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Welcome to tmot's website. Hope your visit is a fruitful one. All comments are welcome. Try out the many useful links to some of my favourite sites - related to music, Christianity and Singapore mostly. signing off, --tmot--

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tmot here. can't believe this site has been up and running for the past 8 years. anyway, did some cleaning up, should be better now. hope to work on this when i have the time. Wishing everyone out there a blessed New Year ahead! -- tmot -- (updated 29/1/05)

time sure flies here in cyberspace. it's been 9 years since this site has been running. Thanks to geocities for hosting me all this time. intend to do some major overhauling of this website sometime soon. look out for updates. blessed lunar new year. -- tmot -- (updated 08/02/05)

If you are one who enjoys music or anything to do with the music scene, be sure to check out Internet Underground Music Archive- about the most comprehensive site on every and anything about music. Or how about a good movie, the latest news in the movie scene - don't miss Movies Online.

  • BlueNote Records - for all those jazz lovers
  • SISTIC online - check out the local arts scene e.g. jazz, dance, theatre, musicals, plays, etc.
  • National Arts Council

    Any pet lovers out there? I'm pet-crazy, used to have a "zoo" at home. In my history of pets, I have had rabbits, parakeets, hamsters, fish, a cat, a dog. I currently have the most adorable, loyal female Maltese, Fluffy, who is almost 11 years old!


    All about myself - find out about me and my life

    Personal Web Creations

    A Beginner's Guide To The Internet - for all Internet beginners
    Freedom of Speech - a place for my thoughts and views
    Bartley Youth Club - my previous youth fellowship's web site
    Lightly Salted - the band's web page
    Jokes - for one and all

    My Other Websites

    Singapore Christian Web - All Singapore and Christian websites welcome and listed here!
    Bartley MOB website
    tmot's web blogspot


    Jake's Room
    Fishers of Man Online
    Bartley Christian Church - my church
    Singapore Bible College - my school
    Singapore Association of Social Workers


    My Photo Album - take a trip down memory lane
    Me and the guys - the group of guys I've been with for years
    Welcoming 1998 - spending the beginning of the year at Kallang River
    Lightly Salted - the band which I used to be in

    Here are pictures of my boys (guys I've been mentoring for 7-8 years).

    Singapore Web Sites :

    National Library
    The National Heritage Board
    Singapore Yellow Pages
    MediaCorp Singapore
    Class 95 FM
    Movies Online
    StarHub Singapore
    Pacific Internet
    Singnet Web Site
    The Singapore Theatre Guide - Index
    Singapore Connection

    Publications and Newspapers :

    The Straits Times
    The New Paper
    PC Magazine
    BYTE Magazine
    TIME Magazine
    National Geographic

    Gospel Resources :

    Our Daily Bread
    Campus Journal
    Discovery Series
    Heartlight Magazine
    Christian Internet Directory
    Gospel Communications
    CrossWalk Bible Study Resources
    E-Sword (Free Bible Downloads)
    Answers To Tough Questions
    Reasons To Believe
    Grace To You
    TodaysWord Home Page
    Christian Resources on the Internet

    This materials can be found at Gospel Communications Network.

    Visit the Four Spiritual Laws today. It will change your life!

    Exact Phrase Any Keywords All Keywords

    Visit today!

    Others :
    ESPNet Sportszone
    Basketball Association of Singapore

    Well, for those of you who ever need anyone to talk to or if you need to reach me at anytime, remember that you can always email me or try looking out for me on the MSN on weekends at night. Well, see you around.

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