This Award is on Vacation as of September 11, 1999. Because of health problems we have been unable to visit homepages and give awards. We are now about 200 submissions behind and we plan to visit every one. So, until we catch up a little, we will put the award on vacation. We appologize for not posting this sooner. Thanks for your understanding.

A "Special Award" for
Special Personal Homepages.

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Special Award Winners

If you get this, you are not just another brick in the wall.

Only personal homepages
No pornography
These are the only rules

Just send e-mail to the Judges with 'Award' in the subject line
and please include your:

Homepage Name
Homepage URL
And anything else you'd like to say.

All pages will be visited and winners will be notified and added to the winners list.

others have tried for this award.
(Well maybe some of these hits were us)

We have provided an Awards List so that you may apply for other great awards.

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