to honor our heroes and our veterans, to preserve our heritage, and teach our history as it should be taught to young and old alike. The South holds a place of honor in our hearts, and her culture, romance, values, and ideals should be showcased for all the world to see. I believe that we have the capability of doing this.

    Search Engines and links are a big help, but, when you join the Dixieland Ring, your site becomes linked in a circular fashion with other Confederate sites. From any site in the ring, a visitor can click on "Next" to jump to the next site. If he keeps moving forward, eventually he will end up back where he started. In the process, he will have taken a virtual tour of the South that will acquaint him (perhaps for the first time) with the many unique facets of the place that we call "home."

    GUIDELINES: If you feel that your site belongs in the Dixieland Ring, please check our guidelines. Before filling out the queue and adding the html and graphic fragments to your page, please send your URL to this mailbox: Dixieland Ring Site Monitors. Our Dixieland Ring monitors will evaluate your site and determine whether it meets Ring criteria. You will then be contacted with instructions. If your site meets our criteria, you will be advised to add it to the queue. If it does not meet criteria, you will be provided with a critique and given suggestions that you may or may not choose to follow for bringing you site into compliance with our standards. You may then resubmit your site for re-evaluation. NOTE: Do not add your name to the queue before receiving instructions from the ring monitors. Without approval, your site will automatically be deleted from the queue.

    The guidelines below have been set forth and approved by the Charter Membership of the Dixieland Ring. The administrators of the Dixieland Ring reserve the right to accept or reject applications without any obligation to justify our decisions to others. Membership in the Dixieland Ring is not a right but a privilege that will be extended only to web sites whose content represents the best elements of Southern culture, not the worst. To be accepted as a member of the Dixieland Ring, you will have to meet the following requirements:

    1. This ring is designed to tie together web sites that celebrate our Confederate heritage along with the culture of the traditional Southland. To be a member of the Dixieland Ring your site must promote in a positive light the Confederate national heritage of the South and Southern culture in general. If you hate Dixie, the Confederacy and Southern culture in general, then the Dixieland Ring is not for you. The Internet is a big place and South-haters are free to mouth-off somewhere else, but will not be tolerated here.

    2. The Dixieland Ring will not accept for membership web sites that promote cultural genocide, or unlawful and/or immoral acts against ethnic, religious or cultural groups.

    3. One of the goals of the Dixieland Ring is to promote the teaching of a truthful and accurate history of the South, and in particular, of the history of the War Between The States. Sites subscribing to the false and malicious Northern, revisionist 'history' of the War are not welcome. (For example, your site should not promote the idea that secession was unconstitutional and treasonous). Should you need guidance in this area the Dixieland Ring is full of sound facts, history and educational tools that specifically exposes and refutes many longstanding myths about our history that are currently taught as 'facts' in our public schools.

    4. Your site should be original in design, content and execution. Before using an article, a sound file, a graphic, or a background that came from another site on the web, you must have permission to use that item. After permission has been granted, you must give proper credit to the original designers/owners. Adding borrowed elements without giving proper credit after you have been admitted to the ring constitutes grounds for immediate dismissal. PLEASE be sure that your credits are in order before submitting your site for membership. The individuals that have taken the time to make an image or sound, have a copyright for this. The Dixieland Ring honors this copyright. I've never known of anyone refusing to lend their work to another related site, but acknowledgement is mandatory on the Dixieland Ring.

    5. Your site will not be accepted if it has sex links or alcohol links or links to sites that have such links. We wish to promote a positive image of the South, not reinforce the stereotypes rampant in today's popular culture.

    6. Before submitting your site for approval, please double check for spelling and grammatical errors. Very often they are just typos, but they can reflect poorly on your site and on the ring as a whole.

    If, after reading and understanding the above guidelines (which are admittedly and deliberately stringent), you are still interested and feel that you are qualified to join the Dixieland Ring, please send your URL to the following e-mail address: Dixieland Ring Site Monitors. You will be contacted soon. Please feel free to correspond with any of the members concerning these guidelines or any other subject connected with the Dixieland Ring.

    Remember: After you have received instructions from the Dixieland Ring monitors, you have completed only the first step. At this point you should fill out the form below and add your name to the queue. Once you are in the queue, then you will be voted on by the Dixieland Ring members. Voting takes place on the 1st and 15th of each month. You will be notified when action has been taken on your site.

    Stop here and wait for further instructions. This could take a couple of days. Be patient

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