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Welcome to The Bourbon Street Ring Home Page which was created 04-28-97 in an effort to join Geocities Bourbon Street Community Home Pages in a giant ring!

 IMPORTANT: **All we ask is that your ring site follow the Geocities guidelines of The Bourbon Street Community, ie. related to New Orleans, Bourbon Street, Louisiana, Cajun culture, and/or southern hospitality! Only sites that are Geocities Bourbon Street theme oriented, friendly, fun, and family safe will be added in!** (Your site **must be** in Geocities' community of Bourbon Street and follow that theme to be considered!)

By using the ring, you can travel from one Bourbon Street Ring homepage to another until you will eventually end up on the page you started at. The Ring also enables you to go to the next site, skip a site, see the next five sites, or travel to a random site within the Bourbon Street Ring.

If you are interested in joining the ring (and we hope you are), please complete and submit the form below.  The inspiration for The Bourbon Street Ring comes from the Original Web Ring by Sage Weil without whom this Ring would not exist.  

MEMBERSHIP FORM: This form must be completed in full in order to be added to the queue.  When filled in, click on "add to queue", and you will automatically receive an on-line message to that fact with your site number and password on it. (Note:  The password is whatever you make it!)  You will also receive an e-mail confirming this addition to the queue.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to an overwhelming number of sites being added to the queue who justifiably do not qualify for membership, we will delete these sites from the queue without further notice.  Also, qualified sites remaining in the queue for longer than two weeks (14 days) without adding the ring logo will be deleted without further notice. They will have to resubmit their info into the queue in order to be added. 

Site URL:

Site Title:



How to join the ring.....

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to become a part of The Bourbon Street Ring. Please follow them carefully to preserve the integrity of the ring!  Thank you!

Fill out the form above to register your site and write down the Site ID number you are assigned. This will put your page in the Bourbon Street Ring 'Queue' where it will remain until you are added into the ring. This does not insert you into the ring. The actual insertion is done later.

Copy the HTML into your homepage -- click here to get the HTML.  Be sure to save both graphics to your own hard drive. We are no longer allowing anyone to link up to our disk space.  Thanks.  If you have problems, please e-mail us.

Replace the info in "mailto:" with your e-mail address and the second blank with either your e-mail address or your name.

Change the __ on the reference of to your site ID # and delete the blanks for each of the references in the HTML code. There should be six references when done.

Frame users, READ THIS FIRST:  If you use frames, be polite!  You'll need to free the browser from frames on the outclick with a Target command, something along the lines of: A HREF="" TARGET="_top"

 If you still want people to have access to your site (without using the handy-dandy "previous site" button) try creating a new browser window for the outsite using:
A HREF="" target="_blank"    This will preserve your site while not destroying the next site in the configuration...

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Upon completion of your insertion of The Bourbon Street Ring logo into your chosen page, please send us an e-mail informing us of such and be sure to include your site number and URL of the page that the logo appears on.  We will want to look at your pages.  We will then add you to the ring, and you should receive an e-mail informing you of such. To ensure smooth operation of this ring, please place the logo on the same page as the URL you list. This will make surfing our ring much easier for everyone involved.  We have surfed many areas where logos for other rings are completely hidden without links, and it is very frustrating to encounter. If for some reason you wish to make a ring page, where all of your ring membership logos are listed, please ensure that the reference to that page is easily accessible from the URL page you list. With everyone helping each other, this ring will be the best Geocities Community ring ever! Thank you in advance for your support! 

That's it.   You should now be able to navigate the entire ring until you make it back to your own home page. We hope you have a great time and meet lots of new friends through this ring. 

This is what your logo should look like when done!


The Bourbon Street Ring
This Bourbon Street Ring site
is owned by Ring Manager.
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To edit your site attributes:

If you are already part of The Bourbon Street Ring and need to edit your site's attributes (URL, e-mail, address, site description, or password), enter your site ID and password below:

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